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TulAmmo .223 Rem. Polymer Coated Steel Case Hollow Point, 62 Grain, 3025 fps, 20 Round Box, TA223621

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Try some TULAMMO, manufactured at the Tula Cartridge works in Russia. Founded in 1880, Tula Cartridge Works is one of the most significant producers of small-arms ammunition in the world. Over the past several years the factory launched production of a wide variety of commercial products for training, self-defense, and hunting. Such ammunition is marketed Worldwide under the trademark TULAMMO.
The cartridge .223 REM (5.5645) is used for sporting and hunting shooting through bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles and carbines. The cartridge keeps its qualities under various climatic and weather conditions independent of the season and at a temperature from 20 to + 50 C.

TulAmmo is converting from a Bimetal Jacketed projectile to a Zinc Coated projectile. Zinc coating is a chemical method of surface treatment (galvanizing) which gives the bullet jacket a more uniform and consistent protective layer than that of machine-stamped bimetal bullet jackets. Thanks to this, cartridges with zinc-coated bullets provide up to 10-15% better shooting accuracy than cartridges with bimetal bullets.

.223 Remington
62 Grain Hollow Point Bullet
3025 FPS
Non-reloadable Steel Casing
Berdan Primed
Bimetal jacket will attract a magnet
20 Rounds per Box

Total number of Reviews: 14

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5.0 5
"I ordered 500 rounds of this ammo without trying it first. I went to my local Wal-Mart the other day and they had the 55 grain FMJ in stock so I purchased 60 rounds to test fire and find out if I'd wasted my money or not. All 60 fed, fired, extracted, ejected, and hit where I was aiming. The boxes I got of the 55 grain FMJ were loaded pretty hot. Tula might replace Bear ammo for me since it is somewhat cheaper. Will definitely be buying more from CTD as long as they sell it for less than the store does."
– Josh
3.0 5
"I just shot my first 60 rounds out of the 500 rounds I purchased from CTD last week. So I figured I would give everyone an update on how this ammo performed for me. The grouping was not bad for Russian ammo. Not as satisfactory as Bear ammo has given me in the past, but still decent. I was actually quite happy with what the target looked like from afar, but when I got closer I noticed that some of the bullets had keyholed the target. I've shot numerous rounds of Brown Bear 62 grain HP prior to this and I know that my gun shoots that bullet weight perfectly. My AR has a 1 in 9 twist. Out of 60 rounds, 16 keyholed. I figured it wouldn't be the best ammo just from visual inspection of the ammo. Some of the rounds have a small amount of copper pushed up around the neck of the cartridge from the bullet and I was actually worried to fire these. But the FMJ's had them too so I decided I would try. Also, the hollow tips of the bullet were not uniform or symmetrical. I'm not sure if these factors had anything to do with them tumbling but it's the only reasons I can think of. I also had a failure to eject which was quite discouraging considering I've never had any sort of malfunction with this rifle. I've just had good luck with cheap ammunition. I won't say this stuff isn't too awful because it did hit where I was aiming, but I believe the FMJ's to be the better of the two. I'd suggest you try out both and see what your results are. Because at this price you can do that and not break the bank."
– Josh
3.0 5
"I ordered 500 rounds of this stuff with out trying it first. I recieved the order quickly and went straight to the range. The accuracy was ok to me, but I had one out of 40 rounds fail to eject. If that wasn't bad enough, the case was stuck in the chamber so hard that I couldn't even pull it out with the charging handle. Had to beat it out with a rod."
– Steve
4.0 5
"Shot this stuff in my FS2000. I had the same problem as steve did. However, I hadn't cleaned the gun before its very first use and I was using a 40 round magazine. Other than that major hiccup, the ammo functioned well and it grouped really nicely for me at 70 yards. I even did rapid fire with no problems. Good price for the ammo."
– mikethewookiee77
5.0 5
"This ammo shoots very well out of my Sig Sauer 556. No jams, fail to feeds or stove pipes. But it does not work in the factory Sig magazines because the bullet is too long and hits the front of the magazine, but it works just fine in my Pmags. So, that is all that matters to me. Good accuracy puches through thin metal target easy and not that durty."
– Montanan
5.0 5
"Believe it or not I won a service rifle match with this stuff today. I had my doubts about its accuracy but it did just fine! I shot targets starting at 75 meters all the way out to 500 meters! i was amazed! i took this stuff out with me just to see how it ran but it rocked! All the other competitors were using handloads and I still won!!! Needless to say I'm a little excited.Thanks so much CTD!IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME CHECK OUT THE MATCH RESULTS HERE.www.tehamashooters.com and find the 3/5/11 tsa service rifle match."
– josh sutherland
1.0 5
"I think the Russians are trying to get us killed.. These bullets are complete garbage. You're safer throwing rocks. Every other shot the bullet got stuck in the chamber."
– Daniel (ar-15)
4.0 5
"Fired about 100 rounds this weekend while zeroing my weapon. They fired flawlessly with good grouping at the zeroing distance. Will definitely try some more of this brand. My AR cleaned up nicely when done but since I haven't fired enough American ammo through the Stag Arms M4 I can't comment on how dirty it was in comparison at this time."
– rpm64
1.0 5
"Bought 200 rounds of this got a 30 round clip shot with first 3 Fte had to use the AR15 as a single shot but then started doing right.Went for the 2nd clip and every round would get stuck pretty much so bad that I had to beat the charging handle with a 2x4 to get it to eject AR was a Daniels defense upper/lower with a woa spr barrel chambered in 223 wylde. not saying its pure crap but don't buy if you have my same setup yay for 170 paper weights."
– nos6968
1.0 5
– mark
4.0 5
"4 shots in under 1.5 inches @100 yds w/Tikka T3 Lite Stainless and 4X12 Leupold."
5.0 5
"Fires accurately from my BCM milspec rifle. My barrel is chrome lined, which makes the difference. As always, steel cased ammo is more prone to jamming because the cartridge does not expand when fired, allowing gunpowder to get between the casing and bore. That will cause the casing to get stuck (no big deal for recreational shooters like myself-use dewey rod). If you have a chrome lined barrel and clean your barrel, you will not have any problems. I have used about 3,000 rounds of Tul Ammo and I have had only 3 jams because I attempted to go 3 days (600 rounds) without cleaning."
– Anthony
3.0 5
"This is decent ammo. With the 100 rounds that I purchased, I had about 2 jam on me."
– Tula
1.0 5
"I bought this ammo to try to save a few bucks and out of the first 10 shots, only 3 went without jamming. I tried my buddy's Federal 223 and not one jam! This stuff is crap!!! I wasted $40 buying this cheap ammo, only to throw away about all but 3 rounds. I will not buy again... DO NOT BUY!!!"
– aaroncarr23