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TulAmmo .223 Rem. 500 Rounds FMJ 55 Grain TA223551

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Founded in 1880, Tula Cartridge Works is one of the most significant producers of small-arms ammunition in the world. Over the past several years the factory launched production of a wide variety of commercial products for training, self-defense, and hunting. Such ammunition is marketed Worldwide under the trademark TULAMMO.
The cartridge .223 REM (5.56X45) is used for sporting and hunting shooting through bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles and carbines. The cartridge keeps its qualities under various climatic and weather conditions independent of the season and at a temperature from 20 to + 50 C.

TulAmmo is converting from a Bimetal Jacketed projectile to a Zinc Coated projectile. Zinc coating is a chemical method of surface treatment (galvanizing) which gives the bullet jacket a more uniform and consistent protective layer than that of machine-stamped bimetal bullet jackets. Thanks to this, cartridges with zinc-coated bullets provide up to 10-15% better shooting accuracy than cartridges with bimetal bullets.

Caliber: .223 Remington
Bullet Weight: 55 Grains
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Projectile
Muzzle Velocity: 3241 FPS
Non-reloadable Steel Casing
Berdan Primed
Bimetal/ Zinc jacket will attract a magnet
500 Rounds sealed in a Tin "Spam Can"

This is a 500 round can.


Item#: AMM-2906
Total number of Reviews: 27

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3.0 5
"I had no failure to fires, but countless failure to extracts. It is as dirty as most russian steel cased rounds. All the rounds shot through a well cleaned and oiled Bushmaster 14.5 1x9 with H2 carbine buffer."
– customar15s
4.0 5
"I purchased this \"spam can\" and couldn't be happier with it. First off, it's not just a big can of loose rounds, it's a can full of 20-round boxes, so no worries about damaged rounds. I recently built my AR with the JP Enterprises low-pressure spring kit, and had ZERO fail-to-fires or light primer strikes after 200 continuous rounds at the range. I also was impressed that this ammo wasn't as dirty as I expected. I figured after 200 rounds of something this cheap I'd really have to scrub my weapon clean; however it really wasn't bad at all. I definitely will buy this again.Pros: Cheap, reliableCons: Getting the dang can open (cut my fingers!)Neither here nor there: Not incredibly dirty, non-reloadable"
– James A.
1.0 5
"I purchased 500 rounds of this ammo and it is crap! I tried it in two diffrent rifles one a bolt action Howa 1500 a long range precision shooting rifle of match grade, and the casing jammed in the chamber after firing. This was after only firing three rounds of this ammo thru it. The second rifle is a AR-15 .223 caliber and after about 30 rounds the same thing happened. I wouldnt give this crap to my worst enemy. That's what you get for trying to save some money"
– b.d.
5.0 5
"You Simply cannot find a better deal on ammo. My Galil 5.56 just loves to eat this stuff. As for the other review, why would you shoot this round in a precision weapon? This round actually has 5.56x45mm specsthere is a difference between .223 and 5.56. Remember, it is safe to shoot .223 in 5.56, but not the other way around."
– Golani556
5.0 5
"Out of 500 rounds i only had one missfire. Very accurate ammo and the price is excellent. Will buy another 500 or 1000 rnds if available."
– VA Siggie
3.0 5
"300 rounds without many problems. After a while I started having shells jam while loading, had to throw away two. One primer was set in backwards. I guess it's OK for the price, you get what you pay for."
– Don
3.0 5
"Overall, this ammo isn't too bad. It fires very accurately for the price. Much cleaner than other bulk ammo. I would recommend this ammo to anyone not using an AR platform, simply because ARs tend to shred steel casings. I had 1 jam out of 150 rounds in my Bushmaster XM-15. Unfortunately, that 1 jam was a stripped casing that took my rifle out for the day until I got home and cleared it. Like I said earlier, great ammo in anything but an AR platform."
– MLRyan
4.0 5
"Pretty good ammo. No problems feeding in my Mini. I WILL buy more."
– Matt
5.0 5
"I split a case of this with my friend. We blew through it in an afternoon, 250 rounds through my S&W MP and 250 rounds through his Colt with a BCM upper. We had no defective bullets, no feed or ejection issues. I would not use this ammo at the 200 yard line (use good stuff for that) but for blasting away we had no issues with it."
– Drew
5.0 5
"Outstanding ammo, 5 half inch groups of 5 rounds at 100 yards with a DPMS A3, will buy several more"
– Illinois Shooter
1.0 5
"CTD used to be a great place to buy cheap ammo, but it seem as though they've either dropped the ball and under stocked it, or are letting us get good and thirsty before they jack the prices up. Regardless, I've been buying mine elsewhere, and plan to continue doing so from now on unless something changes very soon. Note: the 500 round can has gone up 1 penny per round since January 2011."
– Cornfucious
5.0 5
"Very happy with this ammo.I shot all 500 rounds through a Del-tron AR 15,not one miss fire or jamm.not any dirty than other higher priced ammo I have tried. ordered 1000 more."
– keven
1.0 5
"I spent more time unjamming my gun then shooting it. The casing would get lodged in the barrel at least once per clip in my Bushmaster M4A3."
– roman929
4.0 5
"I have used this stuff for a while in several different guns. Never fails. I get .5\" groups @ 100yrds any day through my AR15 with a truglo 3-9x42 scope.. nothing special. This shoots better than alot of \"good brand name\" ammo. ANYONE COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS AMMO NEEDS TO CHECK THEIR GUNS, 99% ITS THE GUN/OPERATOR FAULT. My gun has never TFE FTF shooting ANY brand ammo. Can't beat the price !"
– mike g
2.0 5
"First off, this is just a can with 25 little boxes in it. Second, These ammo is really crappy, I ran through about 60 rounds and my AR15 jammed once every 10-15 rounds. I had to take the gun apart at the range to clear the spent casing from the chamber. Super sketchy and dangerous."
– Bill
5.0 5
"First off, if you are complaining about this ammo, learn how to CLEAN your gun and not just wipe the dust off with a rag. I had no problem with this ammo, but I break my weapon ALL the way down to clean it the CORRECT way after every trip to the range. I've shot over 200 rounds of this stuff and after cleaning my gun, it's not that dirty. SO LEARN HOW TO CLEAN YOUR GUN! I plan on getting more of this amazingly cheap ammo because I love shooting it!"
1.0 5
"I have a lot of experience with the M16 and I know what to expect for residue after firing x amount of rounds. This crap ammo, after firing 30 rounds, had my AR-15 so fouled it looked like I had fired a couple hundred blanks. There was no silver on the gas tube at all. It literally took me 2 hours of cleaning to get it up to my standards. I am a former Army Drill Sgt. and my standards are extremely high. I will never, ever buy this garbage again. I hate to say it, but this ammo is dirtier than Wolf brand. I will never buy steel cased or Russian ammo again."
– dfiredawg
4.0 5
"It's dirty but cheap. Shoots fine. Great for plinking."
– DK
5.0 5
"My Mini-14 fired 250 rounds. NO PROBLEMS HERE!"
– franko
3.0 5
"This ammo, for the price and the use (target practice), is just fine. I have fired about 500 rounds through my Smith and Wesson M&P and have not experienced any of the issues described by some of the other users here. The gun does get a buildup of powder, but I also get a buildup of sweat and dirt from shooting the gun after a few hours. I get home, clean the rifle, and then I take a shower and we both smell good. Me like Irish spring, the rifle like gun cleaning solvent and oil. I take a nap and cuddle with my rifle after. It's always a very peaceful nap."
– big bear
4.0 5
"Order was shipped promptly and arrived in less than a week. Pain in the butt to open. Took about 5 min per can, and I ordered two. Hope this isn't military ammo. That would be one messed up resupply in a fire fight. Took it to the range today and put 50 rounds through my M4 and another 60 through my Mini-14 - no FTF or FTE. Shot great out to 300 yards. Read a lot of poor reviews on this product, but I didn't have any of those issues. It's not the dope in the weapon, it's the dope behind it!"
– Jarhead
5.0 5
"As always, great and fast shipping. The product was just as I expected. While the can takes a while to open, it's designed for long term storage, not for ease of opening. The ammo was surprisingly clean for being TulAmmo. I'm used to having a thin layer of dust on this brand. So the can did its job. TulAmmo is inexpensive ammo, but in my opinion, it's not a cheap one. My custom M4 has never had a FTE or a FTF or a round breakage with TulAmmo. I have had more problems with some of the others that cost more."
– D.G.
4.0 5
"This is some nice stockpile/shtf ammo. I've hundreds of rds through a Bushmaster XM15-E2s, Spike's Tactical ST15, and my ratmil Romanian .223 AK-47. Never any FTF, FTE, or FTLs. Just some nice, good quality ammo."
– cd1998
4.0 5
"I have multiple spam cans of this ammo and shot about 1000 rounds through my AR with it. Never have a problem with it"
– matt
4.0 5
"Ordered a can of this ammo and was very skeptical and expected I get what I paid for regarding previous comments. Had no problems whatsoever, cycled fine, shot very accurate every time. Didn't have exactly the punch of domestic ammo but for the price I will order more. To bad the Russians \"reinvented\" a P 38 can opener."
– Copperman
4.0 5
"Ive shot thousands of rounds of this ammo with only one issue. First off, some ARs can shoot it and some cant. My rifle is a BCM lower, BCM auto bcg and Troy upper and it shoots it every time. I dont ever get FTF OR FTE. However once i did get a stuck case. I learned to always lube up the chamber and bore with motor oil and its never happened again. When i put my rifle away i also drop some motor oil into the bore so that its coated."
– Johnny, Las vegas, NV
5.0 5
"I just ran 200+ rounds through my brand new AR-15 and didn't have a single no-fire. My buddy, using much more expensive brass, had a hand full of shells where the firing pin hit squarely in the center of the primer win no bang. Clean up was fine too. No more dirty that I expected after a day at the range. I'll keep buying as long as it keeps working--for this price you can't expect perfection, but what I am getting in performance is awfully close."
– Danno