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TulAmmo .223 Rem 55 Grain Bi-Metal FMJ 20 Round Box

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Manufactured at the Tula Cartridge works in Russia
Polymer coated steel case
Berdan primed
Bimetal jacket will attract a magnet
Non corrosive
Non reloadable
Uses: Target Shooting, Training, Plinking.

This is a 20 round box.

Ammo price is per box

Save money and buy by the case, order number AMM-2909 

Item#: 64042,2-TLTA223550BX
Total number of Reviews: 15

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2.0 5
"I've ordered about 3000 rounds of this stuff so far, and I\uFFFDve always been happy. It's cheap, it shoots, and both my AR AND my Saiga love the stuff. 5 stars(bullets) every time I got it before.This case I just got is crap. It is 1000 rounds of the dirtiest, most scratched up ammo I've ever gotten. It's covered with a film of metal savings and what I assume to be factory dust or grime. On top of that, each shell looks like it was sandblasted, they are very, very rough, and I'm wondering how they will chamber.After loading up only 2 of my new TAPCO 30 round magazines, my hands are dirty and gritty. I won't risk running these bullets through my rifles until I clean each and every one to remove at least the bulk of the film on them.I'm pretty upset about the quality of these rounds. Don't give me that \"you get what you pay for\" line- I've gotten thousands of these rounds before, and they've always been great.I called customer service but got the line- they're the same as they've always been. Save your money guys and wait for the next batch to get shipped in."
– landloper2491
5.0 5
"I just got six boxes of this ammo and it's all clean. I read the last review and was worried that it was going to be dirty, and if you know AR15's it can be fickle with the ammo. I have not fired it yet, but for the price, I will give it a try. I will write a review after I use up all my rounds."
– Crustical
5.0 5
"I shot Tulammo this weekend and was worried that it would jam or misfire because it was so cheap, BUT I was wrong. It fired great in my DPMS oracle. The best part of it is loading it, if you ever loaded AR15 mag you know it can be a little tight, but the Polymer coating made it so easy and fast to load. Another thing it did not stink, I also shot American Eagle and it smelled like amonia, It gave me a headache. Tulammo for 223 is great for the money and its use. I will buy Plenty more!"
– crustical
3.0 5
"Casings were covered with a film that needed to be cleaned before they would cycle properly. After putting them through vibrator they would cycle. Had a few misfires."
– Seaduck42
1.0 5
"Purchased this ammo to shoot through my New Colt AR15 M4.Bullets jammed every other time... Rounds either FTL Failed to Load or FTE Failed to Eject....I have bought this brand before in 9mm and had no issues.DONT BUT THIS TYPE OR YOU WILL BE VERY DISAPOINTED..COST ME 30.00 FOR RANGE TIME THAT I GOT NO ENJOYMENT OUT OF. THANKFULLY I HAD SOME PMC AND IT SHOT WITHOUT ISSUES..."
– BT
4.0 5
"I have shot lots of this ammo and have had no ftf or ftf. The only bad thing is that the bullets can be dirty, so clean em. For this price you can't beat em. Buy em up."
– jeff
1.0 5
"Complete garbage...dosen' even got enough juice to recoil my bolt carrier for my s&w m&p15 with cmmg upper and BCM bolt carrier assembly....then half the time it fails to feed...I switch to american eagle and I have no issues and shoot all day."
– recon hellroy
2.0 5
"VERY DIRTY AMMO! I shot 90 rounds through a clean AR-15 and I've been cleaning for HOURS! After the second mag, EVERY SINGLE round didn't have enough juice to bring the bolt back. Likely, this is due to a combination of low power and extreme carbon build up. I DO NOT recommend this ammo and will not be purchasing it again. But, if you're cheap and you only intend to shoot 30 rounds, then they are for you."
– Shore
3.0 5
"I had 2 serious jams out of 50 rounds. The cases are covered in a chemical that gums up and gets stuck in the chamber when the barrel gets hot. I had to pry the action open and really work to free the cases. It's cheap ammo, but bring tools with you when you shoot. Or, my advice: just spend an extra dollar or two for ammo that won't cause problems."
– Shore
1.0 5
"This stuff is junk, my bushmaster cycled about four rounds before the failure to feed. I then loaded a mag with good ammo and it cycled it flawlessly. This ammo is at an unbeatable price, but in my opinion, it\uFFFDs worthless if it won't cycle. And I have to mention it\uFFFDs the dirtiest ammo I've ever used. Trust me after just a couple rounds, you'll be cleaning your gun forever to get it clean. I understand its cheap ammo but I at least expected it to function."
– julian, pa
4.0 5
"I have purchased multiple boxes of this ammo. So it's a little dirty. I don't clean my AR as often as I probably should and I have had no issues with this ammo. I have a DPMS with slide fire stock. I recommend this ammo."
– Keith
4.0 5
"Put 40 rounds through my Mini-14 with no issues. Maybe a little dirty and will leave your hands dirty."
– Vanman
1.0 5
"I have not had problems with other types of ammo in my Armalite AR, but this stuff became problematic. First, it would not cycle properly, and almost every other round needed to be manually chambered. Worst of all, after about 20 or so rounds, I got a catastrophic jam. The spent casing got firmly stuck in the chamber and I tore up the rim of the cartridge trying to get it out. I had to get a cleaning rod and shove it down the barrel to clear it.Bottom line: will never use this in my AR again. I will continue using it in my AK though, as I have never had a problem with it there."
– JW
4.0 5
"Only Economy round left on the market which is its attraction.Doesnt group all that great, but only 1 failure in 1200rds fired through Delton, LWRC , RRA and LMT rifles.Good enough for me for the price!: )"
– Fred
4.0 5
"I bought this ammunition with the mindset that it might suck. Sounds strange, but sometimes I want some failures to keep me on my toes. Shooting this in my Carbine length, medium buffered AR, I had zero failures in 200 rounds that I bought. Yeah, it's a little dirty compared to some. But, it's cheap and it feed and went boom every time I pulled the trigger. The packaging was better than expected too. CTD always ships ammo well packed, but inside the box was a plastic separator to keep the cases from rubbing or banging each-other. Nothing funny. No grime, dirt, metal shavings whatsoever. This is not a Go to War ammunition. It's Russian made if you care. But, if the thought of a failure here and there is something you don't care about like me when training, might as well go cheap."
– AZDieselTech