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Trioxane Solid Fuel Tablets ThreeTablets per Box 1.25x1.75" Tablets in Foil Wrap

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Closeout Price!!! We bought this fuel at substantial discount, so we are passing the savings on to our customers. Buy yours today before they are gone....we won't see this price again!Trioxane burns clean and hot, packs easily and compactly. These mil-spec heat tablets will heat military rations, camp foods, and will even boil water. Put some in your survival kit as a quick, reliable firestarter. One box of three tablets that are 1.25x1.75" and are sealed in water-proof foil. Great for use in folding camp stoves, Esbit stoves, or as a fire starter. Manufactured in 1984 and inspected in 1987, NSN #9110008893553.

Trioxane fuel is perfect for use in our Swiss Ranger Volcano (WX-130) or Esbit (MLT-9092) stoves.
This product cannot ship air and is non-returnable. 
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5.0 5
"Forget about matches and newspaper, this stuff is great for lighting fires. I use it in my smoker, where it is hard to light. You get 15 bars, and you can break each bar up in half too."
– Ammo Abuser
5.0 5
"One of these trioxane bars is all it takes to light your charcoal in a full chimney. In 10 minutes you'll have hot coals ready for your grill (even on windy days they work great). Also, trioxane bars are much better than newspaper and don't leave a big mess when they're done. Lastly, it's awesome NOT to have the taste or smell of lighter fluid in your Q."
– BBQ Enthusiast
5.0 5
"I use these every time I go camping and you can catch 2\" sticks on fire with one tab of fuel. Don't use this stuff inside a tent, the fumes will choke you, but for starting wet wood, tinder and even small logs, this stuff is great. I always carry some in my wilderness survival kit because you can start a fire in driving rain with one match. I have not used it to cook with, but I guess the small blue flame would work for that also."
– Mchael Eagle Scout
5.0 5
"Trioxane when used with the military cup and stand makes a neat little stove to warm stuff up. I used to use it when hunting. I carried a military canteen, complete with the cup and stand. I could make coffee or warm my food up whenever I wanted without having to build a fire. needled my hunting buddies that I always had hot cofee and they didn't. You won't be cooking any gourmet meals, but you can warm up mre's or water for coffee. Plus like the others say, you can always use it to start fires. The stuff also works great in one of those little folding backpack stoves, which is what I carry now, since I don't hunt anymore. Just break the bar in half. But be sure to seal the left over piece tightly or it will turn to powder in a very short time."
– Wilfordv
4.0 5
"Keep some in the first aid kit for fire starting. This will light with just a good spark from a fire starting tool. Catches very fast, burns super hot. Fumes are nasty - outdoor use only."
– bernardpliers
5.0 5
"I hiked the entire Appalachian Trail (all 2168 miles) in the year 2000 with my wife. We used Trioxane Fuel Bars exclusively to cook our meals on an Esbit Stove. Trail cooking is essentially boiling water for noodles or rice and there is no better way to cook on the trail. Our entire kitchen (for four days) of one pot, one bowl, two spoons, a Bic lighter, an Esbit Stove, a wind screen, and four Trioxane Bars weighs less than 12 oz. The weight beats liquid fuel stoves by over a pound in weight saving with considerably less fuss."
– Thru-hiker Bear Bag
5.0 5
"These bars light with one stroke of a BlastMatch and burn with a blue flame that lasts long enough to heat up coffee for water or dehydrated foods. When used with the Esbit stove it makes a perfect hiking or survival aid."
– Rooster
5.0 5
"A perfect thing to have in the wilderness for csamping to cook food or boil water or for survival to start a fire"
– blank
5.0 5
"They burn, they are light weight and cheap, what more can you say about somthing this supposed to burn.... it does!"
– Dan
5.0 5
"I have used these for several years, they are great to start a campfire , I also use them to start the charcoal for the grill."
– Don
3.0 5
"I hate to wreck these things ratings, but 3/5 bar didn't get hot enough to boil a cup of water. After it did burn out, there was a nasty mark on my galv stove. (Swiss \"ESBIT\" style) I tried to scrape it off, and found more of the unburned fuel. Maybe I picked a bad bar, but I wouldn't stick this in my BOB, or go camping with them."
– N/A
5.0 5
"I have had the full kit, 6 bars and the Esbit stove in my car kit. I have not had the need to use any of the stuff and I was rotating the expired stuff out and wondered about the bars as they are about 7 years old. I opened one and used a full bar to get 40 degree F water to 209 F with the stove and a canteen cup, indoor with no wind. The bar burned about 13 minutes with a blue flame when light off, and an almost clear flame with the light on. I made a fine cup of hot tea. This has great shelf life and ease of use, I even burned one laid directly on the soil of a potted plant. The Drawbacks are that it leaves a residue like nothing I have seen that does not come off (but it is for a camp style stove or survival uses- so in that fact no harm no foul).I am buying another set to keep in all my first aid and survival gear! In fact they are being given out as birthday gifts this year!I would recommend having more than 3 bars on hand. I keep at least 6 in the car, and I would keep 4 bars per person per day in the disaster kit."
– Knuckles
3.0 5
"Good bars but I only got 2. The third package was just full of air. That is the chance you take with surplus I guess."
– T
5.0 5
"My dad bought these for a science fair project that involved a steam engine. I was using Esbit before, which took about 8-9 minutes to heat up the little amount of water in the boiler. These took only about 2-3 minutes and burned clean and hot. The flames came up to the boiler and out around it. The only problem was the fumes that really stung your eyes."
– shotgunner19
4.0 5
"Great price, great product. Great fire starters. No smoke, no fumes or soot on the bottom of my canteen cup. I used a full tab & it could not bring 2 cups of water to a full boil. That\uFFFDs why I didn\uFFFDt give it a 5 star rating. Otherwise a very good product."
– brian
2.0 5
"I ordered 4 boxes of the fuel tablets. When they came, I received 2 boxes worth of empty packets. I'm a little disappointed because the tablets burn very well and are perfect for camping."
– sam
4.0 5
"These work great to start the fire in a woodstove. Only disappointment is that CTD used to sell a version that was twice as large for the same price."
– woodstove
5.0 5
"These light quick with just a little spark! They don't seem to last as long as they say but plenty long to get a fire going!"
– Matt
5.0 5
"Easy start with any spark. A hot burn, starts almost anything."
– J
2.0 5
"I remember using these in the military. I ordered two boxes to play it safe. One package was completely empty! The amount is much smaller then before. Overall, it gets the job done. A good product if you receive a complete order!"
– 24/7 tactics
2.0 5
"I ordered two boxes of this with my last order. I used to buy trioxane from surplus stores and the bars I got from CTD were a qaurter the size of the bars I used to get. Also, in each box there was an empty sealed packet. It only take 4 seconds to open the box and check if there is empty packets before mailing out. I am not the first to get empty packets from CTD either. These must be chinese manufacture as there seems to be no quality control.."
– War wulf 88
5.0 5
"Cheap and makes fire, so why not!"
– Cruz
3.0 5
"Cheese and Rice. Hot as Dante, but lasts for about a minute and a half. Excellent for use as a fire starter, completely impractical for heating anything more than eight ounces of (already cleaned) water. For the Price though, I keep a couple in my SHTF small tin, which has come in handy more than once."
– AtWill
4.0 5
"Got my tablets in record time, no empty packets like some of the reviewers noted, but later found trioxane tablets on amazon.com that were twice as big and the same price. Other than that, got what I asked for."
– GomrickUSMC
5.0 5
"I ordered some a while ago and the bars were big and worked great. Then I ordered more because I was so happy with them, I was disappointed when I got them because they were smaller then the first time I ordered them, whets the deal? They still burn great and will start a fire anyplace but just seems like I'm getting less for more money now than before."
– Maverick
5.0 5
"Got them. Every one and they work. Thanks ctd."
– wayne from tucson
4.0 5
"I bought two boxes of these to try before buying more. These are Mil Surplus, but think OLD. I was cautious because of the age on these things, now some 28 years young. They arrived and inside each box is three sealed foil pouches containing the tabs, BUT, in each box one pouch was unopened but empty. The others had solid tabs but much, much smaller than the original imprint in the foil. The Trioxane seems to be breaking down and turning to nothing. If they weren't so cheap I'd return them. Another buyer noted the tabs were smaller in his new order, that is probably why, they are simply degrading and disappearing. So I recommend their purchase, but expect to get less than you bought and plan to use them quickly. If you are purchasing for a bug out bag that will sit for years without being deployed, buy similar products new. CTD, needs to close out these as they will soon only have empty pouches in inventory."
– Surviving for now
5.0 5
"Just plain works!"
– gunnerbob
5.0 5
"I took these on a camping trip in the North Georgia mountains. They did quite well. They lit right up and burned intensely for a good while...easily long enough to get the fire started up."
– Art
5.0 5
"Great product. Works great to start a fire with even damp wood or kindling. Awesome addition to camping or survival gear."
– Wood burner
5.0 5
"This is a great product for heating, and cooking on your military stove, and at a great price. Thanks CTD!"
– The Texas Volunteer
5.0 5
"These tabs work great, when I receive them, of course I had to play with them :-) They light very easy, lit one with a spark from a flint striker, and they burn about 6-8 minutes, long enough to start a fire or even boil a canteen cup of water. Must have for survival issues or just camping! You can\uFFFDt beat the price, take my word for it."
– Devildawg
5.0 5
"After my stash of trioxane was getting smaller, decided to find more. The ones I have now are longer, made by the same company, but have no date on them. Had for over ten years and no packets of \"air\". Had read about these \"newer\" ones having issues, but still decided to buy. Bought 50 boxes and out of those (after sorting though the packets) about 4 boxes worth were either gone or degraded. Most of the packages were still in fine shape. Burn time on a good one about 5-6 minutes. Use mainly for lighting brush and camp fires. At 50 cents a box and over 30 years old, I would buy more."
– Bart
5.0 5
"This stuff still works great. Its smaller than the older trioxan 3 tabs will boil 2cups of water at 6000 ft at 30 deg. In about 10 min. 1 tab of the old stuff did about the same. 3tabs for 50. Cents is a great deal great fire startet"
– bigmike
5.0 5
"Mine didn't look too diminished-should last for years. I've used these for fire starting in the home and have some stored for emergencies."
– kmann
5.0 5
"Worried about the age but the light instant and burn great will be ordering a lot more at this price"
– larkins3d
3.0 5
"I bought 5 of these to add to my total. I figured hey another item to add to my fire starter kit. That being said, these are old MilSurp so don't be surprised if you get them and some have already degraded into powder. They still work though just no where near as efficient. I just looked on the bright side. 4/5 boxes were mostly complete so. I used the 5th to test them out. Outlook- neutral but for the price, I would buy more."
– Travesty869
4.0 5
"I agree with the other reviews that the product is 30 years old and deteriorating, but still the purchase reviews seem to get 4 or more bullets on average. The solid blue flame lasts less than 5 minutes. The tab lights up instantly and burns steadily until all that's left is a thin, brown smudge. It takes a few tabs to boil water in a 1-cup mug made of aluminium. I trust that my inventory will last at least 5 more years. So, I recommend to anyone who appreciates a quick and effective flame in a mixture of environmental conditions, but be prepared to scratch your head while you try to understand why the 30 y.o. fuel tabs were a steal at 16 cents each."
– T-man
3.0 5
"Ordered a box and it came really quickly. I opened it as soon as it arrived and found two solid tabs and a empty bag with a hole punched directly through the center. Otherwise great product."
– Jack H.