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Tornado Tactical Leg Holster Black Condor Outdoor

Condor Outdoor Products, Inc.
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This leg holster is fully adjustable for every weapon size from a standard sidearm to a handgun with a laser or light attached! Drop down belt attachment allows you to get the sidearm below the stock of your rifle. Velcro is used to adjust the snap thumb break and height of carry.

The diameter of the holster is completely adjustable to accommodate any width or height of gun 321 WHILE still maintaining a snug fit when the light or laser is removed. Includes a spare magazine pouch and non-slip backing to keep the rig snug on your thigh. Rugged, flexible, and adaptable; the last word in tactical leg holster design.

Available in right hand only.
Manufacturer Number: TTLH-002
Total number of Reviews: 38

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4.0 5
"I bought this holster to replace the issued widowmaker holster for my m9. its a good holster, the only grip i have is that it rides too low, i had to modify it will good old duct tape to bring it higher into my natural arm swing. it is very customizable though, it widens, lengthens, and depthens (is that a word?) for basically any pistol. Only thing that prevents it from the 5th star is that it rides too low out of the box and must be modified."
– Joe
4.0 5
"This tactical leg holster is good if you have an over sized pistol. It is fully adjustible for any of any pistol for any size. Even can hold a pistol with a flashlight, laser, or both. Although, when your sneaking around buildings, the velcro tends to make noise. Very sturdy and durable."
– tactical leg holster
5.0 5
"Just received this holster yesterday and I'm impressed. Holds my XD45 service model nice and snug, and has plenty of adjustment available in the thigh straps, which is good since I'm a bit plus-sized. The mag pouch can't handle a double-stack mag, but it makes a nice snug place to tuck my Surefire G2 flashlight. Comfortable sitting, standing, walking or running, but be forewarned if stealth is needed, velcro makes noise."
– dgci
5.0 5
"First off, the old adage \"You get what you pay for\" was just shattered.......I've been unhappy with my current $85 thigh rig for quite some time. Plus it wouldn't fit my duty weapon with a SureFire X-200 light attached. I figured I'd order it, and if it didn't work...I'd eat the postage to return it. WRONG!After about 10 minutes of pulling here, adjusting that, restrapping this..... The damn thing really works! Fits a Glock 21 with a mounted SureFire, and the extra mag fit a little snug.......(so I left the mag in for two days and flipped it over the other way for 2 more days to stretch the pocket) It's fine now!Guys at work are ready to trash their Safarilands, Bianchis, and Spectre Gears and buy one of these after seeing mine.If it hold up under the wear and tear (I don't see why it wouldn't)........it's aGREAT HOLSTER AT A GREAT PRICE !"
– PA-Lawman
3.0 5
"Fair product, customizable, if bulky. Definitely designed for people of smaller bulk - I can only get one leg strap to fit and it's still very tight. The holster snags on my sidearms' rear sights, so beware if you have anything but the lowest profile sights. If you're looking at this product, you'll likely have to modify it to fit."
– horseman
5.0 5
"This holster is the best thigh rig CTD has to offer... and at just 30 bucks it can't be beat. The quality of the holster is excellent; it fits my glock 23 with glock tactical laser light perfect, it draws smooth and holds my gun securly with or without the light attached.The spare mag pouch is a little tight for a double stack mag, however it will stretch to fit em nicely after a few hours of holding one in place.My buddy got one for his full size glock 21 with light attachment and it fits every bit as well as mine does.My one and only complaint is that the upper leg strap is is just barely long enough and fits pretty tight as my thighs are a little thick... but after wearing it for a few hours it too streched out and is more comfortable... still I wish I had an inch or two more for adjustments.All said and done, you cant find a better quality thigh holster for your weapon at this good of a price anywhere..."
– Danny
4.0 5
"Got this to carry my M&P 45 with the long barrel, and it works great. The fist time i put my gun into the holster i needed to adjust it verry little. My only complaint is my cheap fix for a tactical light makes the fit a little loose. i'm sure if i had a real light it would work better"
– M&P.45 carrier
4.0 5
"I've been looking for some time to find a drop down holster that will fit my Beretta 90-two 40cal with Streamlight TLR-2 light/laser combo. It took some time to figure how to set this thing up, but once I did it is perfect. I would give it 5 stars, but the top leg stap is tight on me at 5'11\" 180 med build adjusted all the way out, but it fits."
– tominjax
4.0 5
"I have a Kimber Stainless 45 with a Crimson Trace grip. The holster has performed well. The benefit is when you have more bells and whistles on the weapon. This thing has so much you can do to adjust the fit to the weapon it is crazy. - It is quick to put on and to remove.- Adjustment for personal fit is easy. I am average build (6' and 170 pounds) and it fits me fine but I do have to say that it will probably be tight to too small on a large person or someone with large thighs.- Adjustment for weapon fit can be a little intimidating with all of the various velcro straps and pads. It really comes down to how much you want to tweak it. It will take proportionately longer the more options you have attached to your weapon. Once I got it set up weapon removal/insertion was snug and smooth. If desired, it has the space for a laser or light mounted to the trigger guard or an under barrel rail. I have not had any issue with the stock sights snagging on it so that may have been a Quality Control issue on a previous reiewers holster. My biggest issue was adjuting the thumb snap tension. I had to use two tongue depressers to hold the velcro apart while I slid the strap through the velcro loop that held it."
– David M
5.0 5
"Love it... I have a HK USP 40 compact and it work great.takes time to adjust the velcro to your firearms shape but it works great."
– nra
5.0 5
"I just recieved my new Tornado Tactical Leg Hoster and it is everything that was expected without paying the rediculous pricing of other brands. I opened the delivery, set the holster to my guns frame, adjusted the straps to fit me correctly and was dumbfounded on how well this unit fits, feels and operates.I found 1 \"issue\" with the system, when you are walking or running, the velcro makes a crunching sound but I found if you adjust the unit more securely it quiets the system down. I carry a Taurus pt145 Millenium Pro .45 Cal. and this unit is perfect for this piece. If you are looking for a great holster and a very cheap price purchase this product as fast as you can."
– Ray
5.0 5
"I was very skeptical when I was looking at this product. The picture certainly doesn't do it justice. It is much more 'substantial' than the pic makes it out to be. It seemed chincy online, but I figured I'd give it shot since I wasn out of options. I have an HK USP45 Tactical and have searched everywhere looking for a holster even emailing major manufactures (Blackhawk, Galco, Uncle Mikes) all of which told me they don't make one for my gun. The gun has raised sights and an extended barrel requiring the need for a universal holster. I don't know how a subcompact side arm would fit, but any large handgun should work just fine. The extra mag pouch on the front was a bit of a joke, but it fits a pocket knife nicely. It may fit a single stack mag like the ones from a 1911, but my HK mag goes about 20% of the way in. Once adjusted, it fits the gun well and fits your body well! A great value for the money."
– USP Tactical
5.0 5
"This is the best universal holster I have owned. It can be adjusted to carry my service weapon as well as my compacts. Has been very durable and seems to be made well. You won't find anything better in this price range."
– GunGuy
5.0 5
"good product"
– blackbird
4.0 5
"i just recieved this holster in the mail and was very happy as soon as i pulled it out of the box. this thing has adjustments everywhere! adjust for the thickness of the pistol, the depth you want it to sit in the holster, how far it is down on your leg. also the holster is very well made and very heavy duty, the only reason i gave it four stars was because it would not fit my taurus judge, but it fits my springfield 1911 perfect. thanks cheaper than dirt!"
– ImYourHuckleberry
4.0 5
"Bought this holster as a back-up SRT holster for my Sig P220 with TLR-2 light/laser attached. After spending a few minutes fitting and adjusting, it worked well. We just got our new Glock 35's issued and I was able to easily adjust this holster to fit the Glock and light as well. At the present time this is my daily duty holster. This includes patrol, K9 and SRT duties. WELL worth the price."
– Mark, Gold Hill, NC
4.0 5
"Very nice holster. Fits my XD45 well. But the belt strap does not adjust enough to get the holster low on my thigh. The gripper pad on the back of the holster keeps it from adjusting further. The straps are also too tight on my thigh. Hopefully I can take the gripper pad off and adjust the holster to where it fits better. Should mention that I have the same problems with most drop rigs. (6'4\")"
– atm
5.0 5
"This holster fits my XD9 perfectly. It has adjustment via velcro for nearly anything. Very customizable. The XD double-stack magazine will not fit in the magazine holder with out some modification. I also removed the velcro portion of the thumb break. The snap is more than secure by itself. The leg straps and drop adjustment fit me great at 6'1, 190 pounds. I give it 5 stars even with the modifications. It works better than my other droplegs that took 10X the work to even function."
– Ben
4.0 5
"This is my first Tactical style leg rig, and I must say I\uFFFDm impressed. As usual, CTD delivered in 3 days (was in stock), and nothing damaged...thank you. And I find the quality of the holster (sticking, webbing, design, feels rugged) above average. I have not tested it yet crawling thru the brush, packing it for weeks back country, or on/off at the range...but it looks and feels like it will handle the load, and my piece just fine. After 15-20min adjusting to gun, drop, and fit...I\uFFFDm very happy with this Holster.- Rugged sticking and material- Fits my XD45 /w tac light snuggly (4\"brl), and pull is smooth with no catching. - Longer barrels, single action or rail attachments wouldn\uFFFDt be a problem (scoped guns would be an problem) - I like the button type \"secure\" strap as, opposed to hook and loop which wears quickly in use...and it will adjust to either hammer or grip wrap around. - all the places that would need adjusting to get good fit/wear and comfortable draw length do so, and feel as if they is not going to move again- The extra mag pouch is nice, and keeps clip secureBe aware:- Would not fit compact weapons...they\uFFFDd get lost in the pocket, and this would be way too much holster - inner pouch area is same material as exterior, may wear slide/barrel/frame after just a few pulls...a thin soft liner would be awesome.-bottom is open, and wide with my tac light...remember debris/obstructions can enter there (if your crawling or laying down)...small, removable hook and loop cover would be nice- Drop length may be too short for TALL people (I\uFFFDm 5'11'...and max adjust just makes itOther than those issues\uFFFDs...I feel this was a great buy, and the holster is well made (thought/quality)."
– ThndrBlt
5.0 5
"Fits my Glock 21 with Streamlight TRL-1. Exactly what I was looking for and at a great price. My drop rig in the Marine Corps for my Beretta 92FS without any light cost me twice as much as I paid for this. Highly recommended!"
– thesergeant
5.0 5
"Bought one of these since their are no Kydex or leather holsters for my Ruger P345 when a light is mounted. Works perfect for every semi-automatic I have. (6 of them) Worth the money hands down."
– Dave
5.0 5
"I ordered this holster on a Thursday afternoon and found it on my door step Friday afternoon. Really fast shipping, Thanks CTD!!The holster appears to be extremely adjustable. It took a couple of minutes to configure to my Glock 23 with the Glock light, but in the end it fit like a glove. The gun is a little loose in the holster with out the strap being snapped but I don't plan on running around without it being snapped...lolI like the velcro and snap on the retaining strap and I like that the velcro can be velcroed out of the way so that you can use just the snap for a quick draw. The snap is in a position so that the thumb break for the strap can be done very fast for a quick draw.Overall its a great holster and the reviews were a huge help in my decision of purchase.Thanks again CTD!! and thanks loyal customers for your helpful reviews!!"
– Glock23
5.0 5
"This is a great holster. I think you would be able to fit just about any handgun in it. It can be adjusted in almost every way."
– Ohio
4.0 5
"All I can say is \" THIS IS THE BEST HOLSTER \" I have ever owned!!! Snug fit, durable, tough & dependable!! Every shooter needs to have one of these !!!"
– MarineSGT
5.0 5
"This is an awesome holster! It's form fitting to your leg, but not blood flow restricting. It very easily forms to a wide variety of pistols and will keep the weapon secure, even when upside down. A great price and it shipped in 3 days! Thanks CTD"
– David
4.0 5
"Fits good for my Glock 23."
– Cookietovar
4.0 5
"I have two of these holsters. One I use for my 1911 and Springfield XD Tactical when hunting and the other I am currently using for my issued M9 in Afghanistan. It works great except the M9 tends to drop out the bottom of the holster causing the front sight to catch when drawing and the belt loop is starting to wear through due to constant use for the last six monthes. All said I would gladly but another one."
– Midnightgambler
5.0 5
"my beretta fits in it well. I really enjoy this holster"
– rawdog3
5.0 5
"Bought this, plus a vest for my 229. Great fit and adjustable all around. Leg straps have rubber grip lines to prevent slipping after proper adjustment. Quality quick release clips and strong Velcro belt attachment fits my vest belt perfectly."
– Bargain Hunter
4.0 5
"This is a cool holster. It was a pain in the butt adjusting it to my body, but worth the time. Thank you, CTD!"
– Jeremy L.
5.0 5
"Purchased for a 1911. Adjusting holster \"hug\" for your weapon takes a few minutes. Hammer strap reset my safety on a couple of occasions. Could be due to improper adjustment on the barrel length when I set it up. Leg straps secure nicely. No sag or ride up, even over long march. Very flexible."
– George F
4.0 5
"Wasn't sure about this fully adjustable holster, but I thought I'd take a chance, due to the price. Since it is made to fit dang near anything, it has a lot of hook and loop on it, but once you set it up for your personal weapon and fit it to your leg, this holster carries the weight well with minimal movement when walking. Haven't tried the running thing yet because my foot is in a cast. For the price, it is a darn good holster for guys like me that are not on a SWAT team."
– Doc
5.0 5
"This unit is very well made, highly adjustable and can be quickly adjusted to transition between a glock 22 to a glock 27 in 60 seconds or less. Quality and great price all in one unit. We'll see how the years of use deal with it, but the beginning is great."
– Chadster
3.0 5
"Works great for me. I am not very big, but even at the largest setting, the thigh straps are not very big. If I have on heavier clothing, I will wear a hip holster."
– J
4.0 5
"This is a super leg holster for the price. Plenty adjustments and the holster fits 3 of the pistols I own. Would recommend to others."
– sralman308
5.0 5
"The TTLH was easy to get adjusted to my other gear. After al ittle grease it felt like it was a part of my body. Weapon release was a snap. Best buy for the price."
– Teddy Jam
4.0 5
"Recently purchased an SR40 and could only find holsters made for the SR9. Found this for a good price. Easily adjusted to my gun with or without a light mounted. A few straps adjusted and I'm off. Will be breaking it in this weekend at our range. Seems like it will hold up well for my uses. 5 bullet rating if it lasts through the summer."
– RSE Josh
5.0 5
"Love mine. Works great with my glock 17 and my RIA 1911."
– T man