Thunderbolt Customs Little Sure Shot Big Mouth Shooting Rest Pink BM-2011-PC

Thunderbolt Customs, Inc.
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Thunderbolt Customs, established in 2005, is a relatively new comer to the hunting rest game but that does not mean they don't know what they are doing. Their offerings have revolutionized the way we shoot while in the field stalking our favorite prey. With their complete line of hunting rests you will be more accurate, with faster initial shots as well as follow up shots to ensure you drop your game and get it in the bag. Take a look at Thunderbolt Customs and revolutionize your game!

Until the invention of Little Sure Shot Gun Rests in 2005, most hunters shot freehand while a few lugged shooting sticks around with them. But overall, the vast majority of hunters rejected shooting sticks even though they knew a gun rest would increase their accuracy and range. Most hunters sacrificed the greater accuracy and range because they objected to carrying a 6 foot stick. They preferred to keep their hands free.

Little Sure Shot Gun Rests are rapidly becoming standard hunting gear worldwide due to their compact size and proven effectiveness to dramatically improve accuracy. Hunters can stay on target much longer and concentrate better when using Little Sure Shot Gun Rests. Hunters are more relaxed especially through the shoulder, upper arm and wrist areas and comfortable waiting for just the right shot.

Keep a Little Sure Shot in your pocket or pack until you reach your hunting site. Then pick up a fallen limb or tree branch or stick or fence post to use as the shooting support. Attach our compact gun rest with a quick twist of the knob. No longer is it necessary to tie your hands up carrying a stick to your site. Our gun rests stay tucked away until needed therefore, you don't need to carry a stick at all times. Now you simply go to your hunt ing site and use what natuer provides.

Expect your accuracy to increase up to 50% and range by 20%. Most effective for deer, turkey, elk, moose, bear, varmints and small game.

Big Mouth Little Sure Shot Gun Rests earned their name because of the open hook-like device which is big enough to wrap around odd-shaped items ranging from .38" to 1.5" including branches, fence posts and sticks.

Big Mouth fits .5" to 1.5"