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Condor AR-15 Adjustable Three Point Tactical Rifle Sling

Condor Outdoor Products, Inc.
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This three-point combat sling has multiple carry positions including shouldered, barrel down, and combat ready. Nylon straps securely fasten to the handguards, sling swivels and buttstocks. Fully adjustable from 35" to 50" with 1.5" wide webbing, a quick release buckle and transition release. Compatible with M16, M4, AR-15 variants, and most military-style rifles.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: T3PS-002
Three-point combat sling
Multiple carry positions include: shouldered, barrel down, and combat ready
Nylon straps
Sling swivels and buttstocks
Adjustable from 35" to 50"
1.5" wide webbing
Quick Release buckle
Transition Release

M16, M4, AR-15 variants, and most military-style rifles

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2.0 5
"Overall, not the worst sling around, but it came with no instructions whatsoever or any pictures to help, just a plastic bag. After fumbling around for awhile, I figured it out. The front mount point is loose even when cinched down as tight as possible, and shifts around . I wouldn't recommend this one."
3.0 5
"like the other guy it took me a while to figure this one out.the strap itself is quality but I hope you have better luck using it than me.."
2.0 5
"Can't believe they supplied this with installation instructions -you are on your own. I will fiddle with it a little longer then repackage to send back and get a refund. Ridiculous to expect you to know how to install it!!! DO NOT BUY THIS POS!"
1.0 5
"I went to put the sling over my shoulder to carry my AR-15 and the sling came apart and my AR-15 landed on my concrete driveway. My AR-15 is ok, but the scope is toast. This sling is a piece of junk. It was put together properly and should not have come apart. I would not recommend this sling to anyone."
4.0 5
"First off its true, there are no intructions supplied. However; CTD has now added a video displaying install and usage. It does take some time to get it adjusted properly. The webbing will stretch slightly over the first few months so it will need to be readjusted a couple times. Ive had this almost a year, and am very happy with it. The front attatchment does also stretch out and is difficult to keep tight. Tends to slip back on the forearm. I have a foregrip on mine which keeps it from slipping. If you add or already have a foregrip, set the sling up so that it is firmly against the base of your grip. This will keep the front nice and tight always. Make sure you double loop all buckles and even tape where possible. It will work the way it is designed when properly installed and \"broken in\". Well worth the price... I highly suggest this item..."
4.0 5
"I was lucky enough not to have the troubles some have had, as there is a video. Now there was an instruction sheet, it was sort of dark, but the written part was a nice help. Now to the sling, I love it, does just what I wanted it to do, weapon is ready for action. All slings are some what uncomfortable and this one is no different, but with some time and wear all will be well. I would recommend this product, and overall a nice tactical sling. Good shooting guys and girls!"
4.0 5
"Seeing the low rating I was skeptical of this product at first, but most people seemed frustrated by the difficulty assembling, not the quality of the product so I gave it a shot. The new instructional video helped out a good deal for putting it together and it seems very sturdy. I am very pleased with how the gun is always held in a firing-ready position and the nifty Cam lock which allows you to fire the weapon off-handed when released. The only things I don't like are that the sling still seems rather large even when fully tightened causing the gun to hang lower than preferred, and also that it does not fit well onto a saddled stock and must be attached to the lower ring causing the gun to hang at a steep downward angle, but this is at no fault of the sling and I am still really pleased with this product."
4.0 5
"I feel for the guys that had a problem back a year ago but the sling is good quality and it now comes with half way decent instructions along with a video on how to set up and use this item.I would recommend this sling."
5.0 5
"I found this sling to be easy to install by following the included instructions. One thing that was confusing to begin with is that it shipped with the butt-stock adapter attached to the front of the sling; not sure if that is factory or someone returned it. The instructions provided the information necessary to figure this out (cam-lock goes towards the front). Total installation time from cutting the tape on the box to final adjustment was about ten minutes. This one is installed on a Bushmaster M4 using the factory sling mount on the front and the slot on the back. The sling does not interfere with my front folding bipod or carry handle mounted scope.The sling itself is heavy duty, with plenty of length for most people. I stand 6'4 and wear large or extra-large shirts, and found that the sling had plenty of room, and still could be adjusted out another foot if needed. A note on adjusting, to future buyers: disconnect the quick connect before adjusting the length, then reconnect and open the cam-lock to finish the adjustment.If you are looking for a three point sling, that requires no modifications to install, this is a great choice, made even better by the price!"
1.0 5
"When I was searching for a three point sling to match my issued one, this was the closest thing I came by. Unfortunately, the discription said nothing about the fact that it's made by Condor, which is to say that it's CRAP! The setup was simple, and the instructions have been fixed with the video being helpful. But the design is typical of Condor. They take a peice of gear that they attempt to copy and don't actually have real shooters test it out. The cam system is unnecessary as a male female clip would have been easier to use and more economical. I bought this for a 20\" A4 style AR. The buttstock attapter works well. However the attachment point for the buttstock adds about 3 inches of excess webbing that causes the weapon to hang off the chest forward, instead of laying flat across the chest. I jerry riged mine to go through the webbing of the buttstock adapter instead of the provided plastic gromet that reduced the play. The foregrip attachment can be used by simply attaching the webbing through the normal sling mount but causes the weapon to be canted and not lay flat. To not interfere with any attachments that are just aft of the gas block or forward sight, I again had to jerry rig the forward attachment through my front sight post which works but isn't the way its designed. Am I happy with it, absolutely not. Am I keeping it, unfortunately it's not with the $10 I'd get back after paying for shipping both ways. I woouldn't recomend this to anyone."
3.0 5
"Basically functional. Cheap materials. I use it for my pellet gun replica of my actual firearm. Nice for plinking and practicing transition drills. I would not recommend using this sling on a high-quality firearm."
3.0 5
"Looking for a sling is no easy task. I still believe this is the best one that I could find easily, I just think the straps are a bit wide. Installation was easy - thanks to the instructions that CTD enclosed (Major Thanks for that!). I would also like to see it a bit longer, I like having my elbow in the sling when I shoot - I feel like I have more control. I admit that this is my first 3 point sling. I would get it again if I ever needed one."
2.0 5
"If you have a Carbine Quad Rail this in not for you. The front strap does not wrap around, but I only played with it for 5 mins or less and I had to go, but we will see what happens next time I pull it out of my safe."
4.0 5
"While not the standard US military issue sling this one fits the bill nicely. The CTD video is very well done in showing how to install and use the sling properly. Depending on the particular rifle it it mounted to it fits basically the same on most AR typr rifles. The cam lock function to switch from strong arm to weak arm shooting works OK but is cumbersome to operate and could be better designed. Overall for the price it is a functional sling and works well once you practice with it and get used to it."
2.0 5
"I have to agree with El Duderino, I was very disappointed with this sling. If you have a quad rail mounted and a non A2 stock, you can immediately dispose of the font and back attachment points, as they don't fit. You can still use the sling though, as the buckles will fit through the slot in the stock like the picture shows, and the front attachment will go through a regular front sling swivel. This will cause the weapon to sit canted out though, and for any other gents (or ladies, I guess) who have wide shoulders like myself, there isn't enough play in the loop system to truly make this a 3-point sling. I can't switch between strong and weak sides with this at all.,Iit only comes across to the other clavicle about midway. Not a huge deal I guess, but I did buy this with the intent of being able to do so. My bigger issue was with the advertised method of stock attachment that is showed in the photo. While firing, it comes loose very easily, so when I was drilling, going from port to shooting ready, it came completely loose and the whole sling fell off. I think it could be a very good sling for someone less wide with an A2 stock and standard forward handguard, but that's not me and mine, so I can't give a good review."
5.0 5
"I had a hard time finding a sling that I liked, I even tried 3 different ones. This is a great product for a great price. I have a Colt M4 Crabine with MagPul handguards and this product works great on my AR. I read some of the past reviews and almost didn't buy this but i'm happy I did. If something was wrong with the design in the past, they have fixed it. Even though this comes with instructions i some how put mine on wrong and I think that might have been what the malfunction was on some on the folks that gave this a low rating. Great product for a great price, if you end up buying it just watch the instalation video thats on this page and you won't go wrong."
4.0 5
"I've been using this sling for 3 years now on both an A4 and M4 style stock. It's held up and is pretty useful. Very similair to the Mairine Corps issued three point. There's nothing wrong with the workmanship or the options it gives you to secure it to your weapon. The only negative about it is it's a little bulky compared to a single point."
1.0 5
"Mine came without directions I was not able to make it work"
4.0 5
"I feel this is a great product for the purchase price, with the video on YouTube installation was the snap, overall I am very satisfied with this item, thanks again cheaper than dirt!!!!!"