Thompson/Center Buttstock Cartridge Flexloader Bio-Flex Silicone Black Medium 7071

Thompson Center
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When on the field having extra rounds easily within reach can make all the difference between coming home with a story or with meat for the freezer. The Thompson/Center Buttstock Cartridge Flexloader is an outstanding choice for hunters headed to the field. The Thompson/Center Buttstock Cartridge Flexloader is made of durable Bio-Flex Silicone and will not absorb odors and is resistant to cleaning chemicals. Simply lace onto your buttstock and you are ready to go.

Specifications and Features:
Especially suited for single shot rifles like the Encore and Contender
Made of Bio-Flex silicone which tolerates temperatures from -800 Degrees F to 300 Degrees F while still staying flexible
Bio-Flex is also resistant to the common elements of ozone, ultraviolet rays and sunlight, it does not crack or craze
Laces quickly onto your stock
Extremely tear resistant and will maintain its original shape in extreme conditions
Will not stain or absorb odors and is resistant to gun cleaning materials

Medium Fits the Following Cartridges:
.243 Remington
.25-06 Remington
.257 Roberts
.270 Winchester
.280 Remington
.284 Winchester
.300 Savage
.30-06 Springfield
7-30 Waters
.308 Winchester
.35 Remington
.35 Whelen
.356 Winchester
.358 Winchester
.375 H&H
.375 JDJ
.375 Winchester
.38-55 Winchester
.405 Winchester
.444 Marlin
.445 Super Magnum
.454 Casull
6mm Remington
7mm Mauser
7mm-08 Remington
.300 H&H