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Thermold AR-15 20 Round Magazine .223/5.56 NATO Black

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This Thermold AR-15/M-16 20 round magazine is a high quality replacement mag made from high grade Zytel nylon. Perfect for a precision themed rifle, this short, durable magazine fits both 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington ammunition. Unlike metal magazines, Thermold products won't jam because they're made with a nylon that resists heat, dirt and rust. Abuse them, drop them, throw them in the mud. They are dent resistant, self lubricating and non-corrosive.

AR-15 and M16 rifles 

Item#: 57870
Total number of Reviews: 25

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5.0 5
"I've owned my Rock River Arms entry carbine for two weeks now and this is the 4th magazine I've bought. It is also my favorite mag. The only cons is it has is the front corners on the bottom are kind of sharp, but thats no biggie. Like most plastic type mags I've tried they are hard to click into the magwell if it's completely full (if it has 19 in it, it works perfectly). I also have a 30 round plastic Tapco mag that I like almost as much as this, but I just do not like 30 round mags at all. I like the straight 20 or 10 rounders (the long 30 rounders just get in the way when my bipod is set on the lowest setting, plus curved mags just look stupid to me). Kinda ironic that this is the best mag I own or have used and it's half the price of my next cheapest mag. Buy this magazine. They work awesome!"
– CamTheMan
5.0 5
"If you want a cheap good-looking well-made and always functions magazine this one is for you."
– Bigwo
5.0 5
"I got this and used it this past Saturday. I wasn't expecting much, honestly didn't expect it to feed. But boy was I presently surprised. Very well built, and fed 100 rounds with no problem. I only put 10 rounds in each mag for training, any more would be a waste. These worked out great. And great when in prone. gonna order several more. If your gonna give it a try, then make sure you grab at least a couple. you will wish you did if you dont."
– sheepdog of gainesville
5.0 5
"Works good...didnt have any problems with quality or cycling. cheap too!"
– Ryan
5.0 5
"It gets 5 bullets only because of the price. They worked great, but one had a double feed and jammed in my AR. Also the LRBHO didn't activate 90% of the time. The other problem is that every once in a while the top round would randomly pop out. I suggest you pick up a few, but spend the rest of your money on real quality mags."
4.0 5
"I bought 3 of these to use on my M&P15 while shooting prone or on a bench rest and they work great. Would have given 5 stars, but man are they sharp around the edges. I cut my finger pulling one out of the range bag. But as far as function and dropping free, they work great."
– CB
5.0 5
"For this price, you can't go wrong. I've had some problems with rounds wanting to jump out when loading, but they're easily comparable to GI mags, capacity aside. Durable. Functional."
– Detroit Guy
1.0 5
"I purchased 2 of these for my Bushmaster AR-15 because the price was attractive. Save your money, folks. To put it gently I would NOT purchase these mags again. As stated these are made of plastic. As I began loading my rounds the mag started to bow and bulge. After about 5 or 6 rounds, the top couple rounds would begin to spit out. When I was finally able to load 19 (definitely not 20), I could hear the rounds rattling around inside as I gently shook the mag. If I shook with any force, once again the top couple rounds would eject. I tried Winchester 5.56, Federal .223, and Remington .223 frangibles which were definitely an epic fail. If I was heading to the range and I had nothing else to use I would consider these. As for tactical or defensive situations, not a chance! I hoped this helps. Maybe you'll have better luck. Happy Shooting!"
– Flo
5.0 5
"Got 4 of these, they all work perfect with DTI AR & KT SU16."
– HB
5.0 5
"I purchased six of these and all worked perfectly, with no problems. Guess I got lucky."
– jkd301
4.0 5
"Price was so good, I bought a bunch of these sight unseen. Regretted it afterwards, until I took them out to the range. Now I'm a believer. No problems inserting in the magazine well of my M&P15. No fail to feed. No stray rounds jumping out when fully loaded. Corners are sharp on the base of the magazine, but can be rounded off with a bit of sanding. Would have given it 5 bullets, except for the last comment."
– gunner98
5.0 5
"I have now put a few hundred rounds through the pair of these mags I got when I built my AR. I figured for the price, why not? Well I haven't had a single failure yet, and they work just as well as the PMAGs I also use. I actually keep one of these mags loaded, and wouldn't hesitate to grab it in a self defense scenario. If I start having problems, I'll be back here to change this review, but as of now, I see no reason to not buy these."
– Nick
4.0 5
"I bought 5 of these mags for my S&W M&P15. I worked them in and out of the gun several times to make sure the would fit. I noticed plastic shavings coming off as I did. I then loaded each one with 10 rounds, went to the range, and had NO PROBLEMS. I would \"break\" them in before loading them with 20 rounds. I did load several with 20 rounds and some would \"spit\" the last round out. So, I just backed them down to 15. That still gives me 75 rounds. I like them best for sighting in. You can't get a 30 round mag and gun in a gun rest. The ONLY disadvantage I had was they will not always drop out of the gun if you try to quickly change them. That is because they are light and tight, but they may get better with more break in."
– lance
5.0 5
"Because of the low price, I was very skeptical about the quality. I can report that these magazines work just fine. And they are made in the good old USA, which is probably why."
– wden
5.0 5
"I ordered a total of four of these. Two to test the waters, then two after. Granted, these are not \"no tilt\" and they probably wouldn't take the desert too well. BUT, that being said, they work extremely well. I'd buy again and again. It's a great product, and for the price, you just can't beat it."
– Pdiddy
5.0 5
"I bought five of these mags for my AR-5 and had no problems. They worked great and were easy to load."
– big tom
5.0 5
"Bought 3 of these 2 weeks ago took them out today all three functioned flawlessly no jams or FTF's!! great mags for incredible price highly recommend these 20rnd mags"
– Big Bizz
5.0 5
"At the price you can't go bad. They are nice well made USA product that go double the cost retail. They hold full 20 rounds not a bit of trouble fit well in my custom AR rife. Wish I had got double what I bought."
– Wayne
5.0 5
"I bought this to serve as a cheap vise block. It performed magnificently. I have not tried to actually use it in my AR."
– Awesome
5.0 5
"These things work flawlessly, however like others have noted it has SHARP edges, I sanded mine down a little bit because they will nick your finger! Great buy, probably will get more whenever it gets available."
– Hale4God
4.0 5
"These things work flawlessly, however like others have noted it has SHARP edges, I filed mine down. Just do it very gently you don't want to file too much."
– Gabriel
5.0 5
"Great build quality, flawless feed. I bought two and will buy more. Thirty round mags were too long to shoot with my bipod. Twenty is perfect."
– Justin
4.0 5
"In case you were wondering, Thermold is just another name for Plastic.That said, these magazines are not too bad. After reading some of the negative reviews I decided to put them to the test. At first I loaded each with 10 rounds and had no problems. For some reason some guys said that these were tough to load \uFFFD I had no issues. Some guys said that they couldn\uFFFDt get 20 rounds in these \uFFFD again, I had no problem, except, with 20 rounds they would not lock into my Windham MPC. When I took one round out they locked and loaded just fine. Some guys said that they have sharp edges \uFFFD I concur. I noticed this right off but they were not sharp enough to take sandpaper too them so I left them alone.All in all for the money I would say that these work just fine. Unless you have a thing about firing a full box of cartridges in one sitting I\uFFFDd say 19 rounds is just fine and, like one guy said, 10 rounds is plenty for one target. I\uFFFDm not sure if these plastic magazines will pass the test of time but I have a lot of plastic stuff around the house and, unless you expose it to extreme sunlight over many months, all of it is doing well and I suspect these magazines will last me a good long time."
– Pappy D
5.0 5
"Not a bad mag, I got 2 of them and have had no issues with either of them. They feed good, hold what they say they will and are good mags. Seems like they should be a little cheaper in price but not too bad of a price. I will buy more of them."
– Nashcbrguy
1.0 5
"What a load of crud. I dont know how all these 5 star reviews are on here! I bought 2 of these crudtastic mags. Neither will feed and constantly jam, AND the only way to lock them in at all is to have the bolt locked back before you try, no matter how full they are. I have CAA mags and GI aluminum mags and have never had an issue. Save your money!"
– Mike, Huber Heights, OH