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Target Sports Micro Tactical LED Light 150 Lumens 4 Color Filter Lenses Quick Detach Picatinny Mount Aluminum Black

Target Sports
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Target Sports ultra bright sub-compact LED flashlight with quick release weaver mount fits most picatinny rails. Body constructed from high quality aircraft aluminum. Non-catch quick detach lever makes for easy attachment. Compact light is only 2.5" long and comes with 4 color lenses, Yellow, Red, Blue, and Clear. Light is waterproof and fogproof, O-Ring and Gasket Sealed. On/Off switch is an easy to reach button. 150 Lumen light is powered by one CR2 lithium battery.

Specifications and Features:
Ultra Bright Sub-Compact LED Flashlight
Quick Release Weaver Mount
4 Color Light Filter Lenses
Easy Button On/Off Switch
Only 2.5" Long 
Total number of Reviews: 44

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4.0 5
"Wanted a small, lightweight, tactical light for my modified GSG-5 and this works great. Seems to be well made and very lightweight. Takes up very little space on the rail system. Can't beat the price for what you get. I gave it a 4 only because the twist lock mechanism still allows the light to jiggle a bit on the rail. Not much, and can probably be fixed with a small layer of electrical tape or similar material."
– Steveo
4.0 5
"It would have been better if it was cheaper, but it does work. Nice little under barrel light. Even good to attach to a Picatinny rail on a rifle. The blue lens is the only decent lens. Yellow looks like a burnt out, old school flashlight, red is actually magenta purple and white is a very dirty, blotchy white (light a fluorescent bulb). The blue lens is a very smooth, crisp blue; very radiant and very clean."
– Prepare
5.0 5
"It's a good light for what you pay. It's very bright and will light up a room pretty easily. The color filters work as I expected them to, but the red is a little on the pinkish side, if that matters. You could always build a DIY CNC machine and make your own red filter, or see if someone else can make it.Regardless, I didn't see or hear any jiggle in my light, but I own a Sig P250, and maybe that has something to do with it.I need to do some more testing with the battery life and \"waterproof\" qualities, but I think it will do pretty well. Yet again, you can't beat this for what you're paying."
– GregTheHun
4.0 5
"Good price. Saw same exact one in gun shop for twice the price. Lenses are a pain though."
– bryant
5.0 5
"Bought this for home protection for the wife while I was out of town. Extremely bright and lit up the house really well! Bought this for my Sig SP2022 9mm. Easily clips on and is easy to use. Only filters I liked were the blue and clear but didn't buy it for colored lights, that's why I gave it 5 bullets. For the price, you can't beat it. Haven't had it long enough to test the battery life, but it's not like I use my pistol to walk around at night to go to the bath room!!For the price, you can't beat the light output and weight!! Def. suggest it!!"
– Angelshield
5.0 5
"Very nice light that is really bright. Blue color lens is perfect. I will be purchasing another one soon. For the price, it can't be beat."
– lvgoliath
4.0 5
"Cool little light. On/off button is located on the lower part of the light so when you have it mounted and you raise the weapon it is facing down. I had some fitting issues to my aftermarket rail adapter for a Taurus PT-92af. I'm sure a little electrical tape will make a good filler. The best light for the money. 4 bullets instead of 5 becasue of fitting issue."
– Donkey McWedges
5.0 5
"This is a great light. Very bright. Attaches easily. Very Sturdy. Bottom on/off button so it is not pressed accidentally while aiming. I attached it to my S&W SD9 and it's a great fit. I highly recommend it. Cheaper Than Dirt's shipping was extremely fast, also!"
– Charlie
4.0 5
"This light is very solid and built like a more expensive tactical light. The spring-loaded quick connect/disconnect lever is great! However, I only gave 4 bullets due to the odd placement of the switch. It's located at the bottom of the light, instead of a rear quick toggle, like most firearm mounted lights."
– Joe
4.0 5
"got for my glock 17, when i put it on it clicked.....and \"it clicked\". fits in the pocket whe not in use, brand is worth the money, simple quick detach, common battery, super bright. win-win. get one or two."
– Jthomas
4.0 5
"just got mine for xd-9 subcompact. tight fit, which is perfect. when its locked in place you will hear a click. it fits snug against the trigger guard. I havent range tested it yet but will update as soon as i do"
– Juhni
4.0 5
"This light stunned me out of the box. You have your pick of colors or a clear lenses. Good distance for such a small unit. Has handled my Rem870 with no issues. Only four bullets due to it could have a longer run time."
– Onkover
4.0 5
"Could not be happier with this. The light worked right out the box. Love the the lens you get with it. Fits on my Beretta M9A1 like a champ. The only two complaints is the switch and the battery life."
– Mike King
4.0 5
"This light is super bright, well made, excellent rail mount and for the money, equals and outpaces many more expensive models. Don't hesitate to buy. Not sure yet of battery life so 4 bullets for now instead of 5. Unlike the one reviewer, I find the bottom mounted switch better access than other accessories I have with rear mounted switch."
– PP
4.0 5
"I ordered this light for my SAXD40, and am very surprise at the value I received. The light is VERY bright and fits snugly on the weapon. The only drawbacks to this light are the switch placement and the battery type. Most of my lights all use the CR123 batteries, so I keep plenty of them on hand. This light uses a smaller battery (which I knew when I ordered it). Again, very bright, reliable light. Well worth the money."
– HiddenAgenda
5.0 5
"Was in the market for a light and this fits my need and my budget. I was looking for +150 lumens and this light does the trick not only brightening a pitch black room but provides a concentrated beam out to 50 ft. Because I am of very poor vision w/o my contacts, I bought this light to illuminate and investigate any middle of the night noises/intruders and I am confident this will do the trick. Fits tightly on my Glock 23 with a little space behind it and the trigger guard. I threw the filters out, no reason to keep them. For $30, can't saying anything else more awesome."
– Spenser 253
4.0 5
"Bought mine for a Remington 870 that I had put a 18.5 inch barrel and a Magpul for end with rail on...fit the 2 inches I had in front of the Magpul angled for end...looks great...now have to make time to get to the range and see how tough it is!!"
– David Grose
5.0 5
"Great little light.fits all my auto pistols. Can be removed or installed in seconds."
– Doug K
5.0 5
"This is a great flashlight that goes a good 45 yards with good visibility. Fits good on a full size pistol or AR. Very easy to install and to turn on. Definetly a better price then most flashlights."
– Bama 1
5.0 5
"Fits perfectly and is pretty bright for a cheap light. I have 3"
– TJ
1.0 5
"Bought this for home defense and in preparation for a night shoot at a local range. Light was bright enough, but took some manipulation each time to get light to stay on (i.e. need to rotate lens to reset battery connection). Once at the range, light flickered during first couple of rounds and then stopped working all together after 10 rounds. I would not trust this in a life or death situation!"
– Michael37
5.0 5
"This is the best tactical light for the price. This light easily out performs the more expensive models. I will purchase more in the next coming months."
– Chemdog55B
4.0 5
"Due to the low price I was concerned with the quality of the light and how well it would hold up to recoil. I'm primarily going to use it on my Beretta CX4 9mm Carbine. I know recoil isn't a huge issue here but I still wasn't sure so I tested it out on my Glock 20 10mm. After 120 rounds and powder residue buildup on the lens it was still working and produced a bright light. It was a little wobbly on the CX4 but it was nice and snug on the Glock 20."
– Dan
4.0 5
"Pretty decent tactical light, very bright (120 lumens is a accurate statement). Don't know what I'll use all the filters for but why not. Put this on my Glock 23 gen 3 and its slightly loose (top to bottom fit)by a 1/16\" on the rail. Not a big deal for me but may be of interest to others. I'd recommend this product to anyone who wants a good light for a good price."
– James from Texas
5.0 5
"Yeah, you could spend more for other tactical lights which are supposed to be the cat's meow... go ahead, waste your money. This light is a great deal. I have two of them, and they have performed flawlessly. Unless you want your weapon light to sing and dance, you can't do better!"
– Geddy
4.0 5
"My wife really likes this light on her M&P9C. Attached easily and simple for her to operate. Silhouettes the sights nicely wherever the gun is pointed. She no longer has to hold a flashlight and gun! 4 bullets because I haven't seen how it handles shooting yet. Great value so far. 36 Hour deliver too!"
– Her Hero
4.0 5
"Definitely a great starter tactical light. Good to train with and good for home defense. The colored lenses are nice but unnecessary. Seems very durable and would recommend the purchase. Wheeling,IL."
– RickL
4.0 5
"Mounted well to my Sig and looks good. The light is BLINDING...Very bright. There is some wobble as it doesn't mount super tight to the rail, but for a close quarters home defense gun, this light will do exactly what I need it to do. I like the location of the on/off switch and allows for quick on/off access."
– Austin
5.0 5
"Amazing for price"
– sbond
5.0 5
"This little guy is awesome! super bright, cheap, and batteries aren't too expensive. Bought this to throw on field projects or for tacticool at range, but has become one of my prouder price-savy gun accessories!"
– Todd
3.0 5
"This is an update to my previous 4 bullet rating. I knocked it down because I've had the opportunity to put it on more rails. Its about 50/50 on how nice of a fit it is. It fit both my Glock 17 and 20 like a glove. I would definitely buy another one if it were going on a Glock. It wobbled on my Sig P226 and my Para 1911. Both had mil-spec 1919 rails. It also wobbled on my Beretta CX4 Storm.The wobble isn't too bad. Its tight enough that the light beam doesn't jiggle. But, I'd much rather it be tight on the firearm. You can feel it move and you can hear it depending on how you move the gun."
– Dan
5.0 5
"One of the best rail mount lights I have found for under $50.00!! Don't really care about all the different color lenses, so I won't comment on them. Really like the \"quick attach/detach feature. I can switch between weapons in seconds. Maybe I'll just get a couple more so that won't be necessary! For this price, WHY NOT?!!"
– cabotjim
4.0 5
"It performs as expected. A little loose but it's a light not a laser so what does it matter. Great point - compact. Not so great point - quick release isn't that quick and requires some tweaking to settle right."
5.0 5
"Great tactical light for the money. Easily lights up every room in my house should I ever need it to do so. Serves its purpose on my Glock 23."
– Chris
5.0 5
"Great price and fit bright and spots right on aim point."
– Dennis
4.0 5
"Not a bad little light works as advertised. The color lenses took me a while to figure out. Fit on my Glock23 gen4 perfectly which is what I bought it for but the rail on my Walther P22 was too big for the light to fit which is why it's getting 4 bullets instead of 5"
– Big Mac
5.0 5
"This little light is great. Very bright, blinding even. It is build tough. I haven't used it a whole lot but i still have the original battery in it. It fits nicely on all my rails, doesn't wobble at all. Quick detach works very slick. Havent had a need for any of the color filters."
– Nick
1.0 5
"Installed on rail of my Springfield XDM9. It slides on easily, but does not grip tight. There is some movement just shaking the gun. It doesn't make a lot of noise on 'normal' movement so I kept it. 10 shots and the darn thing blew out. This is only a 9mm pistol, so that was unexpected and unacceptable. I won't be able to review the colors now, that's for sure."
– JFNorth
5.0 5
"very good for the price, im very happy with it. saw some that cost a whole lot more , and proformed just like the one I have"
– Bill
5.0 5
"I had it mounted on the top of an SKS which was great. Mounted it on a Glock 22 it was a perfect fit and made the balance even better than it was. Great small light!"
– tactical sks
5.0 5
"This is a great little light. Fits my Glock 23 beautifully and balances out the weight of the gun well. Bright light, easy operation and durable material. the crown of the light would also be useful for H2H encounters if ever needed."
4.0 5
"This is a good little light, especially for the modest price. I have it mounted on an XD9, and it clicked on snugly with no issues. The push-button switch is on the bottom, which is ok, ergonomically, but the way it is deployed differs from the norm. Instead of pushing lightly for a pressure switch type activation, and all the way in for constant on, like most tac lights, this works opposite. You have to push up and click it all the way on first, then you can depress and vary the pressure on the button to create temporary OFF control (not temp. on, since it starts out at constant on). This variance is not a problem, just very different, so I wanted to share it with other buyers."
– Scott
4.0 5
"Made it through 6 full mags of 40s&w from a XDM 3.8 and didn't fall off or break(Not much of a test, I know). Extends beyond muzzle of this gun. Tight and distinct center spot. Distinct 60 degree spill. Quick release knobs stick out a bit and could have been lower profile nubs. On/Off button kinda iffy on location and operation. But, for 30 bucks, not too shabby."
– Mark
5.0 5
"The TS Micro overall is a great light. Sets firmly on the rail and easy to move or remove. Has handled my AR and shotgun well. Even at one point accidentally was submerged in water with no issues. The light with the clear lens has great distance for its size. Battery life is good but could be a tad better. Yet with that being said it is a great light at a great price hence the 5 star rating. I will be buying more for Christmas gifts."
– H. Belcher