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TAPCO, SKS Stock System Railed, Six Position T6 Stock, SAW Style Pistol Grip, Polymer, Flat Dark Earth

STK66169 DE
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Antiques are made to be hung up on the wall or shoved into a display case, not to be taken out to the range and used on a daily basis. Its time to bring your antique SKS into the modern day with the INTRAFUSE SKS Stock System. This system gives you a 6 position adjustable T6 stock, so it will accommodate any sized shooter, a SAW Style Pistol Grip for greater comfort and control, and an upper handguard rail for adding accessories. This version also comes with a lower Picatinny rail to add extra accessories. Our stock system works on most SKS models and is made of the highest strength composite.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: STK66169 DE
Length of Pull:
- 11.6" (fully collapsed)
- 12.2"
- 12.9"
- 13.5"
- 14.2"
- 14.8" (fully extended)
Material: Polymer
Finish: Flat Dark Earth

TAPCO T6 Collapsible Stock
TAPCO SAW Style Pistol Grip
TAPCO Straight 6 Position Stock Tube
TAPCO Handguard with Picatinny Rail
ntrafuse SKS Stock Chassis with Lower Picatinny Rail

Does Not Fit:
Albanian SKS


Item#: SKS-076
Total number of Reviews: 27

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5.0 5
"This thing fit perfect on my chinese SKS. Love the color and the extra rail mounted on the bottom of the forend. I definatly recommend this product. Looks tough!!"
5.0 5
"I was very impressed with how modern my sks looked my brother in-law just bought an ar15 and he was impressed with the pistol grip and couldnt believe it was the same gun. I have started adding other items also because of the picatinny rail included. This is a great holiday present don't pass it up. And it only took me 20 minutes to do this."
5.0 5
"I received this Fusion stock within the 3 days stated to be delievered. I opened the package and within less than 10 minutes I had changed my plain old wood stock SKS into a modern military looking rifle. This completely changed the look of my gun that my wife thought that I had gone and bought another gun. I did have to trim the hand guard just a hair to make it fit."
5.0 5
"This stock is EXACTLY what my Zastava was lacking. Now my SKS not only shoots great, but it FEELS GREAT to shoot. I purchased the vertical grip and a bi-pod and scope at the same time. It is a completely custom fit. I can adjust the stock for length for all shooting positions. It's OUTSTANDING!! Take your time putting it together and you will not be disappointed."
5.0 5
"This was the first mod I'd ever done to my SKS. WOW! How simple! Had I known it would be this easy, I'd done it a couple a years ago. This stock was extremely easy to install. Like I said, my first time. It seems real durable. I got the dark earth color, kinda funny color, but I like it. Probably cheaper a few years ago, but not bad. After all, if our (govt.) bans these things, looks like I got mine. Now get yours, before there ALL gone."
5.0 5
"It works great. It is worth every penny. Super crazy good my friends"
5.0 5
"Very easy to install and looks great. I have bought many Tapco products and have always been pleased with the quality."
4.0 5
"The installation of the stock itself was a breeze on my Norinco SKS, but I had to do some extensive filing on the gas tube for it to sit back down on the barrel in the right spot to become locked. Overall it feels great and is much more fun to shoot now."
5.0 5
"I just received my new Tapco stock today after ordering it only 3 days ago. Very easy to install. I didn't have to change out the gas tube as I already had a tapco replacement gas tube on from before when I broke the wooden one trying to install an advanced technology folding stock (that sucked). Fifteen minutes after taking it out of the box it was installed and I was happier than a kid on Christmas morning. I also got the pistol grip and now the handling of this weapon feels amazing. it is everything it promises to be. I highly recommend this item."
4.0 5
"Just got mine installed and it looks good. The compartment door and latch on the bottom of the grip couldn't be made cheaper if you made it out of cardboard and a paperclip. One of the bolts for the buttstock was two short and wouldn't thread into the nut so I had to go to the hardware store and buy a new bolt. But for the price I am happy with it."
5.0 5
"Got one this week. It was a breeze to put together with the right tools. I love the way it makes my gun look and feel. HINT: If you have a techsite peep sight, you will need to do some relief work on the back of the stock for it to fit right with a type 56."
4.0 5
"The only reason I didn't give this stock 5 bullets was that I had to file the gas tube cover/handguard by hand. It took me about 3 hours, but I wanted a good tight fit. The stock only needed minor filing and sanding for the barrel and trigger assembly to fit. The gun is together now and it looks great. I enjoy working with the SKS so I didn't mind working for a perfect fit. I love the way my SKS looks and feels with this stock."
4.0 5
"I just received this today and began to take down my Chinese SKS. I had to go online to find out how to remove the pin for the gas tube. That took me about 2 hours. If you have the right punch tool and work bench, it won't take you that long though. I had to improvise. It fit fine on the rifle. But you have to load the Tapco 20rnd magazines with the bolt open, then it doesn't slide forward. I would NOT use this in a life and death situation with the very tedious reloading issue. I had to file down the 4 nubs between the top, and bottom of the hand grip. I guess they are left there as spacers for heat dispersion or something, but they had to be removed to seat the gas tube correctly. This looks much better than my old wood stock. But with the reloading issue, it gets 4 BULLETS."
5.0 5
"I bought this TAPCO Fusion SKS stock, not knowing if it would fit my SKS sporter or as it is also known \"The Paratrooper\", but it fit great. The main problem was that this model uses AK-47 mags instead of the standard SKS mags and the barrel is slightly shorter then a normal SKS. There was a issue with the handguard, but was easily fixed with a sharp knife. the stock is excellent quality and is a great improvement over the factory stock."
5.0 5
"I just put this on a Chinese SKS. The gas tube cover did require a little grinding, as stated, but was not too bad. I also purchased the Dark Earth foregrip and 20rd magazine. I also have a 30rd magazine, but it will not fit in the magazine well with the foregrip attached. The 20rd mag fits fine. I love the color and the aggressive look that it gives the SKS. A complete makeover from the Monte Carlo stock."
5.0 5
"This stock is a very good buy for your Yugo, everything fits nice and tight. Mine did not require any filing to get the pieces to fit, which is rare for a SKS. I was looking for a stock to replace the wooden one that I have had for years, never liked the balance of it. I have tried many different stocks only to take them off again because of the balance problem and replace it with the wooden one. Now my SKS has a great feel, sleek look, and is well balanced. I couldn't be more pleased."
5.0 5
"Took a little work (filing) but modernized my Chinese SKS. I didn't mind the work - since Tapco can't necessarily account for every variant out there and still have a tight stock. It's snug, sturdy and exactly what I wanted. Thanks Tapco!"
5.0 5
"Just bought this stock for my Norinco SKS. It is a perfect fit with little effort required, no trimming at all. Like the way the top rail does not interfere with the iron sights. Makes the gun handle very nicely! Now I just need to go to the range to try it out. Expect good results. CTD did a good job of processing my order and getting it to me ahead of schedule. Thanks guys!"
3.0 5
"I bought the Tapco 3E207 stock. I had to do some cutting and foling on the stock to get the magazine guide to fit and had to fillin in front of the guide with miracle putty to hold it in place. I am still satisfied even with all of the work I did. now all I need is a recoil pad. Works great."
5.0 5
"Just bought this stock for my Norinco SKS. (China SKS) Fits perfect. A few seconds of filing (with a Nail file from wife). Its composite material comes off fast and easy with nail file. Careful, don\uFFFDt file off too much. Just couple spots from Nubs left from Injection molding., have a 1/4 inch drive wratch & Extension to mount bolt in Hollow saw grip. 1/2in.is to wide.. last, might need to give firm wack with small hammer to trigger assembly. Tough fit first time... will look like in,but Hammer not striking Pin solid enough... Looks great. Love the new High Tech Look."
4.0 5
"The adjustable shoulder stock is a bit wobbly but nothing seroius. Fitment is better than the original Russian wood it replaced."
4.0 5
"I ordered Friday morning and got it Saturday morning. And I did the normal cheap shipping too. Great job ctd as always y'all are very fast.Stock fit very tight, with a little filing it was a perfect fit on my old norinco. Feels very nice and sturdy. Love the look. With my original wooden stock my shots were 4 inches to the left at 100 yds due to the sucky length of pull. I took it to the range with this stock and the accuracy is awesome. I would recommend for anyone who uses a sks for hunting."
5.0 5
"Really fast delivery! It took me about an hour to disassemble my Chinese Norinco SKS, and fit it into this new stock. The stock is sturdy and the tolerances are CLOSE, and that makes for a solid fit. I had to do a little filing, as mentioned in other reviews, but that took no more than 2 minutes. I went straight to the range after that, and had no problems. Nobody could believe that it was an SKS. I'm very impressed."
5.0 5
"I received my tapco fusion stock this afternoon. I worked from 7 to 9 to get it installed. The stock fit very easily, I filed for a brief minute to get an easy fit. I have to say I was surprised how well it fit. It fits better than the original!! The Gas tube cover is another story, that was a pain, the pin came out fine, but the new pit has a head on it, I to file for while so it would clear and seat in the correct spot. The old SKS is looking like a modern weapon! I can't wait to get to the range."
5.0 5
"As always, CTD shipping was almost unbelievably fast. Ordered it Thursday, by Saturday it was on my porch. Tapco makes fine products and this was no exception. With a little filing and persuasion, the stock slipped on my norinco sks. Looks and feels great. I added a Tapco recoil pad, it makes follow up shots a dream. Yet another excellent purchase from CTD!"
5.0 5
"It was a breeze to put on. I did have to file a little on the gas tube cover to get it to fit, but I see this as a plus, and Tapco intended for it. Since the retaining caps are stamped, there are variations in fitment and custom fit is the only way to make sure it's tight. It took a little prying to get the stock start going on, but once it started, it went right on and was nice and tight. I didn't have any of the issues that some other buyers had. Overall, it made my SKS feel and look like a totally different gun. The six position stock is even long enough when fully extended. My AR always made me wish for a little more. I bought one that was dark earth, and it really looks good with the contrasting black parts, but it does get dirty fairly easily. The only other fault is that the bottom rail isn't very sturdy if you are thinking of that as a mount point for a bipod. The only thing that would make it much better would be an adjustable cheek rest for use with a scope."
2.0 5
"The ad should be clear that it does not come with a gas tube, and a special one will be needed for yugo models. And the original gas tube WILL NOT fit with new stock installed. Had to return. Otherwise it looked cool."