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Mag SKS 7.62x39mm 20 Round TAPCO INTRAFUSE Magazine Olive Drab Polymer Detachable 16672

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Olive Drab polymer, detachable magazine holds 20 rounds of 7.62x39 ammo and fits all SKS variants that we have seen. Designed to securely fit composite stocks, this magazine will work in wood stock variations with slight modification to the magazine opening. In order for the magazine to fit properly in the wooden stock version, the opening must be enlarged slightly for a proper fit. Easy to install.
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Item#: 20-TC-16672,MAG-629,9-61018,2-MGTINMAG6620O
Total number of Reviews: 40

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5.0 5
"everyone with an sks should buy this magazine..THIS ONE REALLY WORKS! thanx CTD for extremely fast shipping..."
5.0 5
"This is the best magazine. I have bought about 4-5 brands of sks magazines, from metal to plastic and none of them worked reliably. The metal ones were ok but I had to mess with them alot to get them to work somewhat but I still had a lot of malfunctions. And forget the plastic ones as I have not had a single one that fed right. But Polymer is the way to go. It is very reliable, rugged and WILL NOT MALFUNCTION!!! I first ordered 2 tapco magazines and they fed with absolute perfection. I have since bought 10 more. Yesterday I loaded all 12 tapco magazines full ( 20 roundes each ) and speed shot all 12. NO FEEDING PROBLEMS. I plan to buy a couple more for some friends. Tapco is the way to go. You will not regret buying them. They are built solidly with QUALITY parts."
– sweet61
5.0 5
"Like the title says good buy! Fit my Yugo great, however, I bought a synthetic stock for it and required no modifications. If you have a wooden stock a little mod. is required. You`ll have to sand the mag. entrance a little wider to make it fit. real tough polymer!"
– crochunter
4.0 5
"First impressions when I recieved them in the bag were \"Wow\" nice looking mag. It installed in my Yugo SKS with no problem. Mag funcitons well. My only complaint witch is why I rated it a 4 is. The lips on top of the magazine are plastic. From past experiance with all polymer mags the lips wear out and the mag becomes useless. The need to put a metal liner in the top to make the mag last longer. There new so I will see how long they last and write back."
– Army Guy
5.0 5
"These to me are the best magazines you can get for the SKS so far. I have used some of the metal ones here and from rifletech.com and so far non of them feed properly like this one does. I liked it so much I bought the tapco stock to go with it.I have tried the metal magazines MAG-631 with the Dragunov stock SKS-530 and the folding stock SKS-200 and they don't work for my Yugo SKS."
– Jakk
5.0 5
"so i have been looking for a mag that would work in my type56 sks for years! when i saw the tapco mag and the great reviews for them i thought that it couldnt be true. so i bought one to try it out and was surprised at how well they really do work. they are easy to load, feed well, and are very durable. just wish they would make a 30rd mag too."
– Joe
5.0 5
"i got 2 of these and love them. i liked them so much i went ahead and ordered 3 more!! you won't regret getting this magazine at all. alot better than those crappy made american medal ones. i believe they want those to fail, but these rock!!"
– derek
5.0 5
"I needed some mags for my Yugo SKS..all I had was a clunky metal one.I saw these and bought one..I am really pleased with it..no mods needed what so ever..when I get the money I am SERIOUSLY getting more of these..fully loaded they're are lighter then the metal ones..and honestly feel better as well..loads better too..seriously get these mags! I just wish they'd make a 30 rnd from TAPCO!!!"
– US_Patriot
4.0 5
"with a few minutes of knocking off a few burrs they were the much better to load than any mag i have ever owned.i won't be looking for steel ones again."
– Rick
5.0 5
"These work,j ust buy them. You cant go wrong with Tapco. The only hi-cap mag for sks that works from CTD right now. Don't buy the 30 or 40's. They do not work."
– akskmod
4.0 5
"Bought four of these mags. Only had a couple jams on two of them on first go around. After that no problems. Fit in Tapco stock flawlessly. Seem to be good durable magazines. Would definately recomend."
– KC
5.0 5
"I bought one of these along with the Fusion system for my SKS and I am very impressed with the quality and performance of this mag. You really can't go wrong with Tapco."
– Jesse
3.0 5
"I resantly up graded my yugo sks big time and i bought both the mettle and the polly mags i get home in 3 days and ill be testing them then but somethen tells me the pollys will work better"
4.0 5
"Truth is that most mags will jam the first couple of times but they just need to broken in. This mag is the perfect example.Great BuyCant beat it"
– Justin
5.0 5
"I have tried every kind of high capacity mag I can get my hands on and this is the only high cap mag that will cycle in my SKS."
– Wyo_Moose
4.0 5
"when i first learned about removable clips for the sks i was not expecting this. its feeds great and swaping is effortless only thing is the action must be open but after dumping a clip the bolt locks back so its no problem also does not interfear with the front pistol grip great all around product i will be buying more of them."
– brad
3.0 5
"These mags are good for any SKS owner. I have tried every magazine out there, from pot metal peices of crap, to plastic ones like these. Pot metal ones break and don't work worth a crap. Tapco mags work really great....but are only plastic, and plastic breaks..period."
– Zach
5.0 5
"I modify and sell SKS rifles (among others) for a living and have tried every kind of magazine available for them. These are the ONLY ones that work. The last time I took a buddy of mine out to shoot my Norinco and Yugo he actually left a pair of them that I had clamped together with a mag clamp on top of the van. At about fifty-five they came flying off of the van and came crashing and tumbling to a stop in the middle of the road. The clamp shattered into four pieces and the mags were pretty beat up. I went back to the range loaded them both up and guess what? THEY STILL RAN LIKE CHAMPS!!!! AWESOME!! I put 500rds through the two of them that day with NO problems. Buy as many as you can afford!!!"
– Alconik
4.0 5
"These are the cat's meow! I got three of them this week and while one has some feed issues with the 20th to the 16 round, the other two are great. I think I may swap the one back for another one if the shipping is worth it. It may be just a burr on the polymer follower that will wear in."
– Jeff
5.0 5
"Best SKS mag on the market, hands down. I've wasted alot of money on high cap. mags (mainly 30 round mags) but these mags work every time. No jamming and it cycles perfectly. Better to have 20 rounds that work than 30 that don't."
– Pogie 5 0
5.0 5
"Man I tell you what. SKS magazines are truly a fickle affair. Almost every one I've owned, metal or polymer, has basically sucked. The don't feed right or they require a lot of fitting & fiddling with to make work OK. These TAPCO magazines are awesome. First of all, they come from the factory in resealable dry storage bags, which is cool. Second, I took one out and slid it in my rifle and it made this \"CLICK\" sound as it engaged the magazine catch. What a satisfying click! So smooth to attach and detach. Smooth feed. Smooth loading. Buy these! (I bought 4)"
– MFR Studios
5.0 5
"this mag is the best it clicks in and out i boughtb 2 to try its best wish i could rate this 20 bullets thanks ctd for such a good item for cheap"
– charles
5.0 5
"I was unsure if I wanted a polymer mag, but after reading the reveiws for this one, I said what the heck! I love this mag and I am getting more! This fit my weapon perfectly. I used to have a 40rd metal mag and hated all the jams I had with it. So far I have had 0 jams with this mag and I have put about 400rds though it. Try it and fall in love with it."
– Larry
4.0 5
"Mags fit great in my old Chinese Norinco SKS with no mods required. I'd give it five bullets but I haven't shot the rifle with them yet."
5.0 5
"I love tapco mags. I have two. One black and one in od green. They feed great and fit like a glove on my Yugo. No complaints whatsoever so stock up while u can before the SHTF!"
– shrek
4.0 5
"Ok, these mags do work on guns with wood stock once you open up the wood. No problem there, but I found the mag does hit on my reciver an won't go in to place. With a pocket knive I shaved down a couple spots. Next, I had problems feeding which made rounds go in at wrong angle and jam up. Most on left side, so I looked at orig.10 round box next to new mag you can see lips on top are longer than original. I trimmed back lips smoothed with sandpaper,300 rounds and worked like a champ. But it holds 21 not 20, atleast mine did. I hope this helped thanks CTD."
– minter
5.0 5
"Without a doubt, the best mag made. Tapco made the SKS a much more modern funtional firearm with this mag."
– Ziegenfuss
5.0 5
"These magazines are awesome. I just got the two I ordered today. I have a Romanian made SKS with the wood stock on it, and with just a little bit of sanding with my dremel tool on the stock, they fit perfectly. I don't have any feeding problems. Thank you Cheaper Than Dirt. I will be ordering more of them."
– shiggins79
5.0 5
"I bought 6 of these mags for a Norinco SKS with Tapco furniture, the mags feed without issue. These are better than anything I've tried on the market, and they are very affordable. Tapco makes exellent products and I would recommend these mags to anyone with an SKS equipped with the Tapco stock system."
– JC
5.0 5
"I bought these for my SKS, and worked as expected."
– LupeM
5.0 5
"I'm one of the reasons this particular \"color\" is \"out of stock\". I've bought 12 so far. The 20rds. are about as much as you can feed an S.K.S. at one load (not because they can't handle more) but, most 30rd. & 40rd. mags have feed issues."
– Andy
4.0 5
"I have 6 of these for my Yugo SKS. Generally they work fairly good. I've noticed on a few that if I load the full 20 rnds, they tend to jam on the first 2-4 shots from that mag. From there no problems. This seemed to be the case for either steel or brass casing so I've ruled out ammo. I'd still get more, but 6 is enought for now."
– loydering
5.0 5
"Over the years I have bought several different types of steel magazines for my Norinco SKS and not one was worth a penny. After reading the reviews I decided to buy the Tapco polymer magazine. Well I put 60 rounds through it today and not once did my weapon jam. I'm beyond impressed considering I could never get through 2 or 3 rounds using a steel magazine without it jamming. The magazines themselves feel like they're well built and the price is right. I will be ordering at least 12 more of these while they are still this cheap. Put your skepticism of SKS magazines aside and put some trust in these, they're worth every penny."
– GRinier
5.0 5
"These mags are perfect. I've fired a few hundred rounds through 4 different specimens without a single malfunction. The plastic is thick and they do not feel flimsy at all. In my experience, these may be difficult to seat properly with 20 rounds in the mag and the bolt closed. Therefore, I cannot \"top-off\" the mag after chambering a round. Not a big deal in my book, though. Just makes the SKS a 19+1 weapon instead of a 20+1."
– steve
5.0 5
"Mags work great in my Norinco SKS best mags for the $."
– zrt
2.0 5
"I really expected more out of these magazines. I had feed issues any time I put more than 15 rounds in these mags (I bought 5 and they all performed exactly the same). Used Brown Bear, Norinco, and Hornady Zombie Max ammo and the results were the same. Rifle was a Norinco SKS Paratrooper carbine with Tapco Intrafuse stock. The rifle never malfunctioned in its original configuration with wood stock and factory 10 round box mag.If they were advertised as 15 round mags, I would have given a 5 bullet rating. However, these are 20 round magazines and should function as such."
– Norinco SKS
5.0 5
"These Tapco mags work great. Absolutely awesome and flawless. Great product, high quality, USA made with a great warranty. I highly recommend this mag!"
– Hawaii2Oregon
5.0 5
"best sks mag u can buy"
– pal
5.0 5
"Fit very well in my Yugo SKS, works fantastic, no hicups at all, definately going to get some more!!"
– Slick
4.0 5
"I haven't shot it so I can't give it 5 bullets. I do like the tight fit. Loads smoothly and holds the rounds tightly. Fits like it should in the Tapco stock."
– M. Grant