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Mag SKS 7.62x39mm 20 Round TAPCO INTRAFUSE Magazine Flat Dark Earth Polymer Detachable 16671

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Flat Dark Earth polymer, detachable magazine holds 20 rounds of 7.62x39 ammo and fits all SKS variants that we have seen. Designed to securely fit composite stocks, this magazine will work in wood stock variations with slight modification to the magazine opening. In order for the magazine to fit properly in the wooden stock version, the opening must be enlarged slightly for a proper fit. Easy to install.
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Item#: 20-TC-16671,MAG-628,3-1022749,49795,9-61017,2-MGTINMAG6620
Total number of Reviews: 31

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5.0 5
"These Tapco 20rnd clips rock! they load and feed very easy and i have had no issues with them so far. If the spring is a little tight at first, don't panic. Keep workin em in and let them set over night. I haven't had a single problem with them yet. I was surprised by how sturdy they feel. If i run into any issues i will be sure to post."
– JD
5.0 5
"Excellent quality & perfomance. These are the only hi-cap SKS magazines that never jam or fail to operate. Tapco makes the finest shhoting & military gear so you can expect the best from this product."
– Arron
5.0 5
"After having tried a steel magazine(which sucked!) that a friend gave me for my SKS, this mag rules. I know have three of them and plan to buy more. They feed well and you don't have to play with it to get it to work. If you have a wooden stock you have to shave the stock, but thats ok. As I said you can just pop it in and shoot."
– Happy SKS owner
5.0 5
"i just got a yugo sks for christmas it came with a crapy 30 round mag that if u put more then 5 rounds in it jamed so i ordered 2 of the tapco 20 rounders. it fits perfectly and works great im so happy get one i dint have to modify it or my gun at all and i have a wooden stock so i thought i was going to have to but its awsome get 1 of these tery for your self."
– mike
5.0 5
"i have an sks with a nice monte carlo stock and scope, but it came with a steel 30rd that jammed constantly. i had to modify the bullet tray in the mag the ramp to the barrel itself and the extractor just to get off 3 rounds i thought my sks was doomed to jam. this tapco mag slipped right in perfect fit. and you can just pour bullets through this thing. very smooth."
– jay
5.0 5
"bought 2 of these an like everyone else says they work great lock right in feed great well worth the money tapco needs to make a 30 rounder an a 40 rounder that work as well as these do i definately plan on buying more"
– k.c.gun_lover
5.0 5
"I have a folding stock, which has made it tough to find a mag to fit. I have tried plastic and metal and i tried to modify some of them and they ended up being smashed by a hammer or i ran them over. I ran around all weekend with this clip fully loaded (20 rounds) and never had a problem at all. When the clip is empty the bolt WILL stay in the open position. The clip loads smoothly and CLICKS right into place. you still have to open the bolt to unload the clip like most other sks applications. I rated this with five bullets only because it was 100% FLAWLESS"
– Another Hunter
5.0 5
"Finally!!! SKS mags that work. Like the Tapco stock, they fit and work great - just as the other reviewers say. I have had them for only a short while but have tested them dry and once at the 'range. No misfeeds and the bolt locks open every time. Good job, Tapco!I think I can finally stop looking and complaining. I think time will back me up. I like the price and the 20 rd capacity is my ideal size.I also made them work in my wood stock by doing just a little filing of the wood around the mag well, as advised - so don't forget."
– NormNip
4.0 5
"I bought three of these mags and they work great. I just came back from the range and all three are wonderful. They only issue I came across was that I used soft point rounds in the first mag, they kept smashing into the bore and getting jammed. But when I used FMJ they feed well and work great. Just be sure to obey the warning and only put in or take out when the bolt is open or you will end up with a cracked mag, as my friend found out on his."
– Happy Customer
5.0 5
"I just received two of these mags today. They are 10 times better than any other SKS mag Ive tried. I didn't even have to modify my original Yugo stock. Tight lock up. Easy to load.Feeds great.Inexpensive. Only complaint is bolt has to be open to insert or remove-mags lock bolt open on last shot. They did want to dent wolf 154 grain soft points tips as some one else mentioned. With full metal jacket ammo feed like the original ten round magazine. THESE WORK. I plan on buying more soon-different colors for hollow points/FMJ. The search is over for a reliable SKS mag. CTD needs to talk Tapco into making 30/40 rounders also,or possibly a drum-that would be awesome!"
– Scooterdude
5.0 5
"I have only used them once but wow,no feeding problems at all with my 52R.I will buy many more.Thankyou CTD"
– Humboldtkill
5.0 5
"I have several of these mags that I use in my Yugo SKS collection, and I plan on buying more. Compared to the \"cheapo\" metal magazines, these are FAR superior. I haven't had one mis-feed or jam with these mags. They are sturdy, funtional, and you can't beat the price for the reliability. I've read complaints of feed problems with these magazines, and to be truthful I don't believe it's a magazine issue. I have always used brass cartridges in all of my SKS's as opposed to steel casings, and I've NEVER had any problems. If you're having feed, stovepipe, or jamming issues, think about changing your ammunition before bagging on the Tapco magazine. JMHO"
– Armyof5
4.0 5
"Recently shot 400 rounds thru just 3 of these. They worked perfectly. Easy to load once the sping loosens up. Feed was flawless.I have only 2 minor complaints: 1)It's unfortunate that this mag requires that long front catch for it to work. They are a pain in the bumm to put in a pouch/carry. 2) At the range a fellow shooter had the speed loader that allows one to push in a full stripper clip into th mag in a couple seconds. There was enough wiggle room that this device didn't work. The tip of the slug would catch on the mag. I suppose one could shim this somehow, but it wasn't mine to try."
5.0 5
"Trust me i rip mag after mag with my sks no jams bump firing with 20 Round tapco mags there great rock on! lol"
– Gunny
5.0 5
"Purchased a couple of these to try out, as I had many problems with the steel and \"other\" composite magazines (30 rounders).The original 5 that I purchased have performed flawlessly after well over 2,000 rounds, and I expect them to last MUCH longer. Hardly any wear on the follower at all, and the mags still fit snugly- no rattle. Previous posts regarding soft point ammunition are right on the mark- Wolf 154gr ammo does not feed reliably in my rifle (yugo sks) This is not a fault of the Tapco magazine, but rather the rifle itself- tried with the factory fixed 10rd mag, and still no dice. Tried with the wolf 123gr SP and problem solved. This rifle has a twist rate intended for 123gr ammo, so accuracy would suffer with a 154gr bullet anyways.To those that would prefer to remove their magazine without waiting for the bolt to lock back- there are two indentations on the bolt that engage the magazine feed lips- grind these off, and you now have a rifle that can attach/detach magazines with the bolt closed. (inserting a 20rd mag with bolt closed is difficult, best to load to 19rds if attempting this) Those familiar with the SKS-D/SKS-M from Norinco will immediately notice the difference in bolt shape from other SKS variants- it is this difference that allows the SKS-M/SKS-D to receive a magazine with the bolt closed."
– ItsanSKS
5.0 5
"Purchased 4 of these last week and tried them out. Flawless even when bumping. I would recommend. Too bad they haven't made a 30 round"
– tim
3.0 5
"Purchased 3 of these last summer & they worked flawlessly thru 400 rounds. Purchased 4 more a couple months ago, took them to the range today & none of them fed the ammo. They hung up if i loaded more than about 10 rounds. The spring just didn't push up the ammo. I was majorly bummed at the range today... I've contacted Tapco about replacement, so stay tuned for an update as to how they took care of the issue!"
5.0 5
"these mags will work everytime all the time its the only thing i use."
– brad
4.0 5
"I purchased 2 of these mags, one black and one dark earth.I have a russian version mp sks in a tapco fusion stock.I had to sand and round the tops of both mags, right in the front of the follower on each side to get them to lock in to the mag well properly.Was wondering if anyone else has had this experiance.But the good news is they both fit perfectly now and cycle correctly,these are very nice magazines and I will be buying more soon !! Thanks CTC."
– ole dead eye
5.0 5
"Bought two of these mags and they worked perfectly. I will buy more!"
– Great Mags
5.0 5
"i've tried other mags on my norinco sks, but these are by far the best."
– sksman121
5.0 5
"These mags trump metal mags for the SKS, hands down! My Chinese SKS accepts these mags w/out question. No jamming no BS feeds w/ these mags! My SKS was made in '68 (SKS survivor guide to cite age of all SKS and/or any problems w/ these weapons)! The SKS is a fine weapon and TAPCO mags make it a more efficient firearm!"
– Texan
4.0 5
"Well worth the money!!!!"
– DP
5.0 5
"These are the best clip for the sks in my opinion. The only problem I had is that I was shooting in 20 degree weather and through my gun in the sand and the cilp was froze or had sand in it, the clip wold not feed[got stuck]."
– best for sks
5.0 5
"I have 3 of these mags and have run a few hundred rounds through each of them. The only probelem I've had is finding a mag pouch that accomodates them smoothly.. but that's the SKS for you. As far as the magazine itself goes, this bad boy hasn't let me down yet! Tapco does an excellent job."
– Olive Drab
4.0 5
"This mag fit well easy to put on and take off good price lifetime warrenty .Just got them they feel very durable, so far no problems."
4.0 5
"These mags are OK...Not great, just OK. I've only used the 20 round mags but on every one that I've tried, I have jams. Like clockwork, the first three rounds jam; the remaining 17 shots feed without a hitch. Good mag other that that."
– DontTreadOnMe
5.0 5
"These are the best Magazines to buy for You SKS. I have had Zero jams, No Failures to feed, and they are light weight on top of being really durable. These are worth every penny. I plan on buying some more."
– Eric
5.0 5
"These are hands down the best sks magazines on the market, I have run over 2000 rds. of wolf and mfs through two of these without a hiccup."
– Cory H.
4.0 5
"I bought three, two black, one dark earth. I use them with my ATI stock. I had to make a minor modification to the ATI stock for fit. (I lengthened the opening at the front.) They work great when top fed in the weapon with stripper clips. However, magazines for rapid change out there are not. Color wise, I prefer black."
1.0 5
"Junk won't feed rounds, shipping was fast nothing wrong with CTD, but the tapco mag was junk."
– Sam