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TAPCO Mini-14/30 INTRAFUSE Stock Flat Dark Earth Modular Nylon Extra Angled Attachement

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The Dark Earth TAPCO INTRAFUSE stock for the Mini-14 and Mini Thirty rifles is constructed of military grade composite. The Mini-14 and Mini-30 T6 Stock provides the shooter six positions to adjust the weapon to any body frame, the SAW style pistol grip offers improved comfort with an internal storage compartments, and the included top barrel cover is equipped with an integrated rail designed to accept any Picatinny and Weaver style scope rings. Concealed beneath a removable cover, the forearm features a Picatinny rail capable of mounting forward grips and bipods. To allow the shooter to customize the rifle to their need, included are two spate receiver extensions. The straight extension perfectly alignes cheek weld when shooting with optics. The angled extension is designed to easily use the rifle's iron sights. Will not fit early 180 series models. The TAPCO INTRAFUSE Stock System is an essential upgrade to your favorite weapon and enhances the capabilities of the weapon through improved ergonomics and tactical flexibility.

If you are installing this stock on a gun that came with the weatherproof synthetic stock from Ruger you should also order and install Mini 14 Item number RGR-012 or Mini 30 Item number RGR-011 magazine well reinforcements in order to prevent magazine wobble. These parts are factory brackets manufactured by Ruger. All factory wood stocks have this part attached and they are easily removable and easy to install on your new TAPCO stock.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 16772
Material: Nylon
Color: Flat Dark Earth

Item#: RGR-023
Total number of Reviews: 10

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5.0 5
"just bought this stock for my ruger mini-14. i can't believe i could actually put it together myself. it was easy and my ruger looks sweet. i'm glad i made this purchase. thanks for the great service cheaper than dirt. you came through again."
4.0 5
"Just got this stock last week for Mini-14. Pros: It is very solid, has rails to and bottom for attachments. One rail is hidden under a slide-on/off sleeve on the bottom of the stock; not shown in picture because it's covered by the sleeve -- neat feature.The stock is not too heavy, one of the worries I had when ordering it. It seems lighter than the Hogue Overmolded one that I replaced.Of course, it's adjustable for length-of-pull, and the included angled stock adapter allows is there for those who want to use the rifle only with open sights. The straight stock adapter is really required if you use red-dot, as I do, or other optical sights. I like the brown color of this model. My wife says it looks \"bad.\" (meaning \"good\" I think).Cons: Like a plastic model airplane, one has to go over the entire stock for sharp edges, and scrape them off with a knife, razor, or small file. These are basically the mold seams. And some of them can be very sharp in all the wrong places.The forward edge of the bolt-on pistol grip covers the back edge of the trigger group; thus, one has to loosen the bolt securing the pistol grip and life the grip slightly in order to field strip the weapon. I am considering shaving off a bit of the pistol grip, about an eighth of an inch, so that this is not necessary. Otherwise, you'd have to go into the field with a 7/16 socket, extension, and ratchet (as I use, anyway) to field strip the rifle. Otherwise, I love it! Good feel, nice balance; good adjustment for LOP. Recommended."
4.0 5
"Further to my review of 12/09:1. Correction: the bolt holding the pistol grip really requires a 3/8\" socket, not 7/16\", as I stated in the review. 2. Speaking of the pistol grip, I have, as I mentioned before, shaved off the front of the pistol grip about 1/8\" in order to be able to field strip the weapon without tools. This is one of the best features of the M1/M14/Mini14 system: the ability to make it \"fall apart\" for field cleaning by simply removing the trigger group. Having to use tools of any kind (other than a spare cartridge or screw driver to life the trigger guard from the rear) to do this completely obviates one of the best features of this type of rifle. Anyway, I shaved it off, and can now field strip the rifle with no tools. This is not a problem to do. I used a flat file, taking off just a little at a time, then trying the grip for fit, until it was right.3. I also forgot to mention that the receiver fits very tightly into the stock. This is a really good thing, as the the tighter it fits, the better. People (such as me) have gone to great lengths to bed receivers on other rifles to make the fit \"perfect.\" This one comes \"perfect\" right out-of-the box, unlike the Ruger-supplied composite stock or Hogue Overmolded stock. 4. As stated by Cheaper-than-Dirt (above), one must use the trigger group adapter when you are replacing a composite stock. If you are replacing a wood stock, the steel adapter is already supplied. But the adapter is very easy to install -- clips right into the stock. It is held in place by the bolts provided with the Tapco stock.5. Forgot to mention the bottom line: It shoots! Feels good! Speaking of stability, I also bought a fore end pistol grip, which I like, but when I added an under-slung Thunder Ranch light system, the fore end pistol grip does not fit well. Not enough room. Wasted money for that. But if you're not going to put a light on the bottom, the pistol grip (also available from Cheaper-than-D"
4.0 5
"im doing one of these for a customer of mine. he has an early 180 series mini 14 and this stock kit DOES NOT FIT. its for 181 series and later rifles. i dont care what tapco says, it doesnt fit, trust me. we sold the guy's 180 early rifle and exchanged him into a 182 series ranch and everything dropped in fine. its a great stock and a good value but just make sure you check your series numbers before you order."
2.0 5
"This is to update my previous reviews, about three months later. I should have stated, now that I've read the note by another reviewer, that my Ranch Rifle is serial number 195. It fits quite well, as I stated earlier.However, when I attached a red-dot sight to the upper rail, I noticed that, no matter how much I tightened the bolts, the slight moved. I bought a Weaver rail made just for the Ranch Rifle, and then attached the sight directly above the receiver, where it is very, very solid. This was before the the upper rail split, as described below.I installed an offset sling swivel (from Brownell's) to the upper rail of the Tapco Stock, and the other end, of course, to the butt stock. Within a couple of weeks of slinging this rifle about, mostly just carrying it up and down stairs in the house, and then outside, the left side of the upper rail split off from the upper hand guard! Now, this is really poor. If the upper hand guard cannot take the weight of the rifle without splitting, then it's not very useful. Glad I wasn't in the field when this happened. I tried to epoxy the crack, but it did not want to stick. Super Glue didn't work well, either. I finally removed it altogether, and replaced it with the original Ruger upper hand guard. I didn't send the entire unit back because I like the feel and function of the pistol grip, adjustable butt stock, and the ability to attach a light to the lower rail, which is much more solidly designed than the upper rail. So, I still stick by my previous reviews in regard to fit and feel. However, considering the \"faults\" I mentioned earlier regarind having to shave off the pistol grip, file off the weld lines, and now, splitting of the upper rail, I have to say that I am beginning to regret having bought this thing. I'll still use it, however, minus the Tapco upper hand guard, for the reasons given. But there are other, better, and of course, more expensive stocks on the market for Ruger Minis. Just goes to..."
4.0 5
"I bought the stock for my 185 series (stainless). Had to clean out a little material at the rear of the trigger guard to make it seat correctly. Also, had to knock down some edges with a little sloppy plastic on it. But over all the stock really turns the mini into a tactical weapon that handles vey nicely. Good stock!! Would buy again. Installation was easy and clear with the instructions."
5.0 5
"If you are a Mini-14 owner, buy this stock. I read the reviews over and over before buying, some say that they had trouble with this and that, but I had no problems. This stock makes the Mini awesome looking and feeling. Thanks CTD for a fine product and the fast shipping!!!"
5.0 5
"Just installed this kit on my older Mini-14. Had no problems whatsoever and it looks awesome. Money well spent. I highly recommend this product. Make sure yours is a model 81 or above series. Happy shooting."
5.0 5
"I bought one of these for my Mini-14. Shipped fast and arrived on time. Very easy to install, I also bought the brace and a front post grip, and all fit as advertised. I took it to the range and put 40 rounds through it and everything stayed tight. I originally had the wood stock so really didn't need the brace but wanted to be able to go back to the wood stock quickly, in case things change, politically. Makes your Mini-14 into a tactical weapon and you can easily go back to the less scary looking rifle if you need to. Very well made for the price."
5.0 5
"I ordered my stock at about 5:45pm and it arrived at 2:30pm the very next day. I was able to put it on in about an hour, probably wouldn't have taken so long if the instructions had at least one picture but it was relatively strait forward. Haven't had the chance to put it through its paces yet but I'm looking forward to takin it out to the range."