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TAPCO INTRAFUSE AK-47 Standard Handguard Black

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INTRAFUSE AK Standard Handguard set enhances the look and function of your AK-47. The lower handguard has an internal heat shield, and houses a concealed Picatinny rail for mounting lights, lasers, or vertical grips. The matched upper handguard offers increased heat dissipation and improved styling. Concealable Bottom Picatinny Rail.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: STK06311 BLACK
Bottom handguard is 6.5" overall length with 4" of rail length
Top handguard rail is black and 4" long.
Made in the USA
Lifetime warranty from TAPCO

OD GreenAKS-502
Dark EarthAKS-501

For Warranty questions please contact
PO Box 2408
Kennesaw, GA 30156-913


Item#: 20-TC-16624,AKS-500,6-1023402,2-TINCSTK6311B,3-1023402,54720,9-54477
Total number of Reviews: 36

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4.0 5
"i like the grip and that it has a rail and it can be covered if you don't want to put a pistol grip on the front. it did require a little shaving on the plastic in the rear so you could lock the gas tube in place, other than that good purchase"
– diino
4.0 5
"I bought one of these for my Arsenal SAM in 7.62. It was a bear to fit into stock. Took quite abit of work with the dremel tool. But after 30 minutes or so it fit tightly. Has a heat shield and works preatty good with the basic polymer grip.I feels good and solid. Much cheaper than the good alloy rails and matches the Ak better and less weight"
4.0 5
"put this on my WASR 10 project gun....had to do a little filing to get the gas tube locked back down, but instructions say that may be necessary. Very happy so far. like the concealable rail. Good buy"
– tallyglock
5.0 5
1.0 5
"Due to the many variations of AK's out there I understand that this can not be a direct fit on all of them. It took me about an hour to shave off enough plastic for the lower handguard to fit properly, I even had to trim the heat shield a little. Down side is due to the amount I had to trim the top handguard does not line up with the bottom handguard in the front. It does mount solid with no ratteling. Definatley a project to make these work."
– Jim
5.0 5
"I ordered this handguard after the first Tapco gaili style didn't work. This one fit perfect right out of the box. It was tight but it didn't take long to get it on. This is the best handguard that I've found for Romanian AK's. I love it!"
– Chuck
3.0 5
"I just want to let everyone know that this is a good product quality wise. It just would not work on my romanian M70. Most of the other complaints are having to shave a lot of material off to make the guards work. The guards are too short for my rifle. The bottom guard is about 1/2 inch too short while the top guard is a good 1 1/2 inches too short. They will not work no matter how much shaving and will not reach the factory set clamp/hold points."
– Ken
4.0 5
"forgot to mention this: This item includes a TOP MOUNTED RAIL that is not seen in the picture. it is completely removable, and may be a selling point for many. The bottom rail is hidden in a slide-off bottom grip. BUT this bottom grip slides off in your hand every time you shoot the gun! It seriously looks like you're shooting a pump shotgun, because it will slide forward when you shoot, then you will curse and pull the thing back into place. I'm going to try glue to keep it in place permanently since I don't want to use the bottom rail."
– Drago
4.0 5
"Bought 2 of these, one for my AK-47 and one for my father's AK-47. The bottom grip went on without any issues. The top part....ah yes the top part. It would not seat when trying to turn the gas tube lock switch. Worked on it for an hour. My father was able to rubber hammer his on after an hour of tapping the thing into place. Mine I could not get on, even after shaving down the bottom plastic with a pocket knife. Went to a gunsmith friend, and he said I was on the right track, just needed to shave off a bit more of the plastic, which he did with a metal file. Looks fantastic, and good internal heat shield...but have \"fun\" getting it on."
– Drago
3.0 5
"Solid construction but required alot of filing for my MAK-90. I still don't understand why it comes with a cover for the picatinny rail on the bottom."
– III baraka III
4.0 5
"I agree, to a point, with most posts here regarding the ease of attaching the top / gas tube cover. Mine needed a bit of shaving and then worked just fine. Only problem I'm having is with the gun, not the TAPCO part. I've noticed with mine, and many other Romanian WASRs that they are \"slapped\" together. My gas block (and tube because of this) is slightly canted to the right, throwing off the cover by 1/4 inch or so. I pressed the pins from beneath the gas block and have still been unable to straighten it. It doesn't affect the guns funcionality, just the appearance. Looks kinda lopsided if I point it out. If you're not looking for it, you don't even notice it."
– zebrabeak
2.0 5
"had some fitment issues. fine lengthwise and fit into mainbody no problem. however, the front of the lower handguards metal lip was way to large to fit into the AMD 65 stock front handguard clip. roughly 45mins of dremel work later (really crappy bits, the metal ate 9 of them :D ) the lower handrail fits perfectly.the upper guard doesnt work on the AMD 65, we have a exposed gas tube and nothing there to lock the sucker on with.the upper guard, as others have mentioned, has a full & removable rail attached to it on top. also as others have mentioned the cover for the lower rail slides off waaaaay too easy. so dont plan on using that unless you permanently glue it or run a screw in it perhaps. i personally found the lower rail to be rather short as well, if a small laser/flashlight/whatever is installed you will not have much handroom left at all. it has at least a full inch+ of blank space between the end of the lower rail and the FRONT end of the lower handguard. the front grip is significantly less comfortable with the lower rail exposed but feels much more solid than with the lower rail cover in place."
– Michael (aka:Unknownhost)
1.0 5
"This handguard looks great and it feels great, the only problem is after a few hundred shots the plastic grinds off and it gets loose. While I was trying to repair the problem i noticed that the heat shield grinds against the barrel and leaves deep scratches. The plastic is weak and the handguard will get loose and thats after the nightmare of fitting it to your rifle. Once you have that problem solved you have to repair the scratches the heat shield all along the barrel. Do not buy this item its more trouble than its worth."
– mike
1.0 5
"I just purchased this and I will never ever buy another Tapco forgrip ever again. It didn't fit my wasr10 so I brought it to the shop and they sanded down a small part in the top to get it to fit. The top was very loose and the bottom cover for the rails just falls off. This is a very bad product and please don\uFFFDt waste your money like I did."
– Patrick
5.0 5
"Mine fit nicely in my SAR-1 without much modifications."
2.0 5
"If you are looking for \"compliance parts\" for your rifle, Tapco is one of the few mfgs.The parts look great from a distance (lot of flashing, molding marks up close).Since AK are not at all standardized like ARs are, you'll likely have to do some fitting, grinding, dremeling - no big deal.Problems: Gas tube cover is crappy fit; lower handguard has a channel, no tunnel, so forget about using your cleaning rod - putting it back in, it will get caught on the trunion. The bottom rail cover (bottom rail is only useful if you have a foregrip, which is not a great idea on a gun with a 30-round curved magazine). It slides off easily if you actually use the gun for anything besides sitting at a bench. Once the cover was epoxied to the rails, it no longer falls out of it.If you're just an armchair commando to benches the thing, it'll be great for you. If you use the gun or any kind of training or three-gun style matches - in short, if you use the gun the way it was intended to be used, these stocks are a huge disappointment."
– NVT Instructor
5.0 5
"I was very pleased by how easy it was to install, and how well it fit my WASR-10. Didn't have to shave, drill, cut, or modify anything, just some elbow grease. I originally sanded, stained, and cleared the wood furniture, but the wood and the wood grain was cheap and ugly. Now, by adding this and a folding stock, and a couple other mods, it looks very aggressive, a little bulky, but nice!"
– Ed
4.0 5
"I love the way it looks on my MAK 90, the downside is that I had to do a bit of filing to make the bottom hand guard fit, but worth the money spent."
– drew
5.0 5
"Fast shipping! Took the hand guard set out of the package and installed on my WASR-10 with absolutely no snags or fitting required. I was pleasantly surprised because it seems like every after market part I've ever purchased has had to be massaged to fit. Not this one, Joy!"
– Squirrel_Assassin
5.0 5
"Bought this for Wasr10 went on in 5mins to modication at all. For some reason the lever to lock down the upper gas tube seems tougher but all in great product"
– fountain44
4.0 5
"4.5 StarsI didn't replace the gas tube cover, only the bottom piece, the handguard. The reason I replaced it was because the wood handguard became very hot from use (fired a total of 300 rounds).To replace the handguard, you must lift a tiny lever that locks the handguard collar in place. The collar is also the sling fasten point. After you lift the tiny lever, you can then slide the collar forward and the wood handguard drops out away from the barrel.The TAPCO guard pushed right up into it's slots. I didn't have to grind or do anything else to make it fit.My new plastic handguard moves around slightly. The old wood guard was snug. I prefer the black plastic over the wood, so I like the new look, and am hoping the new guard feels much cooler during use. I would rate the Tapco guard at 4.5 bullets (stars), not four. My WASR AK is the most special, interesting and most fun to use gun."
– ToryII
3.0 5
"Decent rail system. Though when I took it to the range, after a couple mags.I smelt burning plastic, took it apart later and seemed to be ok. So as of now I'm very pleased with it. Good cheap rail system, and not to mention makes your AK look pretty BA."
– AK-Lover
4.0 5
"I've got a fully equipped Tapco SKS and this would be the third stock for my AK, I keep changing my mind. I gave it four stars because its also the only stock I've got that I had to file the gas tube cover for a few minutes before it fit perfect. After that I've had to problems. Mine also doesn't have the problem of the bottom rail cover moving around. Mine seems to be the exact opposite, difficult to get on or off. I used the bottom rail to mount an led flashlight, and the top for my red dot. Overall, I'm happy."
– Chad
5.0 5
"Not quite sure why there is all the complaining. Mine fit just fine and then I shot over three hundred rapid fire rounds through the rifle (AK 10/63) and the lower furniture was barely warm.... Sounds like potential operator error..N/O It has been one year since I put this set on and to this day it is still tight and holds a fore grip (Tapco's short one, due to 30 round curved clips, even if you do a Spetznaz clip change out drill the grip does not get in the way.) So it's your call I suppose."
5.0 5
"Had the old wooden handguard and the new one on in no time flat and did not have to do any trimming to get it to fit. Fits and looks a LOT better that the wooden handguard that came on the rifle."
– Bill
3.0 5
"The top and bottom parts were about 1/8 of an inch offset after center fitting of the unit. Heatshield on lower is great and the under rail will work great for a bipod, but the upper is a bit chincy."
– James
5.0 5
"This does everything it says in the description. No filing needed anywhere and actually fit better than the wood fore-grip. 5 mags @ rapid fire the thing was barely warm..."
– Rezidue
5.0 5
"Excellent fit, function & attractive look. Installation took approximately an hour, but was fairly easy on my Romanian variant; half of the hour was spent removing the old wooden upper (until I jigsawed it in half and pried it off in pieces), with the other half hour spent returning the gas tube release lever back to the locked position after install. Otherwise I am very satisfied with the product, price and speed of delivery..."
– Scott
5.0 5
"Looks good, performs even better than imagined. My wood grips were getting too hot too fast and this seemed to cool it down quite a bit. Had a little bit of a tough time installing but not much trouble on my wum1. Shot around 350-400 rounds through it with the hand guard on and it stayed cool. Will buy again for future AKs."
– Wylde
4.0 5
"I just installed these on my WASR 10/63. I couldn't get the gas tube back on without filing on the bottom of the upper handguard. The steel heat sinks are partially exposed. The guards were a little banged up in the box too with visible scratches and dings. Otherwise, works as advertised."
– thecryptile
1.0 5
"Got the order as fast as always. Top part of this hand guard fit right on but the bottom is at least 1/16\" off from fitting into the stock position. I'm going to break out the Dremel this weekend. Plain and simple, it's B.S. that I have to take this step."
– Cory
3.0 5
"This does do everything it says. Although I did not have to file anything, my buddy (got the same one and has the same 10/63) did. I also can't see my front sight, due to the rail on the top forend but now I use a Tasco red dot I got elsewhere and I love that thing. Bottom line is that it keeps your hands from getting burnt."
– rezidue
5.0 5
"Ordered one of these, despite negative Nancy reviews. I have a CAI Polish AKMS underfolder. Installation was easy. Like many have said, you have to file (or cut off) two little plastic nubs to fit. My old wood grip would drip boiling sap onto fingers after a 75 round drum. This grip definitely keeps things cooler. Does not wobble at all, no scary gaps. I installed a red dot on the top rail, which has stayed on target. The bottom rail comes with a piece of plastic to \"hide\" the rail. This thing will fall off. Great option for us without side scope mounts!"
– Alex
4.0 5
"Ordered this for my MAK 90 Chinese AK. It took some filing on the metal part on the front of the hand guard to get a perfect fit. But, now that it is on, it is very snug. Good fit, just took some simple mods to make it perfect. Good buy for the price."
– Joe
2.0 5
"I tried to get this to fit my MAK90. I gave up. NOT FOR MAK90."
4.0 5
"Installed on an MAK 90. Only a few minor adjustments needed. Fits nice and looks great."
– AP, GA