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TAPCO INTRAFUSE AK-47 SAW Style Pistol Grip Black

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Enhance the look and feel of your AK with this larger pistol grip fashioned after the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon's grip. Features a concealed storage compartment, ergonomic angle and composite material construction to withstand rough use. Easy to install with no gunsmithing. Weighs 3.2 ounces.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: STK06220 BLACK
Concealed storage compartment
Ergonomic angle
Composite material construction
Easy to install
No gunsmithing required
Weight: 3.2 oz
Made in the USA
Lifetime warranty from TAPCO

OD Green AKS-505
Dark Earth AKS-506

For Warranty questions please contact
PO Box 2408
Kennesaw, GA 30156-913

Item#: 20-TC-16747,AKS-031,9-61866,2-TINCSTK6220B,7-STK060223,3-1021970,49635
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5.0 5
"Definitely a better grip style for AK's!I always found the dragunov-style (and alos the standard AK) grip as being fairly poor designs. This grip is really well proportioned, and very comfortable. For me, it makes it easier to keep the AK muzzle flip down, and I have more fun shooting my AK at the range."
– Enthusiast
4.0 5
"Pros: Very comfortable. Easy to install. Cons: Hollow cavity in grip is to small for stock AK cleaning kit tube."
– BT
5.0 5
"I read several of the other review on this grip and others and decided to give this one a try since others said to spend the extra and buy the SAW grip. Well, that was great advice, the American made compliance grip that came with my WASR-10 was a piece of S**t and looked just as bad. This grip looks great and feels even better to the hand, nice feel and nice angle to it. The storage compartment at the bottom has a cheesy little wire spring closure that could be designed a bit better and be a little more solid, but the rest of the grip is the way to go if you are looking for a new grip."
– Larry Gray
4.0 5
"Exellent Pistol grip. Installed in min. on My Mac-90. also installedThe Tapco 6 position stock. Did not have to do any modifacations. stock fits tight. Recommened to those who do not like the thumb-holewould stock."
– wagnermk
5.0 5
"I ordered this grip to replace the original on the Romanian WASR-10/63 AK variant I own, and It has improved the feel very much. I can say that it is much more comfortable than the original, and has an excellent feel when shooting."
– Ron
5.0 5
"I bought this and the tapco t6 collapsible stock to replace the thumbhole stock on a Norinco MAK 90. It fit perfectly (of course) it also has a better feel than a normal grip on any ak variant. Has a nice little compartment in the bottom for batteries for all of your little optical goodies. A must have."
– Ronnie
4.0 5
"This would be a 100% perfect AK grip if it was just an 1/8 inch longer, and would then fit the standard AK cleaning kit. What was Tapco thinking when they made this just barely too small?Otherwise, it's comfortable, easy to install, US-made so good for 922 purposes, and all-around great.-hippie"
– armed hippie
4.0 5
"I put one of these grips on one of my Iraqi Police Chief personal AK-47. He Loves the grip over the original and the ATI AK Strikeforce grip. I have the ATI on my AK-47 in Iraq and it has held up very well. This grip seems a little flimsy for combat but great for the range."
– Chicopopo
4.0 5
"Nice Grip.Went on very easy in a couple minutes.Has a nice feel compared to the skinny grip that came on my gun.I just wish the storage compartment was big enough to hold the cleaningkit:("
– Citizen Solider
5.0 5
"i installed this on my Romanian WASR-10 in just minutes. i love it. its larger and more comfortable than the original and just like the actual M249 SAW grip it has a trap door to keep a small bottle of gun oil or a couple extra rounds of ammo tucked away. very study and comfortable grip. i highly recommend this over any aftermarket AK-47 grip."
– chris s
5.0 5
"This went on my WASR 10 in about 2 minutes. It is much beefer than the stock grip and looks great."
– Kevin
5.0 5
"I got this for my romanian ak because the century grip is very small and felt like I was holding a toy gun. I have this same grip on my sks and it is awesome! Feels like a completely different weapon."
– Mike
5.0 5
"this grip feels much better in your hand than the standard AK grip. has storage in the bottom too. Gun looks great with it. Highly recommended."
– Drago
5.0 5
"I bought this for my Saiga 7.62X39mm conversion project and I couldn't be happier. Looks great and is very functional. I have large hands and this grip feels amazing and is very durable. The compartment is useful but the latch is kind of flimsy so I wouldn't put anything it it you couldn't stand to lose."
– tmilacek
2.0 5
"Was very disappointed when I received this pistol grip. For the price, I expected a lot higher quality. The edges are rough and the trap door is flimsy. It is definitely not a battle tough grip for a weapon that is known for its toughness."
– Martin
4.0 5
"Substantially better feel than the stock one yet I would avoid using the storage."
– SmallTimeShooter
5.0 5
"Excellent product, fit and finish are great."
– AK47 guy
5.0 5
"I got this in conjunction with the M4-type stock and galil front end made by tapco for my Wife's AK and I'm more impressed by it than she is! The SAW grip gives the AK a \"Squirt\" factor that's off the chart's in my book! I can't wait to shoot it with the new \"US Friendly\" furniture on it!"
– Old Sarge
3.0 5
"Not so Great as many say, Cheaply plastic feel on the outside and in, Almost like you can BREAK IT. It is ok... It comes with a screw and a washer, but no nut???????? how do I tighten it on without the nut????? had to buy one. The screw it came with is TO short and doesnt fit, had to get another one."
– Its ok not the best
4.0 5
"Not a bad add on to the WASR-AK47. Feels good and balances well in your hand. Now for the bad part. The grip itself is flimsy compared to others of similar cost. when installing, you feel as if you tighten it real good it will break and yet, if you don't tighten enough, it will vibrate out and wiggle etc. I give four bullets because of the asthetics and feel!"
– Gunner
4.0 5
"I bought this today and overall I think it is a good buy. The screw that came with it was not made for a flat or Phillips head screw driver, but was made for a ratchet fit. This caused me some problems since I was ready for the screw but I got it taken care of all right. Some people say you need a nut for this, but if you have a Romanian I know this isn't true because it has a built in receiver for the bolt/screw. I think it feels good even though it is plastic, I like the thicker grip. I would recommend as an upgrade."
– Arkansas Adam
5.0 5
"I just got my grip today and threw it on in less than a minute. It's sturdy, robust, strong, and it just feels good in your hand. Very tough. Way better than my CCA grip I had on it before."
– Novus
4.0 5
"This grip is a nice upgrade for any variant of AK out there. I installed it on a Yugo M72 RPK and the gain in handling was instant. The original grip was small and was not a good match for such a heavy and big rifle. Install was easy, no major problems. I didn't give it five bullets due to the fact that TAPCO does not smooth the edges on their polymer parts which are sometimes very sharp. I used a file to do the job."
– Rob K.
5.0 5
"now i noticed in some of the lower reviews for this product people stated that the grip felt cheap. and at first i thought the same thing. but in all reality it's not. i bought the tapco collapsible stock at the same time and the material is the same, and when you go to drill the composite on the stock you will get a feel on just how tough that stuff really is. granted i didn't use the original hardware because it doesn't come with a nut and you really need a bigger washer to go along with it. but to me that is a small trip to the hardware store. overall this is an extremely tough product and would recommend this to anybody."
– adamman
5.0 5
"It took all of 30 seconds to install on my MAK 90. Great buy, very solid!"
– Reign Man
4.0 5
"Great Buy. Much better than the factory AK grip. Installs in minuites. Like stated before, the storage compartment has a cheesy door. Other than that it is solid, functional, and feels great in your hands."
– loves the smell of a spent cartridge
4.0 5
"Its a huge improvement over the original"
– hkuspchris
5.0 5
"I put this on a side folding AK and I love it! For me and my hands, this makes all the difference! The odd AK grip sucks so replace it with this. It lets you get a steady and comfortable grip; one you can really bear down on."
– bob
4.0 5
"Installation was straight forward. It fit my WARS 10 well. It is nice to see American made parts. However, the storage compartment door/spring leaves much to be desired and the finish looks like an \"import\". Once again, you get what you pay for. Overall, a good deal."
– tom
5.0 5
"Everything I expected. Installs in a few minutes. The grip feels much better in my hand than original grip. As a few have mentioned, the storage door is lame. But I didn't plan on using it anyway."
– Kosh
5.0 5
"Fits good.. solid.. more space in the grip than the other one i had on my mak91... feels comfortable."
– mee
5.0 5
"I put it on a mak-91 & it doesn't get fully snug unless you shave a little off the front upper portion of the grip. But still works great. Feels solid in hand & it has more storage space inside the grip than my old one."
– me
4.0 5
"Easy to install, put a Hogue slip-on grip for a Glock, the feel now is better."
– SJ13
5.0 5
"I ditched my tiny handle for something meaty to put on the AK. I used this same grip on my M-249 in the U.S Army Infantry and I have loved it since day one. Finally, one you can mount to an AK. 5 stars!!!"
– Speedstar
4.0 5
"Replaced standard grip. This one makes the weapon look much better, and the grip feels better. Another post mentioned adding a rubber grip cover to this, I am going to get one and this should make this an ideal grip. Fit was great, price was great. The little storage compartment lid is kinda sucky looking. Had it been a little more stout it would have made this better. All in all I like it."
– Firedog
4.0 5
"The pistol grip is solid and a great replacement. I would recommend to a friend; good product for a faith price."
– Magnus Moment
5.0 5
"It fit on my MAK-90 with no problem and is very sturdy. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!"
– Julian
4.0 5
"I like it. It's comfortable. The storage compartments \"door\" doesn't exactly \"lock\", it kind of just sits in there. It made me worry about losing items I store there (I store batteries for my flashlight/red dot) from the thing opening, but it hasn't happened yet! I used crumpled up paper to hold the batteries in place so they don't wiggle around in there."
– Adam
5.0 5
"This grip is outstanding. Fits my hand just like the M249 I had in the army. It fits in great, sturdy, and I do with all my confidence think I could beat an elephant with it. Dont worry about reviews of people saying it is not sturdy. Athough,I wouldnt put anything in the handle myself, never did in the army."
– DakotaAK47
5.0 5
"This SAW style grip is so much better than the factory grip On my Ak 47. I used to have a Romanian underfolder with this grip, then I traded it for an I.O Ak (American) and although I liked it on my Romanian, I think I'll try one of Hogue's new Ak grips. Over all I would definately recommend this product to anyone looking to enhance the handling and stability of their Ak or variant. On top of everything else it is above all MADE IN AMERICA!! try supporting American jobs by buying American products!"
– The last Patriot
5.0 5
"This is a much better grip than the stock grips that come with the rifles. It's bigger than the stock grip.P.S. You will need a 10mm socket to put it on your rifle."
– D.
5.0 5
"Fit wonderfully, feels solid as a rock."
– James
3.0 5
"Feels good in the hand. Appears strong. I was very disappointed in the storage compartment door. Cheaply made, poor fit, the door would not stay latched. If the storage compartment is important to you do not buy this product. If what you want is a good feeling strong grip and the storage compartment is secondary this would be a five star product. I removed the storage compartments door and tossed in the garbage can."
– Michael
4.0 5
"Simple and its a great improvement over the skinny factory grip.The storage compartment is a joke though."
– gunluvS14
5.0 5
"The grip is nice and thick. The compartment sucks though."
– dmonts
5.0 5
"Ten times better than the stock AK grip that's meant for little commie Viet Kong hands. The Tapco grip is larger and easier to hold. Put it on a Draco AK pistol. Now I can hold it out with one hand like Arnold. Installs easily. Better have a socket with an extension though. Grip is hollow, can keep one last shell in there in case of capture by Zombies and the like."
– Don Juan
4.0 5
"Bought this with some other things for my Arsenal SGL-21. Fit right in. Obviously, you all know how the AK is kind of a pain to put the grip in. Works great, fits nicely, and made my weapon more balanced in my hand with the way it's angled. Great product, I HIGHLY recommend this! Didn't get 5 bullets because the inside IS NOT WATERPROOF. Other than that, it's great. :)"
– S E
5.0 5
"Installed easily on my Draco. A good, cheap upgrade from the little commie grip AK style guns come with."
– Don Juan
5.0 5
"Bought this to replace the little Communist grip that came standard on my WASR 10. Installation was as simple as could be, fit perfectly and needed no filing or fitting. I have big hands so I like that this grip fills up my hand. I don't use the storage compartment. Stays tight and firm. I have shot over 500 rounds with this grip installed and no wiggle! Overall, a vast improvement over the standard grip."
– SpittinOnBirds
3.0 5
"Bolted right on my MAK90. BUT I did not like the hinge or bottom plate for the storage. Ripped it off and forgot about it. Fits my hand better. Don't know how long it will last...."