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TAPCO AK-47 20 Round Magazine 7.62x39mm Polymer Black

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Designed with horizontal exterior grooves for a sure grip, a heavy duty spring and an anti-tilt follower for increased reliability, and constructed of reinforced composite with a metal floorplate. The magazine counts as 3 Sec. 922r Compliance Parts (when inserted into your rifle), holds 20 rounds of 7.62x39 ammunition.

Item#: 20-TC-16644,MAG-043,6-1024267,60667,3-1024267,9-60241,2-MGTINMAG0620BLK,7-MAG0620B
Total number of Reviews: 33

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5.0 5
"Got a few of these for my Romanian AKs to help make them a little more compact...fit is perfect with no wobble...just wish they didn't cost more than the 30 rounders...still a great product."
– jc
5.0 5
"Great magazine, feeds excellent. Have a 30 rd also. This is just smaller, so I can put my foregrip closer where I want it."
5.0 5
"This is a GREAT MAGAZINE!!! I bought two of them and I wish I would have gotten more. I carry a Romanian Draco AK-47 in my vehicle everywhere I go. This is a lot lighter than the metal ones, it won\uFFFDt tear or scratch the inside of your vehicle and mobility is easier inside as well as outside the vehicle. These handle a lot better in the cold than the metal ones, I highly recommend this product!!!!"
– Randy
5.0 5
"This mag is the best fitting, best feeding and my opinion the best looking mag you can get for your A-K. Thanks CTD"
5.0 5
"This is the magazine that came with my AK, and for a reason, it fits perfect, bought 3 more and they also fit with no \"wiggle\" room....great mag."
– LG
5.0 5
"Works perfectly in my Maadi ARM. I like the 20 round capacity because ammo usually comes in boxes of 20. It fits snug whereas typical AK mags rattle. Function is flawless. And it really looks good in the rifle. And, finally, you can't beat the price."
– Isaac
5.0 5
"I threw one of these mags on the back end of an order. I was tac-ing out my WASR 10 and thought \"What the heck\". I'll probably get more. This mag fits and functions perfectly."
– Spaceman Spiff
5.0 5
"These mags are awesome. They fit and feel great. They seem to have good springs. I bought two to start out with. I will definitely buy a few more. Just can't beat this price."
– C.T. in Az
5.0 5
"Tapco makes the best mags PERIOD!! I had some 30 round and some 20 round mags for my SKS and AK. They look great and work awesome. Just try not to leave them loaded for too long in the cold. I heard that they can crack. It hasn't happened to me though. Great work Tapco!!"
– prorider520
4.0 5
"Bought 1 blk mag & 1 od green mag for my WASR-10, and they didn't fit. After 30 seconds w/ the Dremel then fit absolutely perfect and look mean. Haven't shot them yet but they load nice. Really well built and the packaging they come in is good."
– Orchid
5.0 5
"TAPCO makes the best mags . Fits in my vest great. Does not stick out like the 30 round. I am going to order 3 or 4 more. Extremely happy with this product. I have lil' stubby arms. With the shorter mag, I can move my vertical forend back to make it just a little more comfortable, and easier for me to control. When Zombies rise against us you will need a quality product like this to defend your home and family. Tapco and Cheaper than Dirt is the only way to go. In addition CTD sent me a nice sticker for my truck. Just so happens I put it on my back windshield since the Zombies have seen where I shop. I have seen ZERO around my area. Zombies know not to mess with people that buy from CTD! RAWR!!!!!!!"
5.0 5
"I've already reviewed the 30 Rd mags, and I must say after switching to 20 Rd, I'm hooked. Excellent fit, feed, and function. The shorter mag is lighter, and gives the AK more of a tactical appearance. Also provides easier use of a bipod. Another happy TAPCO and CTD customer."
– AK GP 1975
5.0 5
"This mags work great! Yes, you will have to file them a little but if done right, they fit perfectly, with almost no wobble. I have put rounds through it and it functions flawlessly. Another great Tapco product."
– Hornetm
5.0 5
"Got 2 of these for my WASR 10/63. Worked good and look way better than the metal ones. Im gonna pick up 2 more soon."
5.0 5
"I picked up two of these for my IO AK 47. I love them and I am going to buy more"
– nick
1.0 5
"I can't even get the mag into my Yugo AK-47, its about 1/8th inch too long, leaves me having to file on it to get it into my gun if that will even work. Have 2 metal mags that are loose in the gun"
– slugoo
4.0 5
"Great spare mag. It works well with item 55621."
– bad day
5.0 5
"I was looking to shave a little weight with my rifle at the range. This certainly does the trick. You notice right away how much lighter your AK feels. It's easier to get a good steady shot when in the lying prone as well. The magazine is durable as hell and fits very nicely with zero wobble. Very well designed and the price is right on."
– Speedstar
4.0 5
"Price is good, fit leaves a little to be desired (has a little wobble) but for the price, I can live with it. Went with the 20 round and think it looks a little better on the pistol than the 30 round. I would not hesitate to buy some more."
– Firedog
5.0 5
"I have tried many mags for my notoriuosly imperfect WASR 10, everything from the standard metal to aftermarket plastic composite in 5,20 and 30 round cofigurations. After a 5 cent mod to my mag well I tried the Tapco 20 round which is my preference size, it fit like a glove no wobble of any kind in any direction period!. The follower is solid and there was no loose fitting rounds and no jams of any kind, nice very sturdy construction compaired to others. For me this will be by mag of choice from now on."
– Russ
5.0 5
"This mag works flawlessly in my Draco AK. Fit was a little tight, but as you use the mag it shaves off a little of the polymer to give you a custom-like fit. One of the best products I've ever purchased from CTD."
– Rufus
5.0 5
"I Ordered 2 of them for a Roma Sar-1 they fit in great with little to no wobble, but a little tight for the first time going in to the rifle after that they go in just like a 30rd still mag. I didn't have to do any modding to the mags or the rifle. I will be buying more of them."
– D.
5.0 5
"Very good product. Fit my rifle very good."
– Bill
5.0 5
"I love these mags. I have 12 for my Saiga AK & have had no issues at all with them after at least running 200 rnds through each. I highly recommend these. I get the 20 rnd mags to keep with local laws & because they drop the weight down a bit & increase maneuverability."
– Moonshade
4.0 5
"Bought several of theses mags. Had to shave off a little from the back edge, but they snapped right in and never looked back. Good price and will be buying more."
– Cop64
5.0 5
"I just picked up a few of these for my MAC90 and I really like them. Fits in the gun nice and tight. And the shorter mag works better with my foregrip (30rd mag I had to have it about 1.5\" further foreward to fit the mag in) and also with my bipod. Basically, it slims the gun up a bit which I like. But if you REALLY need the extra 10rds of a 30rd mag... then get a shotgun."
– Jason
5.0 5
"Great mag for my weapon. Works well and does its job."
– chase
4.0 5
"Nice mags a little wobbly, but feed without a problem. I bought 5 of them and I gotta say I will end up getting more of them."
– Jruhh
5.0 5
"ordered 2 of these for my wasr,fit the gun perfectly, no filing required, also fed through flawlessly, only downfall was me not ordering more while they had em in stock"
– itsmyname
5.0 5
"As most of you know AK type rifles vary quite a bit but these work absolutely flawlessly in my converted saiga. Very well made and smooth and I didn't have to modify them in any way. If they fit just a little tight just break them in and you'll have no regrets"
– tantango down
5.0 5
"It's only a 20 round mag but it fits and feeds perfect in my AK. It also doesn't hang down nearly as far as the 30 rounder. I have a few of these and really like them."
– Trapper989
3.0 5
"Quality is what you would expect from Tapco...but is very hard to load into my PAP M92...goes in snug (which is a good thing)...but causes the gun to jam when trying to cycle rounds through it...guess i'll just stick with the steel mags..."
– Devin
3.0 5
"I ordered two of these because of the low price. VERY tight fit in my WASR10 and my Draco Mini and difficult to remove. Tried both in my Romanian RPK and they fit much better and were easier to remove. Sanded off a bit from the rear corners and they are fitting better. No feed problems with any of the guns."
– olhipe