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TAPCO INTRAFUSE AR-15 Carbine Handguard Black

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The INTRAFUSE AR-15 Handguard is designed to address the needs of every shooter - both civilian and tactical professionals. Constructed of high strength composite, this handguard is extremely durable and offers a 50% weight reduction over comparable aluminum systems. The four Picatinny rails enable the shooter to mount vertical grips, flashlights, and aiming lasers to their weapon. Designed as a true modular system, the INTRAFUSE includes covers for both the bottom and side rails so you can configure the weapon to suit your needs. Numerous vents provide plenty of circulation to reduce barrel overheating.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: STK09301 BLACK
Handguard body and lower rail cover produced of high strength composite
Side rail covers produced from Santoprene, a high strength flexible rubber material
Provides 2 Picatinny rails that run the length of the handguard (One on top and One on the bottom) and Two - half length Picatinny rails on the sides
Weight: .55 lbs
Made in the U.S.A.
Lifetime warranty from TAPCO

INTRAFUSE AR Carbine Handguard
Bottom Rail Cover
Two Side Rail Covers

AR-15 and M4 Carbines

Not designed to install on piston uppers

For Warranty questions please contact:
PO Box 2408
Kennesaw, GA 30156-913

OD Green: ARR-184
Dark Earth: ARR -182
Black: ARR-183

Item#: 20-TC-16767,ARR-183,9-60247,2-TINSTK09301B,6-1023395,58427
Total number of Reviews: 42

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5.0 5
"This is a great replacement piece on my Bushmaster M4 A3. It does fit very snuggly. I put the top half on the bottom at first and had to remove it. Then it went on after some difficulty, but I don't halk the delta ring tool. My wife and I put it on. I would have liked slightly better instructions. Enjoy."
– Newbie ar 15
5.0 5
"Fits my Bushmaster AR15 very nice.Looks AWESOME.This Handguard is way worth the money. I will be buying 2 more sets for my other Bushmaster's. Tapco makes some AWESOME stuff for AR's and AK's. Cheaper-Than-Dirt Has Great(Awesome) prices and Their is Super Fast. Thank you Tim (KY)"
– Tim
4.0 5
"Not a bad handguard, fits very well, with no play on my stag arms m4 definately worth the $$$, only problem was that its a little larger than I imagined, btw, do yourself a favor and get the AR tool"
– Rob G.
5.0 5
"Looks really good, fits nice and tight and lots of rail space"
– RJ
4.0 5
"The handguard arrived and was a simple install on my Bushmaster. It did fit tight, but I actually like a good fit. There's no forward or rearward movement and only a slight wiggle. I mounted a Grippod on it and everything works well. I went to the range today and shot 100+ through it and all seems good to go. IMO it's just right for police/backyard tactical. I would have given it 5 stars, but it's carbon fiber/plastic, not metal....so it is intrinsicly less rugged than metal. On the other hand, it's a heck of a lot lighter. Thanks CTD!"
– flshooter
4.0 5
"These are a lot better than I expected, I bought them about 5 months ago just to tide me over until I could get another set, and low and behold, they served thier purpose well."
4.0 5
"It is a little bigger than I thought it would be but still fits snug and hold up well. Easy to install and looks like it will work just fine. Great Deal."
– Thoff6
5.0 5
"Fits really nice and looks good. Put a tactical foregrip on it and it sits really good and doesnt move at all. Great item"
– ar-15
4.0 5
"Installed on my Stag Arms upper. Fits perfect. It's a little big and I don't like how the 9 oclock and 3 oclock rails dont go all the way back. So it's not a \"full\" quad rail. Overall for the money though its worth it. It fits well and its sturdy. Tapco makes good stuff at a fraction of the cost."
– satisfyed
5.0 5
"Fits great very easy to install. Well worth the money!!!"
– Chopperdog161
5.0 5
"This fit almost perfectly on my Bushmaster M4 O.R.C, just had a problem fitting it on. Other than that it works like a charm. Wish I had this on my Military M4 when I was in the middle east."
– danno
5.0 5
"Didn't have the tool to put it on, so it took a little muscle. Fits very snug, but also very precise. Put a Tapco Intrafuse verticle grip, and works great. Plan on going pump a few rounds through it tomorrow to see how it holds up, but am pretty confident it will do just fine. Great price, and fast shipping from CTD makes this a great buy for the product."
– Brent
4.0 5
"great rail system, love mine, kicks ass on my bushmaster, if you have a fixed front sight on your barrel you cant take the rail cover off or put it on the top rail with out removing the guard from the gun but thats not a big problem."
– gun nut31
4.0 5
"I like this rail a lot. Didn't have any trouble installing it, and seems pretty tough. Tapco is a great company, and comes through with another good product. Would have given it 5 stars, but is is a little bulky, but easy to get used to."
– B-52Buff
5.0 5
"Very nice product. Went on easily and looks great. Solid and feels good. CTD did an awesome job as usual in getting it to me."
– Paul
3.0 5
"This handguard is tough as nails, fits well too. But it is HEAVY. Weighs too much for my taste. I took it off and now have it just laying around. Did I mention it is heavy?"
– Big_dave
4.0 5
"This handguard fit very snug on my Panther. The only problems i had were the size and the rail covers. The rail covers feel loose and can become bothersome. Decent handguard for its weight. I like the fact that it has 4 rails with removable covers but with the rail covers on, it can be pretty bulky."
– this guy
4.0 5
"These went on snug and solid, I like the design, but I have small hands, so they were a little bulky. To be fair, I went to a gun show, and picked up some aluminum rails by UTG. They felt right but after you put the UTG rail covers on, they were about the same size. Tapco makes good stuff, and it's cheaper so read the reviews to make the right choice."
– ar-monger
4.0 5
"I liked this handguard as it gave a fuller hand guard, rails, and greater heat dissipation while maintaining a fairly light package. HANDGUARD REMOVAL TOOL IS A MUST."
– droppointalpha
5.0 5
"It is a good product. It's a little bulky to get your hand around compared to the round handguards since this one is square."
– mark
5.0 5
"I bought this and installed it on my Bushmaster O.R.C and I love it. It is better than the other rail systems out there, I think. I highly recommend one of these."
– Danno
2.0 5
"I bought this for my Colt Sporter (AR-15) 7.62x39. I tried to attach the rails and they just didn't fit. They were molded incorrectly and I had to return it. I asked CTD for a UTG quad rail as a replacement and I am very pleased with the UTG setup."
– J-Rod
5.0 5
"I installed this guard as soon as I got it. It fit perfectly and will allow me to mount a bipod to my spike. What's not to like?"
– highteckredneck
5.0 5
"This handguard looks extremely cool on my S&W M&P15. It is very sturdy and feels comfortable to hold if you have avg to large hands, which I do. This handguard fits tight, so if you are going to do it without the delta ring tool be prepared to man up, because it is not easy."
4.0 5
"I bought this handguard for M-4 because the way I had it configured, with a long alum. railed handguard was too heavy to shoot for more than a short time standing up. I am small woman, so I saw it in the magazine and according to the description thought that was the ticket. I stripped everything off, including the A-2 sight and gas block (which I replaced with the railed one from here)and mounted it. It is much chunkier than it looks in the mag. but I can live with it. I left the rail covers off because that would only add to it. Very light with great ventilation. Fit is very tight. Rails are not uncomfortably sharp like the alum. I hardly know I am carrying it with a two point sling."
– Little Rambo
5.0 5
"I Just put these on the new Bushmaster Ar-15 Carbon..They are a little bulky but worth the money for hanguards..I didn't have the Delta ring pliers ,so I used the handles of channel locks instead. I think it took like 5min to install very easy..I'm very well pleased with the product.."
– BigE
5.0 5
"I love these, they fit well and look great on my M-4 and Masterpiece Arms .45 cal Rifle"
– Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum
5.0 5
"Got it, and my whole order, 2 days earlier than expected. I didn't have a forearm removal tool, so I used long channel locks. It was swapped in less than 5 minutes onto my Bushmaster AR15, with the help of my 9 yr old daughter. Very simple, perfect fit, and works wonderfully. When shooting, I noticed it was cooler shooting. I was able to go through more ammo faster with less heat. I was also able to very quickly mount accessories, and cover the parts not in use. Having the rail covers come with it, HUGE PLUS!!!"
– Doug
5.0 5
"Love this hand guard, fits extremely tight and installed with little difficulty on my High Standard AR. Very light weight. Installed Israeli made pistol grip and laser. Both furniture pieces fit securely and function well. In my mind it beats some of the pricy aluminum rail systems with all the screws. Use this one and you won't need to be screwed."
– USCG Vet
5.0 5
"This was an awesome purchase, and it took me about 30 seconds to install on my Bushmaster M4-A3. Heard some reviews that it was bulky, but found it fit my large hands well and was pefect. The best thing was that I have already shot about 300+ rounds through it and the heat generated from the barrel was unnoticeable. If I had another AR I would buy it again Tapco products are quality."
4.0 5
"This is very sturdy and fit perfectly on my DPMS Panther. But it is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, much larger than an aluminum quad rail but much lighter too. And the side rails only go half way down. (I had hoped that the side covers were split and the picture only showed half removed to demonstrate, but that wasn't the case.) It does what it's supposed to, but doesn't look as nice as I hoped it would."
– Tats
4.0 5
"I bought this even after reading the reviews that it was bulky. Once it arrived, it IS bigger than the standard round handguard, but only because it is a squared design. Fits my hands perfectly.Installation was very easy AFTER I made a few minor adjustments- I had to file off a little bit on the front portion of both top and bottom pieces-. After the minor adjustment, It fits my Sig Sauer M400 perfectly.As always, super fast shipping from CTD. Great product once fitted to the gun. Very secure with zero wobble."
– Mutt
5.0 5
"Placed my order on thanksgiving morning and received it before noon on the Sat after, less than 48hrs and on a holiday. These guys are fast! Out of the box and on my bushmaster in a couple of minutes, no problems. Fits tight without wiggle. You can't beat it for the price, aluminum would be sturdier but most of those cost over $100.00. CTD is now my new favorite website."
– Jeffro
5.0 5
"Want great fitting handguards that are strong, lightweight, and look great? You found them, 5 Bullets!"
– Cpl. Frenchie
5.0 5
"This quad rail system is excellent!!! Fits my Smith and Wesson AR MP 15 perfectly. Tapco has quality products would recommend this to anyone. A little bit bigger then most quad rails, but I have big hands so no big deal. Overall very satisfied with the price and overall feel of it would buy again."
– Eric D.
3.0 5
"This fit well - VERY TIGHT. It lined up well with existing rail on rifle. It was very large - much larger than the existing M4 guard.For attaching extra things - it worked fine. No problem with materials or workmanship - just too large for me to use comfortably."
– Gun Lover
5.0 5
"This fits wonderfully on my M&P 15 sport 223. 5.56 it feels great. I thought it was gonna be cheep but what a surprise this thing is awesome..... I recommend this to big handed people, or get yourself a grip to go on the bottom rail. You will love it!!!"
– Charles
4.0 5
"Came quickly, as is usual with ctd. Went on easy and fit great. The only reason I only give it 4 is because of the how wide it was. I could fit plenty of accessories on it including a five position, handle and bipod on the bottom along with a laser and light, but unfortunately, its width just looked a little goofy to me. Just replaced it with a utg free floating rail also offered by ctd which looks and feels awesome and it was still a great price as is usual from this site."
– white
5.0 5
"Put this on my M&P15. Took about one minute to install. I bought this specifically because reviews said that it was BIG. It fits my extra large (size 14) hands perfectly. I may put a broom handle fore grip on to complete it. Great item if you have meat-hook hands :)"
– Barry
3.0 5
"I have big hands and after reading that it was large, I happily bought it. This thing is a MONSTER. It really is HUGE. It fits very well, nice and tight. I went back to my original because it's so big it makes my rifle look dumb. If it was just a little slimmer I would give it a 5 out 5, but as it is now, I cannot use it comfortably."
– Jeremy
5.0 5
"This forearm is a great, light weight alternative to an aluminum version. It fit great on my M&P15 and gives a nice look."
– Cpl. Frenchie
1.0 5
"I have set up several Ar platforms using different brands of items. This is the first time I used this one by Tapco and it wouldn't even come close to fitting, so rather than return it I decided to do some filing to make it fit. After several hours of filing it still wouldn't fit and now wasn't in a condition I could return it. I worked on it for another couple hours then finally trashed it and will find a better item that will fit without fileing. Stay away from this item."
– Doesn't fit