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TAPCO INTRAFUSE AK-47 Folding Stock Black

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Polymer resin side folding stock fits AK-47 rifles and installs easily with no gunsmithing. Folds flat against the weapon, lightweight and rugged, locks in open or closed position. Includes sling mount on the left side at the pivot point. Made in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty from TAPCO. 11 inch length of pull, weighs 12 ounces

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: STK06150 BLACK
Easy to install
No gunsmithing required
Folds flat against the weapon
Lightweight and rugged
Locks in open or closed position
Includes sling mount on left side
11" length of pull
Weight: 12 oz
Made in the U.S.A.
Lifetime warranty from TAPCO

Fits: Standard single-tang, stamped receivers. Will not fit milled or slant cut AKs, Yugos/PAPs, or underfolder AKs. If youre putting this on a straight cut, stamped MAK-90, some filing will be required to achieve a perfect fit.

OD Green AKS-503
Dark Earth AKS-504

For Warranty questions please contact
PO Box 2408
Kennesaw, GA 30156-913

Item#: 20-TC-16745,AKS-025,3-1021968,6-1021968,2-TINCSTK6150B,7-STK060105,49637,9-54473
Total number of Reviews: 59

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5.0 5
"I used to have a wire folder on my AK-47/ MAC-90 and hated the stock but liked being able to fold it. I saw this stock and it is so much nicer to shoot with and I think it looks better."
– Anderson
5.0 5
"My first AK rifle, and I wanted a folding stock but couldn't decide which to go with... I chose this one and haven't looked back, I LOVE IT! locks solid and folds in a snap...everything you could want in a full length stock, especially good for longer grip setups, then closes for easy carry. A+ in my book!"
– djkj6
1.0 5
"Piece of brittle plastic. I bought it because it's the only leagal side folder on the market."
– Phil
1.0 5
"It does not have tapped holes, you have to drill them and the screws are low quality so the heads may break off before they are even tight. A very low end product."
– m
3.0 5
"pros-great price compared to everyone else...like the fact it folds...excellent length, even for short arms....cons-cheap screws...holes not tapped....worst of all it wiggles and rattles when foldedoverall ok, but next time will save up and buy the magpull for $275"
– Josh
5.0 5
"I know this folder does not have a lot of good reviews, but I recently purchased it and I'm totally pleased. I've been involved in target and sport shooting for many years and was reluctant to buy a folding stock for my Romanian AK, but felt this was a good price to try it out. Yes, you have to tap the screws, but that's not a major problem. Using a smaller bit, it installed tight. It folds and opens smoothly for me. It fits snug to the reciever and does not wobble or rattle around when it is opened or closed. It is longer than the original stock and fits my shoulder much better than the factory wood. Plus, it handles recoil well. I did not expect that as much. I would buy this product again and recommend it to others, suggesting that you make sure it works with your application first and to tap the holes a little smaller than the kit's screws. I can't begin to say how much I like the functionality and look of this product!"
– Ike
4.0 5
"Overall pleased with the product. Slight modifications were needed to make the item fit correctly. Such as tapping the screws with a drill bit and some light dremal grinding for the plug to fit in the back of the AK. The stock is a little longer than the original wood stock. Also the spring design of opening and folding the stock requires a little getting used to. Handles recoil well during firing."
– BT
2.0 5
"\"Being a service connected disabled Veteran I live on a fixed income. I contacted Tapco and specifically asked the customer service if this stock would work on my MAK90. Tapco assured me that it would indeed fit my particular rifle.It does not even come close to fitting.It's a shame that it doesn't fit seems to be well made. So if you have the Norinco MAK90 this stock will not fit. There is no way to convert either rifle or stock.Lot of money to spend on something that does not work.\"I have a mac-90 also and I recommend taking it to a gunsmith as I had to do. It can be filed down and shaped to fit the odd shape of the receiver. That is the one and ONLY advantage to the stock being made of plastic. The guy I took it to did good work on it and it's perfect now."
5.0 5
"this stock fit perfect on my wasr-10. i did have to drill the holes however, if you can shoot a gun you can drill this stock! it locks open perfect and feels good. it is a little wobbley when closed but i have no complaints. i would buy one again if i had another ak. i give this a 5-bullet rating and would recommend this to everyone with a wasr-10."
– Dan
4.0 5
"This product definitely makes your AK more versatile. It helps you get around the old problem of maneuverability with the rather heavy weapon. Pull it out for long shots, collapse it for entries and CQC. Drawbacks are a bit of wiggle in the folding portion, which doesn't affect performance, but is a little irritating; and a bit of a dropoff angle which makes it harder to use with my EOTech scope. Also it is not possible to mount a cheekrest on this product. All in all it is a solution to the versatility problem, but it isn't the best in any category."
– Eye Spy Security
4.0 5
"I like this folding stock. It is about two inches longer than the wood stock,a whole lot lighter,easy to move around in tight places and when folded, transportation is a snap. I HAVE put this at the top as my new home defence weapon and where i live,i really DO need this. Putting it on my weapon was so EASY!! it comes with two little screws, a drill bit to tap your new stock. (if you do not like the screws it comes with then use the screws off the wooden stock)It stays tight opened or closed. I find it easyer to fire and stay on target. I do recomend this stock for the stamped recever for the WASR AK-47 Randy K."
– Randy K.
5.0 5
"This is a realy good stock. Put it on my WASR10 and it fit really well! 2 hints when mounting -use a good drill bit for the pilot holes and use liquid soap on the screws and you should have no problems! also it has a side mount for your sling. Use of a 1/8\" pin punch will make this easy. A really good stock!!"
– C.Dog
4.0 5
"I recently bought this stock for my MAC-90 and am very happy with it. I did have to do some filing and eventually force it in but that was relatively easy. It seems solid and durable with very minimal play in the locked position. Over all a very good folding stock!"
– Tim
5.0 5
"Just installed on my MAK-90 and couldn't be happier. Functions much better than the under-folder or the Fiber Force stock that I had on previously. The fact that it folds to the right side is great for me because I shoot left handed, so that was a plus; gives me plenty of room for my trigger hand. Did have to do some minor fitting, but 5 minutes with my Dremel tool and it slid in perfectly. The drill bit was a little on the poor side; it broke while drilling the second screw hole but I have my own set so that didn't slow me down. Greatly inhances the useability of my MAK and I couldn't be happier with this product. Thanks!"
– Randall
4.0 5
"its a good stock and durable my only complaint is that the hinge pin is plastic and it didnt take long for it to break but i replaced it with a metal one and havent had problems since"
– kl3412
5.0 5
"i have a romanian ak. the crappy wood stock had to go. i got this one and 5 minutes later i was in business. it looks cool extended and folded. and it feels better than the old one. my only gripe is that its hard to load the weapon with the stock folded. other than that, its great. thanks CTD"
– seedofchuckie
5.0 5
"Stock works perfect on my WASR-10. I had it installed in less than 5 minutes. VERY-Easy to install, no problems at all."
– DLL1488
5.0 5
"used this one my century arms post ban Romanian wasr10, went in smooth with no modifications. screws provided looked like the same ones in my original stock. being a lefty i love the \"fold to the right\" design, worked equally well for my right handed friend. felt solid in folded and unfolded positions. handled the minimal recoil of the 7.62 easily. although I haven't put it threw its paces too much it has worked great for the 250 rounds iv shot so far."
– dtf
3.0 5
"This product does fit and is functional on the WASR-10, i found it easy to install. BUT it is made out of cheap plastic and wiggles just a bit. I gave it to a buddy who put it on his wasr-10 and loves it. Just wasn't for me i guess."
– Robbie
2.0 5
"I own a wasr-10 with the black folding stock. After about 4 months of use the plastic pin in the hinge of the stock broke. I had to have an aluminum pin machined for the stock. Works well now. Take the pin out of the stock and have it machined!!!"
– Numbers Game Guitarist
4.0 5
"This stock is ok had to do a little forcing to get it in the but of my Ak but it works for the money i paid"
– Man
5.0 5
"I just got this stock for my wasr10. I love it. it slid right in, seems more then rugged enough. They may have came with plastic hitch pins but the pin is made of steel on mine."
– formula89383
5.0 5
"fit my wasr10 great, along with all the other tapco parts I purchased, again great fit and I'm very happy so far."
– lazy
5.0 5
"It is a decent folding stock for a decent price and it looks great. Fit perfectly snug on my Romanian AK. I drilled two small holes with the drill provided, put the screws in and it was done. Stock wobbles when closed but is rather sturdy when opened. It also takes a little practice to fold it quickly but now I couldn't imagine my AK without it."
– FuzzWah
5.0 5
"Great Stock on the Romanian WASR-101.) Allows function of weapon perfectly whether folded or unfolded.2.)Folding mechanism has a metal pin which sounds like an improvement from previous accounts.3.) The picture doesnt do the stock justice. It is made from a HARD polymer type substance, similar in feel but thicker than Tapco ak polymer mags.4.) Finish of stock matches finish of WASR-10 AK-47 great.5.) Adds a great deal of value and versatility to the gun.6.) Also extends past the original WASR-10 Wooden stock by almost a full 2 inches and drops it alittle so that you dont have to raise your shoulders and drop your head to line up with the iron sights.7.) Someone said the drill bit was cheap. NOT THE CASE FOR ME. I drilled two holes as needed, and it worked great."
– WASR-10 ak-47
5.0 5
"With a little trimming it fits perfect!!"
– Right On
4.0 5
"Very easy to install, and looks very nice on my WASR-10. I did have a problem with the included drill bit. It broke off flush with the stock while drilling the first hole. I was able to get around the problem, but if I had it to do over again I would have started off using the higher quality drill bit I already had. All in all I do like the stock a lot. You can get to all of the functions of the rifle in the folded position with very little effort. It does wobble a little bit when folded, but not enough to bother me much. For the price it is well worth it. 4 bullets from me."
– Brian
3.0 5
"To be honest you get what you pay for here. i put this on my Romanian WASR-10 (stamped receiver) it required minor trimming with heavy sand paper but it fit nice and tight. i chose not to use the supplied screws because they were well small instead i used 1\" drywall screws after drilling a small pilot hole. i found that the stock was a bit longer than the original which made getting a comfortable sight picture difficult. though being a great design i also found that there is a lot of slack in the locking mechanism and hinge which leaves enough room for wobble or flexing while shouldering the weapon. after several trips to the range and storing the weapon the slack got worse and i decided to go back to the original style stock by Tapco in black polymer(AKS-026). if you're looking for the compact capability of a folding stock and can sacrifice comfort and dependability but if your looking for comfort and dependability than more power to you. but i wouldn't recommend this to anyone who really takes pride in their shooting experience."
– chris s
5.0 5
"I just got this today and was excited to mount it. It went on my romanian flawlessly. The only thing I didn't like was the screws were small and looked like they were for drywall. I used some short fat screws and it tightened right up. I do like the fact that this is a little longer than the original stock. It appears to be very sturdy and well made, which is not a shock . . . I have several tapco items on my sks and they are top quality. I can't wait to try it out."
– Mike
1.0 5
"some of the stock descriptions state that they fit the stamped receivers only. this item description did not state that. it doesn't fit milled receivers. got it in today and found out the hard way."
– typhon
3.0 5
"I just received the tapco folding stock in the mail and am pleased with it. I did some extra filing to get a tighter fit between the stock and the trunion and receiver. This was not really a necessity though. My only advice when installing the stock is to NOT use the provided screws. I read that the screws had a tendency to break off and I chalked those problems off to inexperienced operators overtightening them. I was dead wrong. The screws resemble drywall screws, but they must be hardened steel. Sounds like a good idea- but hardened steel is brittle and combined with some tough plastic equalled disaster. I broke a screw head right off @1/8\" into the stock. After an hour of carefully grinding the remaining screw out with a pneumatic pencil grinder and carbide burr (I tried to drill out the screw, but it was too hard and the drill bits wanted to glance off and dig into the plastic), I opened up the hole w/a larger bit and installed the original stock screw in the butt and used an actual drywall screw for the front. I really have no idea why these screws were included in the stock package- the stock itself is pretty nice, no real wobble, and opens and closes well. The stock is a bit longer than the original as others have said. Allow me to repeat DO NOT USE THE SCREWS PROVIDED WITH THE STOCK."
4.0 5
"This stock came on my AK when I bought it. It is not the best folding stock I've used but it gets the job done. I'm not going to replace it so I guess that says something."
– gunner
4.0 5
"This stock, surprisingly, was a little nicer than I was expecting. It is all plastic minus the spring holding the stock in the locked position and the metal sling pin. Two holes need to be drilled into the stock for installation. Installation (other than having to rip out the machine pressed original wood stock) took only a few minutes. Lock the weapon down in a vise or other, insert stock all the way, drill out the appropriate holes into the plastic stock adapter, insert screws with a good driver and you are done. Took me a around 3-5 minutes for the process described. Complaints: It is LONGER than an original WASR stock by several inches. I do prefer the shorter stocks myself for a tactical package as you can hold the weight closer in and have more control the package. Addition of a stock pad of any type will make it excessively long. If you have metal fore rails (UTG or other) or have a forward mount (scout) sight or scope take the weight transfer into mind.As well I had to modify the plastic around the sling pin to allow for a Blackhawk single point sling clip (not really the complaint). I am concerned to quality of the pin and its size. It may be too thin for my purpose (single point sling) but is definitely built well enough for the typical web sling that it is intended for."
– Combat Pillow
4.0 5
"I just got my Tapco folding stock today. The stock was great, with some triming it fit good, but I though it locks and unlocks to sung. It didn't have as much play as I heard it was going to be."
– Aaron
2.0 5
"I have had the stock on my AK for about 6 months now and have watched it become looser and looser each time I take it out to shoot. While the stock does look cool on the rifle that is about all that it is good for. It wobbles too much when shouldered."
– Maurice
5.0 5
"I got one of these about 4 months ago for my Wasr 10 Romanian AK-47 it was easy to install. I used a knife to trim it a little.It was a very good fit and I used my old screw to attach it. All you have to do is make sure you pre-drill the stock a little smaller then the screw to make sure it doesn't split.If the stock is too long for you like it was for me I have a real good solution for you. Cut off 3/4 of an inch off the butt of the stock. More or less if you like. If you do the 3/4 and you cut it to where the lines on the sides are but leave just under 1/4 inch of the lines you will have teeth for better grip. If you file and sand it after you\uFFFDre done it will look like you never even cut it in fact it looks better. the shorter stock will be more practical. And I really put my equipment to the test I don't just have it for looks I actually carry it a lot even on A.T.V.s sometimes.I\uFFFDve used mine in water woods and mud I haven\uFFFDt really used it in the sand munch yet but I\uFFFDm sure it will do fine it did fine in the water the mud and everything. Real good stock. I would be fine taking it anywhere."
– bill in oklahoma
4.0 5
"I got this product today, and the hardest part about putting it on my Romanian AK was taking the wood stock off. The trick here is to pry it off using a screw driver in the hole where you can see the stock in the reciever. After this it was a quick snap. The screw sent with the stock were a little bit shorter, but were thick and pretty heavy duty. It holds solid and firm. Overall I'm happy with it. Also, I love the side folding option."
– Arkansas Adam
5.0 5
"I ordered this stock on a Thursday and paid for regular ground shipping. It shipped from their Texas warehouse on Friday and was delivered on a Saturday. That right there was the first of the 5 bullet plus's. I opened up the stock and it is very well made and durable. No it's not tapped, but it's not a defect. No 2 AK variants will have stock screw holes in the same place. The stock does come with the drill bit to start pilot holes. So there's the second for the 5 bullet rating. Tapco has how-to videos posted on you tube and one of the first things they state in their videos is the stock is made oversized and may need to be filed depending on your variant of AK. Again, not all AK variants are the same dimensions (love that standardization yet?). So you have to take a dremel or file and spend 10 minutes or less removing some material, no big deal. (If you don't want to do fitting, then don't modify your AK.) After minor filing, drilling the pilot holes, and inserting the screws that come with it, I did a durability test where I opened the stock, put my AK in a door frame and did incline pull ups with it, then checked the stock function. It torked perfectly just like it was out of the package. Then I put 200 rounds through it, still no wobble. Then I drilled a bigger pilot hole so I could use the traditional stock screws so I could use one screwdriver and one set of screws between two stocks. I put in the traditional stock screws and repeated my durability testing. I still had no breaks and no wobbles and the stock works perfectly fine. Having done some research on a few forums I suspect there are some people who are not completely pressing down on the stock before unfolding or folding it. If you do this it will shave off plastic and cause the wobble. That\uFFFDs why Tapco has imprinted on the stock \"press down to close\" and press down to open. My stock now has 2,000+ rounds through it with no problems or terrible wobbles. And if that doesn't reassure "
– cobraleader
5.0 5
"I ordered this stock on Tues, It came in on Fri. I'm very happy with it it looks and feels awesome didn't have a problem putting it in either. I read a lot of articles about it having a wobble but mine did not, i guess it depends on your ak but mine is flawless."
– david
3.0 5
"I'm usually easily pleased, but when you pay good money for a stock from supposedly good company. When they don't even drill the holes for you. Could not get the screw to go all the way in, and in a gentle attempt to deepen the hole it broke through the wall of the front of the stock. Drilling the holes was a huge hassle and finally got the rear screw to hold it tight enough for only a small shimmy. It still irritates me. Also the package says adjusts size for any shooter, hows that when its either in our out? The stock is too long when out, noticeably longer than a standard AK stock, so no good. When it is closed, it folds to the RIGHT side of the weapon, getting right in the way of smooth operation of the weapon. Just simply irritating to me. Also does not lock firmly closed, and requires an awkward hard push down of the stock before opening and closing. I thought this would make my AK a nice backpacking or hiking rifle. I'll be taking something else this summer."
– Taun
3.0 5
"The stock looks cool. It's a little bulky behind the receiver. Overall fairly nice for the price."
– Trey
4.0 5
"A lot of people bashed this stock because it was not pre-drilled, as AKs vary so much you must drill to match your receiver to get a tight fit. It took me all of 5 minutes to remove old and install new. I saw some comments about wobble, well there is some when it is folded which is why I only gave it a 4. When I fired it with stock folded it would wobble up and down about 1/2 an inch. Not a huge deal but you felt it move against your trigger finger. There was no problem firing when folded except the wobble, it didnt block trigger or bolt at all. When extended it was rock solid zero wobble, there is a place to attach a sling on the left side. It's a little bulky yes but I'd rather have that than have it break. Overall I'd say it's well worth the money."
1.0 5
"having run a few hundred rounds with the new stock i can no longer recommend this stock. the problem is the part that seats into the receiver, on the fixed tapco butt stocks it is flat but on the folding stock it is stepped down. so the part where each screw is located is at a different level, which causes the stock to never seat as firmly as the fixed stocks do. these are just not built to the same specs as the fixed stocks are."
– cbr
5.0 5
"I love the fit and finish of this product!!! VERY easy install! I HIGHLY recommend this product! I also purchased the Mako Handguard four rail system to go with it and I can't be happier with my purchases!"
– Controlled Chaos
3.0 5
"Take the money and buy the Tapco fixed, both folders I have owned snapped off when I was in the field, I replaced them with the fixed. If you are going to get a folder buy a Romanian steel wire stock or a under folder, metal is a bit heaver, but you won\uFFFDt have plastic fail you when you need it most."
– Chaos
5.0 5
"This stock is great. Mine is not loose at all like some have said. This stock is longer than the original wood stock, which is great. It comes with two tiny cheap screws and a drill bit to match, I scraped the screws and bit and re-use the original screws and used a bigger bit and I have zero doubt about its security. You can fire the rifle with the stock folded if you want, its pretty fun to do but hard to be accurate.This is a great stock and the low price is the cherry on top."
– Collins
4.0 5
"I bought this to install on an RPK I bought that was in bad need of rehabilitation. Finding decent replacement wood for the RPK isn't exactly easy, so I went this route. The design seems solid enough, it's held up for me for awhile now. My only complaint is the sharp edges around the hinge point. When firing the RPK from the prone bipod position, it tends to hit your face with the corner, and subsequently cuts your face. It's remedied easily enough with a file or dremel, so that's not a big deal, although something I hadn't considered before the first range trip."
– Jim
4.0 5
"Stock is longer than the standard Soviet wood stock. When the stock is folded onto the rifle it does kind of block the trigger housing a bit and does have a little wobble to it. Stock overall is great and worth the money."
– DonColeone
2.0 5
"If you want a stock for the range and nothing more than that its OK. But twenty minutes of actually being in the field and moving in a low crawl the stock retention block that keeps it open shattered and no longer stays in the rear position and folds whenever it wants. So I put my wooden stock back on and never looked back."
– Chaos
1.0 5
"A piece of crap. This is the worst thing that I ever bought made by Tapco. Other Tapco products are good, but this crap is a junk"
– shawn
4.0 5
"I just got it and put in on in 5 minuites. They were super fast at shipping and I'm totally satisfied with it, it looks cool and appears to be solid. I will be ordering more from this company and no, I don't work for this place!"
– wayne
5.0 5
"This is a great stock, and an excellent addition to any ak-47. I use my wooden stock when I'm out camping, but for home defense (as my wife is more comfortable with the rifle than my handgun) I have this stock on. It is solid and easy to install... just pre-drill 2 holes slightly smaller than the screws (I used the stock ones when i took off the wooden stock) and then screw in the screws. As for people complaining about it being hard to fold unfold.... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to fold it 1. it folds and unfolds similar to the israeli galil simply push down and fold. 2. for those not familiar with galil stocks it clearly is marked on the stock how to fold and/or unfold. It stays solid in the open position, and I tried it on my class 3 ak (registered full auto for those not familiar) and it didn't wobble with it either. I'll be buying another to put on my class 3 ak next."
– mobile sniper
5.0 5
"The mixed reviews almost made me pass on this item. I'm very glad I took the chance, it is made very well. I don't have the wiggle problems others have mentioned. This fit my Egyptian AK like a glove with NO sanding."
– The Fonz
5.0 5
"Great fit, the people that have a problem with the fit are dumb. Great buy, love the black AK."
– dmonts
4.0 5
"Seems tough enough. I wouldn't drag it behind my car or anything, but it seems fairly durable for the price."
– tacops226
4.0 5
"I bought one for my WASR 10-63. It fit very snug. I had a spot that stuck out a little so I used a razor and shaved it down so it didn't run into hand. I would absolutely recommend throwing away the P.O.S screw that comes with it and use a stronger one. Also, make sure you straighten it out well enough so you don't strip the threads and have to start over with a new one. Once you get it in and cleaned up, you will be very happy. I am! Now I can put a 20 round mag in it, clip on my single point sling, wear the right jacket, and you won't know I have it on, unless you present a threat to me or my Boss."
– Michigan Patriot
3.0 5
"I bought one of these about a year ago and broke the cheap POS drill bit in the stock and just managed to get the bit out, but when I put the screw in and was snugging it down the head broke off. I threw the stock in the garbage. Just recently bought another that worked/fits fine, but I also used a different drill bit and hardware then what was supplied. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!!"
– MustangGuy
5.0 5
"Reviews made me buy it for my M&M M10 545\uFFFD39. Shipping was fast and I like how it feels when I'm at the shooting range. Only one thing, when i fold it it wiggles a lil bit but its nothing to worry about."
– Robert956
4.0 5
"Installed on an MAK 90 with stamped receiver. Only a few minor adjustments needed. Fits nice and looks great."
– AP, GA