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TAPCO AK-74 Style Flash Hider

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Molded after popular AK-74 designs, these screw-on compensators are designed to easily attach to standard AK barrels equipped with 14x1LH threads. This classic design reduces recoil and muzzle rise during firing. Finished in Black phosphate and stamped "TAPCO USA". Each muzzle brake counts as one U.S. Sec 922r compliant part.

Muzzle brake measures 3" long and weighs 5.6 ounces.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: AK0679
Equipped with 14x1LH threads
Reduces recoil and muzzle rise
Length: 3"
Weight: 5.6 oz
Black phosphate finish
Made in the USA

Item#: 20-TC-16611,AKS-046,3-1023015,6-1023015,9-54456,2-TINAK0679,49800
Total number of Reviews: 37

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5.0 5
"As usual cheaper than dirt comes through again. This arrived in two days and installed easy...Have not put any range time on it yet, but anything is better than the standard slant on the AK..."
– Sryan
3.0 5
"I\uFFFDm giving this product 3 bullets but it might go down to 2 depending on range time, and it is all because of tapco. The brake goes on my wasr 10 very easily but it has that famous wobble that that happens with most wasr 10s, the break moves up and down and also side to side. I\uFFFDm hoping that with the help of a washer that I can solve the wobble problem. I will also say that I have no range time with this brake yet so if it decreases muzzle raise or not I can\uFFFDt comment.Will give an update when I get the brake stable on the muzzle and when I can work in some range time."
– ak love monkey
5.0 5
"This muzzle break/flash hider does reduce muzzle rise over the OEM spoon type that came with my Romanian Wasr 10/63. 1 year later, I'm satisfied!"
– Renegade
3.0 5
"Looks nice. Feels nice. Good quality except for the loose threads. Fixed the thread problem with some blue thread locker from NAPA. BUT!!!! The reverse muzzle blast is deafening. Ear protectors work, but I can't wear ear protectors while hunting. I went back to my Romanian slant cut. It is a whole lot quieter."
– partsman
5.0 5
"I noticed that these are styled after the 74 brakes. Not a copy, but pretty close. Anyways, it's a nice brake, loud though.It fits perfectly on my Polish AKMS."
– Matthew J
5.0 5
"I bought one of these about a month ago and i think it its great...it really helps with the muzzle climb alot...very easy to keep on target...i highly reccomend it, it is awesome"
– Martin
5.0 5
"This brake dose what it\uFFFDs supposed to do, it really helps with muzzle climb and adds about a pound of weight on the end of the rifle. The only downside- LOUD, but overall it\uFFFDs still a great product."
– jimmey
4.0 5
"I disagree with the \"wobble\" issue some users have had with this muzzle brake. True it has wobble once it's \"seated\", HOWEVER with just enough strength, one more turn will seat it solid to the barrel - no wobble at all (with my Romanian WASR).Performance wise, there's little to no muzzle climb, just as previous reviewers have said. Aquisition of target between rounds is smoother, easier (at 100yd / Romanian WASR). Adds tiny bit of weight to the barrel, but no complaints there."
– Trino
3.0 5
"Just a heads up. This WILL NOT fit on an Inter Ordnance rifle. Other then that the fit and finish are pretty good. I will update this review after some range time with it. This rifle claims to have 1x14 LH threads but the threads on this break are not even close to deep enough. I think it is the rifle's fault because it fits fine on a WASR-10/63. And yes this rifle came with a Tapco slant break already installed so there should be no fit issues unless Inter Ordnance re-threaded the orignal Tapco break to fit there thread pattern."
– Subversivepatriot
3.0 5
"I wish the previous review was posted before I purchased this. Indeed it will not fit an I.O. AK. I even used a wire brush to clean the coating from the threads of the brake. No go. Maybe just as well as I've since seen reviews from some the Internet AK snobs that claim this is nothing more than a fancy looking barrel weight. I do wish I could have tried it first hand to confirm... I've been happy with other Tapco products and will continue to use them."
– new
5.0 5
"In other reviews people said this would not work on thair inter ordnance inc. AK-47c. Even though it was a very tight fit I was able to muscle it on all the way on and it looks and functions perfectly. 5/5 great product thanks CTD!!"
– 9bymyside
1.0 5
"I previously wrote how this would not thread on to an I.O rifle. Turns out the threads are not to spec on the Tapco brake I received. I tried a couple of other brands that worked without issue as well as the original Tapco slant brake. Now I have to contact Tapco for a replacement. No fun."
– new
5.0 5
"After having to send my rifle back to Inter Ordnance (after they admited to re-threading tapco breaks to fit there rifles) I finaly got to use this thing. It is a vast improvement over the \"slant\" style break. Good product, Great customer service from Tapco in finding the issue. F.Y.I. I have a very early I.O. rifle. From what I am told they now use standerd threads (as they claimed in the first place)."
– Subversivepatriot
5.0 5
"I just received my muzzle brake today, and it fit great! I have an I.O. Inc AK-47C, unlike some of the others that said that their I.O. Inc barrels not working with the Tapco muzzle brakes. So I'm really excited to see it in action."
– Patalat
5.0 5
"Recoil goes more back than up, works great for the $ paid for it, use the plumber teflon tape round the threads to eliminate the wobble."
– Aaron
5.0 5
"Easy install, required no special tools. Thread pitch fit perfectly, install literally took 2 minutes. To get the last quarter thread to screw down I used a set of pliers and a towel(as not to scuff the finish). Looks badass on WASR10 underfolder. CTD had it to me fast, 3 business days."
– Jon
4.0 5
"I did a before and after test on my WASR and this muzzle break does what it was designed to do. There is no muzzle rise at all. It just pushes straight back a little making it very easy to pump a bunch of rounds into a smaller area quicker. The only down side is how loud it makes the rifle. Literally makes the rifle twice as loud. Totally worth the money just wear ear protection or you will suffer ear damage rather quickly. Thanks CTD."
– willb
4.0 5
"Great price, great build, and good performance. Noticed a little less recoil than the usual back and right twist with the slant muzzle break, but literally no muzzle rise. Cons are that it makes the AK much louder so wear ear plugs or pay dearly and it has some wobble. On the end of a underfold WASR10 it just looks mean! Thanks C.T.D!!!"
– Happy AK Owner
5.0 5
"This compensator not only looks cool on my Yugo M70, but was really easy to install and does not wobble at all. It does however make the gun noticeably louder, which if like loud guns then this is definitely for you. It does lessen recoil a little better than the slant style muzzlebrake, I found the gun to lurch to the side rather than rise when firing. However i think it looks cool, and seems to function well for me. Hope you guys have as good a luck as I have. Thanks CTD!"
– JP from maine
4.0 5
"It takes some work to get this thing tightened down on a Yugo M70AB2, and there is a very slight wobble even so. Can't quite figure that out. Anyway, a previous poster mentioned Teflon plumber's thread sealer tape, so I tried it, and it does help. I had a friend take some pictures at night while we fired the M70 with no brake, the slant break, and this AK74 model, and discovered that there is a huge muzzle flash with no break, bright enough to light up the gun, me, and the side of the house, a slightly smaller flash slanting up with the slant break, (go figure) and a significant reduction in flash with the AK74 style break, such that you could barely see me behind the gun. So, it works not only as a compensator, but as a flash-hider too."
– Gaviota
5.0 5
"This is a must buy if you have a threaded barrel. I almost eliminates muzzle rise and flash. Easy to install and looks great on my WSAR-10/63. I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the money for something that might not do anything, but I'm sure glad I did. My only complaint is it adds a little weight, but nothing you really will notice after a short time."
– lord of war 7.62
4.0 5
"I ordered this for my WASR 10/63 to replace the slant brake, not expecting much since it was Tapco and doesnt have the hole drilled on the right side like original Russian ones do. It was a very tight fit and I had to put the gun in a vice to get it completely on but better tight than loose I guess. I took it out and shot rabbit and coyote and was suprised at how well it really does work. I'd say it cut recoil by half and muzzle flip by about 70%. The only downside I can report so far is it makes the rifle much louder. All in all its more effective than the slant or no brake, but thats all ive tried so there could be a better one out there."
– Cole
5.0 5
"It looks good and gives my AK-47 WASR a great look. It screws on pretty tight. A good fit."
5.0 5
"This muzzle brake was very easy to install and fits very snug on my WASR-10. It looks mean on the rifle, and does seem to improve the behavior of the rifle some. The recoil seems to be more straight back than up, though it was hardly bad with the original slant brake. It is heavy, but I don't mind the extra weight at the end of the barrel. It is also louder as many reviewers have mentioned, but I always wear hearing protection anyway. Tactically, I would think that more noise for the shooter means less noise downrange, so between that and the flash-suppressing characteristics of this brake it seems that the design of this brake really makes for a tactical improvement to the rifle. The bayonet will not fit over this brake but the bayonet that came with my rifle is crap anyway."
– consumer
5.0 5
"Vast improvement over the slant muzzle brake. Nice and heavy and helps keep the muzzle from climbing when you want to waste a 30 rnd mag in a short period of time. Installs in seconds and looks great. Adds a few inches to the rifle and it looks scary."
– seedofchuckie
5.0 5
"This is one sexy muzzle brake, mounted to my threaded IO Inc. AK-47c with no problem. I chose this brake after viewing videos showing that it really is the best for countering muzzle climb - avoid the slotted brakes (worse muzzle climb than even the old slanted-style!) A must-have upgrade on ANY AK..."
– Reverend Flea
3.0 5
"Fit very loose on my wasr 10/63, but did help with recoil."
– rick
5.0 5
"best muzzle brake for my wasr 10/63"
– phil
5.0 5
"Put one on my AK and what a difference. Feels like I'm shooting a .22. Little louder but not so much it's a problem. Simple installation. Would get one again."
– HunterCurt
4.0 5
"Bought this to make my WASR 10 perform better, it does overall, louder however, and make my AK-47 look like the AK-74. The untrained eye is not sure what they see and when they see the muzzle they think small round until I fire. My only actual complaint about this is that I can not mount a bayonet with this on, but altering the bayonets \"O\"-Ring will fix that."
– S. Cain
5.0 5
"Mounted this on my WASR 10 and it works wonders! It makes follow up shots a lot easier. Like others, it is louder but I'd take with the quicker follow up shots. It's an acceptable trade off. Highly recommend if replacing the nut or slant brake."
– Mike B
3.0 5
"I bought one of these a few of years ago, put it on my rifle, and fired shots through it with no problem. Fired it on a couple of other separate occasions with no problem. However, today a bullet tore the front of it off! Thank God I didn't get hurt or destroy my rifle."
– John - CO, KS, AR
4.0 5
"I have had it on a sar1 for some time now. Used it as a barrel extension and had it permanently attached. Does seem to reduce recoil, but since I can't remove it to directly compare, I can only compare it to a stock Romanian AK-47 build. Noticed with the shorter barrel and nighttime fire it oddly directs the huge muzzle flash out towards the right. Honestly, I don't foresee ever being shot back at during the night time while shooting this gun in the near future, so I do recommend one over a flash hider. Gave it four bullets because it's not an exact copy of a true AK-74 brake."
– Dusty
5.0 5
"Thanks to CTD's fast delivery I installed this brake on my Norinco 84s today,index was perfect,tightend down with no wobble or wiggle at all,Kudo's to tapco for another great product,Huge improvement in my shot groups with my lil 556 AK."
– eileen
5.0 5
"This muzzle break is truly amazing. I just unscrewed my original slant break off my rifle and screwed this sucker on and wow it truly makes a difference. Not only does it reduce recoil dramatically but there was little to no muzzle flash. It does add a good 2 1/2 inches to the end of your rifle and you can't use the AK bayonet but I don't mind cause it made my AK a real pleasure to shoot instead of pounding the hell out of my shoulder."
– Red
5.0 5
"Definitely \"the replacement\" for the old school AK-47 7.62x39 muzzle brakes that are pure garbage. The old one throws the rifle down and way left. The old brake causes too many shooters to adjust their front sight windage too far to one side. I readjusted windage with this new brake and it's closer to center. This brake allows recoil more like the AR-15A2 brakes, to the rear and centered. No noise increases noted. After experimenting with one on my newer Polish AKM I bought one for my old school Chinese Type-56 AK-47."
– highperfdude
3.0 5
"Seems like everyone else had a great time but it threaded upside down at termination point in my Centurion 39. Sounds like a Century Arms issue, but either way didn't work out for me; I had to throw a spacer in."
– Kmaccullough