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TAPCO INTRAFUSE AK-47 Fixed Buttstock Original Style

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Patterned after the original Bulgarian fixed stock for the AK, this stock allows you to retain the original look of your AK while adding a compliance part. The stock comes complete with a metal buttplate and a sling swivel on the side. Manufactured by TAPCO in the U.S.A. and constructed of military grade composite. Fits stamped receivers only. Length of pull is 13", weight 12 ounces.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: STK06101 BLACK
Constructed of military grade composite
Length of pull: 13"
Weight: 12 oz
Made in the U.S.A.
Lifetime warranty from TAPCO

Flat Dark Earth (AKS-032)
OD Green (AKS-027)

For Warranty questions please contact
PO Box 2408
Kennesaw, GA 30156-913


Item#: 20-TC-16690,2-TINSTK06101B,AKS-026,3-1022731,6-1022731,9-54472
Total number of Reviews: 34

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1.0 5
"If I were a midget, this stock would be perfect. this tiny little barbie doll stock showed up at my door and it was @ least 2 inches shorter than the planet of the apes thumb through stock my MAK90 already had . I was not only frustrated with the size, I was irratated with the effort I put forth to install this hello kitty stock. tapco should rename this crapco. I would have been better off ordering the KVAR set up with the NATO length butt stock. you have to drill the holes yourself and file like a convict to make this hollow piece fit. I wish I could get a sturdy, pre-fit stock that doesn't fold or flip to the side ,that has substance. my previous wood stock with forward pistol grip was a better choice. I was let down."
– RRobert
4.0 5
"I actually didn't buy this pieces, I convinced my buddy to and I put it on his gun once it arrived...hmm where do we start. Well as the user above me posted...its IS much shorer than a MAK90 stock...but who the hell likes Mak90 stocks to begin with lol? Its the same size as a WASR-10 wood stock. It requires an IMMENSE amount of filing/fitting to get it perfect, but a little work never hurt anyone and thats what American needs more of today. I like working to make stuff fit perfect. Once it is on, complimented with a nice black new foregrip and pistol grip....it feels and looks great....not disproportionate at all. It will look super small until you get it on the rifle. I give it 4 stars only because it is not very user/installer friendly."
– Hooker52
3.0 5
"this is a nice stock, i like how its very short. seems durable too. only problem is fitting it, i dont mind working on it with a file and getting a custom fit, in fact i enjoy it, but when you dont know where to file, its easy to remove material from the wrong places and end up with a sloppy fit. i had removed material from the sides trying to get it to go in all the way, but later noticed it was a piece in the middle of the stock that was hitting inside the receiver. its hard to tell where exactly needs filing.if it came with instructions showing where you may need to file in certain areas it would help greatly in acheiving a perfect fit. definitely buy two because the first one will be practice, second one should turn out good since youll know what to do after ruining the first one."
– ak
4.0 5
5.0 5
"I ordered this stock for my Saiga conversion, it did appear very short when i first opened the box however when installed it looks perfect and feels even better, It slid right into my reciever with a snug fit and no file work, very sturdy feel and classic AK look, I would recommend this stock to anyone who wants to retain the AK look in synthetic, the new retaining screws were a bit tight even with lube so take your time with those and you won't be dissapointed, do note that this stock is around 2\" shorter than a factory one....."
– satisfied customer
5.0 5
"Perfect fit"
– Denny
5.0 5
"I replaced my tapco folding stock with this product. In the package it looks tiny, but I compared it to my friends wooden stock on his AK, its the same size. Gotta drill 2 holes with provided bit, but had it on in 5 min."
– John81
3.0 5
"Alright, to start this stock does look pretty tiny. From insert to butt end it's about 10 inches. The outside was smooth, so no worries about having to sand it down for athstetics. The metal butt plate is a nice touch, it gives it a better feel than if it were just all \"poly\". The biggest downside to this stock is the fact that if you do replace your factory stock, be prepaired to either not use your sling, OR replace it with a sturdy one. I read that the metal is pretty weak, and it does look a little flimsy. All in all, I gave this a 3. I would have given it a better rating but I've yet to do the conversion, and also my pistol grip I bought WITH the stock were shipped separately. That didn't make much sense seeings how my last order was bigger AND was shipped together??"
– Chase From Oregon
4.0 5
"It was harder to get the old stock out than to put the new one on. It is the exact dimensions of my old WASR-10 stock, but much lighter. I think it\uFFFDs great."
– Gun Doc
4.0 5
"Not chezzy plastic!! its not hallow, It is very solid! the only thing I dont like its a bit to short, Hard to aim a bit. always can add a rubber buttpad and make it a bit longer and less recoil."
– a bit short, Not chezzy plastic!
5.0 5
"OK folks, slow down a minute. This stock is exactly what is described in the literature on the Tapco Site. It fits perfect on my Saiga 410 shotgun, after a minor amount of dremel too work on the stock. This stock is not made to plug and play on the Saiga rifles and shotguns. You must cut appprox. 1/2 inch off the part that goes into the receiver. Make it the same length of the stock you took off your gun and walla! Nowhere in the literature does it say no gunsmithing required, although minor fitting of a synthetic stock is NOT gunsmithing anyway.Yes it is shorter than the sportster stock but is to mil spec in length. Take your time, look in the receiver with a flashlight and see what may be binding. Become familiar with the firearm you are installing the stock on. Cut only what you need to and you will have a very easy and safe install. Another plus for this stock is that the bottom tang on the Saiga shotguns can stay exactly where it is, don't cut it off, and a small hole drilled to mount with a screw to the bottom of the stock.ANOTHER FINE PRODUCT FROM TAPCO AND CHEAPER THAN DIRT."
– Danny
5.0 5
"aside from the bag missing screws and a drill bit that was susposed to be included, this stock is perfect...it fit perfectly on my Romanian AK with absolutly no modding, very solid, looks great, and is the same length as the origional wood."
– Jason
5.0 5
"This thing is a perfect fit for my AK. It was easier to put this stock on then it was to take my old one off!! It also gives the gun a better feel then the stock wooden ones. Antother great product from CTD!"
– Chris
5.0 5
"A Warsaw stock is 1-3/8 \" shorter than a Nato stock ,not inches shorter.Which gives you room for a recoil pad if you so desire without being to long,the only thing is you'll cover your hole in the rear of the stock for the small cleaning kit. Search the net for Warsaw stock vs Nato stock !!Do your home work."
– swamphunter
5.0 5
"This is very nice stock. I added it to my WASR-10 and it looks and feels great. Easy to install and was the exact length of the original wood stock. The AK is super light weight now."
– ZombieHeadShot
5.0 5
"It was harder to take my old stock off than to install this one. It should be known that the stock comes without the holes, and you will have to use the supplied drill bit (which was a nice thing for them to do, since it took the guess work of choosing the correct one) and screws. Once you place the butt stock in place, I drilled the holes, then screwed it in place. The entire process took all of 5 minutes, and it gave my WASR-10 a more tactical look, than the original wooden look. Love the new look, plus the rifle seems lighter, which is a good thing, in my opinion."
– E
5.0 5
"I had no problems at all with the fit or quaility of this product! It was actually a little longer than my wood stock."
– Clark
5.0 5
"Replaced the ugly RPK style stock on my I/O AK. It is shorter than I thought, but I don't mind. It's lightweight, looks cool, and was easy to install."
– cal
5.0 5
"This stock was a bit of a pain to get it to work with my MAC-90 due to some trimming but that goes without saying with any variant of AK when you add aftermarket parts. People cry and complain like sissy girls because they have to drill holes, but what do you expect when there are literally dozens of different variants of AK's? It's light, sturdy and sports a great attachment point so you can use a standard 3-point sling. All in all a great buy."
– Chaos
4.0 5
"Great product, I didn't get it to seat all the way down into the end sleeve; but, that wasn't a product defect it was an impatience issue. It sits well, the screws worked as planned. I would recommend the product. Looks great on my WASR-10."
– Guerrilla
4.0 5
"I used this as a replacement for the cool, but not so ergonomic folding stock on my Tantal ak74. It was relatively easy to install, there is no wobbling. In the back, you can use a screw to open up the stock backplte and put things in there, thats nice. However, you need a screwdriver to take out the backplate (unlike on an AR15)..so unfortunately its not really so useful for storing cleaning supplies and stuff. The stock is a little short, but it is still an improvement over shorter ones, it is also very lightweight, and I can use it to rest my cheek on comfortably. Bottom Line: I am pleased with my purchase, and would recommend it for someone who bought that cool AK with a folding stock on the internet but discovers it annoying when out at the range. Hope this review helps. -Leif"
– Leif
4.0 5
"I ordered this monday and got it wednesday along with 500 rounds of 7.62 and a couple other goodies. Excellent service CTD! The hardest part about this was taking out the old stock. All around a painless process. A couple of whacks with a hammer and it was snug without the screws. The screws had a hard time going in but other than that, this stock is a solid and economical compliance part and looks good. It does come with the required drill bit. I wouldn't change a thing. I have an Arsenal USA AK by the way."
– exarmysarge
5.0 5
"As always fantastic shipping speed CTD! I received it 3 days after my order was placed, always fast shipping! This product itself was fantastic as well, it is the same length as a wasr10/63 standard stock. You do have to drill your own holes into the part that goes into the receiver which I thought was going to be a problem, but it was easy to do. They include a drill bit in the package and it fits into a standard dremel. Thank you CTD!"
– Sam
5.0 5
"I bought this for my Ak-47 WASR10. It fit great. You do have to drill two holes for the screw but they include the drill bit. Fits and works great on my model of Ak-47. It sits a little higher where the recevier meets the stock, so its a little tricky to get the recevier cover back on."
– Fountain44
5.0 5
"Fits like a glove. Installed it two minutes ."
– Gerry
2.0 5
"I own a fully equipped TAPCO SKS, and this was the first item I bought for my AK. Installation was as easy as can be expected, and fit was great. Feels like factory, and I like the steel end, and even though it feels and looks cheap, it is way too short. I've had the Dragunov stock for my AK, and that was only an inch longer on the pull, and still felt better. If you have a scope on your AK, you will probably get hit in the face with it. Shooting position is uncomfortable at best, and just dangerous at worse."
– Chad
5.0 5
"If you are planning to turn your AK in to a black panther use this butt stock. Nice solid fit. Great look"
– jimbosskow
5.0 5
"Good product, quick shipping. Only one complaint, but it's my fault. I bought it for my Saiga 12 conversion, bad idea. The stock is 4\" shorter than the original, no way to get a good cheek weld, and you can't line the sights up with it. If you're putting it on an AK rifle it'll be great, but if you're doing a Saiga 12 conversion go with a NATO length."
– Jimmy K
5.0 5
"Just got this stock along with a fore grip and pistol grip for my MAC90. Its considerably shorter than the standard MAC90 stock, but I like it. I feel more snug with the gun and easier to shoot. Hardest part was without a doubt removing the origional stock. Took a bit of machining too. About 3 min with a dremel and presto. I highly recommend it."
– Jason
5.0 5
"This stock is made quite well. It's very solid and durable. Plus it comes in three colors. I don't really like having any tapco furniture on my AK but this stock is an exception. It's full length and has a comfortable buttplate. The sling swivel is placed on the left side and doesn't get in the way at all. Overall great product! 5/5"
– Spencer
5.0 5
"Took ten minutes to install on my WASR. Fits tightly with no wobble, solid construction, looks great. I have literally nothing bad to say about this. Great job, Tapco."
– Bad Dingo
5.0 5
"This is a great stock. It looks like the original, but brings your AK up to date. It gives it a real slick look. Love it! Thanks, CTD!"
– Boxerdogg
3.0 5
"The reason I purchased this stock was because I wanted a longer length of pull. However, it turns out it is just as long as the one my AK came with (Romanians have short arms?). Metal but plate is uncomfortable and the way I had to install it was kinda janky. It's securely installed on my WASR 10/63 now, but I will soon be replacing it. Overall, it's an OK stock, so I give it 3/5."
– YoUnGuN
5.0 5
"Arrived in 2-3 days, drilled two holes, fits like a glove. No gaps, no sanding, grinding, etc..."