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Tanfoglio Witness 1911 Airsoft Pistol Black 12 Round Mag Incl. Target

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It is illegal for minors to purchase airsoft guns. You must be 21 or older to purchase this item.

Airsoft guns cannot be shipped to addresses in Bridgeport, CT; California; Delaware; Illinois; Massachusetts; Miami, FL; Michigan; New Jersey; New York; and Washington, DC.

For best performance and accuracy, use 0.20-gram airsoft ammo

Specifications and features:
Modeled after the Tanfoglio Witness 1911 handgun
Shoots 6mm plastic airsoft ammo or 6mm paintballs
12 Round magazine
Black plastic
Approx. 290 fps
Approx. 1 lb.
Includes sticky target 
Total number of Reviews: 20

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5.0 5
"I've bought plenty of guns but this is definetly the best airsoft handgun i've ever owned. I let my friend burrow it for an airsoft battle and it tore me up. I had blood blisters from this thing. It has a very solid feel to ot also and you can get extra magsd for it.GET THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it wont let you down!!!!!!!!!!"
5.0 5
"This was one of my first gun I've ever had. Out of about 15 guns, and I've had about 8 brake on me its a power full gun and my friends hate when I use it beacause it hurts so bad."
5.0 5
"I have this gun it hurts it is good. My firend has one and on the count of three we both shot each other."
5.0 5
"This gun rocks!!! i shot my brother in the head and he got a black and blue mark and had to go to the hospital."
5.0 5
"i bought this gun and it distroyed everyone in our fights i even broke a window from 50 feet away ant the BB went through steel screen first-now thats power"
5.0 5
"this was my first gun before they stopped shipping them to NY and i had it for a few years now. if ur careful when using paintballis in this thing they wont break it like most reiews say about paintballs for airsoft. i re-use bb's shot at my target so mine doesnt shoot as fast as the reviews say. but it is really powerful with re-used bb's i could imagine the power with beand new bb's with the grease on them. i only use brand new bb's in intense airsoft wars and they must really hurt. when i re-use bb's they have a slight curve and they can still shoot through a meatal window screen and ur neighbor's vynal siding. when u use brand new bb's the fps is about 320 or a little more or less. once you get used to the slight curve(which doesnt take that long to get used to) and the aiming u can pick off stuff really well with it. really good gun. you should get it. dont mean anything wrong to CTD but if u live in the restriced area then buy it elsewhere. but this website is great for buying all your other airsoft supplies and has great prices."
1.0 5
"this gun is a waste of money. its not even powerful at all. the first day i got it i loaded it, put it to my eye, and shot, nothing even happened. it looks like crap, it shoots weak, and the accuracy is horrible. i unloaded a whole clip at my dog from 3 feet away and i couldnt even hit my dog, PROBABLY BECAUSE THE GUN CANT EVEN SHOOT THAT FAR! whatever u do, do not buy this gun."
5.0 5
"this gun is AWSOME,it is super accurit. this gun is good for playing around with friend. best pistle i own."
5.0 5
"Ok, first of all, I have no clue what the guy below me called \"the kid that shoots good\" is saying. This is really a great gun. It has very good accuracy, great fps and pretty good mag capacity. It can give people blood blisters at close range. But when you start using it on people farther away, it wont hurt that bad. It is also a really good Looking gun. Ive fired the real 45. and this gun is extremely close looking to the real one. Overall this gun is great, and should only be used as a back up weapon."
1.0 5
"This was my first airsoft gun and it was cool for awhile and i took real good care of it, then it just started jamming and eventually just broke. It was a waste of money, i don't know if it was just mine from the previous ratings but it was bad."
4.0 5
"This gun is very reliable it is very hard to break and it shoots good. Buy It!"
5.0 5
"I highly recommend getting this gun, especially if you play close range. Ha HA you can really tell if ya get shot. i always say, \"getting shot is just the beginning\".If you dont get it, you just plain stupid."
5.0 5
"i dont no what the hell that kid who shoots good is talking about but i hope he didn't shoot his shooting eye because he wont be airsofting for a while this is a GREAT GUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
5.0 5
"This is the best gun ever if you dont buy it ur stuipid!"
4.0 5
"overall i'd say it isnt a bad gun. It hits hard and it's pretty darn acurate. My only problem is that everytime i empty the mag, i get my last round stuck in the gun and gotta shake it lose. Other than that its a great gun and i would suggest it as a sidearm only."
5.0 5
"This gun is the best gun under $150. i would recomend this gun to everyone. it does jam but it is very easy to fix. First= take out the mag. Second=look on the left side of the gun right apove the trigger is a switch looking thing then look on the right side of the gun and and look above the trigger for a circluar lump thing and push of that and simotainisly pulling on the switch thing and when you get it out push the top of the gun away from you and it should split in half and on the top half you should be able to figure the rest out its not hard and if you have any question email me at ur_jelous@yahoo.com"
5.0 5
"the pistol was both powerful and accrate although it had poblems shooting 6mm paint balls as they tended to foul up the hopper. overall an excellant choice for plinking or scaring away the nieghbers dog before he fertilizes your lawn. P.S. don't shoot at animals kids, (unless you really mean it ;)"
3.0 5
"I have this pistil. It is a good gun, but one problem, the screws that hold the top of the gun on came out so now to cock it I need to slide it back on and readjust it. But other than that it is a good gun with some metal and hevay duty plastic parts and cock evry shot. =]"
5.0 5
"This gun is very consistant in aim and is very powerful"
5.0 5
"Ok \"the kid that shoots good\" needs some help. i`ve had this gun for over a year now and it still works like new. Plus who shoots at themselves with an airsoft gun at point blank. AND who is stupid enough to even attempt to shoot anything at his own dog. Dude you need some Psyciatric help or something."