Tactical Sport Headset Black 1/case

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Peltor 3M Tactical Sport Headset, Black (MT16H210F-479-SV) The Peltor Tactical Sport headset by 3M, are intelligent, and active hearing protectors. The active-volume function gives the user a very pleasant sound reproduction with minimal interference due to how smooth it is to adjust it. Due to its unique digital audio circuit there is absolutely no abrupt sound cut-off which unfortunately is a negative characteristic of many active-volume hearing protectors today. Many people find this very unpleasant and disruptive. This latest addition to the Peltor Tactical line is perfect for using at the shooting range or while hunting. The headset also comes with a folding headband making it more compact for better storage of it while not in use. It uses 2 AAA batteries which can easily provide around 500 hours of use. The audio input jack on the left ear cup is perfect to use along with the Peltor patch cords for auxiliary input of an mp3 player, a dog tracker or a hunting radio. The advanced electronics found in the Peltor Tactical Sport headset respond super fast in order to protect the users hearing from loud and sudden impulse noises. The system within works in such a way that the user does not even hear the cut-off once the protector is activated. Following in the tradition of the other line of active-volume headsets within the Peltor Tactical family, the Tactical Sport headset will also amplify the users hearing when wearing them. Specifications: - Noise Reduction Rating of 20 dB - New ASIC chip technology for cleaner more refined audio reproduction - Amplification of ambient sound to help you hear much better - Audio jack for external components such as cell phones MP3 players, or dog trackers - Auto shut-off is triggered after two hours of being idle in o rder to conserve battery life - External battery compartment with easy access - Produces around 500 hours of battery life - Recessed microphone - Adjustable, padded stainless steel headband - Classic Peltor comfort for extended wear - Ergonomically designed ear cups to give you comfort even during extended wear - Contoured cups for better stock-weld and sight picture - Recommended for Military and LE Tactical industries