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Tactical Red Laser Xenon Flashlight Combo Leapers UTG 126 Lumen Light 3.1 mW Red Laser Ambidextrous Switch

Leapers UTG
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Specifications and features:
UTG laser light combo
23mm Xenon weapon flashlight
126 maximum lumens flashlight
6 volts flashlight voltage
Class 3R red laser
2.5 to 3.1mW laser output power
630-640nm laser wavelength
12-20mm laser beam diameter at 15 meters
80cm laser beam movement at 10 meters
500 meters laser range
Ambidextrous toggle switch operation
Rotary functional switch to select laser, flashlight, or both
Permanent on, permanent off, and momentary on modes
Three stage switch
TS rated laser with precise and wide range windage and elevation adjustments
Universal integral clamp on deck
Fits most tactical pistols and firearms with or without rails
Quick release tailcap lock
Aluminum construction
Recoil resistant
Preset flashlight focus
TS and 4 points laser control and adjustment
70 minutes flashlight battery run time
80 minutes laser battery run time
6,000 hours laser life time
14 degrees F to -113 degrees F laser operating temperature
3.58" overall length
Black finish
6.3 ounces
1 year limited warranty

For warranty issues, contact 734-542-1500 or office@leapers.com

Economical light and laser combination has all the features of the high dollar models; constructed of one-piece, machined, aircraft aluminum that is sturdy and lightweight, mounts on any Picatinny or Weaver-style rail. 3 7/8" long, 1 5/8" wide and 2 1/4" tall. Features ambidextrous fingertip on/off switch and three operating modes; 120 Lumen light only, laser only, or light and laser, combat rated for shock and water resistance, this super-bright light and precision-adjustable laser are hard to beat at any price.

The UTG laser light combo  is good for home defense, law enforcement, and military use. True strength scope platform using smart spherical structure (SSS) to achieve simplified and strengthened inner/outer tube interaction for most precise and responsive windage and elevation adjustment and toughest recoil resistance. The UTG laser light combo has a universal integral clamp on mounting deck that will fit most pistols and firearms with without a rail slot. The UTG laser light combo includes a mount for Picatinny or Weaver rails.
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4.0 5
"Just got this the other day. I mounted it on the front bottom rail of my PLR-16. Works great. Positives- -Great Price!-Heavy Duty Construction-Finger Mounted Switches-Good Size, Not Too BulkyNegatives--You must dial in the Laser, Laser & Light, or just Light and then the switch only works on or off for what you have it dailed into. Kind of a pain if you have to change it in a hurry.-On Off switch feels a little flimsy-Has to be removed when changing batteries to open battery door"
4.0 5
"I received this a few days ago and was anxious to try it out before reading the description. This unit has a double toggle switch, left or right side, momentary or full on position plus a pushbutton on/off lockout switch in back of the laser which has an available remote-wired switch. It has two batteries and is very compact. I loaded the batteries to checkout the light and laser but when I put it back into it's foam lined metal cigar box I left the laser push button in the ON position which allowed the toggle switch to be accidently turned on while in the box. A little later the box was warm to the touch and the unit was too hot to handle. The flashlight lens now has a bubble in the middle from the heat. It still works ok and the batteries were still strong. I also bought a universal shotgun \"Tri-rail shotgun mount\" Item # SHT-071. I mounted this on the barrel of my 5 round NEF Pardner 12 gauge \"home defense\" under the barrel just behind the front sight with room in front of the magazine tube to fit the laser/flashlight unit so it is compact and looks good. I haven't tried unit on a pistol yet."
5.0 5
"On an HK USP, it looks as if it belongs there. I couldn't get any range time, however, because the rail mount adapter from Lasermax broke so now im SOL until a new one comes in. I will comment on the range time in the next review."
5.0 5
"I got a new adapter for my HK USP. like I said before it looks great. At the range it functioned flawlessly. If I had another pistol, I'd buy another one."
1.0 5
"This looked real nice on my tactical shotgun, untill I fired it. The battery compartment opened due to recoil throwing the batteries on the ground. Put it on my Springfield XD, and point of impact changes with every shot."
4.0 5
"It seems to be a good laser but there was no directions on which way to turn the adjustment screws on the laser."
4.0 5
"This product was not a bad purchase at all, although I have only equipped it to the Springfield 1911 i keep for home defense. How it does on a shotgun/rifle is beyond me, but so far so good for the pistol.Truly not to bad a price when u need something to shine a lil extra light on a driveway at night."
3.0 5
"Mounted on my CX4 carbine(40 s&w); battery compartment popped open on recoil. Replaced weak factory latch spring with a stronger one; seems to be holding up alright. This unit is made by Leapers. If I had known that, I probably wouldn't have purchased it. The factory customer service rep says it can not be returned to place of purchase, but must be returned to Leapers with $10 to cover handling, so the warranty isn't what it claims to be."
4.0 5
"got two of these sights (hoping to save BIG BUCKS)over the TR-2 sights. Mounted one on a Springfield XD .45 cal Tactical 5\". took it to an indoor range and was able in low to no light conditions aim and hit target \"CENTER MASS\" with .75 shot grouping @ 15 yards using laser sight. The second one was a problem child!! Mounted it on a S & W Sigma .40 cal. With-in 2 shots the Light went out broke the Filiment inside of the bulb. I suspect it was a bad unit, coupled with the recoil did it in. I contacted CTD and was QUITE INPRESSED with the service. Sent the unit back and with-in a week had a NEW unit mounted and was back at the range. Shot grouping was not so good, Laser WOULD NOT hold ZERO, However for Home Defense will do the JOB!!"
1.0 5
"Looks cool but cant handle the recoil on my 52R SKS! The batteries fall out everytime.When i removed the batteries the batt door did not come open.Im going to try and see what i can do to fix it?"
1.0 5
"Sorry guys I hate giving crappy reviews but I have to. I bought one of these first the laser stopped working then the light. Returned it got another unit again same problem laser will not work again seems to be a problem in the switch somewhere. Wish I had a chance to shoot it but couldnt even get that far."
4.0 5
"Added this to my Kimber Custom II (1911 clone) and it fits great on my rail also ordered from CTD. Kinda bulky and won't fit into a holster, but works good, easy to adjust for windage and elevation."
4.0 5
"This is a really great laser for the money. Tricky at first to adjust but can be managed, if not for this I'd give it five bullets. I have one on my 1911 shot with it many times and it hits dead on. Will be buyin one as a second option for my S&W MP15 soon. Thanks for allowing me to spend thousands cheaperthandirt.lol"
1.0 5
"In my hand, this seems like a great product. On my Springfield XD, .45 caliber, 5\uFFFD barrel, it\uFFFDs a different story. After replacing the original unit 3 times, I\uFFFDve given up. I don\uFFFDt think it is designed to withstand the recoil of a large caliber pistol, and their quality control is lacking. With two of the units, the rotary selector switch was defective out of the box. With the two others, the switch failed after repeated firings of the gun. The product description brags that the unit will fit on a gun\uFFFDs rails with or without cross slots (my gun has a standard Picatinny rail with cross slots). But without cross bars on the unit to fit into the gun\uFFFDs cross slots, the unit flies off with the gun\uFFFDs recoil. This was true no matter how much I tightened the bolts. I solved this problem by covering the unit\uFFFDs rails with friction tape, but this leaves a sticky mess on the gun when the unit is removed.The battery door also cannot withstand recoil and comes open. However, since the unit comes up against the trigger guard, the batteries do not fall out. This still would be a serious problem, however, in the case of a long gun."
3.0 5
"looks great and priced well, however mounted on a 45 it cuts in and out after a few shots and bullet never hits the same place twice. i sugguest buying a bore sighter with this one cos you will need to sight it in after every trip to the range"
1.0 5
"The laser/flashlight is a really good look on my pistol (Taurus9mm) but it couldnt handle only 147 shots out of it before the laser half of it literaly broke off... i just dont think it was make for the recoil of any gun.... its a shame."
1.0 5
"well i purchased this thinking its hot. although i read the reviews i figured id give it a shot. worked for exactly 1 week...then stopped working...waiting for customer service dept to open up to complain... its true..u get what u paid for..."
1.0 5
"omg be wary of buying from these guys... it took 11 days to get the return label... 8 days to process it after it was received then the just refund my money stating that the item worked... when in fact it stopped working 8 days after purchase... like id go through all that trouble if i just wanted a refund... siiigh..."
4.0 5
"I have 2 of these (One came with my H&K P2000SK 9mm, the other I use on a Walther PPS .40). The one on the H&K has worked flawless with over 200 rounds. The one on my Walter worked great for about 75 rounds, then would intermittently turn on & off between shots, and would sometimes turn dim or not turn off at all. TO FIX THIS: I removed the two hex screws at the one/off button, removed the switch assembly, dipped it in rubbing alcohol while pushing the button several times, then reassembled. It works fine again."
2.0 5
"i retract my previous statements. worthless. its just a light now with a laser that doesnt work. at least the USP still works flawlessly"
4.0 5
"This was defiantly decent on my Ruger 10/22 with a Tapco stock. It is overall to large for a handgun and may not stand up to the recoil. It is fairly accurate and the light is very bright. I would suggest this to anyone who would want to put it on a small caliber home defense rifle"
3.0 5
"Just purchased and mounted on my AR-15.Dialed in and laser is accurate from 45yds - head shot.Fired 300 +/- rounds and so far, so good... thinking of ordering the pressure switch... reading some of these reviews, think I may wait until I fire a couple 100 more rounds."
1.0 5
1.0 5
"I bought this laser/light combo new, went home and attached it to my AR15. Began to try the different settings while still in my livingroom chair, and the laser by itself would sometimes work and not work. I didn't even get to put any recoil tests to it, before it was already bad straight out of the new box. Stay away from this!!!!"
1.0 5
"Falls off the rail after 2 shots, enough said!"
1.0 5
"I thought the price would be right, but its has to at least work for that to be true. The light worked for about ten minutes now it wont turn on at all anymore. And one of the screws stripped the first time I tried attaching it to my pistol. Bulky and poorly made, I WOULD NOT recommend this item for any weapon."
5.0 5
"This really deserves around 4 1/2 so I rounded up. I put mine on a Sig Sauer 9mm and just got back from the range with it yesterday. It's not a flawless piece of work but it's not $300 either. after 200+ rounds I found the only real problem I had was the laser would not stay zeroed, which was no big surprise, I figured it wouldn't after I first zeroed it. a minor problem I found is the lens was slightly loose after 200 down range. The reason I give this bad lad a generous rating however is because all you need to resolve both these and a few of the problems in other reviews is a simple tube of Lock Tight. so if you plan on buying one of these or your having a problem with the thing staying together due to recoil, grab a blue tube of Lock Tight,I've found in the past that just a tiny bit of the blue stuff is more than enough to keep things tight with the violent recoil of a .50 mag black-powder Rifle. However for $70 this laser/light combo has worked better than expected on my 9mm but I would look into something a little better for anything bigger than a .40 S&W or a .270."