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Tactical Industries AR-15 Target Master Conversion Kit

Tactical Industries LLC
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Convert your AR to run inexpensive .22 LR ammunition with this easy to install conversion kit. Includes one 25 round magazine from Blackdog.

Target Master is an excellent tool for weapon familiarization and training for new shooters without the muzzle blast, noise and recoil associated with full power 5.56mm ammo while allowing the use of real full size weapons. Good weapon skills are developed by repeated practice building muscle memory. Target Master allows you to shoot more and shoot more often.

Can be used with piston uppers but piston must be removed. The PRI Gas Buster charging handle will not work with this .22 Conversion kit

The manufacturer/supplier has requested customers deal directly with them on returns and/or warranty claims

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 22 CONVERSION ARR-590
.22 Long rifle
Easy to install

One 26 round X-Form magazine from Black Dog.

Tactical Industries LLC
1266 Ardmore Hwy
Taft, TN 38488

Total number of Reviews: 19

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1.0 5
"Works great if you like single shots and enjoy digging the round out of the chamber after every shot. The extractor does not even get close to the rim of the shell, after two hours of grinding/filing it works 3 out of 4 rounds. Good mag but bad conversion"
1.0 5
"Piece of You know what Every other round Does not extract.Threw it in the trash do not waste your money on this product !!!!!!!!!!!!"
4.0 5
"Went out yesterday and shot over 500 rounds of Winschester 36 grain hollow point .22 ammo. Not one single stove pipe or stuck casing in the chamber. My friends and I found out that Remington .22 bullets and other brands dont work great in this and other brand of .22 conversion kits. I used the conversion kit in my Colt .223 Match Target Competition rife, Kit worked great!!"
4.0 5
"I have fired 1000+ rounds and never had a major issue or stove piping of rounds. For the money, I am more than happy. If you read instructions, you should have a great time with this product."
5.0 5
"Works great. Over 200 rds through. Only one FTF, but that was the crappy Remington ammo I was using. No FTE, no FTL, and no double feeds. Works smoothly. I do recommend keeping a piece of paper with you so you can set your scope back and fourth between .22 and .223. It does gunk up the barrel quite a bit, so bring at least a bore snake to the range. My only other concern is possible clogging of the gas block over time. I just blast it with brake cleaner."
5.0 5
"Conversion kit works flawlessly with my Windham Weaponry AR-15. Dropped right in with a little oil and shot all day long. No feeding, ejecting, or jamming issues. This is a great product."
5.0 5
"I have ran quite a bit of rounds through this and have not even cleaned it yet. I'm doing a dirty test on it to see if and when it jams up! The thing is fantastic, easy to use/install, and a great investment! I can plink all day with this thing. I just can't wait for my suppressor to come in for my AR so I can really screw with some stuff!Great buy! I just wish it came with more mags..."
1.0 5
"Extractor did not function at all. After half a day and about 100 rounds I filed and polished until I got it to extract empty or live rounds."
4.0 5
"Do not buy if you are not tech savy you have to do modifications to make it function properly, came parkerized not as in the pic. mine works every time now lots of trial end error. spend the extra bucks CTD great shippping"
5.0 5
"Well worth the money works great. Just make sure you don't buy the cheap rounds for this it will JAM and JAM. Federal is not a good round for this kit."
1.0 5
"I am going to preface my review by saying that this kit was tested in three AR rifles - a Colt, a PSA, and a Bushmaster utilizing three different gas systems and barrel lengths (rifle, carbine, mid-length), (14.5\", 16\", 20\") and it literally failed to fire two rounds in succession with any of them. Ammo used was Federal bulk, Winchester bulk, CCI stingers, Federal sub sonic, AR22, and some Remington bulk. Choked on it all. Terrible experience. Wouldn't run dry, wouldn't run lubed, wouldn't run. Period. Contacting CTD to return now."
3.0 5
"Bought a couple of these based on price. The magazine is 5 star, the kit no so good. Comes in a bag with a two piece plastic box to protect the works but doesn\uFFFDt do anything to protect the tip. Tip protection is a useful attribute if you often change these out with a regular BCG or just to clean it. The kit fires CCI Mini Mag (1200fps) and Velocitor (1400fps) high speed 22LR with no problem. Norma (1100fps), Remington (1068fps), Eley (1042fps) subsonic rounds all failed to feed properly 40 percent of the time. Didn\uFFFDt try the real good stuff (Aquila 60gr SSS), didn\uFFFDt want to waste it. Appears the spring system here needs energy to function reliably."
5.0 5
"Ordered the kit and received it quickly. Dropped the new bolt in and had my AR shooting .22 rounds in about 5 mins. Shot about 25 rounds in my backyard without a hitch. I had to leave so I couldn't shoot more that day. So far I love it!"
5.0 5
"I ordered this a while ago and since then I would say I've easily shot 500 rounds through it. There's not much to say about it other than it's very reliable. It's just for fun, don't count on actually hitting things with precision. In general, I'd recommend this to anyone and I'd buy another. The magazine is excellent as well."
4.0 5
"I've seen bad reviews on this but a knowledgeable friend gave me the go ahead. My only problem is that it won't extract an unfired round. I don't want to void my warrantee either. If you've got good ammunition it'll run all day. Just follow the instructions on the initial install. Don't force anything, oil it up, rack it a bunch, run it. It ought to work so long as it fires."
1.0 5
"Do not purchase this product. I took it out for the first time and had nothing but problems. I managed to fire about 25 rounds through it in between failures to fire and failures to load properly. I have no experience with any other products similar to this so I cannot compare it to CMMG or any other products. However I can tell you that this product does not function as advertised. Just to be clear I did read the instructions and I did use the recommended type of ammunition."
5.0 5
"I received this for my birthday and took it to a local range to check it out. Ran 150 rounds using 50 rounds of Winchester, Federal and Aguila, experienced 1 stovepipe and 1 dud round, otherwise it performed flawlessly in my Smith and Wesson M&P Sport. I did use an ample amount of Break Free after the stove pipe and it just cycled rounds as fast as I pulled the trigger. Excellent product for the price."
5.0 5
"I almost did not buy because of some of the rating. I pumped 100 rounds through with no issue at all. Due to the nature of the gas system it WILL get dirty so if you plan to shoot all day I'd take a can of barrel blast with you. But I would buy it again! Super simple, just drop in, load the magazine and have fun! Accuracy was better than I expected."
4.0 5
"It is ok for what it is. Lube it good and use good ammo and you will have no problems. The one I have likes Aguila sss subsonic and CCI copper-22 the best."