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TacStar10-Shot Remington 870 Shotgun Magazine Extension

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Easy to install magazine extensions increase capacity of your 12 Gauge shotgun.

Machined from super strong chrome moly steel tubing. The ten-shot extension allows for five more shotgun rounds. Ten shot extensions include a barrel magazine clamp and all extensions include a new spring. For 12 gauge only.

Specifications and features:
10-shot magazine extension
Fits Remington 870 shotguns
Allows 5 extra rounds
Chrome-moly steel tubing
Includes new spring & barrel/magazine clamp. 12 gauge only. 

Item#: 31985
Total number of Reviews: 16

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4.0 5
"Very well built, sturdy, solid. Fits perfect.My only complaint is the black paint chips/scrapes off very easily. For the price it they should have used a much more rugged paint.This magazine does add considerable weight, so be prepared for that.Overall this is worth buying if you want the extra capacity."
5.0 5
"This thing is great quality! Another review mentioned the paint coming off easily but it hasn't come off mine at all, and the color matches perfectly with the el cheepo 870 express. I had to grind the demples out of the existing tube, then I just put the new spring in, and screwed this mother on. Makes the gun feel like an anchor, but only if you load it fully.FITS 10 2 & 3/4\" shells and 9 3\" shells. PLUS ONE IN THE CHAMBERThats a total of 11 or 10 rounds.This makes the gun look awsome, and so much more fun to shoot."
5.0 5
"Very well made item...however I would highly reccomend replacing the crappy plastic follower that is used on most all remington shotguns with a steel version, or at least a heavy made nylon tactical version to greatly improve the reliability..otherwise you may find the guns action jammed with a magazine spring and broken pieces of the aforementioned (o.e.) plastic shell follower....just when you really need the gun to function.A lot of pressure is placed on the shell follower with a fully loaded magazine. One of the best extensions I have seen, or used...with the mentioned follower replacement."
5.0 5
"I ordered this extension along with another manufacturer \uFFFDs much more expensive+5 for my Benelli Nova and the TacStar mag tube is longer and holds more ammo! Not only does this allow you to load nine 2 3/4\" shells, you can load nine 3\" shells! My 870 doesn't have a mag receiver so I've never experimented with 3 1/2\" in case you were wondering . . . You will have to file the divets away inside your shotgun's mag tube but I've done it twice now on two different 870s and it really only takes 15 minutes if you have the appropriate file, less than that if you have a dremel tool (which I do not) . . . Anyway, this comes to about an inch and a half short of a 28\" barrel and a bit past the 26\" . . . Easy to install, does what it's supposed to do and looks good! Buy it!"
5.0 5
"Very easy to install on my 870 express magnum. I drilled the dimples out with just the right size bit. This and a little file work to take off the burrs left by the bit and no problems. The barrel ring covers up the holes. This holds 10+1 2-3/4 skeet and 8+1 00 Buckshot Sellier & Bellot 2-3/4 high brass. These shells are actually a bit longer than the trap and skeet shells. Also with 8 of the 00 buckshot loaded it will hold an additional skeet shell giving me 9+1. I think I will add a better fallower as the OEM looks to be a bit delicate. I highly recomend this item!"
5.0 5
"This was easy to install (5-8 mins) if you read the reviews you know what needs to be done. works perfect. just a little longer than the 26\" barrel."
4.0 5
"Good Item. Requires some filling on the nubs of your 870 and I would recommend you get an extra magazine clamp to beef up the mounting. It comes with one but when you break it down to clean with only one you have to be careful. Definitely adds some weight to your weapon . If you take the time to file and double check then clean It will hold and cycle a full 9+1 [ 2 3/4 ] perfectly every time. If your in the market for this type of item and not too concerned about the weight then this is the product for you. Very good quality. Also I would suggest a follower upgrade to be safe. Mine has cycled perfectly so far without one yet though."
5.0 5
"I added the extension to my 30 year old Wingmaster with 28\" barrel and love it. Comes with the magazine clamp and spring. Clamp works well with ventilated rib barrel."
4.0 5
"This mag ext. is worth the money. It comes just about a \uFFFD inch past my 26 inch barrel on the 870. The only thing I wasn\uFFFDt 100% happy with it was it would start to get loose after every 25 rounds and I would have to give it a quick tighten. The clamp that comes with it is a joke and I didn\uFFFDt like it. It will fall off after X amount rounds. It also feels like a ton when it\uFFFDs fully loaded but\uFFFD.for someone who has a play gun this is cool to put on and blast away at the ranch. Not recommended for your primary/only gun. I dig it and give it a 8 out of 10. I hope I helped anyone thinking about getting it."
5.0 5
"I love this! I use it on my Remington 870 Super Mag with 26\" barrel. It comes up pretty close to dead even with my 26\" barrel. The installation is easy but it will void your gun's warranty because you have to file down (or drill out) the two little \"dimples\" at the end of the mag tube (easily done with a dremel file tool). People seem to say they have problems with the clamp it includes, i have had no such problems. overall it took maybe 30-45 minutes to install due to the dimples. great product!!! deserves 5 bullets in my mind."
5.0 5
"This will work for a Remington 870 Express with a 28\" barrel. I had to invest 2 hours to make sure the tabs in the mag tube were flush but it was worth it. With this extension this thing made my personal custom configuration remington 870 Express into a max loaded pump shotgun. Its a tad heavier now but lesser reloads for me."
5.0 5
"Great add on to my 870!! It was a very easy install since I have an older model 870, I didn't have to do all the drilling or filing. Thanks for a great product and allowing me to enjoy shooting my 870 with less reloads!"
4.0 5
"I\uFFFDm an idiot and I was worried I wouldn\uFFFDt be able to figure out the dimple grinding I heard about. There\uFFFDs a good video on YouTube and that made it easy, even for me. The 870 express looks great. The mag does stick out beyond the barrel, but JUST barely. It looks cool and the wadding holds the rounds so the mag tube doesn\uFFFDt affect the shot. I dig the whole thing"
5.0 5
"Best upgrade you can buy IMO. It took me 10 mins to get the tabs filed down with a drill and a grinding bit. This is my first gun and first real love."
5.0 5
"Very easy add on to my 1986 Remington 870 Express Magnum. Had to grind the nubs in the mag tube but it is easy. My 870 now holds 10 in the tube! CTD made everything quick and easy."
4.0 5
"I wanted the look of tactical shotgun, with a long barrel I knew this would be hard. This addition works great. I\uFFFDm no gunsmith but with my dremal tool I was able to make the very basic modification. 10 minutes and I was done. I would suggest putting some lock-tight on the spacer at the end of the extension"