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Swiss Military Bayonet with Sheath 9" Premium Steel Blade Used Very Good Condition

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Original Swiss military bayonet with scabbard. Beautiful classic military weapon 14" overall with double edged 9" premium polished and hardened steel blad. 1950's vintage quality crafted for the famous Sig PE-57 rifle. This ultimate fighting knife can now be yours. We have a small cache of these individually serialized bayonets to sell. Elegant design with ribbed handle and palm swell converge to a metal pommel for close quarters combat.

Highest quality bayonet we have ever seen! Limited Supplies. Grade II condition.

All Military surplus products are used, the condition of the products varies, and the quantities may be limited.
Surplus condition scale:
Grade I Used in like new to excellent condition.
Grade II Used in good condition, may show minor use.
Grade III Used in fair condition, will show normal wear and tear from daily use. 
Total number of Reviews: 35

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5.0 5
"I bought this because it said ultimate fighting knife and I figured for $20.00 I couldn\uFFFDt go wrong. Man does this knife fell great in my hand. I find it balanced and extremely well made and it should be, mine was made by Victorinox. How cool is that. I have a real Swiss Army bayonet/knife. Since I cannot sharpen knives very well I took it to be sharpened and the guy at the knife shop was really impressed. He said the knife would last forever and the blade material wasn\uFFFDt too soft which he said was a real problem with bayonet blades. I bought another one while it was just as like my first it wasn\uFFFDt made by Victorinox it was made by Wegner but I couldn\uFFFDt tell the difference other than the name."
– Ernest
5.0 5
"Like the other review said, the balance and feel of this knife is excellent. It feels like an extension of your arm. No rust spots or noticeable storage damage. They do come un-sharpened, but should hold an edge well. One of my favorite items I have purchased from CheaperThanDirt."
– Quelin
5.0 5
"I bought 2. One is in very nice condition, and I use it as a letter opener. The other was a little battered, so it gets used to did weeds and puncture metal drums. While appreciating the balance I started tossing it at a dead tree and found it to be an excellent throwing knife"
– bernardpliers
5.0 5
"These are the real deal! Solid and top quality. Mine arrived in beautiful condition, but a little on the dull side. This didn't matter to me 'cause I use it to dig up targets I find with my metal detector. I dig in rocky soil, sometimes frozen, probably the worst abuse you can give a blade. Over time stabbing the rocky ground, the tip has rounded slightly, but the blade has never chipped. My last digging knife was a K-Bar fighting knife, and it wasn't this good."
– Dave
4.0 5
"I ordered this product like anyone else not knowing what to expect in the mail haveing previously ordered \"Very good con.\" used things in the past. But to my surprise yes it was in Very good condition to say the least. the sheath was almost new and the knife looked out of the box new. their was one tiny rust spot inside the guard that goes over the barrel and when i say tiny i mean 1/16 inch in circumferense. other than a few tiny nitches in the blade which a good sharpening can fix. The Knife overall was in very good to excellent condition I was very pleased and will continue ordering from this company"
– Steve
5.0 5
"This Bayonet is absolutly worth the money you won't be disappointed! It is marked used, but comes in great shape. I would buy another one if my girlfriend wasn't questioning why I needed the first one!"
– Ben
5.0 5
"Up to the indroduction of the StGw 90 (SIG 540) this was nomal issue bayonet. The Serial Number does not match the rife. The only difference between Victrorinox and Wenger (a branche of Victorinox) is the V or W with the S/N. the blades are not sharpened. Now you can buy those from the 7 Swiss army liquidation shops (Every single one I bought is in great shape.)During military service we \"played\" quite a lot with them and none got damaged.Buy in confidence..."
– Pio
5.0 5
"I received my Swiss Bayonet and was very impressed with the like new condition. The Swiss have always provided their military with very high quality equipment and it doesn't seem to get much wear and tear before they replace it. I am a US Marine Combat Veteran of two tours in Vietnam. A Bayonet is NEVER sharpened for use in combat. My bayonet arrived with the edge as it would be issued to a soldier. A bayonet is NOT a knife, and without going into the details, there is a very good reason you do not sharpen a bayonet for combat. It is OK to sharpen it for civilian use... but if you are a collector.... keep the edge \"as issued\"."
– Ken
5.0 5
"Received my Swiss Bayonet in excellent condition. Both the scabbard and bayonet were obviously issued. The scabbard shows the wear and tear of use but is fully functional, it simply wears the scuffs and scratches as proof of authenticity. A small amount of rust is visible on my scabbard, the retention device 'leaked' some rust onto the scabbard's body. Again only cosmetic. They just add to the appeal of this great Swiss made bayonet. The bayonet is in excellent condition, arrived lightly oiled for storage. All around great bayonet.For more information, visit swissrifles dot comThis bayonet is the, Model 1957 Pattern BayonetI received the newer frog from the Stg.90 model bayonetNote... This bayonet is not edged, could be sharpened and hold an edge, but is intended to be a bayonet, not a knife.Enjoy!"
– Sakhara
4.0 5
"perfect cond like new and for a 20 dollar bill can't go wrong!"
– shark
5.0 5
"I've never wrote a review before for either better or worse. However I felt that this was an exceptional buy. My knife arrived in such good condition I wondered at first about it's authenticity. However closer inspection showed cosmoline on the underside of the tang. Mine came with the belt sheath for the STG-90 instead of the STG-57. A mismatch yes but in it's own way added to the authenticity of this great bayonet.I'm not sharpening this one. It's a great buy and a very nice addition to my collection."
– Frank
3.0 5
"I was encouraged by all the excellent reviews. Guess I was just unlucky, because the bayonet I received was not in \"very good condition\". The pommel was heavily gouged, and the handguard rattles. Somebody had obviously taken it apart because one of the screw heads is damaged and the spring for the bayonet lug catch was out of place, rendering it non-functional. This was a simple fix to put the spring back where it belongs. As for the bayonet itself, it is excellent. Swiss quality over-all, I just got a badly used one. Had I seen this in person I never would have bought this one, but I definitely would get one in better shape."
– deus ex machina
5.0 5
"Wow! I was astonished at the power, strength and heft of this bayonet. It truly is more than I was expecting and I could not be happier. Also, I did not know it came with a frog! This is an amazing buy that will not disapoint. Mine was printed with a \"V\" for Victorinox which only added to my delight. Great buy!"
– C. Werner
5.0 5
"Mine was in almost unissued condition and I got the belt frog too this is a very good buy for the money."
– bionicbaer
1.0 5
"Based on the previous reviews I went ahead and ordered one of these. Unlike most of everybody elses, mine came with a quarter inch nick on the blade, the tip was broken off and the handle appears to have been cut in several places with a sharp knife at some point in it's past. It is nice and shiny.Mine did come with the frog as was mentioned in some of the previous reviews and the catch mechanism works well on mine, but overall I'm very disappointed with this purchase due to the poor condition of the blade and handle."
– Chris
5.0 5
"Bought this last month. The knife is virtully in perfect balance and has a really nice tang. Handle is cut a bit and the end shows some training usage, but this is in VERY good condition for being used."
– Matthew
5.0 5
"I should have ordered 2 dang it! I got one to turn into a project fighting knife sharpen, add a crown stag handle and brass guard, but heck it was in such great condition I won't be doing that. mine looked newly made had the wenger mark and came with a synthetic frog for the sheath."
– Greg
5.0 5
"I got one of these due to the good reviews, Wow this baby came still with oil in the sheath. The frog was also a little bonus. I swear If you get a bad one it is just poor luck. I would say mine was near mint condition. Bayonets are not suposed to be sharp like a razor. these come with the military spec edge finish. But if you can use a stone you can bring these bad boys to a razor edge finish. For the price a fantastic addition to any mans side or leg. Another great deal from C.T.D."
– muffy
5.0 5
"Don't want to influence anyone. But mine came today, flawless and dull. Perfect balance and well made is all I can say. I was able to sharpen it to steak knife sharpness in 20 minutes (tomorrow even sharper). Worth a shot, for $20 its a beautiful piece of equipment for close in combat."
– Tomcat
5.0 5
"I ordered two hoping that at least one would be in very good condition. I was amazed that both were in excellent condition. One had no visible signs of use, the other had only minor wear marks on the frog and sheath.This was a steal at this price, I am very glad I ordered."
– Troy
3.0 5
"Shipping good, fast.Blade not in very good condition; maybe fair condition.Huge gouges (6) in blade. buyer beware.As with all CTD merchandise, take condition statement with a grain of salt, unless new.item is usable (barely); hope u have better luck if u are actually hoping to get one in decent condition."
– fatboy
4.0 5
"I like it. I got it today and was ecstatic. The sheath was great. The frog fits perfect and there is only one little ding in the blade where obviously someone had hit it on something. My only complaint and the reason it didn't get 5 bullets was that the tip on it was broken; not extensively but the sharp point isn't there. Its just level at the very end. That's it though. Other than that, great buy"
– mason
5.0 5
"This knife is brand new! No scratches, no dings, no signs of use on the knife! The outside of the sheath is a little scratched, but no damage. The knife arrived completely dull (further evidence that it has never been used), so it will take a little time to get it sharp. Great balance to the knife. However, I was a bit suprised that only half the blade or less is designed to be sharpened. From the photo, it looks like there is 8-9 inches of sharpened edge, but in reality it's only about the top 6 inches. It's not enough to keep me from giving it 5 bullets though!Overall, I'm super pleased with the buy! Thanks!"
– Rookie
5.0 5
"Original Swiss, heavy, unsharpened with a gorgeous polished stainless blade in used but perfect condition. What a heft. What quality. What a price. Good for throwing by the handle, too."
5.0 5
"What a great knife, I had to look hard to see that it was used, nice thick blade, and strong sheath with the frog that works great. I can't wait to take this bad boy up camping, as soon as I get an nice sharp edge on it. To top it all off I ordered it on Tuesday and got it Saturday. SWEET"
– Wolf
5.0 5
"This Bayonet is in GREAT CONDITION. Other than the fact that the sheath came a little dirty."
– Robert Enrique
5.0 5
"Received my bayonet, it's perfect, this one was never actually issued..."
– David
4.0 5
"Nice bayonet, mine was 99 percent perfect, the sheath had a minor blemish on it that was hardly noticable. Once I get an edge sharpened, it will be an awesome camp knife."
– Raven
4.0 5
"My specimen was well used, to put it mildly. I took it to a gentleman who is in the knife sharpening \"bidness\", and he apologized that he wasn't able to get an edge despite spending quite a bit of time on it.However, this is a handy blade to keep with you and is reasonably priced. Because of the poor edge and \"use\" and tend to use it more. Like digging small cactus out of the dirt, before I sit on them. Lastly, this is \"impressive\" (read big ol' pig sticker), and my companions had \"knife envy\" I believe."
– My Name Here
5.0 5
"Great quality bayonet, in better than expected condition (mine was hardly used at all), and arrived in less than 24 hours. For this price? Amazing."
– Trombipulator
5.0 5
"I have owned this product in the past. I bought it again at CTD. Great product, strong, hefty and in great shape. Buy it. You won't be sorry."
– snowolf
5.0 5
"I've purchased several of these bayonets and think they are great. All have been in great condition, except one, which had four nicks in the blade--it looked like someone had banged it against another bayonet, edge to edge. A little time on the sharpening stone helped resolve the problem. For this price, you won't be disappointed."
– JK
4.0 5
"Ordered on Thursday eve , received on Saturday at noon, very impressed, great condition. Wife said it best \"its beautiful\""
– Bundy
5.0 5
"Wonderful knife. I would get another but I see they dont have them anymore..it is a work of art."
– Jon
4.0 5
"Got mine for de-barking firewood and it does the job well, the extra blade length over say an AR or AK bayonet makes all the difference in not scraping up your knuckles on the bark that's coming off, as others have mentioned mine also looks as though someone had hit the handle with a sharp knife."
– John