Swift .44 Caliber .429" Diameter 280 Grain A-Frame Hollow Point Bullet 50 Count 442800

Swift Bullet Company
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Swift A-Frame bullets combine hollow point expansion with full metal jacket penetration. A leading core with a hollow point initiates expansion, while a protected core in the rear retains mass and provides deep penetration.

Muzzle loader and heavy revolver A-Frame bullets are one in the same. Both initiate expansion at 950 feet per second, expand to .65x their original caliber, and maintain 97% of their weight. They are virtually indestructible at velocities in excess of 3000 feet per second.

Specifications and Features:
Swift A-Frame Hollow Point Bullet
Bullet Weight: 280 Grains
Bullet Diameter: .429"
Progressively tapered jacket controls rate of expansion over wide range of velocities
Pure lead core bonded to jacket with Swift proprietary process
A-Frame Cross member positioned to optimize expansion diameter for each caliber
Jacket formed from pure copper, not alloys
Protected rear core provides momentum for deep penetration
Thick jacket locks in rear core, preventing deformation and retaining weight
Ballistic coefficient: 0.139
Sectional density: 0.216

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