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SWAT Responder Range Bag Coyote Tan 17x13x8" Padded Dividers and Removable Pistol Pouch

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Swat Responder Range Bag. Perfect for the range or for ready gear response. Multiple pockets on the front, rear and sides. Adjustable, removable padded dividers in the main compartment for customization to your gear. Padded internal pockets for pistols. Magazine loops. Wrap around handles with adjustable loops to carry baton or flashlight. Adjustable shoulder strap. 17" long, 13" wide, 8" deep. Imported.

Available in:
Tan BAG-059
Green BAG-157
Black BAG-158

Total number of Reviews: 25

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5.0 5
"This is a great bag. Once I got it, I could not believe the quality and features. Have bought other bags that cost $60 to $80 bucks that don't compare or offer what this one has. I give it 100% approval"
– Ray
2.0 5
"There are a lot of pockets - too many of them. It shorts the larger ones where your need the room for your ammo and firearms.I had to take out some protective dividers to give room.The second annoyance is that about half of the interior mag holders were too small to hold the mags. The ones that I could get to fit were quite tight to the point of difficult to get in. These were just holding 9mm mags and nothing large.The zippers are zip from either direction and meet in the middle type. When you get into a pocket I want just one sipper to contend with so I am untying one cord from eeach Zipper and reduce the frustration."
– HT
1.0 5
"I've used it twice. It is now tearing along zipper lines. Not a good choice"
5.0 5
"I took a good look at this bag and its great. The bag comes single stitched but the material and construction look solid and feel solid also it has rubber over the zippers. Mine didn't come with a gun pouch but it did have a nice flash light in the side pocket. This is going to be a great range bag. Lots of room for ammo and spotting scope. I think the pocket dividers are going to be useless but I'll see once I get all my stuff in it. Buy 1 or 2!!"
– Rich
4.0 5
"I bought this bag from CTD a couple of weeks ago, and waited until I was able to take it too the range to write a review. I must say that I am really suprized with this bag, it is small but the pockets, and compartment's are well placed. I was able to take 4 handguns to the range with all of my ammo, targets, clips etc., and I still had a ton of room left in the bag. The range I go to sells bags for double what I paid that don't even compare to this one!. The only thing I didn't like are the rubber coated water proof zippers, they make the zippers too stiff to open and close. That is the only thing I didn't like. I will be buying another one of these for my wife. This bag is well worth the Money!!"
4.0 5
"First off I'm rating this bag based off it's price. This bag is not made as well as higher end bags, so don't be fooled. It is only single stitched not double stitched. The zippers are cheap. It has plenty of room and well laid out. This is not an everyday heavy duty bag, it can be but will not last long. I'm going to use it as a bug-out bag, load it with what I may need in case. It's a very attractive bag, if only they would have used better zippers, and double stitched everything this would be a serious bag. BUT for the $ it is a very good deal, I wouldn't have expected a better bag for the price. If you want a good bag for occasional use it is perfect, for the cost."
– deadduck
2.0 5
"This bag is not near the quality of others I have gotten from CTD. The zippers seem cheap and I think they will fail quick. I am not happy with it so I guess it will go in the closet and end up in a yard sale in the future. Glad I got it on sale. Certainly not $30 worth of bag."
– Chuck
4.0 5
"Overall, a good quality bag. I use mine for the range, and it holds everything I need to bring and more, I was even able to stuff my cleaning kit in there with all of my ammo! The front pocket has 7 handgun magazine holders, which were not mentioned in the video, which is an awesome feature. The zippers are sturdy enough, but they aren't the best, as has been mentioned, though they do appear to be waterproof though. The color of the bag is a little darker than in the picture, but I like it just fine. As a whole, the bag is great, especially for the range. I put a Ruger SR9, two magazines, 6 boxes of 9mm, a brick of .22, three 10/22 mags, eye/ear protection for two, a bunch of 8 and 12 inch targets, a cleaning kit, and a small tool kit in the bag, and still only used half the space available! I was also able to roll up full-size silhouette targets in the loops on the handle. Holds everything you'd ever need at the range!"
– Chris F
5.0 5
"A nice range bag. It has lots of room. I have had mine for about 6 months with no complaints."
– DL9X19
2.0 5
"A great bag with plenty of room to store all of the things needed for a trip range. The magazine loops are real tight for double stack magazines and will most likely have to go every other loop with them. Roomy pockets and interior space though the opening on top can be a little small when trying to put larger items into the inside compartment. But overall a good bag... Well until today when loading it up for a trip to the range the zipper for the compartment with the magazine loops split and no amount of re-zipping or manipulation could get the teeth to hook-up again. I hadn't used it a lot so am disappointed that they failed so quickly. If they improved the zippers and magazine loops this would be a great bag for the price, but as is I might look at another bag."
– MM
4.0 5
"This bag is really useful for carrying all accessories to the range or out hunting. The inside has removable pads to put pistols,or seperate items. There are holders in one side to hold different magazines for pistols. The side compartments hold a lot of ammo boxes. I always carry two headsets also and a pistol cleaning box. The only thing I don't like is the flap over the zipper on the center compartment which reduces the opening."
– Cowboy
3.0 5
"Bag is functional with exception of main compartment. The opening for the main pouch is very restricted by the small flap method employeed in its design. I would rate the bag higher if the flap design allowed full cross sectional access to the main compartment. As it is designed, the opening is reduced by approximately 50%. For the price a good range, BOB or overnighter but expect slight struggle in placing larger items in center pouch."
– glock21
4.0 5
"I bought two of these on a weekend sale from CTD for twenty dollars each and am impressed by the price and the quality. The zippers could be a little better as they are stiff and have no metal tangs to pull them open with. Instead of metal tangs their are paracord style loops. I plan on using these for range bags and will see how they hold up over time and report back in a year or so. The rest of the bag is tip top heavy stitching on the molle and quality canvas. I have been able to fit a lot in this bag and with the removable dividers the bag is highly customizable. Great range bag for civilians or gear bag for LEOs. For the price I am quite pleased so far!Some people don't like the smaller opening to the main compartment but it actually keep stuff from falling out when the bag is open (say on a bench) and also helps keep stress of the main compartment's zippers."
– Rooster
5.0 5
"Very good range bag and I couldnt be happier with it. Im thinking about getting a second bag for use other than the range."
– CJ
3.0 5
"I like the size and compartments, but the main compartment flap design severely restricts access and the zippers are cheap, cheap, cheap!! They can be hard to manipulate and I'm afraid to exert any real force for fear that they might break! I am also very concerned about how the zippers will hold up in long-term use. Too bad, as otherwise it's not a bad bag. With a better designed main flap and better zippers, this bag would be a winner!"
– Disappointed
4.0 5
"The bag turned out to be larger than I expected, which is fine, I'd rather it be bigger than smaller. Yes, the zippers are weak (I recommend lubing them), The stitching on most of the bag is very weak (except for the MOLLE stitching which is A+), the \"padded dividers\" are a joke (nothing but foam with nylon loosely sewn around it), and the main opening is on the small side. It's definitely not a bag that's build for daily rough use. However, that's why it's only 30$ instead of 60$. If you are looking for a bag that can survive longer than you, I'd recommend looking at dropping 120+ on a top end bag from blackhawk or 5.11. Overall I am satisfied with this bag, it meets my needs. I'm a commercial pilot and I intend on using it as a flight bag to hold my headset, charts, gear etc... Chances are I wont be abusing it at all and I'm perfectly fine with making repairs if needed. Like others have said, it's a great deal for the price."
– Deuce
4.0 5
"My first impression of this bag was that it was fairly cheap. But, I have held off my review so I could get in several range days with it. It has held up to the weight of a lot of ammo, without busting any stitching. I stuffed it full of all of my range gear and had room to spare. The only draw back is that all the compartments have very small openings that don't allow very good access. However, there is still plenty of room in the bag."
– JCTiptpn
3.0 5
"I use this as my get home bag. I keep about two days of food and water, one change of clothing, weapons, ammo, and more in it. It's a good overall bag, but the other reviews are spot on regarding access to the main compartment. Its design makes it a little difficult to get to. Also, the zippers are quite stiff and do not look very well built. It is an OK bag, and for a get home bag, it should be fine. I would not use it for any heavy, everyday use."
3.0 5
"I have two of these. The bag itself is great. Tried it for a range bag, but it's too bulky. Tried it for \"BOB\" and \"GOOD\" and that is when I found the major drawback. The top opening is TOO small. I love the water resistance of the zippers, but it makes them require 2 hands for each pull. Sometimes I use it as a carry-on. Makes TSA wrinkle their brow!"
– nmacret
4.0 5
"Just received 2 of these bags the other day and I'm impressed. It is larger than I expected and I'm having a hard time filling up just one for a range bag. I think I'll make the second one a Bug Out Bag or 72 Hour Bag. The top, or main compartment, does have a smaller opening than it could have I believe. But there is plenty of room in there. The zippers are a little tough, but I put a little PB Blaster on them to loosen them up. I may even get another one to make another 72 Hour Bag or such since it's so big. Would come in handy with a family of 6 to rough it. Bottom line, for the price it's great and I would recommend it to anyone!"
– Gopher
4.0 5
"I like this bag. It fits most of the stuff I need as a firearms instructor. I was concerned about the zippers, so I used some Chapstick on them to get them moving smoothly. It worked like a charm. The zippers work fine now. The price was right and it works for me."
– Dave
5.0 5
"I have been looking for this bag in the coyote tan color for two years. I purchased the same bag (different color) from another website and it was three times the price! CTD is living up to its name. I've had this style bag for at least two years. The zippers on the SWAT bag are much better than the \"other\" bag. They're more waterproof. This bag can take a beating. I've actually taken it out to the range and courses, where it's been thrown around and left in the rain. It's been an awesome carry-all bag. I'm buying at least one more."
4.0 5
"WOW, is all I can say about how fast I received this bag. I had it under 24 hours and I am in the middle of nowhere. THANK YOU. A tad smaller than I thought, but it will be perfect for my \"purse\" while I travel halfway across the country to go home for a visit. I still have not stretched it out all the way so I know there is more room."
– Pamela
5.0 5
"I ordered this as a small range bag, and it worked very well. I was able to fit everything I needed for 2 rifles and a lot more. Very good quality for the money and of course CTD was fast at getting the order out to me. Great bag. I may buy a second one and set it up for my other rifles."
– Got Sig?
4.0 5
"One word: BUYITNOW! Yeah, the zippers are crap. Buy a set of decent zippers and replace 'em if it bothers ya that bad. The bag is great! Plenty of room and well built! For this price, there is no better deal out there right now for this type of range bag."
– DW