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Suomi 9x19mm KP-31 Parts Kit Receiver is Cut Used In Good Condition

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Stock up on spare parts for your M31 Suomi submachine gun. The receiver has been torch cut to ATF specifications, but all of the other parts are intact including the heavy barrel. Manufactured by Tikka, this WW2 veteran displays the fine craftsmanship that is a hallmark of Finnish firearm makers. This kit does not include a magazine.

Original Suomi Finnish submachine gun from the 1920's, also called the KP-31. Used by Finnish, Swiss and Swedish troops successfully against the Soviets in the Winter War of 1940, with production continuing until 1944. This powerful 9mm sub gun saw action until the 1990's, when it was finally rendered obsolete. We are selling a complete machine gun with the receiver cut multiple times to prevent any functionality. Used in good condition and limited supplies, legal to own, non-functioning classic military weapon. No screws. Parts may vary. Packed in Cosmoline to protect it from rust.

All NFA rules apply.

All Military surplus products are used. The condition of the products varies, and the quantities may be limited. Unfortunately, we cannot accept back orders or returns on any surplus products.
Surplus condition scale:
Grade I - Used in like new to excellent condition.
Grade II - Used in good condition, may show minor use.
Grade III - Used in fair condition, will show normal wear and tear from daily use. 
Total number of Reviews: 25

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3.0 5
"Not bad as far as parts go, although they do not include many. Stock is good and bolt is good but the big issue is the cuts mutilate the damn thing. I wanted to tack it together and hang it on the wall. Well think again!!!!!!! Molten crap everywhere since it is torch cut. If you need a particular part then the price is right."
– albianch
3.0 5
"Everything it comes with is in great condition but they really wanted to meet ATF regulations because the reciever is completely unsalvageable. They destroyed it and it looks alot worse than the picture. If you already have a suomi, I would definitely suggest getting this though. The only things it didnt come with were the ejector spring and the magazine. CTD would get some business from me if they sold an intact reciever seperately."
– bob
5.0 5
"Got my suomi kit yesterday all parts are there really good shape .Receiver is cut three places. The torch splash all over but came off really easy four hours in to it and now Im make a jig to hold togather ten more hour it should be done nice product."
– John
5.0 5
"I have bought 4 of these so far. The receivers are cut, but not destroyed, if you're a competent machinist or know one you can separate the parts from the receiver. I have seen the same kit being sold elsewhere for 120 + dollars. There were only 80,000 of these weapons made. You cannot just weld these back together and have a weapon, you must follow all the ATF rules and regulations."
– Jon L
2.0 5
"Not very happy, Description says coated in cosmoline, not true, someone spray painted it to prevent rust. Cheap spray job using crap paint that was still tacky when it got here. If your looking for spare parts this is a problem because the barrel and heat shield are also painted which will burn if heated. Reciever cut into FOUR parts. The only real good part is the bolt which is very solid and heavy"
– Marty F
4.0 5
"Kit is exactly as described!Actually think i received the one pictured LOLFurniture is in almost perfect condition alongwith all parts IE;FCG,Bolt,Barrel/Shroud.It's going to be a fun winter project for sure.Very happy with it & super fast shippingMay just order a few more in the near future !!!"
– Johny3
5.0 5
"I really enjoyed cleaning this gun up and piecing together the reciever after it had been toarched. It was all otherwise in new condition. It must of been a shame to toarch cut this beautful vintage 1932 model submachine gun. It must of been in a bunker for 70-80+ years before it saw light again. Only to be brought out and cut up. Sad but true. 5***** quality though."
– Tom
1.0 5
"The kit was wrapped in a plastic bag and tossed into a box with no packing. When I opened the box the stock was cracked through in 3 places - both sides of the receiver rails and then again below the bore line on the grip angle. The two large springs were irreparably crushed flat in the middle, and the takedown screw is missing half the head.Salvageable parts are the trigger group, bolt, barrel & shroud. Everything else is junk. So much for \"Used in Good Condition.\""
– Andrapos
5.0 5
"I received my kit on 2/9/2012, and it was in excellent condition. The stock was perfect, with no cracks. The barrel had excellent rifling/bluing, and the barrel shroud had great bluing also. All the little parts came with it. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase."
– 1840cavsaber
5.0 5
"The kit for the Suomi KP-31 and two magazines came today. Shipment was very prompt, the kit was well packaged, and the stock appears to have been sanded; a plus because I stained it and put the first coat of finish on it. The metal parts all appear to be in very good condition and the bore is very good and well cared for. I am very pleased with the kit and it is a very good value. I would recommend the Suomi kit to anyone. The receiver cutting appears to have been done by a rank amateur."
– Tinhat1
4.0 5
"Great kit. I am building it for a display piece (for my show car), so everything is better than I expected for the price. I would like to have a couple more kits."
– truecustoms.com
5.0 5
"Like other reviewers, bad packaging. So what? Stock will be stained to my specs. I love the barrel and love all the parts in the kit. Nothing that I dislike about the overall kit! As always, very quick shipping!!!"
– Nandrews
4.0 5
"Everything was shipped as shown. As for the upper, it's a shame that they cut them and I know it had to be done. I bought it to make a wall hanger. CTD always has been good to my wife and me no problem."
– Broderick
3.0 5
"Nice, clean parts. Was hoping to weld it back together for a wall hanger, but the torching was done by a first grader."
– bond
5.0 5
"All parts needed for a build minus the magazine. Absolutely beautiful. For me, anyway, real easy to build if mechanically inclined. If you don't have a lathe or the skill and a TIG/MIG, then don't get your hopes up, because you will just get frustrated and give CTD bad reviews on this. Thank you, CTD. Love your products."
– grinderdogg
5.0 5
"Well Im pleasantly surprised this will make a great wall hanger , stock is super nice very few dents, scratches , all metal parts in good shape , receiver is as pieced lots of slag and no way anyone would rebuild this to shoot again. I cant wait to tack and panel bond together for a nice wall hanger !"
– Dave
4.0 5
"After a lot of research, i made the choice to a an M-31 project build. This kit was more than I could have hoped for! From the suppressed barrel shroud, to the near perfect original barrel, this kit left nothing to be desired! Also ordered a stick mag, and it was just as great as the parts kits itself! I will soon be a very happy proud owner of a Finnish Suomi M-31"
– Buddy Farmer
5.0 5
"Its amazing the condition this gun is in considering the age, but the receiver has been so badly cut that its going to be a challenge to make it a wall hanger. Great deal if you own a Suomi and are needing parts."
– Joey
5.0 5
"This kit is exactly as described; looking at the torching alone is enough to discourage you. Clean up all the parts free from slag and it looks okay; you will need to machine a receiver tube, its much easier then trying to line the pieces up. Mine is together and working great. You should by two of these for spare parts."
– ajones165
5.0 5
"This was more then I expected! I am now a proud owner of a 1932 Kp31. I invested a little over $300 and got a fully functional sub machine gun. Thanks cheaper then dirt!"
– stayton1987
4.0 5
"Excellent kit for the money! It was awesome taking it all out of the packaging and half of the things looked to be in great shape. The receiver was pretty messed up but knew it would be. Very happy with this piece of history"
– Matt
5.0 5
"Very nice parts kit, receiver is pretty toasted, but everything else was great. Stock and Barrel were great, well worth the money."
– Cataldo
5.0 5
"Just what I expected, reciver was ruff, but the rest is in good shape. Will be fun to rebuild as a semi auto."
– Kevin Guy
3.0 5
"Parts are all in great shape and well packaged , my only complaint is that the \"torch cut\" receiver Is Very cut. Will probably need to buy an 80% receiver kit to do my build, it's that bad. Thank Heavens for the great price!"
– Charles K
3.0 5
"Delivery was excellent, everything was just as described, can't decide how I'm going to do the upper, since I live in CA even gun shops are uptight when I talk about it, and can't believe I got this so cheap, the upper is fucked up and its a shame that it was done to such a beautiful historic weapon, non the less - so Thank You CTD"
– Bob