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Illuminated Laser Sights, 250 Lumen Light, 5mW Red Laser, Sun Optics USA, Button And Remote Pressure Switch.

Sun Optics USA
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Features a 250 lumen flashlight and 5mW red laser with a master switch under the light that allows you to easily switch from light only, laser only, both light and laser, or off. Includes a locking battery compartment, on/off button and pressure cord, steel detachable Picatinny mount, two CR123A batteries, and a lifetime warranty. 3.5" overall length. 
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5.0 5
"This little jewel appears to be worth the backorder wait. It fits my Midwest Industries rail like a glove. Both the light and laser are brighter than I expected. The only question now is that of longevity. Will do a supplemental review after about 500 rounds through the AR. Right now I'm one happy camper."
– Grampa Squid
5.0 5
"This light/laser combo is great. It was on back order the first time I looked at it. After some shopping around for a few days, I returned to CTD to find it was no longer on back order! 3 days later, I received it and installed it on my Bushmaster M4, along with the rail I ordered. After putting 30 rounds through the gun, it is still dead on. The laser is pretty bright, even on a sunny day. The flashlight is like staring at the sun. This is a must have if you own an AR. Thanks again, CTD. 5 (well deserved) bullets!"
– Tucker
4.0 5
"The unit appears of good quality and is plenty bright enough to navigate the dark for home defense purposes, and the laser is just plain cool. However, the mount could use a bit of work. When mounted to a px4 storm full size, it angles way off to the right upon tightening it down. A minor modification of adding a metal spacer from a wall hanging hardware kit did the trick to correct the angle, but obnoxious that it was necessary. If your gun's picatinny rail system is short, this may not mount quite right. Still, I'm a happy girl. Can't wait to try it out at the range!"
– Vektra
5.0 5
"This combo is well worth the money. The laser stays zeroed and the light is like looking at the sun. The only thing about it that isn't top shelf is the Velcro included with the pressure switch. It doesn't stay put. No biggie. Easily fixed with some good Velcro or some 3M tape. This is a great buy. Thanks CTD!"
– Tucker
5.0 5
"I ordered this light/laser for my M4A3, but because I couldn't get the laser to be as pinpoint accurate as I wanted, I put it on my Remington 870 riot shotgun. I have equipped my 870 with a pistol grip for home defense use, because it makes it easier to use. This device was the perfect addition. I mounted the pressure switch to the forearm with a little Velcro (a drop of super glue really helps here), and now I have the PERFECT home defense weapon. I can turn on the light when I want it and shut it off just as fast. The laser is more than accurate enough for shotgun use. It will turn a dark house into daylight at the push of the button. You won't go wrong getting this for your shotgun needs."
– RWolfrn
4.0 5
"After reading the reviews, I ordered this laser/light combo for my AR-15. It was on back order, but arrived in a couple of days. The box, however, looked like they dragged it behind the truck, so I was worried about the condition of the unit. There is no Velcro, but there was an end missing to the box, so that does not surprise me. The unit works, installed easily, and the light as described by others is intense. I could not give it five, but I think it\uFFFDs worth 4 bullets."
– Be the Wolf
3.0 5
"Heads up to Sig owners. Does not fit my P220"
– Jimi
5.0 5
"I looked at all the other reviews and thought OK its bright. WOW it is BRIGHT . Bought another one for my other shotgun.Bright and lightweight."
– Dave
5.0 5
"This fits and zeros like a champ on my AR15. Originally bought it for my beretta... Didn't fit too well lol. But I slapped it on my Rifle... MANNN I gotta say, it's very good for the money."
– DEagle
5.0 5
"I bought this light a few months ago and love it. The best feature I like about it is the brightness at 250 lumens. It's brighter than the M3 type lights and half the cost. Very sturdy and built well. I like having the remote switch and works great on my AR-15. Good Job CTD"
– CWilson
5.0 5
"Little bulky but really bright and easy to sight laser in. Great add on"
– Trev
5.0 5
"Great little product for the money. You get a bright light, laser, Picatinny mount, pressure switch, and a battery for a great price. Put it on my Mossberg 930 SPX and it works great. Cons are it's made in China and I wouldn't count in it in a field combat environment. But, for fun shooting and light duty (including home defense), I think it's a good value."
4.0 5
"Just mounted the light/laser on my DPMS AR-15 and I gotta say I am very impressed. The light is SUPER bright and the laser is great for quick target acquisition. For a light/laser combo, it's not that bulky at all and looks great on my AR. It also has three settings: light only, laser only, and both. You can get a constant beam of light with the push of a button, or if you decide to use the pressure switch you can turn it on/off just by squeezing your hand. I put the pressure switch on my vertical grip. I mounted the light/laser on the side of my quad rails towards the front and it barely weighs down the gun. So in conclusion, great product for the price. It's very simple to use and I would definitely recommend it for people who primarily use their guns for target shooting or home defense."
– Ned
5.0 5
"Excellent product. Works and fits great on my G21. I think it's only for large pistols and rifles though. The flashlight is a true 250 lumens and the laser works at almost 300 yards at night. Daytime, maybe 50 yards. But a good laser/light combo. Had to send 1st one back because the windage screw head was stripped. Wrench for windage and elevation seem to be too small for screw. I plan to buy a couple more for some other guns find I have."
– Onesonek
5.0 5
"Definitely bright. Seems to be well made. Installed on a 12ga. Holds zero while shooting, but not after being taken off. Pressure switch works great."
– Marineao81
3.0 5
"The light is awesome. The laser has some really bad adjustment screws to sight it in. They came out, came loose, and only went into the plastic, so they stripped out easily and just didn't work well.Now honestly, the light is super and a great price, so I would buy it at this price just for that. Maybe the laser will work for you. Who cares. You basically get a nice light for the money and a cheap laser for nothing."
– Wildman
3.0 5
"Looks good, but kinda bulky. Screws for adjustments just fell out. BUT, the flashlight is pretty blinding. Not good for the field. Made in China."
– Rob
5.0 5
"Great product for the money! Little big, but it's bright and lasts for about four hours. Getting more."
– Trev151
1.0 5
"I received a defective unit, the rotating selector cylinder for the off, light, laser, laser/light, was loose, and I could not use this device without pushing on this selector occasionally. I returned this product to CTD. The controls for switching between the light, laser, and laser/light were difficult to use. There is no practical way to do this while operating your weapon, and the controls are physically very tiny and can easily be moved inadvertently (in addition, this was the part of mine that broke, I think it\uFFFDs a seriously weak point in the design). The on/off switch is a very small button that is difficult to activate, even in normal training conditions, you must press the button fully to activate (sometimes I would push the button, thinking I turned it on, but I didn\uFFFDt push it hard enough\uFFFDannoying). The on/off button is on the right side of the device. Once mounted on a pistol, only a right handed shooter can turn on easily, unless you move your support hand off the grip to actuate the tiny button (this was very, very difficult). I am an ambidextrous shooter, and I found it extremely difficult to do with my right hand trigger finger. If you have relatively longer fingers, it might be possible to activate with your trigger finger. In any case, I felt like I was making a sacrifice to the grip of my pistol in order to turn on my light. (Note: My complaints are regarding the on/off on the device itself, not the remote pressure switch. I plugged the remote in, and it worked, but I was looking for a pistol light, so this remote was useless to me.) Overall, the quality of the entire device was poor. It felt like everything was made from cheap plastic that would break if it fell onto my kitchen floor or if my cat played with it. I didn\uFFFDt measure the weight, but I didn\uFFFDt think it was particularly heavy compared to other lights I\uFFFDve used. The laser worked fine (probably easily visible to 10 yards in the daylight, much further at night a"
– JL
2.0 5
"Remote Pressure Switch will not stay plugged in to laser/light assembly. Works well if you don't need remote. Thinking about sending it back, or just gluing it in place, or use it without pressure switch. Had good reviews when I was shopping, but looks like I got the lemon."
– Ron
5.0 5
"I mounted one of these on my Mini-14 Tactical (ATI Stock). I've used it for a couple classes that involved night exercises, including spotting (turning on the light and targeting), firing on the targets, and then immediately turning the light off and moving position. Reaquire targets with light, fire, go dark, and move. The pressure pad has worked every time and I have had no issues. One of the best additions to my collection for a very reasonable price. It also uses the same batteries as my tactical flashlight, which is handy."
– John
2.0 5
"Does not fit a full-size Springfield XD. Slow to mount on guns that it will fit. They obviously expect you to leave it permanently installed."
– Dan
5.0 5
"Nice, compact light. Very bright and laser works well. Pressure switch works well and the whole light seems very sturdy. The only thing I would like to see is a quick mount."
– Stshd
2.0 5
"I have had my Sun Optics light for two months, and up until about a week ago, I would have given it 5 bullets. Recently, however, when I pulled my shotgun down from the rack to shoot some clays, I tried to toggle the light to laser mode and it would not work. In fact, the light will not work by itself either. The only way to get the thing to turn on is if it is on the laser and light mode. Why make a toggle switch if it's just going to break? The device still performs its purpose but only when both actions are on at once, which I am sure screws the battery life all to hell."
– Holts
3.0 5
"The screw retainer for the mount rail is aluminum and I broke it second time I tightened it, replaced with SS cap screw one size up. Velcro adhesive on switch is lame, use your own glue. Other than that, it performs well."
– Adrian