SR4235 Ultrasonic Cleaner 1.375L 110V

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The Ultrasonic Cleaner SR4235 is excellent for cleaning brass cases or small gun parts. It cleans better and faster than any tumbler in the market! You will have the outside and inside of the brass, including the primer pocket perfectly cleaned really fast. It fits about 200 .223R cases or 100 .308W. Capacity: 1.5 Quarts. How SmartReloader Ultrasonic Cleaners Work? When there are teeny, tiny little particles that are impossible to remove by other methods of cleaning then a SmartReloader ultrasonic cleaner is used. Keep in mind however that ultrasonic cleaners are not used to actually clean dirty items but rather to remove tiny particles that are impossible to remove any other way. The item must be cleaned first and then it will be ready for an ultrasonic cleaner. The SmartReloader Ultrasonic Cleaners use cavitations, which occurs when tiny bubbles form and collapse violently in a cleaning solution. The constantly forming and popping bubbles serves as a scrubbing agent that in turn cleans all parts, hidden and exterior, of the article submerged in the solution. There are many benefits of ultrasonic cleaning that include speed, precision, and consistency. First of all, speed is important because ultrasonic cleaning allows many things to be cleaned without being taken apart. Precision is another benefit and an important one. The SmartReloader Ultrasonic Cleaners work great because it can get in every little crevice, crack, and space to clean it properly. The final benefit is consistency and the SmartReloader Ultrasonic Cleaners ranks up there because it provides an unparalleled cleaning every single time without fail for all pieces big or little, complex, or simple.