Speer .30 Caliber .308" Diameter 168 Grain Target Match Hollow Point Boat Tail Rifle Bullet 100 Count 2040

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Speer's Target Match bullets use a hollow point boat tail design to provide the most accurate, consistent bullets they can. The hollow point is intended to increase ballistic performance only, and is not designed, or recommended for hunting. The boat tail reduces drag, and eases loading, reducing the possibility of bullet deformation.

Build confidence, extend your range. These hollow point boat-tail bullets give you match-grade accuracy, low drag profile and minimal wind drift so you can extend your effective range.

It wasn't luck all these years that earned Speer its long-standing reputation for making the world's finest bullets. Speer offers a full line of component plinking and target bullets, from full metal jacket TMJ's to bargain lead. Match the bullet to your type of shooting sport. Find the perfect load for that special firearm.

Specifications and Features:
Bullet: Speer Target-Match Hollow Point Boat Tail
Weight: 168 Grains
Diameter: .308"
Ballistic Coefficient: .534
Sectional Density: .253


Item#: 29072