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Speedfeed III Tactical Shotgun StockSet Black Remington 870 12 Gauge

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These expertly designed replacement stocks give any weapon a true tactical appearance. Injection polymer molded for a true fit, recoil pad, and black sure-grip finish. Includes a lifetime warranty and are proudly made in the USA.
Speedfeed III
Tactical magazine tube stock set with pistol grip, forend, magazine tube in stock to hold extra two shells, for Remington 870. 
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5.0 5
5.0 5
"I just installed my new speedfeed stock, and all I can say is that it is amazing. The fit and finish is excellent, its extremely sturdy, and most importantly comfritable to shoot with. The magazine inside the stock holds the shells much more firmly in place then I thought it would. I would highly reccommend buying this as a great upgrade for any shotgun."
5.0 5
"I just purchased my SF3 stock and had it installed in about 15 minutes.the fit was superb. I am very impressed with this product. I am a tacticalofficer and I mounted it on my entry weapon, I would recommend this product to anyone involved in high speed law enforcement."
4.0 5
"Echo the review concerning the spanner wrench. Would of gladly paid $5.00 for one to take the fore end off and on. Only complaint is the 1/8\" gap where the stock meets the receiver. Other than those negs it's a great set up. Took it to the range and my split times improved dramatically over the standard set up. Attribute that to the extra control that the pistol grip provides. Great add on for a house gun or IPSC 3 gun competition!"
3.0 5
"I received the stock in within 4 days of my order and was pleased with what I saw, but when I tried to put it on the stock did not seat properly into the receiver so therefore a little precision cutting and shaving was in order to make it seat properly. The forend grip when put on properly would slide into the rearward position completely whereas making it difficult to cycle the action, this required more machining and cutting to get it to cycle properly. After about an hour of work on both the stock fit perfectly but the forend grip is still very sticky and needs more work. Despite these problems, the stock is a good product to purchase; one thing that I have heard is no gun is the same so it might be bound for a few minor problems."
5.0 5
"Great stock/forend combo. Easy to install. Took my lame looking 870 police magnum with standard wood and made it look like a tough ride. If you need to update an 870 for a tactical application, you would be remiss in not installing this product! Speedfeed has been around for years--I now known why."
5.0 5
"I purchased this for my 870 which took about 5-10min to put the stock on. The forend will take longer permitting you have the right tools. It feels great, looks great, and it also helped with accuracy. This was definitely worth the money."
4.0 5
"A great product and well worth the money once fitted, however I had to work a bit to make it fit my Mossberg 500:1)The provided mounting screw was *barely* long enough (I could only get one and a half threads in the gun, without any washer\uFFFD not a good idea). Solution: get yourself a 9/16 spade bit and a cordless drill to bore the hole a little further towards the gun, problem solved. Also, my kit did not come with a washer and the OEM washer was too wide\uFFFD so I had to purchase a new lock-washer for a couple of cents.2)The OEM sling attachment point (a screw with an eyelet on the end), when unscrewed from my old stock and screwed into the new one, protruded up into the bottom mag-tube of the stock, thus making it unusable. Solution: leave it out or get a hacksaw and shorten screw by about half.3)Once the stock was mounted, I found that I could no longer drop the trigger assembly out of the gun (the first step in disassembly\uFFFD rather important). Solution: remove the stock every time you disassemble the gun, don\uFFFDt disassemble the gun, or (what I did) carefully grind plastic away from a few key points until the trigger assembly clears the stock easily.4)Finally, there were a few rough edges inside the mag-tubes that caused the followers to hang up occasionally. Solution: get some sandpaper or a file and smooth the rough edges.As with most \uFFFDdrop-in\uFFFD products, the stock did *technically* fit out of the box\uFFFD but expect to spend a little time adjusting it to your application if you want it to work well."
4.0 5
"Received stock set very quickly. All in all about 30 minutes for install given some fitment issues with getting the fore-end assembled (the spanner wrench was not the issue, it took awhile b/c the extremely tight fit of the fore-end). Alignment of the recoil pad leaves a little to be desired, but not horrible. The shell compartments in the stock required some work to accept 3\" magnum shells. Stock required some minor trimming to allow trigger assembly to seat properly. All in all this is a pretty good product once you take care of the minor fitment trimmings, very well worth the money given the aesthetic value it brings to my 870 <-- now is one mean looking piece of hardware"
4.0 5
"I ordered this for the stock only and it was a great deal. If youre putting the foregrip on yours then make sure you have a spanner wrench because this setup doesn't come with one. The one major complaint I have is that if your not careful when you pull a shell out of the stock, the second shell will also come out and hit the ground. But still well worth th money."
4.0 5
"Mediocre casting on the stock. There's a weird discolored spot on the out side of the shell tube on mine. Very hard to get the forend nut off, but stick a 1 1/4\" spade drill bit in the slot and turn the bit with a pair of channelocks. Also, the magazine tubes won't fit two 3\" or 3 1/2\" shells, 2 3/4\" only. I hoped it would resemble a Benelli Super 90 more. Overall it's a pretty tuff looking stock though and comfortable to shoot."
2.0 5
"I put the stock on my 870 with no problem it fit perfectly. The material is good quality very sturdy. I test fired with 00 Buck with 00 Buck in speed loader 2 on each side. The recoil caused the first shell on each side to fall out onto the ground more than once. I checked assembly and I can't find any visible flaws in manufacture. The springs are good and tight especially with the second shell inserted. I remedied the problem by purchasing the Ace Case Shotgun Butt Ammo Holder which keeps the shells in during recoil and I can still get them out albeit with a little more difficulty. I checked online \"after the fact\" and it seems to be a problem other people are having. I know now I should have purchase a solid stock and just put a side saddle on."
2.0 5
"sturdy construction and a quality product. the fore end is tough to get on the first time and a spanner wrench should have been included to make life easier. still an easy assembly.my problem with the sp3 is that the pistol grip is oddly large. i have put 100+ rounds through the gun and can still not get used to the large size of the grip or the overall length of the stock (i am 6'2\" 220lbs and don't have freakishly small hands & arms). for defensive purposes, the length of the stock makes a quick draw to the shoulder tricky. i am selling this stock and going to keep looking."
4.0 5
"First & foremost lthis ooks very cool, but did not fit aginst the receiver. A little sanding and the problem was fixed. I would buy again."
2.0 5
"I've been trying to find a good pistol grip stock for a while now and I just kind of assumed that this was it because of the price. It is a sturdy piece but it's uncomfortable to hold because the grip is so awkwardly shaped. There's a slight gap between the reciever and the stock itself and a huge gap between the grip and the trigger guard. While I was installing it, I noticed that the grip looks too thin for the 870 and when I held it, it felt blocky and I can't imagine how it could feel good to anyone. It was clearly intended only to be used by someone with gorilla sized hands. On the plus side, I like the forend and it does come with a super comfortable gel recoil pad but that doesn't make up for the fact that this stock is UGLY and UNCOMFORTABLE. Maybe I'll just save up for a while, get a Benelli M4 and stop trying to make my 870 look like one . . . I was very disappointed by this product. I only give it two stars because I like the forend so much. I wish they sold those separately . . ."