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Spee-D-Loader 120 Round Speed Loader Works with all Tube Fed Rifles and .22 Ammo

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Spee-D-Loader. This is the only .22 rimfire tubular magazine speedloader available that allows you to spend your time shooting instead of loading. Reload your magazine tube in seconds and stop fumbling with a handful of loose ammo. Eight 15 Round loading chambers hold a total of 120 rounds of .22LR, loader works with all .22 ammo, as well as .17 Mach II and .17HMR. Load your .22 ammo at home and spend more time shooting! Most tube .22 rifles hold about 15 rounds. That's eight reloads in just seconds.

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5.0 5
"The spee-d-loader works great after a little practice. I would not be without one for target shooting. A must for .22's with tube mag."
– rimfire
5.0 5
"Works great, speeds up loading .22 tube feed rifles. Carry one of these instead of a box of ammo, fits in your back pocket and allows you to load your rifle in seconds."
– Michael
5.0 5
"This is a must have accessory for your tube fed rifle. For you survivalists out there you will appreciate its portability and capacity..it makes a standard 22 a legitimate defensive rifle and makes plinking all the more neat and enjoyable. I would recommend you purchase two because I'm always lending mine out."
– infidell
5.0 5
"This is the coolest loader that I have ever used. I now own three of them. Nothing greater than sitting on the back porch and plinking at a gallery of targets. Rattle off a few rounds and pour them back in. Smooth as can be. You can't go wrong with this tool. Highly Recommended."
– Big Kahuna
5.0 5
"Might as well order two when you buy it, you'll be back for another one."
– MadRebel
5.0 5
"The best idea ever for filling tube magazines but 1 complaint I commonly hear is it needs a belt hanger.... Well I just made a simple loose pouch out of leather to carry it on my belt, but you could use canvas or other firm materials like vinyl... Otherwise 10 out of 10 !"
– 'DOC' Jim R
5.0 5
"Used my 22 spee-d-loader today and it really works good. It is a simple machine with gravity as it actuator. I am planning on buying a coupel more for different grades of ammo including 22WMR."
– Madmaxx
4.0 5
"I tried my loader last weekend and it worked great most of the time. Twice I had problems because the bullets got stuck. To carry around this thing I just used the canvas sheath of my machete and hung it on my belt. Worked great!"
– Freddy
5.0 5
"Ok. I thought this thing was gonna be retarded. I got it and loaded it up. It worked amazingly. I thought it might bottleneck and not load very good but was a perfect fast load every time. I'm getting 2 more of these.A lot of guys prefer Ruger 10/22's for the ease of switching magazines, as opposed to tube loading. This thing makes the tube loader a fast little unit as well. I now hae a stronger love for both of my Marlin model 60 22 tube loaders! THIS THING IS AWESOME!"
– JoelInColorado
5.0 5
"works great, but buy more then one. one just isnt enough."
– Ruggy
4.0 5
"This is a great little tool for loading tubular magazines. My only complaint is that with it only holding 15 rnds, it jips me 3 rounds on my 881 and 4 rounds on my 39A! Other than that I would highly reccommend this product."
– Todd
5.0 5
"This tube loader works great. Load the thing up when you have time and shoot all week. Saves time at the range but in the field is where it really shines."
– Bill in Texas hill country
5.0 5
"This thing is AWESOME!! So simple! I now have five!! When my Grandsons and I go to the range to plink with the .22s, we will typically go thru all five full loaders in a couple of hours. We use them with a Winchester 94-22 and a Marlin Model 60 and I even load one with .22 shorts for my Win. 1890 Gallery rifle! We buy .22 ammo by the case lot these days!"
– Shimmyeye
5.0 5
"Whoever said to buy two was right, logged on to get another, out of stock, darn! Ill get another though. Use it to feed a through the butt stock of a Remington Nylon 66, only holds 14, so only put in 14. Had the Nylon for 33 years, should have bought one sooner."
– Nylon
5.0 5
"Like everyone else has stated it works great, but it needs to have the tube openings and the cap opening chamfered, rounds will hang up if you do not do this, I chamfered mine and have had no problems since, thanks for a great product."
– Dave
5.0 5
"yes , this product works and is easy to use , get it until they still have it"
– gaga
5.0 5
"i bought one of these from this site on a tuesday and it was delivered that friday, super service. as for the spee-d-loader itself, this thing is super fast and efficient. i can load my marlin 60 in less than 5 seconds and without a single jam in the mag tube. i should have bought 2 more to separate my hollow points and my subsonic practice rounds. in fact, think i'll do that right now. awesome product."
– stephen f.
5.0 5
"If you own a Marlin Model 60 or any tube fed .22 buy this loader. The only thing better than having one of these, is having 2. Make sure you stok up on ammo, you will need it."
– Jason A.
3.0 5
"I was a bit disappointed with the indexing of the loading spout. I guess I expected something better. It is still a good reloader to get a new shooter, back on the firing line."
– Richard H
5.0 5
"These are absolutely awesome! I bought one for my Marlin 60, and after my first trip to the range with it, I ordered another one. I love shooting my 60 again. I load them up at home, and when I'm at the range, I get to spend more time shooting since reloading is easily under 10 seconds."
– Happy Owner
5.0 5
"Bought 2 of these on Thursday and they showed up on Saturday afternoon!!!! Way to go CTD!!!! This thing works awesome - don't hesitate guys, when they come back in stock order 2, you won't regret it!!!!"
– Rambler247
5.0 5
"This single item has totally changed my outlook on the Marlin and the Glenfield model 60 - the rate of reload is dramatically increased so much so that I sold my Mossberg 702 (mag fed semi auto) and bought another model 60 at a pawn shop; had to, son wouldn't let go of the first model 60. Its just so easy and simple to reload.I'm up to two Spee-Ds per rifle now; best ~$20 you could ever spend on any tube fed rifle out there. I load these puppies up the night before and as a result spend more time shooting than having to fumble around with reloading.The only downside I've experienced yet is that we go through too much ammo too darned fast. These things are sturdy but not 'rugged' - I imagine if you drop these off a cliff they will fall apart quite dramatically but they are more than tough enough for days of plinking at the range.The directions say that the Spee-D will handle the 17hmr and 22mag/longs/shorts as well, but I've nothing in those calibers."
5.0 5
"Have purchased several of these for different 22 rifles so they can be preloaded to be taken to the range. I will need another now, as I've added a couple of 22 magnum rifles to my gun safe. Loading is straight forward, load your rounds bullet up or down depending on your gun. Tube fed rifles like the Marlin 39A or 60 would get bullet loaded end first. A Remington Nylon 66 would get the primer end first as the 66 is tube fed through the buttstock. Once all cylinders are loaded a simple half twist of the spring loaded cap will secure the rounds and is ready for quick reloads instead of fumbling around with a handful of rounds to fiddle with one at a time. Buy two, you'll not regret it!"
– AvardCurt
5.0 5
"This is a great accessory. Really makes loading my Marlin model 60 a snap."
– FastJack
5.0 5
"Just received my Spee-d-Loader 129 Round Speed Loader. Bought my grandson a Marlin 22 last year can't wait until he come down in the spring. He gonna be able to load faster than the 10-22 boys. Great product. Fast and Easy to load and use."
– John Bridges
5.0 5
"Greatest thing since sliced bread! No kidding! Have several of these and just added another to hold .22 mags for my Marlin Bolt Actions. Have dedicated a Spee-D-Loader for .22 LR guns, Nylon 66 to load through stock bullet end first, and one for tube fed semi's, lever, and bolt with rim end first. Easy to load and quick to replenish your gun with maximum rounds to keep putting lead down range. Worth every penny! So easy to use, so handy to keep in the field. You won't be disappointed."
– Phil
5.0 5
"Works great with my Win 62A. I can load it up to eight times, all in seconds. Sure beats fiddling with individual rounds through the little loading port."
– Bob R
5.0 5
"Used it at the rifle range and it worked well. Great solution to rifles without magazines."
– efielder@nctv.com
5.0 5
"I have purchased two of these Spee-D loaders and like them very much."
– Sanjisdad
5.0 5
"Works great for loading a tube fed marlin22"
– murdock
5.0 5
"Why didn't i get one years ago when i first saw it in CTD?"
– Tinman55
5.0 5
"Great, durable, easily stored or carried. Everything visible so no problem seeing how many rounds/loads you have left."
– sea_goin_dude
5.0 5
"Great speed loader for your 22 tube mag."
– Nashcbrguy
5.0 5
"Works great for Henry and Marlin Model 60 get it and keep shooting."
– Kevin
5.0 5
"This is great for any tube fed 22. It also will hold .17 HMR rounds for those that own a tube fed 17. When these are available you better get several."
– Ed
5.0 5
"Time saver at the range!"
– Scott