SnapSafe Canister Dehumidifier Rechargeable Cap Indicator Large

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Protect the investments in your gun safe, closets, pantries or other enclosed spaces from damaging humidity, rust and mildew with a Canister Dehumidifier from SnapSafe. This is a large sized compact canister dehumidifier that removes moisture from surrounding air in an enclosed area. The convenient color change cap turns pink to indicate when the unit needs to be recharged. You simply heat the unit in an oven to dry out and recharge it. Perfect for anywhere you're concerned about the damaging effects of humidity and moisture in the air. Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you. Make sure you have a SnapSafe Canister Dehumidifier!

Specifications and Features:
SnapSafe Canister Dehumidifier Large 75902
Color Change Cap Turns Pink Indicating Recharge Required
Oven Heat Rechargeable
5" Diameter Cylinder


Item#: GNS-707-015