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SKS Ultralight Folding Stock Pistol Grip Handguard with Black Glass Filled Nylon

Advanced Technology
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If you desire the best, Advanced Technology products will fulfill your desires; precision machined with the most revolutionary technology available, every product is guaranteed for life and proudly made in USA.

Ultra lightweight fixed or folding stock with handguard, forearm, checkered pistol grip; constructed of glass filled nylon is scratch and weather resistant, drop-in installation requires no gunsmithing. Fits 7.62x39 caliber SKS with standard 10 round magazine.

For Specific Warranty Information or Technical Assistance , you can Contact the Manufacturer Direct :

Advanced Technology, Inc.
102 Fieldview Drive
Suite 400
Versailles, KY. 40383
Total number of Reviews: 33

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3.0 5
"Nice replacement stock. Good fitment, some parts had to be filed down to get the rifle to fit but does not need any major work. Also works with aftermarket Hi-Cap/detachable mags. Unfortunately to make the stock fold or extend you need a couple of tools and about 5 minutes. There is no way to fold/unfold the stock while in the field. This was a little dissapointing for me. Otherwise a great improvement over the wooden stock."
– Derek
5.0 5
"Some parts had to be fitted, but still a great stock. With the right button installed it folds easily, in less than 10 secounds. Great stock to replace the short wooden stock the SKS comes with."
– James
4.0 5
"This was easy to install.....except the gas rod. Not the fault of the stock maker, but the pin was too hard for me to remove to install the poly top. Have to have the right tools to punch it out. Opens easy and looks REAL GOOD! Sweet Cannot wait to fire now that I have the new stock and bayonet removed."
– Howard
5.0 5
"Folds fast and easy if the button to fold and unfold the stock is installed correctly. Fits HI-cap mags with no problem! I'm very happy with the product!"
– AK47
5.0 5
"This was an excellent stock for my SKS, it looks great and it is really easy to install, and the best thing is that it folds in about 5 seconds, FAST!!!!! and EASY!!!!!. I'm really happy with it."
– NV702
5.0 5
"I recieved this stock as a Christmas gift along with several other accessories for my Chinese SKS. It has very tight tolerances for my particular rifle, which impressed me. As stated in another review on here, the hand guard was a royal pain to change from the original, but doable. It takes a good amount of time to do. As for the rest of it, it was a breeze to put it all together. The pistol grip has a compartment which I'm assuming is to be used for the cleaning kit or other accessories. The only complaint I have stems from that very feature. The origional cleaning kit doesn't quite fit. I took the cap off the cylinder and it fit decently with alittle coaxing of the patch tip. I'm also able to carry several hex keys for various accessories inside it as well, so its a redemable fault.Bard"
– Bard
3.0 5
"This replacement stock was the best in overall looks when it hit the market. When I got mine it made my sks look pretty awesome. Unfortunately the rifle doesn't shoot well with it. Excellent pice though."
– c-money
2.0 5
"I bought this stock for my Yugo. IT WAS SWEET.......when I bought it. The stock took me along time to file down, to fit my Yugo. After a few months, the cheap plastic folding mechanism began to wear down. With little effort the stock can be pushed into the closed postion from the fixed postion (open to closed). The locking mechanism is plastic, and therefore... VERY WEAK!! My stock had the ACU pattern on it.... mistake. It scratches off easily, revealing the black stock underneath. Pros: Cheap Cool looking. Feels good in your hands.Cons: CHEAP! Not a \"drop in installation\" stock like is says. Poorly made Critical parts are made of plastic If the stock has an ACU type pattern on it....it will definitely flake off. Very wobbley when \"locked\" into postion. You get the point."
– H. Snyder
4.0 5
"I used to have one of these before I upgraded to Tapco(well worth the money, btw) and I can't say I have anything major to complain about. I never had problems with it wearing out or anything. My older brother owned the rifle before me and he never had problems with the folding stock. It always functioned perfectly. I can see however that it could wear out quickly if someone used it improperly. Also don't expect to get something as sturdy as a wood stock. This is not strong enough to use as a club! It's meant to save room but still function well when shooting, and it does."
– Jimmy
5.0 5
"Too easy to switch out stocks.5 Mins.Only problem was the gas tube cover,A tight fit.Otherwise looks good and functions well.Thanks"
– Jeff T
5.0 5
"I bought this stock about ten years ago when they first came out. I LOVE it. My Chinese SKS fit in very snuggly without any modifying. The folding mechanism still locks firmly open and folded after all this time. As has been mentioned in other reviews the hand guard is hard to change. I put the ATI hand guard on for a while, but upgraded to the TAPCO one piece hand guard gas tube. It is a much better setup and more rugged too. If you get that at the same time as the stock you don't have to worry about fitting the new hand guard onto the existing gas tube. This ATI stock has assisted me through thousands of rounds and has held up very nicely. It has stood the test of time and is still functioning as well now as when it was new. I'm VERY PLEASED!"
– redchevguy
1.0 5
"Looks good but when installed is loose. If you don't mind your receiver sliding up down and all around it's okay. Is good maybe if you aren't going to shoot the rifle just look at it."
– Jim
4.0 5
"This is one of the best. I got the stock at about 3PM. I was done at 3:15. It fit perfectly. The only thing I had to do was to sand off some of the sprue from the pistol grip. Otherwise, tight fit, perfect alignment. All in all, I'm very satisfied."
– harvick
4.0 5
"Everything fit well. The SKS parts gave me problems than the new stock did. It did some shaving with my dremmel to allow my bayonet to fit. It was a waste of time though, the blade still won't sit all the way down. The forward checkered grip is a bit uncomfortable and i'm looking for options to fit and sand out smooth."
– no name
5.0 5
"Great stock!!!!!!! works great on my chinese sks. Fell right in and the stock is suprisingly durable."
5.0 5
"We have had an SKS with this type of stock for over 10 years. After all the abuse on this gun, (we use em like the tools they are) the gun and stock are still in perfect condition. the folding stock takes less than a second to fold and shows no wear. It is comfy and shoots with better accuracy than a rifle stock. I take the gun in and out of the stock in under 30 seconds and yet it fits tight and there is no movement.Plus EVERY girl has fallen in love with it, they think it is sexyTRUST THE ATTRACTIVE WOMEN!"
– Shane
4.0 5
"from stock to shock in about 17min stock,scope kit,&30 round clip ooohs and aaahs at the range NICE!!!!"
– bm
3.0 5
"good looks and function, but mine broke at the pivot with what seemed to be a very minor bump. had to drill, glue and screw the pivot body to get back in action. also good with butt removed."
– lou
5.0 5
"I love this stock. I have bought two and they are nice, make sure you get the recoil pad. I wish it had a bottom rail for a forend grip or light. Bottom line buy it. Simple install."
– akskmod
4.0 5
"I was extremely excited when i got this stock, as my friend had one just like it, and it fit his like a glove. When mine came, the gas tube and receiver fit well, but the trigger group was INCREDIBLY snug. About 15 minutes of filing later, it was the best stock i had ever had for my norinco."
– Davidtheskspimp
4.0 5
"I do not have any experience with weapons, but I was able to disassemble and put back together withing half hour."
– Shawn
5.0 5
"I bought this stock to replace the Monte Carlo one that was on my Chinese SKS. It took me about 20 minutes to do the swap (I was also watching TV at the time..haha). I didn't need to do any filing.. just dropped right in. Well... maybe not \"dropped\" in... more like \"pushed\" in. Fits great.... looks great... great price for what you get. I would recommend this stock to anyone who is looking for a pistol grip synthetic stock."
– QuickDrawMcGraw
5.0 5
"The best 40 bucks I ever spent. Well engineered and works perfectly with my Chinese SKS. Put it together in about 30 minutes just taking my time. Makes the gun look brand new again and makes me want to shoot it more. 5 STARS"
– BrownCop911
5.0 5
"This is a great Stock, I put this on all my sks. I have two now, had over 5. Its just great, its light, tough, so when i hunt in the thicket with only 100yrds or less i take the SKS."
– Spas12owner
3.0 5
"I just received my UL folding stock. At first glance it appeared better than I expected. The Receiver fit too tight and needed some sanding. The Gas tube handguard was way too tight and probably many people would have given up. Just remember, you own an SKS and you bought a cheap stock. What did you expect? It is well worth the money and seems to be functional."
– oldsniper
4.0 5
"This is a nice and handy stock. I mounted it on my Yugo m59/66. It did require a little sanding around the magazine and I squeezed like heck to snap the trigger group into place. This stock looks cool and folding is really handy in close quarters. I have two complaints on an otherwise great product: detachable magazines will not work, not even TAPCO. The top handgaurd is difficult to remove and replace the wood. Altogether this is a worthwhile investment for the SKS but it does slowdown takedown."
5.0 5
"Just received my CTD package today, and I've ordered everything for the SKS they offered including this stock. I've got the Chinese SKS and this went on in just a minute or two. It doesn't use the wooden stock cross pin that takes the special tool to remove, so that was a relief. It's more snug than my wooden stock with zero movement whereas the wooden stock was old and allowed the barrel to be moved slightly forward and back.I've had the same problem with the gas tube part as everyone else, they didn't really design this rifle to have that part removed I guess, so I'll deal with that part later, the tri-rail system covers it anyway. The only issue I seem to be having is with the cheek rest I ordered to match the picture of this stock. When I adjust the cheek guard to my cheek, the stock doesn't \"click\" into closed position. It says closed, but I don't have to push the button to get it to open again as when I had the cheek guard removed.I've tried it with steel and syn clips, both worked like gang busters. It comes with one strap mount at the bottom of the pistol grip and I installed the new strap using it and the SKS factory strap ring on the end of the barrel, works fantastic. Kudos on this stock!"
– LaazRocket
4.0 5
"Perfect fit, no work needed. The balance and weight is very good. Makes the gun look VERY slick w/the 10 round or a 20 round mag. GREAT value for the money."
5.0 5
"The stock took a bit of fitting for the receiver cover lever. Some fitting is to be expected with a one size fits most type stock. A Dremel works to remove a bit of material and it's ready to go. The lock-up is tight and I like it.Thanks"
– mudde
5.0 5
"Best ever! Took a bit of the ol'e hand fitting, but it is the best stock ever! Don't worry, the magazine will slide in better after lots of use. DON'T file the well! The only problem is the bayonet slit, I can't mount a vertical grip. Oh well. I got it to make it lighter and more compact, and that's what it did! Makes it perfect for use in a travel trailer while camping. Bears are the norm around here were I live, and a pistol won't cut it in a bear attack while in your camper."
– ak man
2.0 5
"The stock looks horrible. It just looks and feels cheap. The folding part is so flimsy, it just moves freely. When I installed it on my Yugo, I had to hook a ratchet strap around it, and tighten it down until it finally snapped in. Even standing on it wouldn't do it trust me. If you want a good tactical weapon, buy a Tapco Stock. Buy Tapco products in general. They work and they are cheap."
– fireman with guns
4.0 5
"This stock is by far the best bang for your buck stock around for the SKS. It went together without a problem, and it even came with step by step installation instructions. Even though I did not need them, that is just an extra step in the right direction. The only thing that could have earned this stock 5 bullets instead of 4 was the fact that it DOES feel a little flimsy. The butt-stock could do be be a bit wider as I can tell it's going to bite into my shoulder pretty hard when I go shooting with it. And for those of you who use optics on your standard SKS, and you have to lean your head back to see through the scope clearly, you will be pleased. This stock is just long enough to see clearly through my optics without having to lean back anymore. The stock folded out it is a full 2.5\" longer. I had no trouble putting it together using the standard 10 round mag, 20 round mag or 30 round mag. It\"s a great buy and best bang for your buck by a LONG shot."
– SKS fan
4.0 5
"I got it together in about 15 minutes. The stock is somewhat flimsy, I don't care for ATI products at all really, it's not going to be as solid as something the Army produced. If you want a stock to fight with you through the collapse of western civilization, I wouldnt pick this one."
– Novus