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SKS Stripper Clips Pack of 20 Each Clip Holds 10 Rounds Reusable

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Original Chinese SKS stripper clips. Holds 10 rounds of 762x39 ammo. Reusable steel construction made to last a lifetime. Fits the stripper clip guide on top of SKS rifle. These stripper clips will work with all SKS rifles, Chinese, Russian, and European. 
Total number of Reviews: 21

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5.0 5
"I have several yugo and russian sks's, and these things really speed up reloads. The sks has a slot in the slide that guides/holds these in place, all you gotta do is press down on the rounds and instantly fill the mag. I have many of these and ordering more."
– gunrunner
5.0 5
"faster and more reliable than the duckbill mags even if you have to reload more often."
– sevensixtwo
5.0 5
"These work very will for reloading an sks quickly, and make it easier to transport the ammo in pouches.I have found that running an empty shell casing (preferably steel) back and forth through them for a few minuites makes them work more smoothly."
– melkor
2.0 5
"a little over half of them work, the other half are crimped so poorly that the pinch the base of the shells in certanin places and make them jam, plus this might just be my gun but when if feed the shells in it pushes down the verticle sliding block which is the locking system and makes the bolt want to close so taking the clip out is a pain and the bolt slams shut as so as i do and my sks is chinees"
– sam
5.0 5
"These are run of the mill sks stripper clips. Came packed in rust preventative oil and double baged in plastic. Hit them w/ brake cleaner and cleaned in 5 minutes. loaded them up and stuffed them into a 200 rnd Chinese sks ammo carrier."
– dustynuckl
3.0 5
"Strippers r a must for the sks, but these were very tight and hard to use.i also had problems with these clips making the bolt want to close on my russian sks. Maybe after they've been used a few times they'll get better, but new they're almost not worth it."
– barefuthilbilly
5.0 5
"what can I say, I put bullets in them, put them in my SKS...smooth working, great price."
– Modificationvt
4.0 5
"My Yugo SKS does fine with these clips. Out of 160 clips, I found one that had rails which were opened up too loose to hold in the rounds, and I fixed that with a pair of vice grips in about 15 seconds. I'm going to need more clips.I just wish the US Mil. made clips for the M16/M14 that were this sturdy."
– Gaviota
4.0 5
"Don't confuse these cheaper after market versions with the super high quality Chinese ones from the 80s and 90s. You will need to find a crate of AP to get any of those if any even still exist. That said these are the current quality available from any dealer and like me get an extra pack and sort out the ones you don't like for a premium set. No one else has better quality out there. Already checked."
– JasonB
4.0 5
"i ordered two packages of these clips and i was impressed by the fact that they were still covered in cosmoline! over all they were in great condition with the exception of a few that had some of their finish worn off. but i cant complain! they hold the bullets well and they are a must for speedy SKS loading!"
– matt
5.0 5
"some really good chinese made strippers. stamped 31 and 211. better that most american made strippers out there. will be buying again."
– Ben
5.0 5
"These clips work just fine. but some of them were a bit gritty and they all needed to be cleaned and re lubricated. nothing wrong with that. after cleaning and lubing make sure to pass and empty shell through it vigorously with tensions at a slight angle to loosen them up before loading. also, some people will experience crimping during loading simply because they are not using the stripper properly. remember to apply pressure at the base of shells when loading. no where else. this can make the difference."
– Fred
5.0 5
"My first review I have writen. Stripper clips WoW! Brand new in nice little bag (Made in China) Worked great. Slight coat of grease on them. Perfect condition, were not hard to load rounds at all. Great buy!"
– Army Guy
5.0 5
"Great stripper clips, works great. Only thing I didn't like is that it had a pound of factory grease on each of them. Just need to clean it off and no issues. Would recomend this to anyone with a SKS or AK."
– Bullet Buyer
5.0 5
"If you have an SKS, you have to get these. So much easier to reload, and even faster then changing a mag."
– Buck
2.0 5
"I bought a package of 20 of these stripper clips, and my Wolf ammo loaded flawlessly on them, however when i tried to load them into my Norinco, they wouldnt fit into the slot, i measured them, and they are too wide, and arent very easy to file down, it took me about 30 mins to get one of them to fit, but they are great at keeping my bullets organized and not loose. However they arent good at much else."
– DavidtheSKSguy
4.0 5
"These clips were pretty much what i expected. i loaded all of them with no problem. they fed through to the magazine alright. a little rough at first but thats just the nature of the beast. just make sure you push down as close to the rear of the cartridge as possible."
– Duane
5.0 5
"Ordered two packs. Came double bagged in plastic. Perfect condition, no rust or bent clips. Very light coat of grease that came right off with a little orange cleaner. Will buy again."
– Steve
5.0 5
"I ordered a pkg of 20 SKS Stripper Clips. The order arrived just as described. The clips were clean and in 100% new condition. There was the exact amount of lube on the clips, no chance of rust, and no need to wipe down or soak. If you need feeder clips, get them here!! I plan on getting another 40-60 so i am prepared for anything!! Greg"
– Jestergk
5.0 5
"Just as advertised - no wear marks, nicely blued, came double-bagged with a bit of oil on them. the oil was either thick or old and coagulated, so i wiped it down with a dry rag before i loaded them. Hoppes would work better but i figured a light coating would prevent rust."
– connor
5.0 5
"Only 2 of the 20 had some tight spots but are still functional, not a bad ratio if you ask me."
– packrat