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SKS Pin On Muzzle Brake

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Reduce muzzle climb and improve accuracy with this slotted pin on muzzle brake, can be installed without altering your rifle and no drilling or tapping is required. SKS Pin on Short Muzzle Brake, pins in front sight pin hole.

Total weight 2.3 ounces, 2" overall length, extends 1.5" past muzzle. 
Total number of Reviews: 29

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5.0 5
"Quality product. Looks and works great!"
– R.L.
3.0 5
"Took a ton of grinding to fit this piece. Once it was on, it worked ok..."
– Nick
2.0 5
"At first I thought that this brake was about the look that I was trying to achieve with my SKS, verses some of the other styles. Also, it looked like if could have worked to dampen the small amount of recoil that my rifle produces. One problem that I had was that it simple would not fit. Part of the problem is that the inside bore of this part, has a rough finish. (After working in machining, my guess is that they probably make these things as fast as possible with very little tool changes, causing the rough tool marks. I managed to hand file some of the interior to get it smooth (lathe would work nicely). Overall, I simply did not like the way it looked installed, so I took it off. I haven't tried to shoot with it, to see if it did anything with the recoil, so I cannot express an opinion of that."
– JJ
4.0 5
"It took some work with a rotary tool with a milling bit till it just about slide on to barrel. Then I blued area that I milled then I heated the brake in the oven at 400 for ten minutes took out an it sliped rite over the end of the barrel let it cool then installed pin . I am happy on how well it works."
– Works well
5.0 5
"Wow, I must be really lucky, I put this on in 3 min. I had no problems with the fit or installation. It was the simplest upgrade so far. I have shot over 100 rds. Has not moved, have not lost the pin. I fact I am getting the same for a friend. I like it, and all who have shot my SKS liked it also."
– Thekilt01
4.0 5
"It did take some machining to make it fit, but other than that I really like it. It definately reduced muzzle climb. Looks great, very functional."
– Myron
4.0 5
"Okay, I read the previous reviews, and decided to give this item a try. The fit was excellent on both of my Norinco SKS's. I expected to have to bore them out, but they both fit great! The kit includes an extended length pin to hold the brake in place, which will need to be shortened prior to install. The overall quality is one of the best upgrades for the price that you will ever purchase for your Norinco (Chinese) SKS. RB"
– Rickey Bobby
4.0 5
"looks pretty cool on the rifle, but it didn't quite fit, so i had to file the main slot and Dremel out the inside so the muzzle of my Ruskie SKS would fit in. only other problem is that i can't extend the bayonet, the bayonet loop won't fit over the muzzle. didn't factor that into the rating because i don't plan on using the bayonet, and on the bright side, it protects my barrel crown."
– connor
4.0 5
"the break looks good fit my norinco cowboy perfect lines up perfect with bore cant wait to shoot with it see if does whaty is says it does"
– rich
5.0 5
"I own a Norico China made SKS and the break had a fit as tight as richards hat band. Went on in about 3min. I love the way it looks and the line up is perfect. Guess I was lucky as well. I recommend it to anyone who owns the SKS"
– Dale
4.0 5
"I picked one of these up recently. They are good quality, but I had one problem during installation. To install it, you pop the front sight pin out, put the muzzle brake in place, and put in the supplied longer pin. But I couldn't get my front sight pin out. I broke 2 punches trying. Luckily, the fit of this muzzle brake is tight, so I used some gorilla glue and it worked like a charm! A little ghetto, but it works."
– Levi B
4.0 5
"Muzzle Brake was exactly as stated. Goes on in about 5-10 minutes. It fit my Chinese Norinco just great. Maybe a couple of thousandths larger than the muzzle, but the pin snugs it up good. The pin that came with mine was very soft and too long. After I drove it all the way through the front sight, the end of the pin split from the punch I was using, I would suggest you use a different pin, or perhaps a roll pin could work too. Finish is very close to that of the SKS, but a little lighter. All in all, a good deal for the money, haven't shot it yet, but soon. Item showed up in 2 days from order date!! CTD is awesome and never lets me down!!"
– Dan S
5.0 5
"Snug fit, reduces muzzle climb well. I put this muzzle brake on a couple of norinco rifles for my two sons. My 14 year old and 15 year old were shooting like salty old pros after I rebuilt their sks's using this product and other parts from cheaper than dirt."
– Joe
4.0 5
"I got this for my Norinco and the fit was good, definitely not tight, but the was no visible movement. I put JB Weld around the barrel and slid the brake on to insure a solid fit. Pounded the new pin in which was a very tight fit and added a JB Weld layer around where the brake seats around the FSB."
– Ed
5.0 5
"Got this for my Chinese SKS. The fit was perfect. Very tight, I had to drive it on by pushing the barrel onto the floor. Along with the tri-rail system, 4 power scope, and the T-6 stock, it really looks good."
– Paul V.
5.0 5
"Got this muzzle brake for my Chinese made SKS. The fit was so tight, I didn't even have to use the supplied roll pin. I must say this, after firing about 20 rounds through it, it DEFINITELY works, making muzzle rise next to non-existent. Pair this with a Buffertech recoil buffer and you got yourself an excellent piece of kit, not to mention that accuracy is sure to improve for initial and follow up shots."
– TacSurplus98
1.0 5
"Was too tight to go on even with tapping with a mallet. Trashed the muzzle brake trying to get it off. Worthless. Now my garbage can will have reduced muzzle climb."
– Unhappy
4.0 5
"I bought this as a Christmas gift for a friend of mine and we installed the brake quite easily except it is nearly impossible to get the pin out of the sight on the end to replace it with the longer one included with the brake. The brake fit very snug so we took the gun out back and shot it 5 times without the pin and the brake flew off. It wasnt a bullet strike, just the pressure blew it off. It matches the barrel perfectly and looks great. Very pleased with it and we won't have any more problems after we get that pin out and replaced with the one included in the kit. I give this one 4 out of 5!"
– SKS fan
4.0 5
"This had a Great shipping time. The muzzle break is slightly rusty and the quality was not as good as the picture.I have a Norinco model \" D \" SKS . The fit was slightly loose . I added some \"goop\" and put it on the barrel. It is ok after 100 rounds, but still sparks. It shoots great.Overall I am happy with it.The only real problem was getting the pin out,I ruined a punch! I had to drill it out and install the oversized soft pin with loctite."
– Ting
2.0 5
"I am very dissatisfied with this brake! The machining is cheap and dirt, which can be excused for the price. The biggest problem I had was that the slots that the pin sits in were machined offset from one another enough that the pin could not be driven through to secure the brake! This offset is small enough that it is not apparent until the the brake is on the gun. It took a lot of delicate work to remove it, file it and finally struggle through the install! Not worth the pain or abuse to the gun! Loved everything else I have ordered from CTD, but skip on this P.O.S."
4.0 5
"WARNING!!!! If your SKS is not a Norinko Chinese type-56, you may experience difficulty with instalation and fit of this muzzle brake. If you DO have this specific rifle... everything is going to work perfectly and you dont have to listen to all the other negative comments from people who just couldn't make it happen. This is a great product FOR THE MONEY."
– Alexander
5.0 5
"Sticks right onto the tip and with a little hammering it is super snug! I've put 100 rounds through it and it has held up well and the improved barrel jump is noticeable! For $10 you can't go wrong!"
– Croz
4.0 5
"Installed is seconds with a couple of taps from a rubber mallet. Looks good only gave it 4 because I have not had a chance to shoot it yet."
– G
4.0 5
"I bought this item and was overall pleased with it except for 2 things. First, the pin it came with was crap. I split it in two when trying to drive it in, honestly, I didn't think it was possible, well, it is. Second, the fit was a bit loose on the muzzle. I easily fixed both of these issues. First, throw away the pin that came with it and get a roll-pin. Nice snug fit, and looks great. Hasn't loosened up yet. Second, I used ONE wrap of electrical tape around the muzzle and cut it perfectly square with a razor blade. Then GENTLY work the brake over the tape making sure you don't drag it off and make a mess, try a little lube. It snugged up nice and tight and the tape is hidden by the brake. I've shot a few hundred rounds and not one problem. You may be able to use teflon tape as well to snug it up. I realize this may be a bit more work than some of you feel is worth-while, however, it really did make a BIG improvement in the muzzle jump. Also, for as cheap as the guns are it's nice to find accessories for them. I also have the TAPCO Interfuse stock and a bi-pod. Very good gun for 100 yard shooting with iron-sights!!"
– Dan
3.0 5
"It is easy to put on if you have the right size steel punch. The muzzle break looks awesome on the gun, but I can not tell a difference while shooting, and I have owned my Chinese SKS for about 13 years now. Either way, it looks really good and adds the \"cool factor\" to the gun."
– Jimmy Cecil
5.0 5
"So I just recived my Pin on SKS Muzzle Brake! And it fits on like a charm! Fits all Norinco Type-56 SKS Rifles! And I cant tell much of a difference when im firing my rifle. But it makes the SKS look more Tactical!"
– Seth
5.0 5
"I just received my muzzle brake and got it put on. It was a tight fit, which is definitely a good thing. I had to gut the pin down a little to keep it from sticking out too far. I had a difficult time getting the old pin out first, but installation on the new one was easy. It looks great and is a nice addition to my rifle."
– UT2413
5.0 5
"Great deal ,looks cool and easy to install on my Norinco."
– P.E
5.0 5
"Perfect fit for my Norinco SKS. Very little effort required to install, and it looks really good. Now I just need to shoot it for my final opinion, but expect great results. Definitely worth the money!"
– Walt