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SKS Chinese Cleaning Kit Rod Handle Bore Brush Takedown Tool Metal Cleaning Kit Tube Grade I

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SKS Chinese military surplus Cleaning Kit includes Rod Handle, Bore Brush, Takedown Tool, and Metal Cleaning Kit Tube, all new, Grade I. Fits SKS-065 Cleaning Rod.

All Military surplus products are used, the condition of the products varies, and the quantities may be limited.
Surplus condition scale:
Grade I - Used in like new to excellent condition.
Grade II - Used in good condition, may show minor use.
Grade III - Used in fair condition, will show normal wear and tear from daily use. 
Total number of Reviews: 29

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5.0 5
"Nice kit! I bought a Yugo, and it didn't come with one, so I bought this one. Fits perfectly in the stock, and pops out when you need it."
– DL1488
2.0 5
"I bought this cleaning kit to go with my Yugo SKS. For the money I would recommend getting the AK47 cleaning kit for a $1 more (CLN-021). It will work perfectly with your SKS and comes with 10x as much stuff including oil and a bore pull rope. This is cool if you want to leave your stock butt-pad on and stick it in the trap door, but if you want to upgrade your stock or butt pad, then you need to find a new place to store it and not loose it. You also need the cleaning rod to even make it work, so don't loose it like I did ;) I will be buying the 7.62x39mm cleaning kit soon (CLN-021)"
– Hooker52
2.0 5
"Picked one up the other day for my SKS. It was packed with so much cosmoline I could have coated a battle ship with it. Castrol Super Clean in the purple bottle at auto parts stores seemed to get it off with a little elbow grease.The brush was missing half it's bristles and wayyy to soft to clean the bore or the gas tubes with. Not worth sending back, I'll just replace it with a brass brush.I'll have to check further, but the thing wont fit in the butt stock of my SKS. It sticks out about an inch. I can feel it against the spring inside as well, so it's bottomed out. I'll have to pull the butt plate and see if it's an issue with the gun, but I think it's just too long and it'll have to stay in the gun case."
– dwc43
5.0 5
"Got this in the mail in record time. I have a Russian 1954 Tula SKS, put this in the butt stock and it fits in there just fine. The product is about 2 3/4 in. long. About the size of a 20 gu shell. Works great if you are in the field and want to run your cleaning rod through. Haven't quite fugured out how the takedown tool works, (nice to have though) Only thing I did not enjoy was when I recieved, (I am assuming it is brand new, looks thay way), it was covered in a thick factory greese (at least mine was) pretty gunky stuff, but once it was cleaned off, no problems. Would recomend for any SKS just for the coolness."
– Bullet Buyer
5.0 5
"It came quite fast and in great shape. Full of grease but easily melted of in my heater can. Brush is very soft but I knew that from a eailer review. Well worth the money just so I can have it in my new Yugo SKS.++++"
– RJ
5.0 5
"Its exactly what it says it is. I will say thou be prepared to clean it when you get it. Mine was coated in probably a quarter of an inch of grease on the outside and the inside was filled with grease. Cleaning the brush was fun but I eventually got that clean. It fits just fine in the Butt of my Yugo SKS."
– Captain Stormy
5.0 5
"I just got this in the mail and I am very pleased. CTD bring on the goods. Just as discribed and, in new un-issued condition."
– sks owner
4.0 5
"nice product. does what it is supposed to do. will not fit in t6 stock hand grip."
– first time sks owner
4.0 5
"does just what its meant to do. did come with cosmoline all over it but was easily removed with engine degreaser. fyi if you have a t6 stock with slip on butt pad it will fit inside of the butt stock but you cannot collaps it past the second possition."
– Zach
5.0 5
"Exactly like the original kit that was in the butt port. Too bad I didn't find the original one before I ordered the new one!lol.Can always use a spare."
– Ronnie
5.0 5
"I ordered this on Sunday and received it on Thursday with the cheapest shipping option. I was pleasantly surprised after all the cosmoline horror stories. There was some grease but not too much. A rag with rubbing alcohol fixed it right up. This is a perfect accessory for my Chinese SKS. It stows and retrieves perfectly. I received excellent service, CTD delivered exactly as promised."
– jannelle's rifleman
4.0 5
"Only a couple small peeves with this set. Mine was a little rust-covered when I took it out of the box (easily remedied with some soap, water, and a little scrubbing) and it doesn't fit into the Tapco T6 pistol-grip compartment. Whoever it was who said a good storage option would be in the butt stock with a shoulder pad attached, though.. that's pretty good thinking!"
– Olive Drab
3.0 5
"Okay, maybe I just got a bad one but my cleaning kit is certainly not new (as the item description claims). It was caked in cosmoline and the bore brush looked like it had seen a few decades of service. I cleaned everything up with hoppes and it does function well (and for the 7 dollar price tag its a good set), I just wish my kit would have been a little....newer???"
– Croz
5.0 5
"Since my Yugo didn't have the original cleaning kit with it. I decided to pick one of these up for cheap. I can't be beat that! It was wrapped in wax paper with some cosmoline on it which is better than without. I cleaned it off, had some rust on the tube it stores in. But over all the parts were in good condition. Some of the bristles on the brush came out upon first use, but I has probably never been used. A MUST have for any SKS/AK/PSL/Nagant owner who had no factory kit with there weapon. Everything I expected and a great value."
– Atticus
5.0 5
"This one however functions flawlessly. Unconventional design that doesn't look secure, but a little playing with it shows how good the design is... The brush & accessories look good enough, and perhaps not used much. Can't beat it for the price!"
– Al
3.0 5
"I heard someone else comment on the cleaning kit not fitting in the pistol grip of the T6. This is true, but I purchased the verticle foregrip from Tapco & if you remove the cleaning tools from the tube they do fit in the foregrip."
– artist of anarchy
5.0 5
"This is good quality and I have bought two more. I have used it on my Yugo and Chinese SKS. It works great."
– KLRKrusher
5.0 5
"Works perfect. My AK came with the cleaning and sight tools but did not come with the tube. I bought this and it fits in the buttstock compartment perfectly! CTD rules!"
– loves the smell of a spent cartridge
5.0 5
"Well it came right on time. Fits in the stock well of my 59' Romanian SKS. Had to clean the cleaning kit before, it found its home. But hey, it's surplus and cheap. We should all love to clean our guns and anything gun releated right?"
– DOC Guy
3.0 5
"I purchased two; One for my favorite Yugo SKS, and another for a buddy with an identical firearm. I realize these beautifully-designed cleaning kits (slathered in grease) are military surplus of the first quality, but what a difference manufacture and storage can make. One kit was perfect and had a great looking brush, while the other had a brush that looked like the tail of a rat. It also showed signs of rust in various places. When you look at the parts from the kits side by side, there are major differences in fabrication. With a $7 item, you don't want to be returning it. I gave it three stars because one kit was in primo condition, and I'm only slightly unhappy about the deteriorated brush and rust on the other unit. Perhaps this is the luck of the draw."
– JugoSlaviKan, the collector
5.0 5
"Not bad at all. My Yugo feels almost complete now. Condition was as described. Used, but not bad at all."
– Jeremy
4.0 5
"Mine had some grease on it, and you can tell it was slight;y used. However, it still does its job and is worth buying."
– Raptor87
5.0 5
"Bought 2 of these a while ago and liked them. Purchased some SKS rifles that did not have kits. Bought 2 more just to complete the rifles. [Cleaning kits do not have numbers on them.] These are what they are. Just get the cosmoline off them and they work great."
– Thunderball
5.0 5
"I got this for my 1960 Romanian SKS that didn't have one wth it. The kit came wth cosmoline on it but with a little elbow grease it was good. If your brush is caked just run it through a cloth a few times . My kit overall is in great shape, the brush is tough, just clean it up if need be and Its a handy piece to have."
– William h bonnie
5.0 5
"Better than the one that was in it. Fits with the factory rod in a Norinco."
– sks
5.0 5
"My yugo sks did not come with an cleaning kit. Fits perfect and is covered in grease. Pain in butt to get of brush. Hint. Clean your bore with it all greasy, and be nice with your bore rod on your yugo, very weak."
– Saab2008
5.0 5
"I received the cleaning kit on the same day as expected and was pleased with its quality. I own several different types of SKS/AK cleaning kits and this one is by far the best. On the one I received, the cleaning jag actually has a slot for the patch which really surprised me, as all the others are just a grooved rod. It and the brush thread perfectly onto the SKS-065 Cleaning Rod. You won't be disappointed if you buy one or two."
– Bearly
1.0 5
"As usual, the shipping was quick. Unfortunately I did not receive a full kit as described. What I received was just the handle from the kit."
– Kevin
5.0 5
"I decided to buy two of these - why the heck not at THIS price. I have a Chinese SKS and didn't come with a kit. This one fits in the gun butt and functions perfectly. Came to me coated in cosmoline (Expected that) and with a few minutes and a can of Carb cleaner, it was looking like new. The brush and everything about the kit is like new condition. Nice buy!"
– Prong