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SKS Broken Shell Extractor 7.62x39 AK-47 Or SKS Rifles Removes Broken Or Stuck Casings From Case Head Seperation

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Removes cartridges which have has a case head separation broken off in the chamber of a gun. Works on SKS or AK type rifles. Very necessary as it is impossible to get a broken shell out without this tool. Goes into the back of cartridge with the a case head separated. Catches the spent shell on the inside neck and pull it out by using the guns regular extractor. Will work on bolt action and semiautomatic rifles.

Instructions for use:

When the head is torn from the case leaving the majority of the shell casing inside the chamber of your weapon. You will need a Broken Shell Extractor (BSE from here on out) to safely remove it from the chamber.

1. Insert the narrow end of BSE into the chamber with the casing stuck inside. Make sure that the inner pin is unscrewed so the end is not flared. (You will know it when you see it)

2. Once the BSE is proplerly installed into the chamber you can release the bolt. Then you can pull the bolt back, by doing so it will pull the BSE back and and the end will flare and grab the case opening where the bullet was and pull it out like a regular loaded round.

Keep one with your shooting gear, in your gunsmithing kit, or gun case. A handy must have item for shooters and hunters. 
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4.0 5
"\"Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!\"Also known as, \"If you need it at all, you'll need it badly!\"My wife liked my SKS, so I got her one; mine's Norinco (Chinese), and her's is Yugo. I just bought another 500 rounds, so sooner or later we might encounter some ammo that looks good, but \"loses its head\" when fired. So far, both rifles digest anything we feed 'em without complaint, old, new, Chines, or Russian, but you never know.This will go into my range bag, and if I ever need it, it will:a) save my shooting day (the range is about an hour away)b) save my wallet from a trip to the gunsmith."
– SKS Enthusiast
5.0 5
"Never had to use it yet but I'll have it if the day ever comes that I need it!"
– Kirk
5.0 5
"Got one of these while I was at it. Never had a cracked case myself, but some buds said they did from the cheaper steel cases when the chamber was real hot. I guess heat transfers to the thin part of the case fast and the Head last, so there is a weak line as the body meets the head when the heat is up. Might never get a barrel that hot myself but it really can happen so I have mine just in case."
– JasonB
5.0 5
"Just used it and it took three tries but the broken shell popped out! The SKS is back in action!!!"
5.0 5
"I just had the opportunity to use this item. It took three tries to get the broken shell casing out....but it's out!!My SKS is back in service!"
– Billy Mac
5.0 5
"This is really a must have tool. I tried everything to get a broken shell out of my maadi and nothing worked. Got this and on the first try popped right out. Thanks CTD!"
– Skinny
5.0 5
"I hope I'll never have to use this, but if I do.. this'll be in my range bag waiting. I'm using this for my Saiga 7.62 and my WASR 10. The hack head of the \"BSE\" (Broken Shell Extractor) is the same fit as any other, feel free to use this in any AK or variant chambered in 7.62x39."
– Chase From Oregon
5.0 5
"If you own a 7.62x39 gun you want this tool! Very well built and well worth the price!"
– Frank-Delaware
5.0 5
"Hey Folks, This little tool is simply FANTASTIC, I took it and gave it a try just to see how it works, and it was a perfect piece of equipment that everyone needs to have if they shoot a lot of rounds through there SKS/AK's. I would tell everyone to buy at least one for each of your rifles, you cant beat it for the price, and it will save you a lot of time and effort if and when you get a stuck case. I gave the 5 bullets and you will too."
– Kirk S.
5.0 5
"Dirt cheap, hope I never have to use :)"
– Brian
5.0 5
"I haven't had to use this yet fortunately, but I feel better having it stuffed into my SKS stock just in case. Its a cheap thing to add to your order. Its better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it."
– Travis
4.0 5
"I echo the sediments of Eric! Hope to never have to use it, but I have one now!"
– DAle
5.0 5
"Works great -shell came out on the first try and you can use it over and over."
– tim
5.0 5
"It's hard to rate 5 out of 5 for something I have never used, but the plan is not to use it every time I go shooting. It's cheap insurance. If I do break a shell, I can at least feel better knowing that I have something to help remove the broken shell. I hope this is a purchase that sits in the gun case and never sees any use."
– John B
5.0 5
"Came in a small plastic Ziploc bag, lightly oiled. It's a neat concept, and I hope I won't have to use it. Now I have one, just in case and for just a few dollars. Good deal."
– rybur
5.0 5
"Good and cheap investment for that high dollar AK. Hard to give it five bullets since I haven't used it. I hope I never have to."
– j. hernandez
5.0 5
"Nice tool for the price to have just in case."
– weekend warrior
5.0 5
"Picked one up just in case, great price on these. Can't hurt to have one"
– Andrew
5.0 5
"AWESOME MUST HAVE PRODUCT, after about 2000 rounds I had a broken shell casing and was dumbfounded until I found this product on Cheaper than Dirt, no BS, popped it in, cycled and the extractor went airmail WITH the broken casing with it!"
– Shado118