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SKS ATI Fiberforce Dragunov Stock Black

Advanced Technology
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Give your SKS rifle or carbine the look of the famous Dragunov rifle with our Fiberforce stock with skeleton grip. Reduces weight and looks good! Includes ventilated forearm, dual sling mount, ambidextrous thumbhole pistol grip, and adjustable cheekrest with room for cleaning kit storage. Manufactured from DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer

Complete with handguard and lifetime warranty.

Will not work on models of SKS that accept AK-47 magazines. Advanced Technology does make stocks for those rifles.

Lifetime Warranty
Advanced Technology Inc
102 Fieldview Drive, Suite 400
Versailles, Ky 40383

Item#: SKS-530,6-1021185,7-SKS3000,3-1021185,11636
Total number of Reviews: 34

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5.0 5
"After an auto accident I have a plate in my wrist that does not allow my hand to rotate. After installing this stock I can shoot as well as ever and it is much lighter than the wood."
– Steve
5.0 5
"VERY NICE STOCK!!!!!!!!!! NICE TIGHT FIT, LOVE THE EXTRA LENGTH, PERFECT, CTD IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
– D.J.
5.0 5
"bought an SKS a while back with a cheap folding stock and a 30 round mag (suppose to be detachable, yeah right the guy who owned it before me made it apart of thet gun) so i bought this stock for it and a 10 round magthe stock fit like a GLOVE i then put the 10 round detachable mag on and it fit perfectly!Great stock love the look of the gun now P.S. a little strength needed when reassembling the trigger guard back together, and make sure you have the entire action together or it will not slide on over the back of the stock"
– Jonathan
4.0 5
"This stock is definitely well constructed, light and durable. I have a difficult time keeping my head low enough against the cheek rest to be able to align the sights with my eye even after adjusting the sights. This stock is definitely made for a scope or red dot sight. The length feels great and the the parts fit very snug in the stock. Definitely not a bad buy. Did I mention this stock is very durable?"
– Brandon
5.0 5
"This is the best replacement stock out there. It is the most sturdy and it looks fantastic."
– c-money
4.0 5
"I bought this stock on 10/21/07 was very exited to get it! However I have a dove tail scope mount so I had to modify the stock and scope mount, but once I put it togather it really is lighter and looks awsome! Very pleased with purchase just wasn't expecting to spend 6 hrs. working on it. One other thing the lady at the catolage counter was very knowlegable and really hot!"
– leroy
2.0 5
"i just recently bought my friends skss and it had this stock on it. the stock itself is nice and sturdy but the chin rest is horrably placed and the only adjustment you have to it is up and down if you could move it back it would be an amazing stock. i did find that if you take the chin rest off its still well balanced and you dont have to worry about any recoil as far as the chin rest taking your chin off."
– nate
4.0 5
"Fits my Norinco very well. Looks smooth and feels comfortable to shoot. I added a bipod which attached to the bayonet mount and replaced the gas tube with a replacement gas tube that has a built on rail. (I do not use the rail, but it looks nicer and makes any future changes of a stock easier by not requiring permanent changes to the gas tube.) No complaints."
– KSoldier
5.0 5
"This stock is excellent and very solid. All those who claim this stock is lighter than the wood stock are smoking something?? Definitely quite a bit heavier. It is not a fast handling, quick pointing assault stock, but more along the lines of a sniper stock. Significantly increased pull length as well as added weight makes it much easier to stay on target when fighting the long, stiff military trigger pull common with the SKS. I have not had a chance to get to the rifle range for distance work but my immediate results at 25m indicate that off-hand accuracy greatly improved due to the more stable platform and better pull length and angle. Coupled with a bipod, I feel that this will be a decent long range setup. I did have to remove the cheek rest to see the iron sights. I plan on drilling and tapping a Choat side mount which will require cutting the stock. I will report back when that project is completed. The cheek rest may be useful with a scope, but then you will not be able to use iron sights for close work. My inclination is that I will fashion a low-profile padded rest that will allow me to still use the iron sights as well as the scope. Many sharp edges from the molding of the stock need to be shaved or sanded for comfort/safety, but the fit to the rifle is snug and good. This is a sniper stock, not an assault stock. Makes sense as it is modeled after the Draganov sniper rifle."
– Nick
4.0 5
"The stock looks and feels great.It was easy for me to put it together but i guess i got lucky,its a good fit on my chinese sks but it is a bit heavy with the 30 round clip and muzzle break..."
– Tyler
4.0 5
"Very nice stock, very pleased with Cheaper Than Dirt. The only problem I really have with the stock is the cheek rest. I just found it to be uncomfortable but besides that the stock is absolutely amazing!"
– Scott
4.0 5
"Good sturdy stock and does fit on sks' that accept ak47 mags"
– Cam
5.0 5
"This stock Will make your SKS a completely diferent gun. Its got a great weight. heavy but solid. 100 times better then the original wood stock."
– SKSniper
4.0 5
"A sweet stock.As a Dragunov fan I had to have it!!! The stock is great and super easy it install.The only down side I had was there was no bayonet slot and I have a aftermarket sight riser that I had to mod the stock for. If your SKS is stock you cant go wrong with this one."
– Lyle T.
5.0 5
"Awesome look, after you can get it to fit. I put \"get ready\" at the top because, you will have to break out your file to get it to fit just right. I have a Chinese SKS, and it was not near as easy as I thought it would be. I am no gun smith though. Then again, it may be made for the gun but it's an aftermarket piece, which means it doesnt always fit 100%. This stock will change the look of your SKS, and trust me on this, the fileing is worth every minute. I would recomend this to anyone who wants to restore their SKS, and give their gun a completly different look. The price is right too, so.... BUY IT."
– Jimmy
5.0 5
"Glad I had a dremel tool, I needed it. Took about an hour to install to my satisfaction. Definitely read and follow the instructions then be prepared to trim off excess plastic to custom fit, especially around the trigger group and a little around magazine well. I've wanted this stock since I bought my Norinco SKS more than fifteen years ago. Very happy I finally got it!"
– John
3.0 5
"I have had this stock on my Soviet SKS for several years now. I only give it 3 bullets b/c it did take quite a bit of dremel'ing to make the handguard fit properly. The length of pull is just about perfect for me, however I would only recommend this stock if you plan on using a scope. The cheek piece gets in the way too much to use with iron sights. When the cheek piece is removed the remaining stock is uncomfortable to shoot with for extended range sessions. Otherwise good, but I will be buying a Tapco piece to replace this one. My recommendation is just buy the Tapco stock with the M4 style butt stock."
– Jason
4.0 5
"this is a great stock. even better after i got the 55 round clip a bipod and a spring loaded butt pad."
– chris
2.0 5
"I've owned a Yugo SKS for a while and thought of upgrading to this stock. One day while at the gun shop, I noticed a Chinese SKS with this stock so I purchased the gun. Immediately when I went to clean the gun a realised that you have to take the stock completely off just to get the bolt cover off. If you shoot alot and clean often, then I don't recommend this stock. Also, mine doesn't have a recoil pad, so it is a little uncomfortable compared to the wooded stock. That is why I only gave it a 2 bullet review. Don't get me wrong, this is a very nice, well made stock, it just not user-friendly."
– Chris
4.0 5
"The fit and finish is not acceptable out of the box. You will be filing/dremeling for a good hour to get it perfect. It is worth it though. It makes your SKS look awesome.I was unable to remove my gas tube wood and replace with the included piece. I had to buy a new gas tube with black cover because I did not want to drill any original pieces. If you plan to use iron sights, DO NOT BUY. It just isnt comfortable to shoot like that and you have to remove the cheek rest.It is much heavier than the wood stockIf you drill a hole the cleaning rod will still fit under the barrel."
– Steve
4.0 5
"Very Good stock overall. It took me an Hour or more to install. This could be done with a hand file, but the dremil made it a lot easier. The manufacturer could do a nicer job finishing this thing, but then the price would be double. I had to keep in mind that I was fitting a stock to a Chinese rifle, and that tolerances vary. This installs nicely once you work with it for awhile. While I am happy with it--Do Be Ready To Work. This is not plug and play."
– OX
5.0 5
"I upgraded my 2 sons sks's with this stock. The difference in accuracy performance with this stock as opposed to the original wood stock is phenomenally superior. I put these stocks on a pair of chinese norinco rifles along with other parts from cheaper than dirt and my sons were consistently hitting prairie dogs at 250+ yards! i have no complaints and was surprised at the level of performance these stocks provide."
– Joe
5.0 5
"I got this stock to replace my synthetic Monte Carlo stock that was fine for irons sights but lacking for optics.This stock has great looks, performance, construction, and ease of upgrade. Mine did not require filing, drilling, dremeling or any modification whatsoever. It Dropped it right in (tight, but that\uFFFDs good with firearms) and hit the range that day. I love the control you get with a pistol grip type open stock. (Oh yeah, loose the cheekrest.)"
– Norinco Sniper
3.0 5
"Good stock, till you need to take it off, I cant get mine off."
– Eddie
4.0 5
"I got this to replace the original wood stock. I love the look and feel; the extra length makes my Norinco fit me much better. The only issue is that you have to take the stock almost completely off to get the bolt cover off. If you shoot allot and clean often, then I don't recommend this stock. Also, the recoil pad is a must have, otherwise it is a little uncomfortable compared to the wooded stock. This is a very nice, well made stock, it just not the most user-friendly."
– Shooter
5.0 5
"I don't know what all the negative reviews are about. I must have got hold of two good stocks. I cleaned a little of the flashing off the inside of the stock and had two Norincos put together in about an hour. The guns look mean! It adds a little longer pull, maybe an inch, which was perfect for me. I also added a red dot scope and muzzle brake. I Love the improved accuracy!!!"
– meanboy
4.0 5
"I've owned my Yugo SKS a few years now and been wanting to upgrade the stock. I finally made up my mind with this one over the monte carlo (mostly cuz it was avail at a local store) the other day. Took about an hour to install. The handguard on the gas tube is locked in place by a rivet that wouldn't come out period! Ended up braking the wooden stock handguard, bending the metal housing out around it, put in the new handguard, then rebent the metal housing and slipped it right in the stock. Yes the stock was a tight fit on my SKS but filing or a dremel was unnecessary! All I did was used a flathead screwdriver and slightly bent the sides out and the barrel slid right in. When getting the trigger housing in, be patient. Remove your scope (if you have one attached to the receiver) turn over and beat with a rubber mallet, you'll know when it's in. I like the way this stock looks a lot. Haven't taken to range yet. I'm going this weekend, but I can already see that a buttpad will probably be a good investment and the cheekrest should be padded as well. Thank you ATI!"
4.0 5
"I got this stock for my Yugoslavian SKS. Taking the old stock off took me an hour but the new stock went together in about 5 minutes. Since then I\uFFFDve shot a couple times and the stock makes shooting the rifle a lot more comfortable. The grip is much better to grasp and the cheek piece is great for adding a scope. With the original wood the scope sits to high and is hard to sight, the new stock raises the comb to a much more comfortable sighting point. For cleaning you do have remove the stock, but with a simple screwdriver I can have stock off in thirty seconds."
– NIce stock
1.0 5
"Had i really known how much total length this was going 2 add 2 my sks I wouldnt have wasted the money on it. This stock is nice for the fact of the scope factor and maybe the pis grip but there are much beter stocks the xtra length for me just made the gun way 2 long and just a pain in the butt. Im going 2 buy the folding 6 position stock. since I got this stock i have removed it and reinstaled the original stock."
– fordguy
3.0 5
"This stock, while not TAPCO quality does fit snugly and nicely. Everything goes in as it\uFFFDs supposed to except on the very end there\uFFFDs about a 1/8 inch gap near the gas chamber.Aside from that it feels nice but the extra length is no good. If you have long arms this stock is for you but if you have shorter arms like me, go with the TAPCO adjustable."
– brian
5.0 5
"Purchased this a while back. After some fitting and aggravation (my fault entirely) this stock rocks. Open sights at 100 yrds, hit ground squirel. Had to cant rifle a bit as cheek rest is high. It can be removed, but I find it most comfortable, besides, plan to put a scope on soon anyways. Will never go back to that crappy wooden stock that I nearly have to shoot from behind my head as it is so short. I highly recommend this stock. Remember though, it does require work to fit right. One more thing. I had to trim a notch for the receiver cover pin. No big deal."
– CDUB2469
2.0 5
"I bought this stock for my Chinese SKS. So for it can not be put on the gun without seriously redrilling of the stock. Double check your rifle as to how it is disassembled from your stock before buying this one."
– jim
3.0 5
"Well, with all my on going projects churning away I wanted to sneak in some work to a customer's SKS that had been with me for a while on the back-burner so I ordered the Dragunov style stock from ATI. Installation on a plain jane Norinco SKS required a lot of modification the stock and upper hand-guard to even remotely fit the receiver and I am still not done with the trimming. All in all the feel of the stock is decent but is it worth a couple hours of trimming and test fitting? Probably not... If you are looking for a drop in stock-set then stay from this one, though it has a cool appeal to it I would not advise it for someone who does not wish to spend a lot and I mean A LOT of time fitting it to the rifle... just MO."
– 13FOX
5.0 5
"I just received this stock yesterday along with some other Yugo SKS stuff.I ordered on Thursday night and got it on Tuesday, Nice work CTD.I just got this gun last week and the first time I dissembled it was to put this stock on. I had this stock installed in 20 min (without the upper hand guard) without any mods and using the enclosed directions! I will do the upper guard when I put the muzzle brake on it. This stock fit clean, tight, and is everything it was stated to be. If you like it buy it, it's a good deal."
– Andy