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Silver Bear 7.62x39mm Ammunition 500 Rounds, HP, 123 Grains

Bear Ammo
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Simply put, this is some of the best ammo with a steel case on the market today, at an unbelievably great price! Get the reliability of brass, the cost of steel, and the performance of the Bear!

The Barnaul Machine Plant JSC is one of the leading producers of industrial goods and ammunition in Russia. The plant's history goes far in the past to the period of Alexander I. The Emperor ordered the opening of the first cartridge plants in St. Petersburg in 1869. During World War I the plant supplied the Russian Army and operated out of St. Petersburg, During World War II, the plant was relocated to Barnaul, where production of various types of cartridges began.

Silver Bear loads feature a distinctive polished zinc plating on the steel cases which ensure exceptional reliability, functionality and feeding a variety of firearms. The projectiles are made from lead however may contain a bi-metal jacket which will attract a magnet. The cases are Berdan primed which makes them not-reloadable, however the ammunition will have a much longer shelf life when compared to other factory loads. Silver Bear is loaded to exacting standards to ensure you receive a quality product. It's clear to see why more people are turning to Silver Bear to meet their everyday ammo needs.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: A762HPN
Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
Bullet Weight: 123 Grains
Bullet Type: Hollow Point Projectile
Muzzle Velocity: 2460 fps
Bi-Metal Jacket Will Attract a Magnet
Steel Cased
Polished Zinc plating
Berdan Primed
500 Round Case Consisting of 25 Boxes, 20 Rounds per Box.

Note: The projectile is a lead core however the jacket is bi-metal and it may  contain steel. As such it would attract a magnet

Item#: AMM-6421
Total number of Reviews: 25

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4.0 5
"I bought these about a week ago. They were in good condition and they worked very well. If you have the money go ahead and purchase this."
4.0 5
"This ammo is cheap. They are extremely accurate at 350 yards, the farthest I have tested out of my Chinese SKS. These are made to last. These are way better than Wolf and the other \"Cheapo ammo.\" You can't go wrong with the Silver Bear!"
4.0 5
"I took a chance and ordered 1000 rounds having never shot it before. I am Happy I ordered it. My first trip to the range I shot 120 rounds of this ammo. Not one round misfed or misfired. This is much cleaner than the other cheap ammo I have been shooting. The accuracy was better than the other stuff too. During cleaning I did a visual inspection of the extractor and with a magnifying glass. I did not see anything strange. I will be buying more."
5.0 5
"I just bought another 500 rounds of this stuff and I love it. This will be my third box. I really don't know why people complain about how costly ammunition is these days. This ammo works great in my WASR 10 AK. Talk about cheap fun plus the added comfort of knowing that I am more than covered if the SHTF!I will be buying more just for the hell of it while it is still avail. Do yourself a favor and stop buying boxes of 20 from your local sporting goods store and go all out for the 500 rounds, You won't be sorry. Thanks CTD you guys are awesome and I will definately be doing more buisness with you all."
5.0 5
"Excellent Ammo! and you cannot argue with sub $5 a box pricing. Ballistic wise the soft point is better terminally, but these ran flawlessly in my Arsenal AK and were easily 2-3 moa accurate (shots taken off the mag for support only). Clean up was easy and the ammo was not overly dirty. If you want top performance for hunting or defense, look to Hornady's new V-max, but for unmatched practice ammo that can get the job done if needed, Silver Bear hands down, I will never buy Wolf again."
4.0 5
"All of you that say I won't buy Wolf again. Do your homework because Brown Bear and Silver Bear are made by Russians! Russians make Wolf!"
4.0 5
"Shot straight, one problem about 3 FTF out of 200. Put them back in and still Failed to fire. A little dirty but I clean my rifles after every use. For Steel Case in a Mini-30 This ammo has been great!"
5.0 5
"I shot this ammo out of my Saiga AK SGL 101. I had a 45lb coyote come up on my deer blind in south texas this weekend. I shot him twice through the chest at about 40 yards. First shot put him down and went straight through him. You could see the dust and rock kick up on the other side of him after the bullet passed through. He sort of droped then looked in the direction of the blind, so I shot him one more time to be sure. Same result chest shot at a slight angle and bullet went straight through kicked up more dust and rocks on the other side of him. When I went down to check him out I saw two tiny holes in his chest, then when I rolled him over the exit wounds on the other side were huge. This round will do massive damage. This coyote was dead within two seconds tops and he never took another step after the first round hit him...he just droped. Did not shoot a deer with this round over the weekend, so no comments there, but from what I saw I think it would easily take down a deer within 100 yards if you hit him right."
5.0 5
"Buy it! Accurate ammo. Brutal flesh wounds with Hollow Points. (Referring to both hog and deer). Great multi-purpose ammo! My AKMs love this like a fat boy loves cake!"
5.0 5
"Good penetration, good expansion, accurate (not comp grade, but look what your paying) No jams and no miss fires, so what more can you ask and I've been thumping these since '68. I will be ordering many more....."
5.0 5
"Moderate smoke and flash. Feeds perfectly in my Chinese SKS. Consistent enough accuracy given the gun. Overall, more than good enough for the price."
5.0 5
"Great shipping and good ammo!!! It is a little dirty but the ole chinese SKS likes it dirty!!! Pretty accurate at 150 even for me."
5.0 5
"This ammo is definitely worth every penny. The penetration is great. The cycling of the ammo is top notch. The price is ridiculously low for the high quality. If you want crappy ammo, don't buy this!!!"
5.0 5
"Finally got to a range w/ marked yardage and was very pleased. I got frisky and went for the 300 w/ open sights on my norinco SKS!! Held at top of paper and drilled one dead center, one at bottom center and one, well who knows, probably operator error. Story is that they fly pretty damn straight."
5.0 5
"The mini 30 is my first rifle that I owned. I was unsure of what brand to buy, but I took the time to read the reviews. Did my research and low & behold this is what I bought. When I went to the range I was on que, from 75yds to 300yds it was on the money. Beside me was a guy firing a .308 sniper rifle, he said \"you should try shooting the goat\". Ahh the goat was made of metal and was actual size, it was at 750yds. First shot was lil off to the right kicking up the dirt behind it, but with a lil control ths second shot caught him right below the ear. I love my rifle and I love this ammo."
5.0 5
"Shot up over 300 rounds of this stuff in my SAIGA AK-47. I found this ammo to be reliable, accurate, and my weapon cycled great with no problems. This will be my primary ammo for my AK-47 and Russian SKS."
5.0 5
"Just got back from the range, fired off 500 rounds with not one issue. Stable and pretty accurate with slow firing, feeds just fine with rapid fire. Buying more after I'm done typing this review!"
5.0 5
"Most accurate AK ammo I have tried with my M10 in 7.62. No failures or jams. I was expecting the zinc plating to be like a galvanized finish, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a nice, polished finish on the casings, similar to nickel plated. The 500 round case fits perfectly in a .50 cal ammo can."
5.0 5
"This ammo is by far the best for the price. I have bought three cases so far and never had a bad bullet. Not overly dirty either. AKs will shoot anything, but I like shooting this through mine. The zinc plating is much nicer than regular steel and you don't get your gun as dirty. Buy a case - you won't regret it."
5.0 5
"Ordered this in one day was at my house in literally 4 days CTD Provides excellent customer service and iv ran so far 100 rounds through my centurion 39 sporter and now just waiting for my m70 ab2 to come and will give a update on that. The ammo came brand new as described and the plating is perfect. If I were you I'd would order as many as you could afford.!!!"
5.0 5
"Shoots nice thru my SKS. Quite accurate and the metal cases look ok. Not sure what to expect for expansion, there are videos online showing these bullets not opening up at all. Probably has to do with the steel jacket under the copper. Also noticed silver shavings in the upper where either the bolt carrier or feed ramp is scraping the zinc off the case. Has me a little worried that it could get into chamber or barrel."
5.0 5
"This ammo is great for my Arsenal 107f. Feeds great, smooth, 500 rounds and never mis-fired or jammed once! Great price and I would recommend this and brown bear to anyone! Shipping was quick and I am VERY satisfied :)"
5.0 5
"Like always fast shipping from CTD. Great ammo and accurate. No FTF or FTF. I was very happy with the groups that I shot with this ammo. I have always said that the hollow points were the most accurate and the best buy."
5.0 5
"Good ammunition. Nice, clean and shoots nicely in my Sig 556R's."
4.0 5
"Bought 500 rounds, shot 300 so far. Every time I squeezed the trigger, it went bang. No problems with misfires. Not the most accurate ammo but that's not what I paid for.. In short, worth the money for a day of shooting"