Sightmark 7mm Rifle Laser Bore Sight SM39004

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Chamber Laser Bore Sight (sightmark) Sightmark's award-winning bore sights offer a quick and easy way to sight in your rifle scope. Several in-chamber lasers are available for most popular pistol, rifle and shotgun calibers. Useful for initial sighting of your scope, as well as checking zero after turbulent flights, or as training aids for "quick draw" drills. Carrying case, batteries and instructions included. Select from the calibers below to fit your firearms.

.223/5.56 NATO/6x47/6x45/.257 Kimber - SCP-230
.270 WSM - SCP-238
.300 Win Mag - SCP-235
.300 WSM - SCP-237
.30-06 Springfield/.270 Win/.25-06 Rem. - SCP-232
.30-30 Win - SCP-236
.308 Win./.243 Win/.22-250/7mm-08 Rem. /.260 Rem./7.62x54R/.307 Win/.444 Marlin Marlin/.220 Jay Bird/.356 Win. - SCP-234
.264 Winchester Magnum, .300 Weatherby Magnum, .308 Norma Magnum, .338 Winchester Magnum, .340 Weatherby Magnum, .358 Norma Magnum, .375 Weatherby Magnum, .458 Winchester Magnum, 7mm Remington, 7mm Shooting Times Westerner - SCP-233
7.62x39mm - SCP-231

9mm - SCP-239
.38 Spc/.357 M ag./.357 Maximum - SCP-242
.40 S&W/ 10mm - SCP-240
.44 Mag - SCP-243
.45 ACP - SCP-241

Item#: 9-167111