Sierra .22 Caliber .224" Diameter 77 Grain Tipped MatchKing Boat Tail Bullet 100 Pack 7177

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The Sierra MatchKing has long been the bullet of choice for long range competitors. Now Sierra has enhanced the line with the addition of a drag-reducing polymer tip, producing a more favorable ballistic coefficient. This 168 grain bullet will enable a .308 Winchester round to remain supersonic at 1000 yards when loaded to normal velocities. It is an excellent choice for F-Class matches, 3-Gun and other competition.

Tipped MatchKing bullets are specifically NOT recommended for hunting animals larger than varmints. NOTE: this bullet requires a barrel twist rate of 1:10" or faster.

NOTE: this is a reloading component, not complete and ready to fire ammunition.

Specifications and Features:
.22 caliber, .224" diameter
77 grain polymer tipped boat tail bullet
Sectional density .219
Ballistic coefficient .420 at 2400 fps and above
Ballistic coefficient .415 between 2400 and 2000 fps
Ballistic coefficient .395 between 2000 and 1750 fps
Ballistic coefficient .380 at 1750 fps and below
Pack of 100 bullets


Item#: 31345