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Shoulder Magazine Pouch OD Green Grab and Go Ace Case Holds Six 30-Round Magazines

Ace Case
A99 OD
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Military-style, double-sided pouch allows quick access to six 30-round magazines. Features an adjustable shoulder sling, hook-and-loop closures, and holds AR-15 or AK magazines. Made in the U.S.A.

OD Green Six Mag Pouch 
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5.0 5
"This is a very useful magazine case, It will hold six 7.62x51 caliber magzines (FAL, G3, M14, AK Etc.) and Dozen twenty or thirty round 5.56 Magazines (M16 Family) or six empty 30 round M 16 mags and the ammo to fill them so you dont have to keep them loaded. This makes a great \"bug out bag\" to keep with a rifle or in a vehicle as you can grab it, put it over your shoulder and go. It is very well made and reasonably priced. It should hold up well over years of hard service."
– The RSM
5.0 5
"well made,ar mags fit good 30 & 40rnd.vary handy at the range."
– randal
5.0 5
"Purchased one of these after seeing a friend's. Liked it so much ... I purchased 3 more so I wouldn't be without one where ever I was with my rifle(s). Great for hiking or trekkin in the bush, stays put when secured with a back. (ie: put on shoulder mag pouch first, then back pack, shoulder straps hold mag pouch straps in one location). Buy it !!"
– Mr. D.
5.0 5
"This is as advertised and a great product. 6 30 round AK mags or 6 30 round G# mags fit easily. The pouch is well made and much sturdier than a surplus pouch I bought last year."
5.0 5
"I bought this to keep my extra mags from bouncing around the car! I noticed how much adjustment the velcro sections have and tried to put 2 mags in each pocket and THEY FIT!!! Will comfortably hold 12 mags, just be careful to pull out one and not both! I was very impressed with the quality and I'm going to suggest it to my co-workers. I will probably add a bottle of water and make it a go-bag."
– RedTJ
5.0 5
"These hold 6 AK magazines or 12 AR magazines (1 or 2 per pouch, respectively, 3 pouches per side, 2 sides), and have a simple shoulder strap that can be adjusted to be very long, very short, or anywhere in between.Faster to put on than a vest or chest rig, and simpler than some of the sophisticated bags on the market.Highly recommended."
– J R
5.0 5
"This product is a great addition to my home emergency set. It can hold 3 AK mags and 6 .223 mags at a time. (Or 6 AK, or 12 .223 mags.) It makes a great \"quick grab\" Ammo holder if you have to move fast. I own 2 of these shoulder bags and they are very useful. Get two in a different color, to show different ammo."
– Ross
4.0 5
"I bought several, and they are all well made, nicely stiched, and quality velcro in generous amounts were used for the closures. They hold several different types of mags, without any problem. The only reason for the 4 bullet rating was one piece of hardware on the strap was crap. The ring used on the ones I received was a cheesy, light-weight plastic ring. It is not the metal ring shown here on the website! Broke the ring with 6 AK-30 rounders fully loaded in the shoulder bag. I just held the strap at the top and let it fall about 3 feet and then stopped it by the same hold on the strap. KEEEERRRSNAP, went the plastic ring! A rummage through my old straps in the shop yielded some suitable replacement metal rings, 45 minutes of hand stiching with the awl, and BETTER than New! WHAAAMMOO, KEERZIING, PRESTO!!"
– Jack
5.0 5
"Purchased two of these and have been extremely pleased with them. As a recreational shooter, a chest rig was a little over the top, while the cheap milsurp 4-mag pouches left a lot to be desired. This product is the best of both worlds and exactly what I was looking for. Only complaint, about what is otherwise a very durable and rugged product, is the plastic ring connecting the straps. One broke, so I replaced them on both of my pouches with carabiners. An added benefit of this was being able to clip the carabiner onto a belt loop, which keeps the pouch from swinging around if you hump to your shooting spot. All things considered, this is easily the best blend of quality, functionality and price among all the mag pouches I have come across."
– JustAnotherShooter
5.0 5
"I was leary at first but I tell you what I kick my self now I should of bought more then and saved myself S&H because I'm going to buy more now! An easy way to care extra mags, SIX to be exact!! I owne an AR and a PLR both which take the same mags I can't see an easier way to carry those mags than this pouch, I went with black but green would do!!!"
– The Gun Collector...
5.0 5
"This is definitely what i would call a good emergency mag pouch for when \"crap hits the fan\" situtions. I like that it can accomidate either AK or AR mags, or both for that matter. Great quality and versatility."
– the Zombie Killer
4.0 5
"Looks like a great item. Everything functions and looks as the picture. The connector ring is plastic instead of metal as mentioned by someone else. I have not put it through rough use yet but the stitching looks good."
– Nice
5.0 5
"Title says it all. It's well made & holds 12 5.56 mags. I plan on buying a few more. If you're thinking about it, do it."
5.0 5
"I purchased two of these pouches, one for my AK and one for my AR. I was very impressed. They can hold either 6 AK mags or 12 AR mags. NOTE: If you buy one for your AR, 12 mags can be pretty heavy to tote around but very nice when traveling and wanting to take plenty of ammo ready-to-use. It will hold 12 of any brand AR mags, I have Magpul Pmags and they fit nice and tight. Great product. Thx CTD!!"
– D
5.0 5
"This is a nice item, it is well made. This Holds 6 mags easy and secure and is Waaay better then military issue. Some reviews said it will hold 12 mags, but I'd say stick with what it\uFFFDs made for. (Not that there's anything wrong with carrying extra ammo). This is great for taking to the shooting range. I would highly recommend this item!"
– Cold Warrior
4.0 5
"So it holds a sixer just in case you need it on the run, I guess. But it also holds six G3 20rnd mags. They fall down in kinda deep about an inch from the top not too bad. Its very well made and its made here in the U.S, so that's always a plus. For you paintballers out there it will not hold the normal pods but it will hold the smaller 100rnd pods if you could find those. You really cant beat that price. Thanks again CTD."
– Redarms
4.0 5
"An inexpensive way to tote your mags. I carry 6 AK mags with no problem. It is made very tough."
– Tim
5.0 5
"For a simple way to tote magazines this is a great product. I have six of these, three in green and three in black. I have the greens loaded with G3 magazines with magpuls (They tend to fall a bit deep in the pouch) and the black pouches are loaded with magazines for my STG, a great way to color code what mags go where to grab on the run."
– Chaos
5.0 5
"The Ace Case was worth the money spent on it because it holds 6 AK mags snug and the price is great."
– papabear
5.0 5
"The overall quality exceeded my expections. The material and workmanship was first rate and top quality. I plan to buy more."
– MrT
5.0 5
"First class workmanship of good quality material. I carry 5 Magpul 30 round mags and my Ruger SR9C securely held by the Velcro flap. Easy to carry along with an AR15 slung over the shoulder."
– rpm64
5.0 5
"Great mag pouch and a great price. I got 2 of these, one in OD green, and one in black. So I can tell at a glance if I'm grabbing my AR mags or my AK mags. The cases hold either one just fine and the Velcro on the pockets stays closed and holds the mags nice and tight. Personally, I don't want 4 AK mags hanging off my belt, that's just a bit too much weight, so I like the shoulder strap carry."
– WV308Shooter
5.0 5
"Stitching is strong and they are all the same. I ordered 6 of these. You can fit 9 AR mags if you want to. Two in one side and one in the other. I would like to see these made to double up on just one side, molle straps on the back and D rings for a removeable strap. One day someone will make these and make a lot of money."
– Ray
5.0 5
"Can hold 12 magazines, 6 on each side, if you really squeeze them in. A nice surprise. For 14 dollars this is a very good item. The D-ring attchment on the strap is plactic. From exerience, this type of thing tends to break after a few good tugs. A steel d ring would have been nice, but i suppose 2 bucks at you local hardware store will fix it IF it does break down the road. Again, this is still a Very Good item for 14 bucks. I would expect this to be more expensive, especially if it came with the steel D-ring."
– Radio
5.0 5
"This mag carrier is a hell of alot better than I was expecting. It holds 6 AK mags perfectly. If you're running an AR platform this case may seem a little bit too big, but it will work for you too. The construction is awsome. It has very strong top of the line nylon and double stitching at the seams. It will hold your mags and can esily carry other pogi bait you might want to bring wit ya. It is awesome for the price and I think I'll get another one just for good measure."
– WhiskeyJack
5.0 5
"Good buy! Holds AK mags snug, easy, durable, and best of all it's a great value!!! Highly recommend this product! Don't think b/c it's not \"tacticool\" it's useless.... toss that mentality and get something worth it!!!"
– gunnerbob
5.0 5
"Was a little skeptical at first but the price was right upon reciept of the package 3 days (thanks CTD)was plesantly suprised to find a top quality product easily worth twice the price very well made solid construction. Get this one boys you won't be disapointed."
– Scott
5.0 5
"My buddy purchased a couple of these a few months back, so I knew what I was getting. A quality mag pouch, holds and conceals my 30 round Pmags perfectly!"
– BB
5.0 5
"This is a surprisingly good magazine carrier. This is a grab, throw the strap on your shoulder and go. It does have a cheap, plastic ring, which is easy to break. I recommend braking the ring, and simply undo the buckle strap, pass the belt thru the short loop (you'll see exactly what I mean) and ree do the buckle. No added cost, no added weight."
– Teotwawki
5.0 5
"I purchased this mag case to hold extra AR mags and it definitely holds them, but it holds 12 of them, not just six. Holds only six AK mags. Definitely going to buy some more of these!"
– Bob Morris
5.0 5
"5 bullets - awesome! Exceeded my expectations. Great quality. For the price, you can't beat it! Fits 6 mags best but if you cram them in, you can get two AR mags in each pouch, for 12 total, but that's pretty tight. Fits single 20 round .308 mags, too. Buy it. You won't be disappointed. With the Velcro, you can keep the mags secured tight, so they don't rattle."
– Dan
5.0 5
"This pouch is great. I can fit twelve 30 round mags - two per pocket and there are six pockets! Great deal. Gets me ready to ROLL!"
5.0 5
"I bought 4 of these for my AR (and yes they hold 12 PMAGs each) and now have 3 for my M1A 20 round mags. Holds 6 M1A 7.62 mags comfortably. Great product and ACE has improved the strap mounting. I plan to get more for a quick Med kit or pistol mags. Great for grab and go. Black for AR, green for M1A for ID. Get some!"
– M21
5.0 5
"Very sturdy and high quality. Holds six AK mags as promised. Wish I would have ordered more than one."
– j. hernandez
5.0 5
"Good quality case. I bought one to hold AK mags and it works great. Holds 6 AK mags, but it will probably hold 12 30 rd AR mags nicely also. It's tough, sturdy, and it's a great deal at this price."
– AK-47
5.0 5
"Excellent Product. You can buy with confidence. Very well made and easily holds six 30 rd AR magazines. Mine will actually hold nine 30 rd magazines total - two in each pocket on one side and one in each pocket on the opposite side. I AM BUYING ANOTHER ONE TODAY!!!"
– Dan-O
4.0 5
"What can I say that everyone else hasn't already said? I am very pleased with CTD and the mag holders. I use one for my AK mags and one for my AR mags. Quality product."
– lance
4.0 5
"Like others have said, this is very nice. I was pleasantly surprised with the initial quality. I'm confident these will hold up well. My only complaint is that when fully loaded, the strap really bites into my shoulder. That problem is easily corrected though. Overall, this is a good buy!"
– dsc2byu
5.0 5
"Good stuff. Fits six AK mags well."
– bill
5.0 5
"Great Magazine pouch, I have several different kinds of Mags and Calibers, the AK mag's even fit, along with the Gov Issue 223 and the Large Mini-30 mags. I\"m going to order more."
– Jack B
5.0 5
"Very versatile any time you need to travel light, while doing a quick \"grab & go\". Match 'em with a specific rifle. They hold 6 AK/12 AR sized mags max. IMHO, well made with respectable material, as durable as you'll find. Easy on, easy off, easy mag access. Great easy way to carry a full load-out."
– mkwisi8mo
5.0 5
"Generaly speaking a good bag, I bought this to simply keep my mags in there for now, this a fair bag for just grab and go as well, hopefully I will never need it for this purpose but seeing whats happening in this country and whos running it and you never know at this point, good for a range as well, feels styrdy enough, I have all the mags in and only 3 of them are loaded, heavent carried with all 6 loaded yet, will likely feel uncomfortable on the shoulder, LOL! Other than that diesent product for the money,"
– AL
4.0 5
"This holds not 6 but 12 magazines, two in each pouch, with 3 pouches on each side. Makes a nice bandolier to transport mags, but is not a good way to actually carry magazines for immediate use, as it flops around due to lack of a waist belt, and opening the strong velcro on the pouches may require both hands."
– Bear59801