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Shotgun Shell Bandoleer Hold 50 Shells 12 to 20 Gauge Black Elastic Nylon

Multiple Manufacturers
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Chest style bandolieer holds 50 shotgun shells any gauge from 12 to 20. Holds 3" shell. Super strong elastic keeps the shell in place, even if you run, while wearing this rig. Black webbing with elastic shell loops.

Manufactured in Korea and China these work great. Store them loaded for quick access to your shotgun ammo.

4 foot 10 " overall length 
Total number of Reviews: 50

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5.0 5
"Really nice, I have used these for years when dove hunting because you can carry two boxes of ammo and still walk around. Keeps the shotgun shells close and handy without weighing down your pockets or pack. Great for combat also as you can see if you have buckshot or slug loads handy. I would not be without this for my shotgun."
– Michael
5.0 5
"This bandolier is very comfortable. With the teardrop form , it fits snug and does not move around on your chest. $10-awesome product"
– Gear_head
5.0 5
"Great product. More durable than I would of ever thought. It seems to be built to last forever. Shells stay in tight, looks cool, and works great."
– Lewis18t
5.0 5
"This is great for hunting. Shells don\uFFFDt fall out even when running and jumping. Very comfortable to wear for long hours. Beats wearing a vest or shell pouch. Not as heavy as I thought it would be. Works well with 20 gauge too. I keep one for hunting and one full of 3 inch buckshot for home protection. Imagine greeting a burglar at your front door with 55 rounds of hell strapped across your back while he stares down the unforgiving end of your barrel. Just don\uFFFDt wear it skeet shooting. They tend to look at you funny at the country club."
– Special Projects
5.0 5
"Great bandoleer, once you get the sucker broken in, it's a real pleasure to use for both functionality and for sheer shock value. It becomes heavy real quick though, but its uses are more than for just hauling ammo around. Depending on what kind of ammo you load it with, I had loaded it with two boxes of target load shells when I went clay shooting and it was a manageable weight, but when I got back, I loaded it with 35 3\" 00 buck shells and 15 Brenneke slugs and it's quite fearsome now. Plus, if you really needed to, you could also use it to choke out insurgents, it's very durable, and it makes interrogations more fun. It's definitely got a lot more smack to it than a standard leather belt and suspects talk quicker. All in all it's a freakin great product, I might just have to get another, and they make great inexpensive gifts for all your shooting enthusiasts, I'm going to get one for my dad. Boo-Yaaah! I love this site."
– St. Michael
5.0 5
"There isn't a better way to quickly grab 55 rounds and take it with you anywhere. Get 2, load 'em up, and scare the crap out of your friends. I have mine loaded with 00buck and take it everywhere. just throw them in the backseat of the truck."
– PW
4.0 5
"it is ok for the price and can be a bit big for people who are skinny. dispite that it is good for holding lots of shotgun shells"
– buckshot bill
5.0 5
"Good product. when i first got it; it was a tad stiff. Little time in the dryer set to low and tumble and it got soft as i wanted. i use it all the time skeet shooting. Some places don't like em but for the most part places don't care if i carry them. Their too darn usefully not to have one."
– skeet shooter #1
5.0 5
"I love this thing. It fits me perfectly, holds the shells tight and allows them to be extracted quickly and easily. What a cool looking way to carry 50 rounds!!"
– Jack
5.0 5
"Fits Great And I'm A Big Dude, Easy To Use, But I Didn't Actually Count To Make Sure It Held 50 Shells. My Brother Really Likes It Too And Now Wants One Also. Overall A Very Good Buy For 10 Bucks."
– Tommy
4.0 5
"great buy for $10. would be good for skeet shooting even though i havent used it for that. love how i can hold that many shells at once but get a little heavy if your hiking through the woods with it like i did."
– robert
5.0 5
"Holds shells securely. Fits comfortably on my 6'4\" 215lbs frame. Might make you look overly serious about shooting, but it does provide access to your shells without carrying around extra bags to carry your ammo in. Also works great for a Halloween costume."
– Joey
5.0 5
"Nice peace of gear. takes a little bit to get used to it over your shoulder if youre not already used to it. But it is nice and even tho the price has gone up a little... trust me... you have more money in the shells anyways... its worth it... if for looks and not anything else. if you have a tactical shotgun... buy this."
– Jim
4.0 5
"good product its a little big for me (i'm small) but what do you expect for holding 50 shells. well worth the 15 bucks. I'm glad i ordered 2"
– EndersArchangel
5.0 5
"I bought this bandolieer to hold my shotgun ammo and figured that I would try it with my Nagant stripper clips. It works and it will only take up 15 loops out of 50. At the moment I have 5 stripper clips on my bandolieer and the rest is shotgun. To me it seems to be very well made and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a bandolieer."
– Whatsdamattawitu
5.0 5
"i just received this bandolier in the mail today, and i will have to say that it is well worth the money, i bought it for the range when im shooting clays so im not constantly bending over all the time to grab more rounds... that and it just looks cool. its very well made and holds 20 gauge rounds just fine. the only complaint is that its a little bit big on me, im about 5' 7\" and weigh around 146. but i dont think im gonna be running down the street with it on so its ok. all in all its a excellent buy! thanks cheaper than dirt!"
– ImYourHuckleberry
4.0 5
"Not bad. It looks different than what I had pictured though. I thought it would simply be a loop. It's actually more of a sash, it is more tear drop shaped than a loop. But it seems to work well. No complaints other than the price seems a bit steep for what it is made out of . But I didn't see a bandoleer cheaper anywhere else. If they lowered the price I might buy a second one."
– Barack Obama
4.0 5
"Works great after I cut the silly corner off and sewed it back together straight. Apparently the designer had never used such a thing."
– charles
5.0 5
"Very nice, quality nylon bandolieer. Bought one to see how it was constructed and promptly ordered another."
– Jeff
5.0 5
"This is the best ammo carrier ever! A great way to carry shells.The stitching was great! The hip taper was convenient. The only problem is bending over. It slides down your neck and scrapes your ear. But, it is great at what it does."
– ak man
5.0 5
"I mainly bought this for home defense mostly for rifled slugs with some 00 buckshot. I want to grab it quickly, as well as load quickly from it. It seems to be indestructible, and the loops hold the shells nicely. I had to give 5 bullets for the value. I'll probably buy another for the range."
– kamper
5.0 5
"This is a great way to carry a bunch of ammo informally, or for casual clay-pigeon shooting. I used this during a 3-gun match and it worked fine. Works equally well for left- or right-handed use. Only caveat: to prevent the heavy ammo in front from sliding the front of the bandolier down, you should load the back portion also."
– JeffShootsStuff
5.0 5
"A quality product, heavy duty, not a loop, the ends meet up in an L shape at the hip. It holds 12 gauge shells no problem. When you run the belt, it wants to bounce off your shoulder. The shells stay in place."
– senor si way
4.0 5
"The bando is well made and will definitely hold all the shotgun shells you need."
– Sgt D
5.0 5
"Well made, comfortable, essential for holding zombies at bay."
– The_Weens70
5.0 5
"Great for taking to the range or storing shells. And great for on the go reasons."
– Steve
5.0 5
"Nice and heavy duty. Though, it is heavy as all get out when loaded with buckshot! I love it!"
– Jon
5.0 5
"I have mine loaded with 20g buckshot and a few slugs. The elastic loops almost entirely cover the 2-3/4 shells which is a good thing. The loops might not be as snug as I would like, but it works."
– Craig
5.0 5
"I purchased one of these for holding 12G 00 2 3/4\" shells. After reading the reviews and I am 100% satisfied, so much so that I purchased another one. The stitching is high quality so you don't have to worry about the loops or the belt itself coming apart. IMHO its not too heavy either. I found that it helps spread the weight over a larger area than say a shell pouch. I have put it through some serious use and I have recommended it to several friends. Im thinking about sewing a belt loop onto the bottom but its not really necessary. Without a doubt the easiest way to store and quickly grab 50 shells.Once it's broken in a bit, you can easily fold it up full of shells and store it."
5.0 5
"I opted for this product over the one that combines the sling and the bandolier to hold 25 shells (also by ace) and I'm glad that I did. Read a lot of people talking about the weight (which is a concern either way... but is no concern for me..., because when I go out I usually have M70AB2 w/ six mags plus one in the weapon, a leather sholder holster w/ an xdm 9mm and a total of 57 rnds. and my shottie w/ 30 shell bandolier, backpack, knife, etc etc. so weight doesn't really bother me)anyway, my buddy opted to buy the sling/bandolier and every time he would try to bring the shottie up quickly it would swing wildly and throw his aim way off. while I had shells to spare (50 as opposed to 25) and I had no problems aiming! thanks CTD and ACE, great product! Too bad there isn't a six bullet rating!"
– jhon
5.0 5
"Well thought out design. Quick way to grab a whole lot of shells. Great for home defense. I like that it is designed to hold 2 3/4 shells as well as up to 3 1/2 inch shells. Great product, great price. Thanks, CTD!"
– Mr.Charles
5.0 5
"This is an excellent Bandolier for the money.It is very well made, and it looks great. Holds 12 gauge shells just fine."
– Ray
5.0 5
"My bandolieer just arrived after 2 days (awesome) and it holds 50 12ga. 00BK perfectly...the weight is a non issue as far as I'm concerned."
– Aaron
4.0 5
"I just got mine in and it seems to be good except that it holds 48 not 50, someone can't count and it ain't me hence the 4 instead of 5 bullets. Time will tell how it holds up but it seems to be fairly heavy duty and definitely worth the price."
– alabamafrog
5.0 5
"Buy One .Holds the shells in place ,looks great."
– ****
5.0 5
"Well made Bandolieer. Full loaded and comfortable to wear. Great well to have many shells within arm reach!"
– Kingsley
5.0 5
"Very well worth the money IMO.This Bandolieer is well made, holds 12 gauge shells tight, and it looks great."
– Ray
5.0 5
"Great bandolier, great value. Plus, it is made here in Missouri, USA! Got my first one loaded up with a variety of shells, need another one to balance out! Not too heavy for me, but I am a big guy."
– Spartacus' Dad
2.0 5
"Loaded all 50 rounds and went out in the desert with my Saiga 12. Lost 13 rounds, because the stitching on the bandolier fell apart."
– Barano
4.0 5
"Pretty sweet shotty bandolieer- holds my 2 3/4 shells well. Feels a little loose on me, thought it would have been tighter... but still feels good to me! ctd does it again ty"
– shotty
5.0 5
"Great shotgun shell holder. It's made of high quality material. I liked it soo much that I ordered me a second one. It works great for a 12 gauge, but I don't know about 20."
– El Cazador
1.0 5
"Do not buy this bandolieer! Save your money! The shell holders broke apart the first time I put shotgun shells into them, I couldn't even take it to the range because the rest of the shells started to fall out because of the ripping! Luckily I'm not out too much money, but please anyone considering this option, go for a little higher quality gear."
– Red Fury 1007
5.0 5
"Received this and immediately loaded all 50 rounds of 12 ga with no trouble at all. Very snug fitting around all the shells. They are 2-3/4 in and all are staying in place. Very nice construction. Thank you CTD for fast shipping"
– mstone870
5.0 5
"Great product again, CTD, though I would advise a belt clip for action shooting. Can't beat it for the price."
– marineao81
5.0 5
"Being in law enforcement for 20+ years, I know the devastating power that the 12 gauge can deliver. The only problem with a shotgun is the lack of available rounds it holds. My wife and I decided it was time to beef up our home defense capabilities and purchased a Remington 870. Our problem was to have extra ammunition available, you would need to store those shot shells in an ammo can and carry as you advance to neutralize any threats or find a better means to have them readily accessible and mobile. This bandoleer holds the advertised 50 rounds and had an extra loop holding 51 rounds in an easy to access platform. It was a little stiff out of the box, but with some manipulation, easily softened up. It securely holds the shot shells at your fingertips. Manufactured by Black Aces, a company I have other products from, it is a perfect solution to our needs. Would recommend to family and friends."
– Army_MP_From_MO
3.0 5
"I'm not sure how everyone got all 50 shells into the bandolier without it coiling up into an unwearable mess. I immediately put 50 12 ga shells into it, and the resulting \"snugness\" caused the bandolier to curl up like a phone cord. I suppose 20 gauge, being smaller, would not have this problem. It's not a bad problem, regardless - I simply spaced the shells, 5 at a time, with an empty shell holder. This allows me to keep my ammo organized in the bandolier, and it no longer curls up. You do lose 8 shell slots, but seriously, 42 shells is still way more than I'm used to carrying. The construction otherwise is good, and at this price, I would still recommend this bandolier."
– J. Grant
5.0 5
"I've taken this out to the range a couple of times and its great to have these shells so accessible during tactical exercises. I filled it with all 50 shells with ease. In my case it was very well put together, did not bind and did NOT fall apart at the seams like was the case with somebodys previous review. It started to get really snug towards the end BUT THAT IS A GOOD THING. THEY DON'T FALL OUT EVEN WHEN I'M RUNNING. I would recommend this to anyone. thanks CTD. for this great price. I'll be getting MORE one in the future."
– Patriot-Jesse
5.0 5
"If you hate digging through your bags or boxes of ammo for shotgun shells, then you need this. I love it. Very comfortable and holds a ton of shells."
– The Big Mick
5.0 5
"This was just perfect for skeet and other uses with shotgun. I love that it holds sooo many shells. and a very good price. I'd definitely get another one!! but then i'd just be looking like rambo haha. maybe as a gift for any friends"
– Eddy
5.0 5
"I bought this bandoleer over a year ago and have had zero problems with it. Holds shells just as tight today as it did when I first got it (all 50 of them). Durable construction, feels good over the shoulder, weight is a non issue. Would recommend this product to anyone."
– Sam$on