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SGM Tactical GLOCK 21 Extended Magazine .45 ACP 27 Round Polymer Black GL2127

SGM Tactical
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This extended high capacity magazine from SGM Tactical fits GLOCK 21 and 30 models and puts 27 rounds of .45 ACP in your GLOCK pistol. 
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1.0 5
"I've been shooting for over 50 yrs & know how to load a mag...this mag was by far the most difficult to load...when 23 rds were in it, I noticed the base plate was lipping-off its rails on 1 side... when I touched it, it blew off...I won't even want to use this mag for target shooting...much less home defense. Thanks to CTD's great return policy, both mags are in route back to them & I'm ordering more goodies..."
– Stef
1.0 5
"I decided to test out the magazine with a fully loaded Winchester white box and they usually run great trough my Glock 30 but I couldn't use this mag at all. I will take it apart and clean it, give it another try but so far my opinion is buy Glock made products for your Glock."
– Neil C.
3.0 5
"I just got this mag this morning, and after the a couple of minutes, the bottom of the mag came off and the spring came out. Now don't let this make you not get this product. All you need to do is put some super glue on the bottom piece, put it together, and it becomes solid. Overall, this is great mag if your willing to do the simple step i told you. It is annoying that they were made poorly, but its nothing some super glue can't fix."
– Ryan
5.0 5
"This is the best value for a Glock you can buy! Although these are not the same quality as an OEM magazine, they are very close and well worth the money. They are NOT all plastic like others imply, They are made just like the OEM mags that re a steel core wrapped in polymer. They do have some casting marks that I am sure exist on the OEM mags, they are probably just cleaned up better. Nothing one can not do themselves. I bought 2 of these mags for my Glock 30 and loaded them up 6 times each and had no feeding problems. As mentioned, I did clean and lubed them before I used them. They are a little difficult to load but there isn't a large capacity magazine that isn't. VERY easy to load with an autoloader, which every \"real\" shooter has. I am able to load 28 rounds with an autoloader. These can also be fitted with the KRISS 30 round conversion kit for a G21 13 round mag, to make it a 43 round magazine! NICE!!!"
– Mike Z
2.0 5
"Purchased a total of four magazines. They were all a little difficult to load, but what can you expect with a spring that long and tight? Thumb saver made it a little better. Out of the four I bought, three worked fine and one had the bottom out and was totally broken apart out of the box. Sent that one back, no word as of yet. The other three worked fine.Bottom line, you are in a crap shoot when you buy them; could be good or bad. You will have to decide. I give it two bullets. I expect something new to work like new."
– jmacdee
3.0 5
"I have to agree that this is a fairly good magazine! But it does have some problems. Adding super glue or hot glue will fix it. The bottom shot out while I was at the range! I still have it and I still use it. After I added glue, it's great now."
– Mr.Man
4.0 5
"Got it despite reviews not being the best.Shipped via basic 3-5 day, got it in 4 days along with some ammo.The spring was very difficult to get all 27 rounds in but with a speedloader/thumb saver (who really gets extended mags without having one anyway =P), it was easy. The only downside was the base of the mag feels a bit loose but it has held perfectly so far after running it full about five times through my G21 at the range.Something to add, you may need to do some minor modifications such as filing off some tiny burrs of plastic here and there, and mine has the first round tilted back just enough that it scrapes the speedloader when I slide it. No biggie but a couple things to take note.The only big downside so far is having to reload it takes forever lol! No FTE/FTF with four load-ups. I'll try to update this after I run a few hundred more rounds through."
– Deviated09
4.0 5
"I just got a pair of these cheap mags. WOW! I read these reviews that said to take them apart, clean and lube them, and glue the end cap on. You HAVE to do this! I took one out of the box and began putting shells in it, pop! The bottom fell out and stuff went flying EVERYWHERE! I never thought I would find all the pieces, but I did. I then did what others have said. I filed off all the rough edges and Gorilla glued the end back on. Works perfectly! However, I only shot 100 rounds through each mag, but ZERO FTF and ZERO FTE. OMG! So freakin' cool. Complete mayhem. I LOVE IT!!! Now, anyone have a lead on REALLY cheap ammunition? hahaha. Get this mag. Get 3 or 4. Just repair them before you use them and unleash the mayhem! You may also want to use a file and make the mag groove a little deeper as well to help hold onto it in the gun. I did and it worked flawlessly."
3.0 5
"I purchased one of these and it seems that about half way through, the mag misfeeds and I have to clear the chamber."
– T Chance
4.0 5
"I now have 10 of these for my Vetor and they have all worked great. I did disassemble, clean, lube and reassemble and so far all have worked 100%. I only load them to 25 rounds per mag. Easier to keep track of how much i shoot."
– Tom Wick
1.0 5
"I received 2 mags with my order. Loaded up the 1st one and had the mag eject round #25 of 27 back out of the mag within a couple seconds. The 2nd mag took all 27 rds but FTL'd the 2nd round and the bolt hit the round's casing so hard it bend the casing. Buy something else ! Cudos to CTD's customer service for their handling of the situation."
– AGERanger
2.0 5
"It's nice it's constructed like a glock mag. Ordered two, and have some rough edges up top, ok. Load one to about 20 an set it aside waiting for it to pop but it was ok. Load up the second the same and notice rounds catching by top... Start looking at it and about 8 rounds fly out but not from the bottom, in the air. It's not holding the rounds in! I will try and mess with it tomorrow. Comparing to a stock mag the top round has a weird angle upwards plus you can pull it out straight up"
– Glock 30 user
5.0 5
"Bought 2 of these from you guys and they performed great no malfunctions whatsoever in my Glock 21. Loaded both clips fully about 5 different times and they fed perfectly. The only thing I did notice about them is the tops of the clips plastic did get a little squished from jamming the clip into the Glock, but it doesn't even matter. Tons of fun at the range not having to reload every 13 shots. Thanks Cheaper than Dirt, will definitely becoming back and buying an AK at the beginning of the year."
– SGM Glock 21 27 rd
5.0 5
"Man this mag is bad to the bone. Ordered it from you guys and received it in 4 days. Holds 27 rounds and fits nicely in my Glock 30 SF. Thanks"
– Glock Glock
1.0 5
"Stay away from these and buy Glock official magazines. Went to the range for the 1st time with these today and I put only 25 rounds in each. As I set them down to load the other, the bullets began to shoot out the top of the magazine right past the metal lips. I loaded the 2nd mag and 15 seconds later the same thing happened to it as well. So I reloaded them and held the top bullet down as I quickly put it in my guns mag well. Once I fired a round the slide locked back because the bullets were trying to shoot straight up out of the slide ejection port. The was frustrating and it would only not blow past the magazines metal lips if I loaded a maximum of 10-12 rounds...waste of money & ruined my day off at the range"
– Big Kahuna
4.0 5
"When I first got the mag around 2dayz ago I fitted all 27 bullets in the mag with no pop outs. Than I made a mistake nd dropped it when my kids came storming in. Around 4 bullets popped out than I tried to reload it again than 5 popped out. So what I did was lightly hammered the top side of the clip now its almost perfect"
– U have to be creative.
2.0 5
"Bought two mag. Loaded with 16 rounds each. Seem to be ok. Next day loaded to full capacity . Went to put into gun and the bottom flew out leaving parts and bullets every where.i gathered all the pieces up to determine what happen. Reassemble and found the bottom floor plate to be a bad fit. This mag should have never left factory. I guess you get what you pay for when you buy China made."
– Not happy
1.0 5
"1 bullet if that....The bottom of the magazine actually popped off in the lock box and the spring was exposed.....haven't loaded it and shot it yet but so far not looking too good....."
– jdubu
5.0 5
"Ordered 5 of these magazines for my gen 1 model 30. All magazines fit and there wasnt any slop in the magazine well. Magazines lock in firm. Loaded all five magazines and they all held the ammo. No pop outs. 27th round sat a little high for my comfort so i recommed only loading 26. Havent taken to the range yet to check for how they feed but so far very satisfied with this product. Will be buying more for my 9mm and .40."
– Pipefitter
4.0 5
"This mag works just fine in both my G21 & G30 I've put a little over 500 round through it since I received it and haven't had any issues with it yet."
– Garrett
4.0 5
"Ordered two for my Glock 21 gen 4 and put several rounds thru them they worked great. I'm going to order more in the future. great after market mags!!!!"
– Dale
4.0 5
"Love these magazines works great in my twin G21's & my G30S alot easier to load into the G30S fully loaded than my stock mags"
– krazyk
2.0 5
"Maybe they changed out the spring, I did not feel much difficulty to load 27rds. However, this magazine never sends the next round into the chamber. I go bang than click, I pull the slide and chamber the next round, then bang and click again...It's bolt action now!"
– G21 gen 4 owner