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SGM Tactical AR-15 Magazine .223 Rem/5.56 NATO 100 Rounds Black Nylon Pouch Korean Made SGMTAR15DC

SGM Tactical
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SGM Tactical is excited to offer its AR-15 100 round drum magazine. The magazine is designed to work with your standard pattern AR-15 rifles magazine well. It features a 100 round capacity of either .223 Remington or 5.56mm NATO rounds. In addition to the drum mag you get a Heavy duty Black Nylon pouch, a speed loader and a Tube of Graphite lube.

Specifications and Features:
AR15 100 Round Dual Drum Magazine for M16/M4
Capable of being pre loaded and stored indefinitely with a full 100 round capacity
Provides equal distribution of the ammunition in each of the twin drums
Exceeds NATO Military Specifications
Product of South Korea

100 Round Dual Drum
Speed Loader
1 Graphite Tube
Heavy Duty Nylon Black Pouch

Total number of Reviews: 32

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4.0 5
"As good as my Beta C. Only issue I have is the pic shows a solid black mag, and it came with a clear rear so to speak. I've since come to enjoy being able to 'round count' and saves me on having to load 5 tracers at the get go. A good, solid product that'll save you some $$$ if you can't afford the Beta."
– Big Country
5.0 5
"Shot countless rounds through my Rock River Tac-Op 2 with a Slide Fire and it proved flawless. No jams and it functioned just like a more expensive Beta mag."
5.0 5
"I was hesitant at first after reading other reviews from 100 round mags and hearing stories of jams and other problems feeding.. but after shooting hundreds of different rounds (FMJ, remanufactured FMJ, frangiable), in semi auto and with a slidefire/bumpfire stock, not ONE problem. the speed loader works best putting 3-4 (says up to 5) rounds in at once, but makes you life so much easier than 1 at a time with your fingers. Fits perfect in my DPMS ar15. not as big as i expected.. adds a few extra pounds fully loaded as expected, i would recommend a forward girp"
– Chris L.
5.0 5
"Very happy with this purchase. High quality product with no issues feeding either brass or steel thru my slide fire DPMS. Be careful to wipe down the graphite lube it comes shipped with, or you'll have it all over the place like I did!"
– 11A
4.0 5
"First of all I want to say this is a very well made Beta Clone mag. The mag loader works very well and will save your fingers. The mag pouch is a little thin but the material seems strong enough to make up what it is lacking in thickness. I have two AR-Rifles I tested the mag on. A well worn CAR-15 Olympic Arms from 1988 and a almost new STAG ARMs M-4 clone. I consider both of these mil-spec rifles (other than having a full auto sear). All parts are interchangeable with each other and I have never had a problem inserting ANY magazine made for then into the receiver(s). I inserted the drum mag into the CAR-15 and it was very tight. Still took it out and shot 60 rounds through it in semi and slide fire automatic with out any problems. Brass and steel, 55 & 62 grain. Put it in my STAG ARMS M-4 and the fit wasn't much better-- very tight. When I got it home I notice the mag catch didn't even fasten while I was shooting it! That is how tight it was. Long story short, I sanded the mag on the wear marks for about 3 hours and now it fits. Maybe my mag was just made on Friday since no one else complained about how it fit in their rifles. I would still buy another one for the price. Just be aware if your mag doesn't fit your AR that sand paper isn't included."
– KennyP
5.0 5
"was not expecting much, but what a deal!! cycles fantastic, well built. have three now...."
– great
4.0 5
"I haven't shot much with this but I have had 0 failures. I also have the surefire 100 round mag too. On weekends I like to bring my riffle out and set it up on my coffee table. With a surefire mag, it won't sit properly on the table, but with this drum style, it sits nice. I would recommend this to anyone with an AR15."
– Mike Burris
4.0 5
"works great an well worth the price simple to use."
– Ranger8296
4.0 5
"The magazine worked well until the drums were empty and my AR tried to load the rounds from the stack part of the magazine. It jammed two different times once the drums were emptied. Each time I had to remove the magazine and pull the charging handle back several times to get the jammed round to come out. Other than that I have no complaints. For the price I would definitely buy one again!"
– Andrew
1.0 5
"It broke when I was loading the ammo into it.. not worth it.. spent $114 on something that i didn't have for more than an hour. save your money and buy pmags."
– Diego
1.0 5
"Worst item I have every purchased. Price was great but item was horrible; it wouldn't feed properly. Drum left a black residue on my hands when loading. Save your money and purchase a better quality drum."
– Isaie
4.0 5
"I have shoot 3000 rounds threw this, I have shoot brase and steel ammo threw this, No problems, Love it!"
– Chadder
5.0 5
"Nice build quality, easy to load and cycles through my ar great.. only thing is the carbon dust gets messy.. love the damn thing I will buy more! Definitely recommend for the price and over all quality..."
– B
5.0 5
"This drum is everything that is advertised. The 2 I bought work flawlessly. Easy to load, use, and clean."
– Jeremy
5.0 5
"this thing is awesome. received it a week ago but i didnt want to wright a review before i got a chance to shoot with it. it looks good feeds good and its a great price. i was skeptical about the drum but now im buying more."
– mike
5.0 5
"Well the spacers inside got jammed while loading the first 30rds or so but after opening it up,resetting them and adding a little of the included graphite power to the spacers,i was able to get through two hundred rounds with no problems.So I would recommend using a little of the powder before loading for the first time.The speed loader works great and works just as well for my 30rd mags.so over all I am happy and would definitely buy another if I ever decide I needed or wanted another."
– 1M4owner2NV
5.0 5
"Works great. One is good but two are better."
– Bookoodinkydow
5.0 5
"Great drum for the price. Kept reading reviews of springs and other things breaking but this is a solid drum. Shot a couple hundred rounds through it and every shot is cycling through with no problem"
– JayTee
3.0 5
"When I first received the drum. I noticed a lot of graphite getting on everything around me. Not thinking that much about it. I wanted to load the drum. It comes with a 5 bullet loader. takes a little bit to load it. After I put in 99 rounds I could not get the last bullet to go in so I left it out. I then wanted to see if it would fit on my AR-15 S&M sport. I have a mag well grip on my AR. The drum would not fit unless I removed the grip so I did. The drum fit perfect. So the next day at the range I was ready to test it out. So I load the drum and proceed to put my rail mounted brass catcher on. Well it would not fit because the drum sits up to high by the ejector port. So I had a old brass catcher I used it still had problem catching the brass but at least the brass fell close to me. after 99 rounds of flawless ammo feeding I looked at my AR and noticed a butt load of graphite all over the thing even my scope was covered. So if I want to use this I will have to leave my mag well grip and my brass catcher off. So before you buy think about what you have on your AR. I am getting another rifle soon so I think I will keep the drum for that one."
– Ron
1.0 5
"Read the reviews, seen the low price, noticed SGMs name and thought it was a sure fire thing...WRONG! Loaded up the night before range time and tried it out the next day.Results...3 failed to feed = junk. Should have known better but just had to buy and try. Maybe I just got a bad one but either way its going back."
– honestabe
5.0 5
"Drums are very tight at first, after a few rounds feeds like a charm. Bought two, may have to buy two more."
– GatorDodge12
4.0 5
"I was impressed with the quality-didn't expect much. I would give it 5 bullets but it is a tight fit to my bushmaster. I had to remove the magwell grips that took me 4 hours to custom fit to be able to load this mag. :( Once loaded thou....I need more ammo again."
– Gordy
1.0 5
"I was super excited about getting this. Loaded it up with loader that comes with it and works great. Went to put it in my rifle and it slid in fine but did not engage the magazine hold/release. The mag in itself is not long enough for the bolt to even push a round in the chamber. I do have a custom built gun with a Seekins precision lower. If you have a gun that has a lower that is not mass produced, beware!!!"
– Tim
4.0 5
"I don't believe I have EVER had a jam or failure with this. Think about this if you're considering a surefire 100rd mag. I can use a bipod with this, but I can't with the Surefire mags. I prefer this to Surefire!"
– MikeBIG187
5.0 5
"Let's see...solid performance (I have yet to have a misfeed after using a wide variety of ammo brands & bullet shapes), great price (drastically less than a brand name C-mag), and it sends the antis into fits of seizures that you can buy/own one. What's not to love??"
– Jim
5.0 5
"I was worried about buying this. I had read reviews that were good and bad. I didn't know it came with a speed loader. Very helpful! I always put CLP down the mag before I load it. I have emptied mine 5x's and not one jam. If you are on the fence like I was I'm telling you this thing is awesome. I'll be getting another one."
– Allen
4.0 5
"No issues when out to the range, other than bolt did not lock after last round...other than that perfect! Gonna buy me some more when funds allow! :)"
5.0 5
"After watching countless YouTube vids I knew I wanted a beta style magazine. Like many others I couldn't afford to shell out hundreds of dollars on a magazine. After logging on to CTD account I discovered this SGM tactical mag. I ordered it on a Thursday and received it that following Tuesday. I selected the standard shipping which was pretty fast. I loaded it up with a 50/50 mix of .556 and .223 ammo. Out the box this mag fed flawlessly! In my DPMS Mod A-15, I'm beyond impressed. I would definitely recommend this mag to anyone who is looking to have a ton of fun and spend the savings to buy more ammo to shoot through this mag."
– Matthew Duckworth
1.0 5
"Loaded the drum and fired about 5 rounds and jammed. Disassembled and cleaned and put back together and never did work. Save your money or just buy 3 Magpul 30 rounders."
– Slush
4.0 5
"Bought this as it was half the price of the C-mag. I have a DPMS sporter, which this thing fits great. 300 rounds into use, and no issues (1 or 2 jams, but I hadnt cleaned my weapon prior, so im chalking it up to a dirty chamber). Only fault (hence no 5 bullet) is that the first round (100th loaded if you look at it that way), wont stay (it keeps popping out if I load a full mag and drop the mag without firing it). Other than that, it was worth the savings to me :D"
– E
1.0 5
"Bought this drum not expecting much. Well it didn't disappoint. Shot around 150 rounds through it and it started jamming. I started to notice that the drum would only feed the rounds through one side and not the other. I took it apart and cleaned it and lubed it and worked for another 100 rounds then started jamming again. It has to be the spring that isn't cycling the rounds correctly."
– JayTee
1.0 5
"This is a fun toy, and worth getting if it's on sale for around $80. Not nearly reliable enough for any use other than as a range toy. Mine fed the first 100 FMJs with only 1 or 2 failure to feeds. The next 100 were hollow points, which resulted many jams/failure to feeds, I stopped counting after around 10, but it trailed off towards the end of the mag. Come to find that the hollow points gouged out the front wall of the mag body. After that the next 100 rounds of hollow point cycled without issue.While the springs may be able to hold up to being stored loaded indefinitely, I highly doubt that the feed lips will not deform due to \"material creep\" (Google it).So if you can get it cheap, its worth having as a range toy. If you can get it for half the cost of the other beta mags on the market, then my opinion is that you are not wasting your money.I know that I will be buying a better quality one for SHTF situations, but I do not regret buying this one considering the cost/fun ratio."
– Jeremy B