Safariland Model 79 Slimline Open Top Double Magazine Pouch Group 4 2.25" Duty Belt Width Vertical Belt Slot Hardshell STX Basket Weave STX Black 79-76-48

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The Safariland Model 79 slimline open top double magazine pouch is designed to fit a duty belt that measures 2.25" wide. The model 79 provides magazine retention without a flap and is made from the durable SafariLaminate material. The pouch has vertical belt slots and magazines are oriented "bullets out" in order to save valuable belt space. The Safariland model 79 open top double magazine pouch is part of the 6004/6005 tactical systems.

Specifications and Features:
Safariland Model 79 slimline open top double magazine pouch 79-76-48
Double magazine retention
SafariLaminate construction
Vertical belt slots
Magazines are bullets out
Fits 2.25" width duty belt
Part of 6004/6005 tactical system
Hardshell STX
STX Basket Weave

Safariland Group 4
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